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   Mobile Home Park and Apartment
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     Mobile Home Park Cash Flow Secrets (2-Day Event) on March 22nd & 23rd, 2012
     Apartment Building Cash Flow Secrets (2-Day Event) on March 24th & 25th, 2012
                           2-Day Hiatus: March 26th & 27th
        Personal & Credit Building Secrets (2-Day Event) on March 28th & 29th
          Raising Capital from Investors (2-Day Event) on March 30th & 31st

Most students who cannot attend all 4 events over a total of 10 days (including the 2-day hiatus)
are registering for either Segment 1 or Segment 2. Here’s how the Segments are broken down:

                        Segment 1 (Includes BOTH of the Events Below):

         Mobile Home Park Cash Flow Secrets (2-Day Event) on March 22nd & 23rd, 2012
         Apartment Building Cash Flow Secrets (2-Day Event) on March 24th & 25th, 2012

                        Segment 2 (Includes BOTH of the Events Below):

           Personal & Credit Building Secrets (2-Day Event) on March 28th & 29th
            Raising Capital from Investors (2-Day Event) on March 30th & 31st

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                                                                 (310) 322-0999
                                             Rates start at $109/night and are subject to change without notice!

                                           For those not local in the LA area, your best bet is to fly
                                                 into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
                                          This hotel offers free complimentary shuttle service from
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                                      Event #1:
           Mobile Home Park Cash Flow
                               March 22nd & 23rd

      The 2-Day Boot Camp Seminar CRASH
    COURSE on How YOU Can Make a Fortune
     with the HOTTEST NEW Cash Flow Profit
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    Mobile Home Park Investing is the HOTTEST Real Estate
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               In this Power-Packed Special 2-Day Event, You'll Discover How to:

      Double and Triple Your Profit Potential Over ALL Other Types of Real Estate Investing
      Get Average CAP Rates of 15%+ vs. 8% or Below for Other Commercial Properties
      Get Financing Through Special Mobile Home Park Lenders Using Creative Financing
      Get Started with NO CASH and NO CREDIT Using Never-Before-Revealed Strategies
      Get Partial Owner Financing from 25% to 90% of the Purchase Price Every Time
      Determine the Best Parts of the Country to Invest...and Which Areas to Avoid
      Invest in California, Even While Other Commercial Property Deals are No Good
      Do Due Diligence to Make Sure You Are Avoiding Costly Pitfalls and Mistakes
      Take Advantage of Unlimited Opportunities Because There is NO COMPETITION
      Never Deal with Difficult Tenants or Unit Repairs Because You Only Rent the Lot
      And Much, Much MORE!

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I've been holding out on you...but not on purpose! You see, any of you who know my real estate investing methods know
that I've never been a big fan of MHP (mobile home park) investing for one reason only: NO FINANCING AVAILABLE!

But all that changed very recently!

MHP lenders and brokers are now abundant in supply when as little as a year ago, they hardly existed at all. As
you know, making big cash flows in real estate investments solely depends on you using other people's money
(OPM). When it doesn't exist, you can't work a real estate deal unless you are going in with 100% cash. And that's never
a smart way to leverage your money.

The reason MHP funding was so hard to come by was because a commercial property is appraised using these
elements: (1) land value, (2) building value, and (3) cash flow. Since MHPs don't have any permanent structures, there is
no building value to appraise and this would dramatically lower the value of a property despite the cash flow. So, when a
MHP owner decided to sell, he or she would sell based on cash flow but the property wouldn't appraise at the asking price
(in many cases) because the property was treated as "raw land," or essentially worthless.

Now lenders have come to understand that MHPs are a viable investment with solid cash flows and aren't just a chunk of
raw land with a bunch of slabs of cement (or "pads" as they are called).

And now the sky is the limit for these types of passive income properties!

                                       Much Higher Cash Flow Potential...
                                   As Much as TRIPLE of an Apartment Building!

Your average apartment building will offer a CAP rate of anywhere from 6% to 9%, depending on where the property is
located. If you are trying to pull off a no-cash-no-credit deal, you need to be over 9.5% or 10% in order to make the deal
work financially otherwise you will barely be breaking even (if you're lucky)!

This makes the pickings far and few between when looking for deals and starting with no money! It means you have to
scour through listing after listing trying to find a deal that meets the CAP rate criteria or slash the property asking price
down as much as 50% (in some cases) in order to see a cash flow.

And that just isn't realistic!

With MHPs, it's the "norm" to see your average CAP rate anywhere from 12% to 16%, and even then that can be
considered kind of low depending on where you are in the country. If you were to find an apartment building boasting a
CAP rate of 12% to 16%, chances are the numbers are based on proforma (future projections) or they are greatly
exaggerated (and cannot be backed up).

With MHPs, you are looking at a LOW CAP RATE of 12% in most areas of the country and an AVERAGE CAP RATE of
about 16%. I've seen CAP rates as high as 25% in some areas of the country.

And this is simply UNHEARD OF with ALL other commercial property deals!

As you know, the higher your CAP rate, the higher your cash flow income. And if you can barely find commercial property
deals that ever exceed 8% (on average) then you will find yourself spinning your wheels for nothing!

               Quick Comparison: See the Power of Mobile Home Park Investing Firsthand!

While typing this up, I went over to LoopNet.com and checked out a very small city in northern Florida for an example of
how powerful MHP investing is.

I saw a MHP listed for $99,000. It has only 7 "pads" or lot spaces. The CAP rate is listed at a whopping 21% and the
occupancy is 100%. Expenses on gross income is about 20% vs. your average apartment building where it is 40% to
60%. The monthly cash flow (after all expenses paid) on this deal is an amazing $2,000 a month or $24,000 a

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                               Page 4
Absolutely mind-blowing!!

Meanwhile, there is an 8-unit apartment building listed right down the street for $499,000 having a CAP rate of 7%, an
occupancy level of only 75%, and even at 100% occupancy, this deal wouldn't make you but about $500 per month after
all expenses and debt service (mortgage). And that's ONLY if you are able to put 20% cash down on the deal. If you
went in with no cash down, you would LOSE MONEY every month!

And this is just ONE example of the thousands of MHP deals I've come across in the past few months!

                 More Cash Flow, Fewer Expenses, Cheaper Investments...And No "Tenants"!

Wait a minute! How can this be? When there are people living in the park, aren't those tenants?

Yes and no.

All you are doing is leasing them a "space" or "pad" which is, essentially, a slab of cement with utility hookups. Your
tenant brings in his or her own mobile home, secures it to the slab, and they pay you a monthly fee to park their home

This means...

If their toilet breaks, they fix it. If their air conditioning goes out, they pay for it. If a neighbor kid breaks out a
window, they are responsible for replacing it.


All you are responsible for is landscaping, common area utilities (including electricity), and maintaining the operations of
the park.

And that's it!

Your tenants on the property are responsible for their own homes. You aren't!

This is why it's so cheap to run a park and make huge monthly incomes...because there aren't many expenses.

Your average apartment building costs about 45% to 65% of the GOI (gross operating income) in expenses to run. This
means that if you get annual rental receipts from your tenants of $100,000 per year, you are giving back $450,000 to
$650,000 per year just in property expenses.

And that sucks!

What many of my students don't understand is that the larger the apartment building (or complex), the LARGER THE
EXPENSES. I've seen 500+ unit buildings (especially those in the north where it's cold) eat up 85% in expenses on the

And who can afford to operate a building like that?? (This is why I tell my students that it's better to get a bunch of very
small apartment buildings to keep the expenses down to 25% to 35% rather than jumping at the large buildings.)

With a MHP, your average expenses are between 15% to 20% of the GOI. I have seen a few deals where the expenses
have been 25%, but that's not the "norm." As you know, fewer expenses means more money in your pocket.

                                         Plus...BETTER QUALITY TENANTS!

One of the biggest problems with apartment building investing, especially in lower-middle class areas, is the tenant
quality. Many of your tenants simply don't care about your building or the unit you are renting to them.
www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                              Page 5
They don't care about abusing your property including grinding up an entire Thanksgiving turkey in the garbage disposal
(knowing you'll fix it) or flushing a crack pipe down the toilet (knowing your plumber will fish it out). They don't care about
breaking out screens or ruining the carpet. It's not their problem because the property isn't theirs. It's your problem. And
they know it!

With MHP tenants, they are renting the slab of cement that their home sits on. But it's their home! They not only take
care of their home (because they are responsible for their own repairs) but the quality of tenant is different because they
are "homeowners" and not wreckless, careless tenants.

So, even going into your lower-middle class areas that can be challenging as an apartment building owner, it's a different
story with MHP tenants because there is that sense of "pride of ownership." This means that you don't have to worry
much about graffiti sprayed on the fences outside or someone ripping the landscaping apart with motorcycles. Since the
park is made up of "homeowners" they mostly take pride in their homes and where their mobile home is "parked." You'll
have less riff-raff and problems with tenants which ultimately lowers your operating costs and puts more cash in your
                                          Lots of Financing Available!
                           Plus, Sellers Will Finance 25% to 50% AUTOMATICALLY!
Most of the MHP owners out there are old-timers who have owned their property for decades. They also don't know that
there is a lot of MHP financing available now. Every MHP owner knows that getting financing is next to impossible...or so
they still think!

