; 13_B0705 Flash Action Script
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13_B0705 Flash Action Script


flash multimedia actionscript tutorial

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                     COURSE OUTLINE 2008/09

        Flash Action Script –             Code(s)                          B0705
  Title Beginners
                                            Level Intermediate

What will the course cover?

   •   A basic overview of ActionScript 2.0 and an initial knowledge of ActionScript
   •   Basic concepts of Object oriented programming
   •   Creating variables
   •   Operators, expressions and loops
   •   Functions
   •   How to write basic Flash applications, including a drag and drop and loading

The main teaching methods will be practical activities, groups, one to one work,
presentations, demonstrations and using our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
You will spend most of the time working on computers doing different exercises.
What previous knowledge or skills do I need to have?
This course is not suitable for beginners to Computing.

You should have completed the ‘Get Started In Multimedia And Web Design With
Flash’ course or have working knowledge of Flash.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

   •   Understand the basic principles of object oriented programming
   •   Demonstrate knowledge of ActionScript 2.0 and ActionScript 3.0
   •   Write a Function and create button interactions in Flash CS3
   •   Write a Flash application including a loading bar and Drag and drop interaction

What examination or assessment will there be and what will it involve?
There is no examination on this course.

You will receive an initial assessment from the tutor.
During the course you will be assessed by observation and worked exercises.
By the end of the course, you will have completed various exercises and written a
basic interactive application.
How will I know I am making progress?
Your tutor will give you on-going feedback as necessary during the course.
You will have an individual learning plan to monitor your own progress
You will gain more from the course if you commit time to it outside the classroom.
When I have finished the course, what can I progress to?

Your tutor can be approached for additional information and advice during the
course. From this course you can progress to the ‘Get Started In Multimedia And
Web Design With Flash’ or do the .Get Started in Multimedia and Web Design with
Dreamweaver’ course.
What do I need to bring to my first class?

You will need a USB memory stick

Is there anything else I need to know?

In general, we will not allow late entry to any course after the first two weeks.
Short intensive courses, such as this one will not accept new learners after the first
class. In all cases the full fee will be charged.

You can discuss issues with your tutor or his/her manager at any time during the
During the course, you will also receive one satisfaction survey to complete. This is
used by us to monitor different aspects of all of our courses.
If at any time you are not happy you can use the complaints procedure contained in
the Student Handbook.

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