Apple Vs Android by ahmed15398



Smart phones might be around a decade old but this debate is as old as
the Earth itself.Being the techie I am,I will attepmt to do the
impossible and give a (reletively) unbaised view on this eternal Battle;
but will ofcourse in the end give my own verdict.

Lets begin with basic overview first. Apple and the late Steve Jobs was
probably the closest thing to Tony Stark we had.Apple products tend to be
polished and streamlined, giving unparalleled refinment to recently
invented technologies. While it is almost sure that any protype or First
Generation (1G) technology will have bugs;Apple begs to differ However
the argument is equally strong for Android as well, since it is powered
by none other than Google itself; and Google might be about the only
corporation that exist not just to sell.Where as Apple just has a few
products in the Smartphone/Tablet Category namely the iPhone iPad and
iPod; Android offers a dazzling amount of products numbering well in the
hundreds with more coming out every month with next Generation

This race was begun undoubtedly by Apple. When the first generation
iPhone came out, it sent mobile phones runing for cover in every
direction. The iPhone revolutionized the concept of a phone. Touch
technology existed in that era but the best touch screen phone you could
find would be glitchy at the best Only, iPhone wasn't. Since Apple had
the complete monopoly in this market , it got and unbelievably strong
foothold. Apple attracted massive costumers who willingly overlooked
Price Tag for the shine phone. Then something happened in 2007 which was
predivted to be a major blow to Apple Google's android though a clear
competitor was reletive to the iPhone riddled bugs. To make matters
worse Apple came out with the iPhone 2G improving over the orignal iPhone
by a factor of 2.

By the time in 2009 when the iPhone 3GS came out it had improved over the
older iPhone by a factor of 4 Which practically speaking was an amazing
feat.The capabilities of the iPhone 3GS were confounding; graphically it
was better that PSP.And equipped with a Cortex A8 CPU, computationally
speaking it left most Pentium III's in the dust. Quite obviously
technology was evolving.

But one factor was changing. Google was finally learning Before the 3GS
came out the Android was Finally ready. See people had started to notice
a slight snag in the Apple products.

They say that you never truly own an iPhone; you only borrow it from
Apple's antics at secrecy and their we-know-what's-best-for-you policy
was now getting old. Apple phones offered fixed storage, sealed smart
phones which could only be opened by then'top secret' screws and a very
limited compatibility with the rest of our 'mundane' technology.Google
took the exact opposite position . Android became open source with its
software as well as hardware completely modifable , not only that it was
no longer a case of quality over quantity, since Android was now vey
clearly equal to iOS if not better. The Android market expanded
expotentially. Then some time ago hell froze over. Android had taken the
lead in the most apps downloading even though it had lesser applications
in its app store to go around. Remarkable though it seems, Apple the
great pioneer appears to be getting out of the race. Without further ado
let's see exactly how both giants stand now. The most recent competition
was between the iPhone 4s and the countless new products coming out that
are compatible with Android. For this example lets take the RAZR Droid
and Galaxy Nexus.

The 4S offered many new improvements (as always) over the 4G. These
included the usual increment of speed , better image and optics quality
and an overall upgrade of the phone. The only thing that probably stands
as the most defined area where the fourth generation Apple products are
ahead of Android is ofcourse the voice recognition A.I : SIRI. This
being thr faucet of Apples technology which Android is currently failing
in attempts to reproduce, although the new galaxy sIII is equiped with
voice recognition but it is not as accurate as SIRI.

Lets lookd at the specs both sides have to offer:
The iPhone 4S offers:
800 MHZ dual-core processor;1GB RAM;16GB,32GB,64GB storage; 8MP rear
facing and VGA front facing Camera's; LED Flash ; 1080p Video Recording.

The Nexus offers 1.2 GHz dual-core processor;1GB RAM;32GB storage; 5MP
rear-facing and 1.3 MP front-facing cameras; LED flash;1080p video
recording; The RAZR is equally powerfull when it comes to specs wotj
1.2GHZ dual-core processor, 4.3 inch super AMOLED display and 1GB RAM. As
anyone can see the ability of Android to expand and innovate is clearly a
deciding factor in why Apple is slowly starting to lag behid. Likewise
the Graphical Processing Units in the Android Phone are dedicated chips
unlike the 4S consequenlty giving more powerful gaming experiences.

However all is not lost yet by the Apple as the new iPad 3 May change the
tide.But for now my personal verdicd is in favour of Android.Much as i
hate to say it all people who own an iPhone fall in three categories
1)They are professionals or enthusiasts so it is a necessity for them to
own an iPhone regardless of the cost.2)They own apple products because of
social status.3) They have no idea about the technology involved and
neither do they care.

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