Most MHP listings will clearly state that the owner is willing to carry back or finance part of the deal. Many times
they will carry back 50% of the purchase price. I've seen sellers carry back 90%! This is NORMAL in MHPs.

Now that there is financing available, you can get a seller to help out with the financing on a seller carry back (private
mortgage contract) while having a lender come in and take a first-position loan. Since most of these MHP sellers have
owned their properties forever, there is boatloads of equity to allow them the option of offering a private mortgage

Most MHP sellers AUTOMATICALLY offer seller carry-back because they think they still have to! AND they have
tons of equity to support holding paper on your deal!

The property does NOT have to be owned free and clear. Many times these parks are owned outright but they don't have
to be for a seller to offer a seller carry on the deal.

And some of my lenders allow for partial seller carry-back...which is RARE and not something you can get for other
commercial property loans!

                                       The Secret Isn't Out...Yet!
                   This Means There's Virtually NO COMPETITION for the New Investor!

For awhile many real estate investors were playing it safe and not investing in anything in their "watch and wait"
mode. They wanted to see which direction the economy was going to take.


They've stopped waiting and started picking up properties left and right...by the MASSES...because just about every
investor I know thinks the real estate market has already hit rock bottom.

This makes it very difficult now for a new investor to get a foot in the door when large investment groups are swooping
down on all the deals out there.

Here's the good news...

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                               Page 6
They aren't focused on MHP deals...yet. They haven't seen the potential in the large cash flows because they are too
busy picking up bank-owned foreclosures from financially devastated banks.

But they will "clue in" very soon on this incredible MHP opportunity...eventually. I would speculate that by the end of this
year they will be on board with acquiring MHP deals just as they are with other commercial properties.

When this happens, you'll be out of luck!

If you think you may have missed the boat with apartment buildings or foreclosures -- or if you don't like dealing with
tenants -- then mobile home parks is your best real estate investing opportunity! And you can't miss out, otherwise you'll
be left out in the cold!

                                    Incredible Monthly Cash Flow Opportunity!

My biggest pet peeve is when I have students on the phone who ask me how many "units" they need to get a $10,000 per
month cash flow.

My answer: I DON'T KNOW!

Why? Because cash flows VARY GREATLY by region, state, county, and even by city (in the same county). After all,
don't you think you'll have a different cash flow on a 10-unit in Malibu, California vs. a 10-unit in Compton, California?

But I will tell you this..."Pad" or space rentals vary by $350 on the "low" side to $750 in the "high" range. Yes, pad rents
can even go higher.

If you are at $350 a month per pad and have 50 pads in a park, you are grossing $17,500 per month or $210,000 per
year. If your expenses are a HIGH 20% (when they are usually about 12% to 15%), you are still pocketing $168,000. If
you financed your park and each lot/space cost $15,000 each (average) then your total acquisition would be
$750,000. The debt service (morgage) would be $52,522 per year leaving you with a $115,478 annual or $9,623 monthly
cash flow.

And you would have next to nothing in taxes because a county assessor assesses a building on land AND building
value...and there are NO BUILDINGS thus LESS IN TAXES!!

The deal I outlined above would be enough to allow many people to quit their jobs and live off the income WITHOUT

And, remember, your income typically will DOUBLE EVERY 15 YEARS. So, in 15 years from now, you'll be making
$19,246 per month. If you were smart and paid off your loan early, add another $4,377 per month, bringing you up to a
$23,623 monthly income!!

My 2-Day Mobile Home Park Investing Boot Camp Seminar in Los Angeles, California...Spilling
the Beans on ALL the Little-Known Secret Strategies on Acquiring These Amazing Cash Cow

I have had thousands of my students begging me to do another Mobile Home Park Cash Flow Seminar Event. The last
one I did was in Atlanta last March. I finally decided to do another 2-day MHP Boot Camp Seminar in Los Angeles,
                        nd       rd
California on March 22 and 23 !

This will be a 2-day intensive seminar ONLY on MHP investing teaching you EXACTLY what to do to get these
properties from start to finish! When you leave Day 2 of the seminar, you will have a precise action plan to get
started immediately once you return home...

Or you can stay for another 2 days for my Apartment Building Cash Flow Seminar in Los Angeles on March 22
& 23rd. Then you'll REALLY know everything there is to know on how to become a real estate tycoon!

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                              Page 7
                            Guest Speakers: Money Broker & Star MHP Student!

For this event, I just sealed the deal and got star student, Aran Dunlop, to speak about 4 MHPs he has just
acquired in Florida including precise details about how he was able to get these properties using creative
financing methods. Aran attended my September Boot Camp Seminar in Los Angeles and he's decided to niche out in
MHP investing...and he's been VERY SUCCESSFUL doing some VERY SIMPLE STRATEGIES that ANYONE can
do. And he's going to show you how you can become successful using these very same strategies!

I also have money broker, Ronnie Espinoza, speaking on the different due diligence strategies needed for MHPs in order
to secure conventional financing for your MHP deal. The strategies are not entirely the same as a residential-commercial
(apartment building) purchase and it's critical that you understand the due diligence differences between MHPs and other
commercial property deals if you plan on being successful in getting funding for your deals.

                              Gold VIP: For the 2-Day, Event You Get:
                       Breakfast (ONLY for Attendees Staying at the DoubleTree)
                       Lunch BOTH Days
                       Seminar Course Materials Needed for the Boot Camp Seminar

                                   Gold VIP: $997 $797 + $297 PER GUEST

                           Platinum VIP: For the 2-Day Event, You Get:
                       Hotel Room for Both Days (Buffet Breakfast Included in the Room)
                       Lunch for BOTH Days
                       Dinner with Monica in a "Round Table" Setting
                       Seminar Course Materials Needed for the Boot Camp Seminar
                       Cocktail Attendance with Monica After Dinner
                       Recorded Video/Audio of the 2-Day Event (Shipped After the Event Ends)
                       Complete Typed Transcripts of the 2-Day Event (Shipped After the Event Ends)

                                Platinum VIP: $1,497 $1,197 + $297 PER GUEST

                             Money-Back Guarantee!
If, on the first day of the seminar, you think that it's not for you or you are unsatisfied for ANY reason
whatsoever, let us know and we'll immediately issue you a full refund right then and there, and you
may leave the seminar premises at that time with all of your money back. Remember, we're making
this offer RISK FREE for you which means there are NO EXCUSES to not attend! (Note: If you have a
hotel room, we will have to deduct the charged amount for the room from your refund. )

                                            LIMITED SPACE!
This will be my second seminar for the MHP Boot Camp Seminar because I sold out so fast at the March
Atlanta event last year. This material is HOT and EVERYTHING will be introduced the FIRST TIME EVER
since Atlanta (for my guinea pig group) including new strategies. You'll have the benefit of hearing this
incredibly powerful profit-producing information and secrets BEFORE anyone else!

But I only have space for 50 people because we got stuck with a small room and there isn't a larger
occupancy conference room available for the dates that are booked.

If you are serious about doing this and making money with MHPs then you CANNOT MISS THIS
EVENT! Don't wait until the last minute otherwise you probably won't be able to secure a seat!

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                                                    Event #2:
             Apartment Building Cash Flow
                                          March 24th & 25th
You Can STILL Be One of the FIRST to Have ALL of Monica’s Newest, Hottest, and Most Advanced
Money-Making Real Estate Secrets in Her Apartment Building Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar! We
only have room for 60 people and THAT’S IT! Don’t risk losing a spot!!

  “World Renowned Commercial Real Estate Expert
Reveals How You Can Create Big Cash Flows With the
 ONLY GUARANTEED Real Estate System in Her Power-
Packed 2-Day Apartment Building Boot Camp Seminar!”
$1 Million Worth of Insider Advice in 2 Power-Packed Days to TRANSFORM Your Investing:
Discover the Intimate Real Estate Secrets of Monica Main: How You Can Make Five-Figures Each Month, Year
After Year, In Apartment Buildings by Discovering Just a Few Secret Strategies that Can Skyrocket Your
Passive Monthly Income to the Moon!

Imagine kicking back at home, placing a phone call to your property manager, collecting checks, going to the bank, and
then taking the rest of the day off. Is this realistic? Absolutely. In fact, there is no other “business” out there that can
provide that same kind of freedom. By investing in apartment buildings for a living you can even move to France and, as
long as you have access to a phone, computer, and a bank you can live your life on the French Riviera with all the other
wealthy and elite entrepreneurs and investors.

There is NO other way to make a fortune other than having a business and/or investing. Yes, there are other ways like
winning the lottery, inventing the next thingy-majig, or writing the next best-seller about your dog, Moe, but…Waiting for
one of those ways to become rich is like waiting for lightning to strike the center of your head. Yes, it’s possible but, it’s
better to do something else…Something a little more “guaranteed.”
Now, the first thing people think about when wanting to acquire financial independence is starting their own small
business. I’ve been there, done that and there’s nothing “free” about having a business. I’ve worked 16-hour days.
Sometimes longer! I’ve had problems with employees, taxes, slump/down times, legal issues, merchant account
companies, cash flow, vendors, YOU NAME IT! And for some reason I had this vision in my head that when I had my
own business, all this money would flow in, and I would be lying out by my pool sucking down little alcoholic umbrella
drinks. But that did NOT happen!

