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					 Resume of: Mitch Rosenberg
            753 Foss, Drexel Hill, PA 19026
            (610) 909-6268


         - Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
           Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting (5/86)

         - Maxwell Institute, Norristown, PA
           Certificate in Computer Programming (8/80)

 Experience Summary:

 Engaged in analysis, design and programming since 1980. Excellent communications and
 organizational skills. Highly skilled in systems analysis, systems design, UI design, database, data
 mart, data warehouse and Internet systems. Roles have included Database Architect, Application
 System Architect, System Designer, Project Leader, SQL Developer, Programmer/Analyst, Systems
 Analyst and Programmer.

 Experienced in designing and building batch, online and Internet-based systems with a proven track
 record of quickly becoming familiar with the problem at hand and able to accomplish tasks in a
 variety of environments. Data Mart/Data Warehouse design/development & ETL (10 years),
 Corporate programming experience with PC (20 years), Mainframe (15 years), Internet [e-
 Commerce and Search Engine Marketing] (10 years), Systems Conversions (7 years) and Corporate
 Mergers (10 years).

 Applications experience includes Fund Management, Health Care Insurance, Online Software
 Distribution, e-Commerce, Search Engine Placement, Marketing Systems, Sales/Order Entry,
 Banking, Manufacturing, Direct-Mail, Project Accounting, Trust Accounting, Shop Scheduling,
 Inventory, Publishing (Yellow Pages) and Online Client/Server systems.

 Employment History:

 5/03 – Present:, Inc., Drexel Hill, PA
 Position:                Independent Consultant
 Responsibilities:        Programmer, Systems Analyst, Project Leader, Product development

 1/95 – 5/03:   , Inc., Bala Cynwyd, PA
 Position:                CEO, System Architect, Business Development
 Responsibilities:        Founder, Manager, Systems Architect, System Designer, Programmer

 8/86 – 1/95:             Modular Technology, Inc., Bala Cynwyd, PA
 Position:                Independent Computer Consultant
 Responsibilities:        Programmer, Systems Analyst, Project Leader

 3/82 – 8/86:             The Reohr Group, Swathmore, PA
 Manager:                 John Louchheim
 Position:                Staff consultant (Programmer)

 1/80 – 2/82:             Safeguard Business Systems, Plymouth Meeting, PA
 Manager:                 Aaron Amarnek
 Position:                Programmer

 Selected contract clients:

       Yellow Pages Group, Macquarie, Delaware Investments, SunGard Availability Services,
       Independence Blue Cross, SmithKline Beecham, McNeil Consumer [J&J], Volt Information
       Sciences, IMS America, DuPont, Conoco, Armco Steel, Fidelity Bank, SEI Corporation,
       FiServ-Users, Campbell Soup, Rorer Pharmaceutical.

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 Skills Summary:
         Skill            Environment(s)                        Years    Last      Ability
         SQL              DB/2, SQL Server, Sybase                 23    2012      Expert
         DB/2             MVS, CICS, OS/2 (Light DBA skills)       10    2012      Strong
         SQL Server       VB 6, ASP, Development DBA skills,       12    2012      Expert
         / T-SQL          Data Warehouse, Data Mart, tuning,
                          DTS, SSRS, SSIS
         Sybase           T-SQL, Development DBA, tuning            1    2011      Strong
         VSAM             MVS                                      12    1997      Average
         IMS – DL/1       MVS                                       5    1992      Average

 Programming Languages:
        Skill                Environment(s)                    Years    Last     Ability
         Basic               VB, PowerBasic, VMS Basic           20     2005     Expert
         COBOL               Both COBOL and COBOL II             14     2004     Average
         CICS (Command)      MVS                                 10     1994     Basic
         VB 6                Win 98, Windows 2000, WinXP          6     2006     Strong              Windows 2003                         1     2005     Basic
         PL/1                MVS, VMS                             4     2012     Strong
         Fortran 77          MVS, PC-DOS                          2     1988     Basic

 Scripting Languages:
          Skill           Environment(s)                       Years    Last     Ability
         VBScript         ASP/HTA/DTS/Stand-alone                13     2012     Expert
         VBA              Excel, Access, Word                    10     2012     Strong
         ASP              Windows (IIS)                          12     2011     Expert
         JavaScript       ASP, PHP                               10     2007     Average
         PHP              Apache                                  2     2004     Average
         REXX             OS/2, VM, TSO                          17     2011     Expert
         ISPF/CLIST       TSO                                     8     2007     Strong
         JCL              MVS                                    12     2005     Strong
         Easytrieve       MVS                                     4     1992     Average