And, of course, before the business, I did the 9-to-5 job thing that got me nowhere fast. I wasn’t able to make enough
money to keep my head above water. And for some strange reason, my credit card debt got worse and worse each
month because paying the minimum (which was all I could afford) just didn’t cut it. (Hey, isn’t that how all those credit
card issuing banks get so damn rich?)

The Only FREEDOM Business I Found – After Searching Through EVERY Opportunity – Was Investing
                              in Apartment Building Real Estate!

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                                Page 9
I discovered that there really WAS a way to sit by the pool all day and drink little alcoholic umbrella drinks. Some may
argue that having investment properties is a pain in the ass. After all, who fixes an overflowing toilet in the middle of the
night? Here’s my answer: NOT ME! In fact, I never deal with ANY of my tenants…NOT EVER!

It really ticks me off to hear the same old garbage from investing critics, analysts, and the like about how “hard” getting
into real estate is. BALONEY! You can get into apartment building investing with NO CASH and NO CREDIT. And, no,
it’s not “hard” or “impossible.” In fact, it’s rather easy IF you know the secrets to getting it done!

In case you don’t know me from Adam, my name is Monica Main and I’m barely getting started in my plight to dispel the
“myths” about real estate investing:

        1. “Money is tight right now. Banks aren’t lending money out.” Really? That’s weird. The banks we deal
           with keep lending money. In fact, they have a REQUIREMENT to lend out a certain number of MILLIONS OF
           DOLLARS for real estate per quarter otherwise they can’t make money on interest.
        2. “You can’t buy property unless you have a good FICO score.” I bought my first property with NO
           MONEY DOWN and had a 460 FICO. So, there goes that myth. When investing in apartment buildings,
           banks are looking at the CASH FLOW and not your personal credit.
        3. “You need 20% to 30% down on a commercial or investment property.” Really? Again, my first
           commercial property was with NO MONEY DOWN! I didn’t even have to pay for an appraisal. And if you
           think Donald Trump uses any of his own money for his property deals then you are DEAD WRONG!

 The Newest Shocking Discovery I’ve Made…And If You DON’T Know What It Is, You Stand to
   Lose A LOT OF MONEY, Whether You Are In or Out of the Real Estate Market Right Now!
Investing in the wrong type of real estate will BREAK YOU! It will cost you everything you have, including your own
personal assets. It can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

With that heart-breaking fact, I also learned another fact. While there are thousands of people who lose their ass in real
estate, there are hundreds that are enjoying a monthly cash flow of $20,000, $40,000, $80,000, and even $120,000 per
month in passive income. Can you imagine making $120,000 per month in passive cash flow?

“Yeah, but these people probably had money down or are real estate experts. Right?” WRONG!

These people are everyday average people JUST LIKE YOU who started with NO CASH and NO CREDIT of their own.
Here’s the clincher: If you are in the real estate market and don’t have an exact strategic plan, you stand to lose your ass.
If you’re not invested in real estate right now, you stand to lose out on thousands of dollars in passive income per month.
And, if you don’t start investing now in this slower market, you will miss out on the big-money deals once and for all!

I’ve created an EXACT SYSTEM for average people with NO CASH and NO CREDIT to invest in real estate. But, not just
any kind of real estate…

                   The Only Kind of Cash Flow Real Estate You Should Be Investing In Is…

Apartment buildings! That’s right. You should ONLY be investing in apartment buildings in this market. No, you should
NOT be investing in single-family homes (unless it’s a home for yourself and you plan on staying there for at least 5 – 7
years). No, you should NOT be investing in office buildings or warehouse/industrial properties right now. No, you should
NOT be investing in new construction properties. No, you should NOT be investing in raw land or even consider new
construction projects at this time (unless you are in a booming market like some areas of Texas).
Why? Because right now, as I speak, the bottom is dropping out of the current real estate market.
Okay, so if that’s the case, why invest in any kind of real estate at all? Because NOW IS THE TIME YOU CAN GET ALL

Let’s back up for a second. Why apartment buildings? Why not other types of properties?

Here is the problem with other types of properties:

Single-family homes: There are millions of properties out there for sale. Most homes are sitting and not selling. As
usual, property owners want more than their property is worth. Therefore, their property will continue to sit. In most parts
of the country you cannot buy a single-family home (including townhomes and condos) without paying MORE on your

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                             Page 10
mortgage per month than you can reasonably get for rent. Even if, by some miracle, you are able to make a couple of
hundred dollars per month on a single-family home above what you are paying on your monthly mortgage, what happens
if your sole tenant loses his job? What happens if the water heater blows up and you have to replace it? What if the roof
is leaking and you have to replace the roof or give it a patch job? Will you have the money to do it? Will you have the
money to make the monthly mortgage payment if your tenant stops paying you rent?

Foreclosures: The property owner can’t afford to make the monthly payments so a home will go into foreclosure. The
bank will eventually do an auction sale which is for the sole purpose of getting what the former owner owed to the bank.
Most properties are “upside down” meaning that the property owner “maxed out” his equity line, got a second mortgage,
or got a 100% loan. Therefore, what’s owed on the property is usually much more than you can sell the home for. How
are you going to purchase a foreclosure, even if you go to an auction, and then resell an upside down property for a
profit? Answer: You can’t! Not in this current market!

“Commercial-commercial” properties: Properties such as office buildings and industrial/warehouse are higher risk
when there is a slow-down in the economy. Why? Because fewer companies will be starting. Fewer office buildings will
be leased. Fewer industrial/warehouse buildings will be needed. Many companies will find themselves downsizing to
smaller offices. Some companies will go bankrupt altogether. Some people will find that running their small office from
home instead would be better and there will no longer be a need for an office unit.

                           Apartment Buildings as an Investment is the HOTTEST
                       and Most Profitable Means of Real Estate Investing At This Time!

The markets change all the time. The real estate market has to go through its entire cycle before it can go back up again.
Never, in the history of mankind, has the real estate market started to fall then went back up. It has to go through the
whole process. That means the market has to “bottom out” first before it can begin to recover.
What happens in the bottoming out process? A market usually “peaks out” then there is a slight decline or “correction.”
During this correction a lot of people who couldn’t afford their home to begin with realized that they were upside down on
their home. When they were given a 100% loan and the market declined, even 3%, their home was worth LESS than they
bought it for. This was because the subprime loan industry lending money to non-qualifying buyers which has now
resulted in an explosion of foreclosures.

Because of the booming foreclosures, banks are tightening up on lending money INCLUDING to those who want to
refinance. This will cause another upcoming surge of foreclosures as people’s ARMs (adjustable rate mortgage) start to
increase their mortgage payments into an unaffordable monthly payment.

Have we bottomed out? Not even close. The market will continue with a huge surge of foreclosures. There will be a ton
of property inventory from people trying to sell (and being unsuccessful) AND the inventory of foreclosures owned by the
bank. This will continue on for at least 2 – 3 more years. Then, when it bottoms out, people’s confidence in the real
estate market will be lacking and no one will feel good about buying anything for awhile.

The real estate market won’t start to come “back” until about 2013 or 2014.

In the meantime, all of these people moving out of these foreclosed homes will need a place to live. They will be moving
into affordable living which is usually found in apartment houses.

                         And Now Is the BEST TIME to INVEST In Apartment Buildings

Even in the good times in real estate it can be difficult to sell an apartment building because it’s such a costly purchase.
In the difficult times, LIKE NOW, it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE for a property owner to unload an apartment building.
What does this mean for you? DEALS GALORE! There are unlimited amounts of apartment building deals for you to
CASH IN ON! You can COMMAND just about any reasonable price for an apartment building and the property owner
WILL sell it to you for an unbelievable deal with UNREAL creative financing benefits.

But wait! If these apartment building owners can’t unload their property, then what happens when you want to sell? You
won’t be selling for 15 – 20 years! You are buying to HANG ONTO the property. You are NOT flipping the property. In
15 – 20 years you will have gained so many millions in equity that, even if you had to give someone a deal on the building
(in order to sell it) you STILL would have made a MINT on the deal anyway!

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                             Page 11
It’s unbelievable how many apartment building deals there are. Look on the Internet. Look through your newspaper.
Look around and you will see endless amounts of deals.

                 Plus…There’s NO Competition! (BUT THAT WILL CHANGE VERY SOON!)

All of my competitors like Carleton Sheets and John Beck are teaching people how to buy single-family homes. That
clears away all of the competition! No one is teaching people how to purchase apartment buildings!

Ron Legrand, one of my biggest competitors, is planning to come out with an apartment building course with a late-night
infomercial to match. How do I know? I heard it through the grapevine from some very reliable sources. Once Ron’s
infomercial hits, there will be so much competition in investing in apartment buildings that you won’t be getting ANY deals.
He will flood the market within only 12 months.

When is his infomercial coming out? I believe it’s coming out later this year. Will he use his infamous twins? Who
knows? Who cares? Do you want to deal with the competition? You need to GET ON IT if you’re going to do this. Do
you really want to compete with a bunch of Ron Legrand students who are going to murky the waters for you?
Once people like Ron Legrand are starting to teach people these incredible secrets. The window can only stay open for
so long before the entire United States is FLOODED with real estate wannabes that will be stealing these deals right out

How many years have you been talking about investing in real estate? And you still haven’t done it? What are you
waiting for? I’m trying to tell you how important it is to GET STARTED NOW because the window for these HOT
opportunities will be sealed shut within just 36 months!

   These Secrets Are NOT Being Revealed By Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investors …Because They
                                  DON’T Want the Competition!

After many years of research, I discovered a common thread among all of the most successful millionaire investors and
business people: They ALL invest in real estate to retain their wealth and NONE OF THEM share their secrets of success
with anyone!

One of these real estate investing strategies itself is something that men (and possibly women) would KILL for. It’s
literally the ticket to INSTANT AND CONSISTENT WEALTH in the in the real estate markets.

When I first learned about this “secret” I couldn’t believe that something so simple could be the reason these millionaires
were making so much money in the real estate! I guess I was expecting some kind of “revolutionary secret” that was
being purposely hidden from me and the rest of the struggling population. It wasn’t like that at all!
What is this secret? The secret to making money in real estate is your access to funds. Without money you cannot make
money in real estate. But, most people can’t afford the 20% - 30% down payment requirement. How do you invest in real
estate if you cannot afford the down payment?

That’s my secret. I have several strategies you can use to get properties with NO CASH and NO CREDIT! No, this is not
all about the seller taking back some of the mortgage (although that is a possibility). It’s about getting REAL CASH for
down payments using a specific strategy to access this money. It’s not all about using government grants for the money
either. Yes, it’s a great strategy. No, it’s not the only strategy to get cold, hard cash for your real estate deals.
I’ll reveal this finance secret to you at the seminar!

                  “But…Why Are You Sharing Your Top Secret Information With People?”

Your biggest questions right now probably is: Why are you doing this? Why do you want to share such sacred
information? There are two passions in my life: Investing and teaching. I love to trade and I love to teach. I get to have
my cake and eat it too.

But that’s not the real reason. The more successful YOU are means I can make more money on our partnership deals!
That’s right! I do have one selfish motive here. I want to partner in on at least 100 deals in the next 36 months SO I CAN
RETIRE! I can’t do 100 deals on my own without your help. When I’m on my own I do about 5 deals per year, sometimes
up to 7. If I have several of you sharing deals with me, I can meet my goal of getting another 100 properties in the next 36
months so I can finally retire at the ripe old age of 40.

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                          Page 12
Plus…Don’t you see what’s happening right now? Do you have any idea just how critical the next few years are going
to be? I see what’s happening. Real estate market conditions are not that solid right now which means the market is ripe
with opportunities. Apartment buildings (and houses) are just sitting there going unsold. NOW IS THE TIME TO LATCH
ONTO YOUR PROPERTIES. Don’t wait anymore!

           How to Turn $0 into a Monthly Cash Flow of $24,000 Per Month Within 3 – 6 Months!

Is it really possible to get a cash flow of $24,000 per month within 3 – 6 months? Absolutely! One property can net you
$24,000 per month in cash flow! Find that one property!

By using my strategies to invest in apartment buildings, you can get huge properties and nice cash flow properties with
NO CASH and NO CREDIT of your own. Discover how to…

                         Make Thousands a Month with NO CASH and NO CREDIT
                         Make $24,000 Per Month in Passive Income within 6 Months
                         Get DEALS GALORE on “Sleeper” Properties
                         Cash In on Income Properties BEFORE Other "Gurus" Flood the Market
                         Get Your First Property in 30 Days or Less!
                         The Easy Step-by-Step Process to Getting a Property, Guaranteed!
                         Retire in 36 Months or Less with a Monthly Cash Flow of $50,000 - $100,000!

    My Students Have Made Millions With My Real Estate Cash Flow Strategies! Now It’s Your Turn!

How many years have you been talking about investing in real estate? Three years? Five years? Ten years? Longer?
Isn’t it time you finally did something about your desire to finally become financially free?

                         Can You Afford NOT to Know These Secret Investing Strategies?

If you’re not where you want to be financially, then you can’t afford to miss out on learning these special real estate
acquisition strategies. If you’re not pulling a consistent five-figure income each month, then you’re missing the boat

I’ve profited several million-dollars over the past several years by using these exact strategies that I’m about to show you.
In fact…

                    I’m Going to Show You in 2 Days What it Took Me 17 Years to Learn…

I bought my first property in 1995 years ago and haven’t looked back since.

I made money on properties, lost money on properties, made some more money…back and forth! That’s when I finally
discovered the true cash flow value of investing in apartment buildings rather than in single-family homes.

Here’s the problem with investing in a single-family home:

Average Asking Price           Monthly Mortgage               Market Rental Rate for           Monthly Cash Flow
3bdrm/2bath - LA County        Payment + Ins + Taxes          3bdrm/2bath
$400,000                       $2,700.00                      $2,200.00                        -$500.00 NEGATIVE

As you can clearly see, purchasing a single-family home in Los Angeles County (or near any big city) you cannot get a
monthly cash flow. Even if, by some miracle, you could get a small monthly cash flow of, say $300 per month, then what
happens if you have to replace a water heater for $1,100 or do some other property repair? What if the renter loses his
job? Can you cover the losses each month until he’s evicted?

I talk to people every day that started their real estate investing careers with single-family homes. Many of them lost their
asses on these types of properties. Many had lost the properties to foreclosures because of evictions or because of being
unable to re-rent the property if a tenant left. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!

Here’s the same scenario on an apartment building in the same area:

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                            Page 13
24-Unit Apartment             Monthly Mortgage + Ins        Market Rental Rate for All         Monthly Cash Flow
Building in LA County         + Taxes + Maintenance         Units Combined
$3,600,000                    $26,000                       $36,000                            +$10,000 POSITIVE

Do you see the difference? And the mortgage on the apartment building was calculated at a higher interest rate since
commercial real estate normally is a higher interest on mortgages.

Did you know that it takes about the same amount of time to close on both of the above deals? Why get a negative cash
flow of $500 per month when you can have a positive cash flow of $10,000 per month by doing the SAME AMOUNT OF

                                       The 2-Day, 24-Hour Power-Intensive
                                   Apartment Building BOOT CAMP SEMINAR…

I’m going to show you, top to bottom, exactly how to work the apartment building market and how to make money…real
money…the green kind that’s going to be deposited into your margin account for your successful monthly passive income!
I’m going to have Ronnie Espinoza speak. He’s a top commercial broker that can help you get funding for your real estate
deals! He’ll tell you exactly what to do, step-by-step, in order to get funding for every deal, even if you don’t want to pull
cash out of your pocket! You can even fill out an application and possibly get pre-approved for a commercial loan right
then and there! You can also get one-on-one consulting with Ronnie during the event! Just print out your deal
and bring it along. Ronnie will look at it and give you a full assessment of how to structure your deal!

I'm also going to have Tom the Transactional Funder come in and speak about secrets to getting transactional funded
deals done, how to do the LLC "flip" to yourself while draining the equity out of the property in the middle, how to use
these special funding sources on short sales, and much more information that you can readily use for your own real estate
business! He'll even do one-on-one consulting for your personal real estate deals at the event!

               I’m Going to Be Showing You My Most Closely Guarded Real Estate Secrets…

I’m going to show you everything from A to Z on how to make a fortune investing in apartment buildings. Here’s what I’m
going to cover. You’ll discover:

                        Why now is the best time to invest in apartment buildings and if you wait, you’ll never be able to
                         get into this highly exclusive market.
                        Secret strategies to get “sleeper” properties that no one else knows about.
                        More secret letters to use to get apartment building owners to sell their buildings to you at the
                         terms you want.
                        Get your first apartment building within days of this seminar with NO CASH and NO CREDIT,
                        Why dealing with apartment building owners directly and doing private deals is the best route to
                         take and how you can get started doing it immediately.
                        Where to place ads to find droves of apartment building owners who practically want to give their
                         buildings away.
                        How to work the grant system and get money for down payments, rehab, and new construction
                        How to use hard money and private lenders for down payment money.
                        Create a financial plan for yourself so you can get to the cash flow you want within the shortest
                         period of time.
                        How to abolish wealth roadblocks from your life so you can get an instant influx of money in your
                        Become a full-time investor within 6 months and completely retire within 36 months!
                        How to use property management services so you’ll never have to see or speak to your tenants
                         ever again!
                        And much, much more!

You’ll learn all the nitty-gritty components of successful real estate investing from learning to think differently to
understanding how the real estate market works to how to get the biggest amount of cash flow per month in the shortest
amount of time.

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                            Page 14
     New Information: Secrets on REO Foreclosures, Bird-Dogging, and Other HOT NEW Investing
                  Strategies Will Be Revealed...Including Getting a 100% LTV Loan!!

One thing I hate about other guru seminars is that they go over the same rehashed information each and every time they
present an event. They'll even use the same exact presentation, jokes, war stories from a hundred years ago, etc. The
only reason I do so few events every year (and went on a 3 year hiatus in 2007) is because I am a firm believer that it's
pointless to do an event unless you have something brand new to bring to the table.

This time I will be bringing in new information about investing in REOs, short sale foreclosures (for apartment buildings),
bird dogging strategies to get paid big on "double closes," how to get funds in this "new" market, new opportunities with
commercial properties, and discussions on my own personal deals that I'm working on!

The most groundbreaking element of my new 2-Day Apartment Building Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar Event is
that I’ll be presenting a BRAND NEW strategy to acquire property with NO CASH AND NO CREDIT using 100%
transactional funding cash! This is a BRAND NEW METHOD I have NEVER presented before at any other event!

    ALL ATTENDEES WILL BE VIP: Discover Million-Dollar Real Estate Strategies for Mere Pennies!
                 This Information Can Make You a Millionaire! GUARANTEED!

I can’t believe my staff talked me into charging such a paltry amount for this 3-day INTENSIVE BOOT CAMP and I can
guarantee you that I will never do a BOOT CAMP for this little of a price again. Think about what a college education
costs or what it costs to go through a trade school…and going to college or a trade school will never show you
how to become a millionaire! First, I want to show you what the GOLD VIP Enrollment will get you:
                        Two Days of Power-Packed, Million-Dollar Real Estate Secrets & Strategies on March 25
                         & 26 from 9AM to 6PM.
                        Continental Breakfast and Lunch for BOTH Days!
                        Complete Audio and Video of the Entire Event SHIPPED to You After the Event Ends!
                        Folio Including Action Plan Worksheets for a Streamlined Fast Success Plan!
                        A Bag Full of Goodies, Surprises, and Savings!

All for $997 $797! And, if you want to bring your spouse and/or business partner, they get a special discounted price of
$397 $297 in addition to your admission price. If you register now you get a COMPLETE set of videos of the entire
SEMINAR, shipped to you once they are professionally edited and duplicated. Absolutely free. We’ll even pay for
the shipping!

If you want a hotel room for both days of the event plus dinner with me, choose the PLATINUM VIP option. We will cover
a single hotel room for you. You simply have to choose if you want two queen beds or one king bed in your room.

                                    Gold VIP: For the 2-Day, Event You Get:

                        Breakfast (ONLY for Attendees Staying at the DoubleTree)
                        Lunch BOTH Days
                        Seminar Course Materials Needed for the Boot Camp Seminar

                                       Gold VIP:    $997 $797 + $297 PER GUEST

                                 Platinum VIP: For the 2-Day Event, You Get:

                        Hotel Room for Both Days (Buffet Breakfast Included in the Room)
                        Lunch for BOTH Days
                        Dinner with Monica in a "Round Table" Setting
                        Seminar Course Materials Needed for the Boot Camp Seminar
                        Cocktail Attendance with Monica After Dinner
                        Recorded Video/Audio of the 2-Day Event (Shipped After the Event Ends)
                        Complete Typed Transcripts of the 2-Day Event (Shipped After the Event Ends)

                                    Platinum VIP: $1,497 $1,197 + $297 PER GUEST

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                           Page 15
This is the part where Monica Main takes
a 2-day nap while you can have fun in LA!

If you are crazy enough to do all 8 days of the event over a 10-day period then you’ll definitely
have to enjoy all the exciting things to do in Los Angeles. Of course, all of us California
natives don’t really “do” anything in LA. (Yes, I’m a “native” now being that I’ve been in this
area for 25 years…sorry Chicago, no loyalty to my birthplace!) I think most people think we
do the Hollywood tours and buy star maps on the sides of the road to look for Lucille Ball’s
home and Marilyn Monroe’s grave (which is difficult to find). The only time I did the “tour
thing” was back when I was 19 with my mom. That was almost 2 decades ago! So…aside
from Disneyland (in Anaheim), Universal Studios, and Knott’s Berry Farm (also in OC with
Disneyland; you’ve probably never heard of it if you’re not from here), I haven’t done most of
the touristy stuff. So, here’s the “traditional” stuff you can do:


  J. Paul Getty Museum          Venice Beach      Guinness Museum     Wax Museum

   Hollywood Walk of Fame          Grauman’s Chinese Theater         Starline Hollywood Tours

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                Page 16
                                   Event #3:
  Personal & Business Credit Building
                              March 28th & 29th
                             FIRST TIME EVER EVENT!!
    Personal and Business Credit Secrets Revealed…

     How You Can Have Almost ANYTHING
   Removed from Your Credit Report -- Even a
    Bankruptcy & Foreclosures -- with a Few
  "Unorthodox" (Yet Completely Legal) Secret
  Strategies that NO ONE ELSE Will Show You!
 Yes, You CAN Have Triple A Personal Credit FICO Score in 90
 Days or Less! GUARANTEED! Or You'll Get Every Penny You
               Paid BACK from Me Personally!

   Millions of Dollars in Unsecured Lines of Business
    Credit in Virtually No Time At All...And Discover
  These Little-Known, Never-Before-Revealed Secrets
   at My 2-Day Business Credit Building Boot Camp
    Seminar in Los Angeles on March 28th and 29th!
Hundreds of My Students Have Gotten Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars EACH
in Business Credit, Even While Having Poor Personal Credit! AND They’ve Been
Able to Boost Their Personal Credit FICO by HUNDREDS of Points in Only a Few
       Months! Now It's Your Turn to Discover These Little-Known Credit
 Success Strategies with My 2-Day Boot Camp CRASH COURSE in Los Angeles!

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                             Page 17
   If You Haven't Been Able to Get an Unsecured Business Line of Credit for
$50,000 Within 60 - 90 Days of Beginning Building Business Credit Regardless of
     Your Personal Credit History Then You Are Doing Something WRONG!
                   Groundbreaking, Mind-Blowing Event You Cannot Miss!
              Two (2) Power-Packed Days on Personal and Business Credit Building Secrets!

For the first time ever, I’m putting on a Personal & Business Credit Building 2-Day Boot Camp Seminar Event! In 2
power-packed days you’ll discover how to increase your personal credit FICO score AND how to take advantage of
hundreds of thousands of dollars in business credit!

                       Day One: Removing “Bad” Credit While Rebuilding Perfect Credit

You're probably realizing by now how important perfect credit is in this day and age -- especially in these tough economic
times. It's much easier to build business credit when you have excellent personal credit. Now banks are requiring that they
pull personal credit for real estate deals, even on commercial property mortgage applications.

Okay, so reality is, you can build good business credit even with poor personal credit. However, when you have excellent
personal credit, building stellar business credit happens with super speed. When you have poor personal credit, it makes
getting any kind of credit much more difficult than pushing a meatball up a steep hill with your nose and your hands tied
behind your back.

                  My "Unorthodox" Strategies that I CREATED Myself to Get Perfect Credit

One thing that I have a lot of experience with in addition to real estate investing is getting perfect personal credit. Back in
2003 I thought I had to file for bankruptcy because of some debts put on my credit by my first husband. Before that time, I
actually did have perfect unblemished credit. My credit score went from the high 600s down to the low 500s

Of course, like everyone else, after the blows to my credit and the dust settled, I went through every book out there on
fixing bad credit. Most of it was the same old rehashed crap over and over again.

Years later, I met my 2nd husband (yes, I've done this 3 times and double yes, I'm insane). We were buying a house and
he had some major blemishes on his credit report. He hired an attorney who negotiated all of his debt. Not only did he (or
rather I) had to pay the lowered agreed debt amount, none of it came off his credit! In fact, even though the debts were
paid they still showed DELINQUENT and, even worse, that he paid a SETTLEMENT amount (meaning he didn't pay what
he originally owed). And that sucked!

I'm like, "There is no way in hell I'm paying a lowered negotiated settlement amount just to have it REMAIN on my credit
report as a negative mark. I'd rather have them removed altogether as if they never existed at all!"

This is where it all began and how I had to discover on my own some very unorthodox (yet legal...barely) methods that are
NOT in those rehashed Do-It-Yourself Fix-Bad-Credit books out there. (In fact, I can GUARANTEE that my most
successful methods of delinquent account removal aren't in ANY of those books in bookstores or even through

                                          Bad Credit = Missed Opportunities

I recently read that there was a rap star who was going for a car loan on a Bentley and wasn't able to get the car even
though he showed gross revenues of over a million dollar a month...all because his credit SUCKED!

Sometimes it ain't all about money, folks. Sometimes it's about good old fashioned credit. And, of course, "credit" by
definition means "to your credit" as an "honorable and trustworthy person" this is how you conduct your financial affairs. If

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                              Page 18
you cannot be "credited" as a "trustworthy" person with borrowed funds from someone else, no one will do business with
you during these hard times because the financial risk on their part is astronomical.

How many deals are you missing out on because you don't have any cash? There are apartment buildings you can get
your hands on for about $1,500 - $2,500 PER UNIT in Atlanta, Georgia (one of the fastest growing cities in the United
States) but you can't get these apartment buildings WITHOUT CASH.

And if you have no cash, YOU COULD BORROW IT... But ONLY if you have GOOD CREDIT!

                            Only a Few Pieces of Property is ALL it Takes to RETIRE!

Think about it: how much does it really take to get rich? Do you need 10 apartment buildings? Do you need 100 apartment

No, actually, you only need a few. And they can be very small ones too!

Now, if you are getting apartment buildings for PENNIES on the dollar (and there will be NO OTHER TIME in your lifetime
as NOW to get deals this cheap...GUARANTEED) yet rents haven't dropped AT ALL in most areas of the country...you
can be banking on massive cash flow just from having anywhere from 10 - 20 units TOTAL.

That means throwing in $15,000 to $50,000 for your retirement!

Is it hard to borrow that kind of money? Uh...no! Not with good credit! In fact, I have that much available on my credit
cards alone not including signature loans. And that's from my personal credit. I'm not even referring to my business credit
at all.

                           How I Went from the Low 500s to the High 600s in 90 Days

Quite honestly, I didn't even start working on my personal credit until 2008 after I was hit with a mind-boggling seven-
figure judgment. I didn't think I could do much for my personal credit, I was using partners for most of my real estate deals
to that point, and during the "hey day" of commercial real estate (up to 2007) personal credit didn't matter on cash flowing

So my personal credit was never a concern UNTIL EARLY 2008 when I couldn't continue buying property anymore
because of how strict the banks had gotten! Was my commercial real estate investing career over? I thought it was for

I dropped everything I was doing to start fixing my credit. I plowed through every lame credit repair book out there. Every
single one of them had the same stupid list of crap to do. So I dabbled in the credit repair stuff for a couple of months,
gave up out of failed frustration, then started again in the fall with a fresh new set of ideas. All my own ideas, of course,
starting off with..."what if...?"

This is when I started "coloring outside of the lines," so to speak. I started inventing my own processes.

From the second time I attempted the credit repair using my own rules, I was able to go from NO IMPROVEMENTS
(using the strategies in bookstore books) to DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENTS in my FICO score within 90 days.

Again, this is all direct personal experience of my own. This isn't some deal where I've found a couple of self-proclaimed
"experts" on credit repair, interviewed them, and whipped together a course for you. All of my strategies are based on my
OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE based on a system I was forced to invent because the ones out there simply DON'T

I Can Teach You EVERYTHING I Know Plus a Few Extra Tricks I've Learned in the Past Couple of Years
                        to DRAMATICALLY Improve Your Credit Score

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                             Page 19
I've created a Personal Credit Building System that I’ll be outlining in detail over the first day of the seminar event to show
you all of my invented cutting-edge credit building strategies to PERMANENTLY REMOVE bad credit items from your
credit reports using unorthodox strategies that you'll never read about in a rehashed credit repair book. I'll share with you
my own personal experiences, what's worked, what hasn't worked, and how to "get around the system" when removing
bankruptcies, foreclosures, and other "permanent" fixtures on your credit report.

Now, I'll admit: I never did get my own bankruptcy off my credit report. It's on there like Gorilla Glue for another 18
months. The reason? It was in Orange County (California), it's a large enough jurisdiction where they keep good records.
The smaller the jurisdiction and the longer it's been, the easier it is to remove it. Otherwise...who cares anyway? A
bankruptcy on your credit report with NO OTHER DELINQUENCIES or negative marks will NOT affect you anyway.
The problem is usually those damned foreclosures. And I can show you how those can be removed. I've had several of
my students in my business credit mentorship group who I've worked with one-on-one use a little-known "experimental"
method (since I've never had a foreclosure myself to test this out on) they've used to have FORECLOSURES REMOVED

Okay, so I will tell you one reason this is possible without giving away the secret and that is...never mind. It's too good to
let out of the bag and you'll just have to see when you get the course.

               Use My System Step-by-Step and Increase Your FICO by 100 Points in 90 Days
                                       or I'll Give You a Refund!

And if I weren't that confident in the power of my Personal Credit Building Strategies, would I offer such a bold guarantee?

The key word is, of course, "USE" my system that I present to you in the seminar. It's easy to attend a seminar and
go home, never to implement the taught strategies. You have to follow the system. Yes, it's easy. No, it doesn't take much
work. But it DOESN’T do it by itself!

And no, don't you dare sign up with one of those rip off credit repair companies because 99.99% of them are scams and
you can do ALL of the stuff they do plus do 1000% better using MY simple strategies instead.

                                          You Either Need This or You Don't

I'm not going to go into an arm-twisting spiel about how you need this, you can't live without this, your life is over unless
you get this, blah, blah, blah...because that wouldn't be true for everyone.

Who doesn't need this?
   Someone with an 800+ FICO score, no delinquencies, no negative marks, and few inquiries
   Someone who has no desire to invest in property in this market (who is also probably deaf, dumb, AND blind)
   Someone who is satisfied in waiting out the 7 - 10 years for all the bad crap to fall off his or her credit report by
      itself (and thus willing to miss out on the LAST lucrative opportunity to get bottom-basement prices on real estate
      in his or her lifetime)

Who needs this?
   Everyone who DOESN'T fit into any category above
   Anyone who is in a MASSIVE HURRY to change the "landscape" of their 3 credit reports
   Anyone who wants to make money in this economy while you can get property DIRT CHEAP (but ONLY if you
      have cash or good credit to get the cash)
   Anyone who is sick of living as a Paycheck Charlie, 2 paychecks from the street, and wanting to use OPM (Other
      People's Money) or CREDIT to make a fortune while they can as quickly as they can!

    Day Two: Building Business Credit for Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Unsecured Credit!

As you know by now, it's not as simple as forming a corporation and expecting lenders to start throwing money at you just
for having a new company. In fact, nothing can be further from the truth!

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                              Page 20
I think the biggest misconceptions about building business credit is that people think if they have bad personal credit, they
can simply form a corporation and purchase anything they want including investment real estate the very next day! And
that's not how it works! Far from it!!

Just as with personal credit, business credit HAS TO BE BUILT! And it doesn't happen overnight!

The good news is that business credit doesn't take nearly the length of time as it does for building personal
credit AND you can have poor personal credit and still enjoy the benefits of solid business credit.

Is it recommended that you go wobbling through life with bad personal credit while enjoying the benefits of good business
credit? No, not really! Why? Because you can TRIPLE and QUADRUPLE your power with lenders and banks if
you have both excellent business credit AND personal credit! Why leave money on the table by refusing to fix your
personal credit if you have bad credit? It's so SIMPLE to fix your personal credit that it is maddening when I hear how
people simply refuse to implement a few quick fix-its to get their personal credit back on track!

   Get Access to Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Unsecured Business Credit AND One or More
                         Cash Flow Apartment Buildings Under Your Belt!

The biggest thing that bothers me (and the main reason I keep teaching wealth building strategies) is that there are so
many people out there who are left in the dark! People don't know how to tap into the opportunities available to the
wealthy and they don't realize that the majority of the millionaires and billionaires out there use OPM (other people's

The "little guy" is always left to struggle financially and is never "clued in" to the secrets of the wealthy. The majority of
the little guys (and gals) of the world will NEVER KNOW how to tap into the little-known secrets and strategies of true
wealth building because they are MEANT to remain in the dark.

My job is to guide you through the dark with the brightest possible floodlight and give you a step-by-step action plan to
help you build massive wealth. And you can do it with other people's money only IF you know what you are doing!


Things are changing so fast, especially with Dun & Bradstreet, that you have to be kept abreast of these fast changes
otherwise you won't be able to gain access to the unsecured business credit you DESERVE to have access to!

                MY 2-DAY Personal & Business Credit Building
                      BOOT CAMP SEMINAR EVENT…
                        March 28th & 29th in Los Angeles, California
Here's what you'll discover at my 2-day event:

         Remove delinquent, adverse, or just plain “bad” marks on your personal credit reports
          PERMANENTLY and easily with a few easy steps
         My “unorthodox” yet (barely) legal method to have foreclosures removed from your personal
          credit reports
         How to build personal credit at the same time you’re removing negative items, doubling your
          efforts to boost your FICO as quickly as possible
         Use these methods and boost your FICO by hundreds of points in only a few months!
         Get unsecured CASH business lines of credit from $50,000 to $1,000,000 to use for real estate
          purchases, business start-up, or business expansion
         How to tap into the exclusive business credit perks that aren't available even to those with
          decent personal credit
www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                               Page 21
      Have access to millions of dollars in lines of credit, unsecured credit cards, equipment
       purchases, and other purchases for your own business or investing purchases even during the
       worst recession since the Great Depression!
      Have banks and lenders lining up to do business with you; even get commercial loan
       underwriters to love you, getting your investment property loans quickly and easily approved
       with a few key strategies
      Build massive wealth with investment real estate using 100% business credit
      Discover how to work with and "tame" the largest business credit bureaus for your own credit
      Reduce and even eliminate all personal risk; discover how to protect your assets and build a
       "fortress" around your wealth so that sue-happy vultures can never get your wealth
      Be able to get investor partners, angel investors, and private money for business or real estate
       investment purposes by setting up your business profile a specific way where they will jump at
       the opportunity to offer money to your company
      Get incredible deals on insurances including health insurance plans where you cannot be
       turned down for any pre-existing health conditions and never canceled for excessive policy use
       (as long as your premiums are being paid)
      A new listing of lenders who give 60 second credit decisions on business loans, credit cards,
       and lines of credit even for those who have new credit profiles
      If you have poor personal credit, I have some secret quick and easy fixes to get your personal
       credit in near-perfect or DAMN PERFECT condition within the next 6 months!
      And much, much more!

Who should sign up for this first time ever Personal & Business Credit Building 2-Day Boot Camp

First, let's get those out of the way who have NO BUSINESS in signing up! Please DO NOT sign up if
you fall into any of the below categories:

      You are lazy and want someone else to do all the work for you
      You are a quitter and have a tenancy to half-ass projects, classes, or anything else you do in life and
       you believe that there is an inkling of possibility that you won't make it the entire 6 months of this
       program (please let someone else take your spot if you are a known quitter)
      You are negative, always see the glass as being half-full, and find any and all excuses in your life to
       see failure in everything you do
      You listen to people like your pessimistic neighbor or in-laws who don't believe making money in real
       estate or building business credit like wealthy people do is possible, yet they are the LAST PEOPLE on
       earth capable of giving you advice about anything, especially about building wealth (and you listen to
       them anyway)
      You don't like reading through instructions and are the type of person to request assistance on topics
       clearly covered in the instructions (but don't realize it's covered because you DON'T READ
      You don't believe it's possible for you to tap into the power of solid, established business credit
      You want me to give you this mentorship session for free because you will pay me back later with the
       credit lines you establish
      You don't have but a few bucks to your name and have no means of being able to purchase some of
       the critical things needed to establish credit including a DNB profile, virtual office space, dedicated
       phone lines, etc.
      You don't see the value in paying a little bit of money to be able to tap into $250,000 or more in
       unsecured lines of business credit...in which case, you should probably have your head examined!


www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                             Page 22
      You have a burning desire to start tapping into huge sums of unsecured lines of business credit,
       unsecured business credit cards, and other lines of credit in order to start/build a business or invest in
       cash flow real estate property deals
      You are a positive person who always sees the glass as being half-full and you have a habit of making
       your life work for you rather than life "working" you
      You see the value in paying a little bit of money for an expert to take you by the hand to make sure you
       are building business credit correctly from the start in order to help you access hundreds of thousands
       of dollars in unsecured business credit
      You have at least $1,000 to use to set up your business credit profile including the fee for DNB
      You are not penny wise, pound foolish and you understand that it would be best to do things right from
       the get-go otherwise if you make a small mistake in the beginning it may require you to get a new
       corporation, which is a waste of time and money!
      You are ready to learn some of the "insider secrets" on where to go to get unsecured business credit,
       even if you have a newly formed business credit profile
      You never listen to negative nay-sayers and know that the wealthiest business entrepreneurs and real
       estate investors only use business credit and NEVER use their personal credit for anything, including
       for the purposes of MINIMIZING personal risk and protecting their assets
      You have the ability to read instructions thoroughly and you're not a quitter because you always finish
       out the things that are truly important in your life
      You understand the value of investing in yourself and your future!
I'm thrilled to impart with my latest secrets and strategies on building business credit as well as little-known
techniques on getting triple A personal credit within only a couple of months! Most of this information will be
revealed for the very first time and, if you're serious about getting untold amounts of unsecured credit, you
CANNOT miss this event.

You will literally be taken by the hand and fully instructed on EXACTLY what to do to build business
credit AND fix personal credit (if that applies to you). By the end of the 2-day seminar event you could
PERSONAL FICO SCORE, provided that you followed all of my specific instructions!

                             REGISTER NOW!
                       SEATING IS SEVERELY LIMITED!
                                   Gold VIP: For the 2-Day, Event You Get:

                      Breakfast (ONLY for Attendees Staying at the DoubleTree)
                      Lunch BOTH Days
                      Seminar Course Materials Needed for the Boot Camp Seminar

                                    Gold VIP:   $997 $797 + $297 PER GUEST

                                Platinum VIP: For the 2-Day Event, You Get:

                      Hotel Room for Both Days (Buffet Breakfast Included in the Room)
                      Lunch for BOTH Days
                      Dinner with Monica in a "Round Table" Setting
                      Seminar Course Materials Needed for the Boot Camp Seminar
                      Cocktail Attendance with Monica After Dinner
                      Recorded Video/Audio of the 2-Day Event (Shipped After the Event Ends)
                      Complete Typed Transcripts of the 2-Day Event (Shipped After the Event Ends)

                                 Platinum VIP: $1,497 $1,197 + $297 PER GUEST

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                  Page 23
                                                 Event #4:
Raising Capital with Private Investors
                                        March 30th & 31st

 How I've Been Able to Raise Millions of
     Dollars for Real Estate Using a
  Fail-Proof Formula that Can Virtually
 GUARANTEE You'll Succeed in Gaining
INSTANT ACCESS to Millions of Dollars!
Reality is pretty simple.

It's becoming next to impossible to pry funds out of conventional lenders and banks these days unless you have
perfect personal credit, rock-solid business credit, or a huge portfolio of properties to show in your financials.
And this is probably causing you to lose out on a lot of lucrative real estate investing deals, right?
It doesn't have to be that way anymore!

You Can Borrow ALL THE MONEY You Need for Your Real Estate Deals from Secret Private Individuals
                 and NOT THE BANKS! AND...You Can Get It Virtually Instantly!...

                                  Plus, Imagine Getting This Money With...

                                                 NO Monthly Payments
                                               NO Prepayment Penalties
                                                NO Out-of-Pocket Costs
                                                  NO Points or Fees
                                             NO Credit Checks or Tax Returns
                                                  NO Waiting Games
                                           NO Limits on How Much You Can Get!

         The Biggest Crippling Factor for New Real Estate Investors:
If you don't UNLOCK THE "PRIVATE MONEY CODE" as a real estate investor than you're real estate investing
business is DEAD IN THE WATER!

Every experienced real estate investor out there has learned pretty quickly that they can gain INSTANT and
UNLIMITED ACCESS to funds for real estate deals while understanding that getting convention loans or hard
money is a laughable JOKE...especially in THIS economy!

 There Are More PRIVATE MONEY and ANGEL FUNDS Available Than There Are Conventional Funds!

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                 Page 24
This surprises most people!

There are MORE Private Money and Angel Funds available than there are Conventional Bank/Lender Funds!
Surprised? Shocked? A little pissed off even...because you felt a little left out maybe?

       How do you think I've been able to raise MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for my real estate transactions over the
        past decade since I've started working with commercial real estate?
       How do you think investors like Donald Trump raise money for their property deals and construction
        projects? Do you believe that they use personal funds or banks? Hell no!

Read what I'm about to share with you because you'll no longer have to feel left out of the "secret money club" ever again!

 Private Investors Are CONSTANTLY Looking for Profitable Real Estate Deals to Invest In Where They
 Can Take a "Back Seat" to the Deal While Making Loads of Money...AND THEY NEED YOU TO DO IT!

There are tons of investors out there who don't believe in having a boatload of cash in the stock market and believe that
real estate investing is the best for of investing. But...
Most are not in the "business" of rehabbing or managing a property. They have the dough to sink into the deals but that's
the extent of their "investing" that they want to participate in. They want somebody else to do all the work including finding
the property, doing all the due diligence, rehabbing the property (if required), leasing it up, and overseeing day-to-day
management of the investment.

And they don't want to lift a finger.

If you think about it, why should they? If they are putting in millions of dollars into a property deal out of their own cash
stockpile, why should they have to work for their investment? They are in a position now where their investment has to
work for them.

That's where you come in!

Unlike the conventional loan set-up where a bank lends you funds for a property deal and the bank is satisfied with
making interest off the loan, private money (in most cases) is much different.

Private money including angel investors and equity partnerships will offer up 100% of the funding on your property deal
(and this is even BETTER than what a bank will offer you) but they want an equity share of the property deal. Depending
on the terms and agreement you have with the private money source, sometimes they'll give you equivalent to an interest-
only loan plus take 25% in the gained equity share. Some will even take some of the monthly cash flow.

                   Private Money Sources Want Deals with the HIGHEST RATE OF RETURN!

So, what kind of properties are these angel investors and private money sources looking for?

Most any deal out there, especially bank-owned properties, can be sold to an investor if the opportunity angle is captured.

What is the angle?

This means that you don't focus on what the deal looks like now. You have to focus on what the deal WILL BE in the

And that's the whole secret!

Investors get excited about opportunity and cash flow potential. They don't get excited about a 98% occupied
property where the seller has bumped up the purchase price because he wants to be compensated for curing a former
vacancy problem. They don't get excited about a deal where someone has already rehabbed a property and is selling it
for top dollar because they put in all the work already.

They want the RAW properties that your typical wimpy wussy investor won't touch with a 10-foot pole. But they don't want
just any raw property. They only want the ones with huge potential.

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                               Page 25
Even if it looks like it's in shambles right now!

Many investors don't understand that private money investors want to see HUGE UPSIDE POTENTIAL and I'm not
paying top-dollar for the work that some other seller is trying to get compensated for; whether that work is filling up the
building with tenants or doing major rehab.

Private investors don't want to pay top dollar for a 100% occupied property that the seller just dumped $450,000 of rehab
money into and has the property listed for AT appraised value. In fact, there is not one private investors that I know of who
would consider that scenario something they would invest in.

Those types of deals are for new investors, busy executives who are haphazardly trying to diversify their investments, and
inexperienced wannabe commercial investors who are too lazy to do the work themselves and are willing to foolishly pay
top dollar for someone else to have done that work for them; usually those people end up buying at break-even then
losing the property to foreclosure within a year or two anyway.

Because...you can't buy at appraised value and you can't pay for someone else to have done the elbow grease that YOU
should have taken the time to do...and expect to get maximum cash flow. That's just stupidity across the board.
Isn't that what you want as an investor?

It's like looking at one of those old English tutor mansions from the 19th century that's run down to the ground...but you
want to buy it anyway. Why?

Because you see THE FUTURE of what the property WILL BE LIKE and you DON'T SEE the ramshackle of the
place that sits before your eyes.

And that's how this business of investing works for real life investors who do this day in and day out.
You have to start thinking like them if you plan on getting private funds. Once you learn the secrets to WHAT they are
looking for and HOW TO PRESENT the deal to them, you will have access to UNLIMITED AMOUNTS OF MONEY.
Which means, you'll have to get REALLY GOOD at convincing someone of the potential of a run-down, non-performing
asset and how it can really kick ass financially if the right steps are taken.


You have to outline what those steps will be so that the investor can see the entire picture clear as day...
It's like making them see that old run-down English tutor already completely rehabbed to pristine condition -- and even
imagining that they are having their first evening cocktail party out in their perfectly manicured sprawling backyard with
violins playing, fountains bubbling, lightning bugs blazing -- even all the while the "real" place still looks like an overgrown
rotten calamity of a garden with trolls living in the bushes.

 I've Gotten MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in Private Money for 99% of My Investments Because I Know the
                Secrets to What they Require and Which Deals They Want to Invest In!

  And I Can Show You Exactly How to Tap Into These PRIVATE FUNDS...INCLUDING Specific Private
                  Lenders Who Can Give You Private Cash Money for Your Deals!
You have to know how to find these angel investors, what private money sources want to see in a deal, what makes them
salivate, what commands their immediate attention, and what their idea property scout should be doing.
You'll have to be able to quickly assess properties, put together a basic demographics report to "sell" the area of the
property, be able to put together a solid proforma to "sell" the future potential while minimizing the current condition or
faults of the property.

Once you understand how it works, you'll realize how incredibly EASY it is to do this.

You just need to first understand what ALL investors want and how to give it to them. And I can show you how to do

You'll discover...

        The types of properties that ALL private investors are after

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                               Page 26
      Which areas of the country private investors are actively seeking property deals
      Which areas to AVOID like the plague including areas that YOU probably think are "hot"
      How to quickly assess a property to see if it has "investor potential"
      How to write a demographics report that with make any city mayor proud -- and you only have to do this ONCE
      How to create a realistic proforma that will maximize the future financial potential of the property
      How to lay out a step-by-step recommended management plan to make an out-of-state investor feel comfortable
       with following through with the deal
      How to get the REAL numbers from sluggish and unresponsive real estate listing agents
      How to work the numbers on a bank-owned REO foreclosure, even if it's completely vacant with NO prior
       numbers to go on
      How to find pocket listings that are not part of the MLS system to have the ultimate advantage over everyone else
       looking for deals
      How to access some of my own private lenders...never before revealed!
      And much, much more!

If you're serious about getting cash for your deals and are tired of running into red tape with banks and
conventional lenders, YOU NEED THIS SEMINAR!

                             Gold VIP: For the 2-Day, Event You Get:
          Breakfast (ONLY for Attendees Staying at the DoubleTree)
          Lunch BOTH Days
          Seminar Course Materials Needed for the Boot Camp Seminar

                                  Gold VIP: $997 $797 + $297 PER GUEST

                          Platinum VIP: For the 2-Day Event, You Get:
          Hotel Room for Both Days (Buffet Breakfast Included in the Room)
          Lunch for BOTH Days
          Dinner with Monica in a "Round Table" Setting
          Seminar Course Materials Needed for the Boot Camp Seminar
          Cocktail Attendance with Monica After Dinner
          Recorded Video/Audio of the 2-Day Event (Shipped After the Event Ends)
          Complete Typed Transcripts of the 2-Day Event (Shipped After the Event Ends)

                              Platinum VIP: $1,497 $1,197 + $297 PER GUEST
                                         Seminar Dates/Times:
                                 March 30th & 31st: 9AM - 5PM Each Day!
                                         Location: DoubleTree LAX
                                         1985 E. Grand Ave.
                                         El Segundo, CA 90245
                                         (310) 322-0999

Your best bet would be to fly into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The hotel offers free complimentary
shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and back to LAX!

                                       Money-Back Guarantee!
If, on the first day of the seminar, you think that it's not for you or you are unsatisfied for ANY reason
whatsoever, let us know and we'll immediately issue you a full refund right then and there, and you may leave the
seminar premises at that time with all of your money back. Remember, we're making this offer RISK FREE for you
which means there are NO EXCUSES to not attend!

www.MonicaMainSeminars.com                                                                                      Page 27
If you're sitting on the fence and not sure if you should come or if the small admittance fee is giving you second
thoughts, think about this:

       You are paying only a few hundred dollars to gain access to millions of dollars in cash for property deals
        that would otherwise be OFF LIMITS for you...we're talking about deals that are $10 million or more!
       My competitors charge $5,000 or more for seminars just like this one, offer about 50% of the information,
        and mainly do nothing but sell you on higher priced "boot camps" and mentorship programs during their
        "seminar"...while I DO NOT believe in that sales model and ALL of my events are 99.99% usable
        information you can use immediately, the second you walk out the door!

I really do hope you understand how critical it is to get private money, angel funds, and equity partnerships in this day and
age where it's getting harder and harder for even the best creditworthy applicants with 25% seasoned cash down to
qualify for a real estate loan -- making it a pipe dream for a newcomer investor to come into the game with no cash and no

In fact, you can't really do it anymore without having access to private money.

This is your true ticket to wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

See you in LA! Then...

See you at the top!
Your mentor,

Monica Main

                                                       Andrew Shaw
                                                   Real Estate Millionaire

“The secret to getting money is by creating a package for presentation and to present investors with the
deal. This is what I’ve been doing for the past 3 years in addition to using conventional and hard money

Talking from experience, about 90% of the funds I got over the years are from private investors. Private
investors are the way to go. It’s the only way to go.

And if you understand that there isn’t a magic phone number to call to get a 100% LTV on a real estate deal
anymore and if you understand that there isn’t a magic lamp to rub to get millions of dollars in cash from a
genie, then you’ll finally start to wrap your head around the reality which is, find investors then get money
for any deal you want to do. Monica can teach you these skills.

And it’s not nearly as difficult as you probably think it’s going to be.”                           ~AS

                         Need a SPECIAL PAYMENT PLAN Just for You?
          Call My Office Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time: (661) 295-5050

 If You LIVE in the Los Angeles, Ask About Being a "Helper" for a MASSIVE DISCOUNT on the
                          Registration of This Powerful Super Event!

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                                        March 2012 – Super Event in los Angeles

CHOOSE ONE OPTION:                                                                    By 03/08/2012                                By 03/21/2012
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ABCF SEMINAR GOLD VIP                                                          $ 797.00 + $297/Guest                          $997.00 + $397/Guest
ABCF SEMINAR PLATINUM VIP                                                     $1197.00 + $297/Guest                          $1497.00 + $397/Guest
SEGMENT 1 GOLD VIP                                                            $1498.50 + $594/Guest                          $1697.00 + $594/Guest
SEGMENT 1 PLATINUM VIP                                                        $1997.00 + $594/Guest                          $2297.00 + $594/Guest
CREDIT SEMINAR GOLD VIP                                                       $ 797.00 + $297/Guest                           $997.00 + $397/Guest
CREDIT SEMINAR PLATINUM VIP                                                   $1197.00 + $297/Guest                          $1497.00 + $397/Guest
RAISING CAPITAL SEMINAR GOLD VIP                                               $ 797.00 + $297/Guest                          $997.00 + $397/Guest
RAISING CAPITAL SEMINAR PLATINUM VIP                                          $1197.00 + $297/Guest                          $1497.00 + $397/Guest
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     Discover the Secrets of Virtually
     Owning and Operating Your Own

             Presented for the FIRST TIME EVER
  Four (4) Back-to-Back 2-Day Seminar Events to Show You

You Need to Know to Make a FORTUNE as a Real Estate
Investor…Including NEVER-BEFORE-REVEALED Details
 About Using 100% “Wet” Funds to Close on Your Own
      Property Deals! BRAND NEW STRATEGY!!
            March 2012 Boot Camp Seminar
                      SUPER EVENT
                         Los Angeles, California                                                      Monica Main

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