          Skill           Environment(s)                       Years    Last     Ability
         ASP              Windows 2000, WinXP                    14     2011     Expert
         HTA              Windows 2000, WinXP                     8     2011     Expert
         PHP              Apache                                  1     2004     Average
         HTML/DHTML       IIS, WebSphere, Goserve, Apache        16     2011     Expert
         HTTP             IIS, WebSphere, Goserve, Apache        10     2005     Expert
         XML              WebSphere, Goserve                      5     2011     Average
         JavaScript       IIS, WebSphere, Goserve, Apache        10     2007     Average
         SMTP             T-SQL, Rexx, VB 6, Access/Outlook       9     2009     Strong
         TCP/IP           OS/2 Rexx, VB 6, VbScript               8     2004     Strong

 Operating Systems:
         Skill            Environment(s)                       Years    Last     Ability
         Windows          Windows 2000, Windows 98, WinXP        14     2012     Strong
         OS/2             Warp 3, Warp 4                         12     2006     Strong
         MVS                                                     15     2012     Strong
         TSO                                                     15     2012     Strong

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 11/11 – 2/12 YPG (Volt Information Sciences)                     Blue Bell, PA
       Developed the final ETL, data cleansing, data selection and output processing for a Yellow
          Pages publishing system. Syndication was by Polygon, NPA/NXX and postal code.
       Developed DB2 stored procedure in PL/1 to support the address-handling / GeoCoding of
          listings data and enhance the addresses by enriching them using distribution data.
          Achieved an 86% GeoCoding/Polygon association rate with Canadian data (AB/BC/ON).
       Found, examined, researched and proposed an alternate use of the underlying data
          (marketing call lists to compete with D&B, Reuters, etc.) that should drive additional
          revenues of $ 1.5 Billion for the company.
       Wrote a VBA macro to support the network group in reorganizing 2 TB of shared storage.
       Taught the staff how to use DB2 Temporary tables and Common Table expressions.
       Wrote SQL reports to show efficacy of GeoCoding, Address enhancement & Polygon
 Skills: SQL, PL/1, Stored Procedures, z/OS batch programming & JCL, Excel VBA
 Roles: SQL Developer, PL/1 Programmer, Database modeler/Developer, App Developer

 12/10 – 10/11 Macquarie Funds Group                             Philadelphia, PA
       Designed/developed a data dictionary and data warehouse to support the funds
          management business covering 20K+ columns across 175 tables. The first phase was to
          develop 74 denormalized views to cover the data requirements of 80% of current reporting.
          Analysis, data archeology and heavy tuning was required to achieve sub-second response
          times across 45 separate application databases. Developed an analysis database and tools
          to map data usage from application source and integrate this information in a search engine
          along with parsed SQL source (views/procedures/functions) as well as source-code
          embedded SQL. These tools enabled us to target the development effort and research data
          relationships across 45 separate databases.
       Phase two included integrating the data dictionary with a flex-grid UI and the development of
          an additional 30 denormalized views which will eventually become the basis for a separate
          data mart to support the reporting needs of the organization.
 Skills: T-SQL, SQL Server 2008, Sybase 15.0, ASP
 Roles: Data Warehouse Architect, SQL Developer, Database modeler/Developer

 03/10 – 12/10 Macquarie Funds Group                            Philadelphia, PA
       Designed/developed a systems/application inventory in support of the separation of
          Delaware Investments from Lincoln Financial. The application was used to organize the
          separation and merger activities across 750 servers and 500 applications. Developed the
          data model, converted from a VBA Excel-based app to SQL Server database with an
 front end. Mapped relationships between Applications/Database/File
          Feeds/Servers/Storage Systems/Generic Account/Users (Logins and security) and
       Developed a group of SSRS reports to replace an old CICS system to complete the
          separation of Delaware from Lincoln. Also developed a series of dashboards to report on
          and manage the B2B new batch ETL infrastructure.
 Skills: T-SQL, SQL Server 2008, Sybase 15.0, SSRS, ASP, Excel VBA
 Roles: SQL Developer, Business Analyst, Database modeler/Developer, ETL Developer

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 10/09 –          LighthouseIB                                        Haverford, PA
       Designed/developed institutional funds database for a boutique investment bank to enable
          the creation of tiered call lists of funds qualified by deal and fund investment parameters.
       Developed web-bot to data-mine, load, cleanse and blend data (ETL) into the institutional
          funds database.
       Developed HTA-based search engine to enable fund research and selection by deal
          parameters and fund investment type/criteria. One of the interesting features of the app is
          that it interfaced with an Excel spreadsheet that the investment bankers use to load and
          update data from the funds database for their use.
       Developed complex data cleansing and blending SQL queries to hone the mined data into
          an operational tool for developing deal call lists.
       Pulled successful call lists for deals totaling $ 450 MM in transactional value.
       Built a system to extract new fund information (and AUM) from the SEC EDGAR database
          (Form D filings).
 Skills: T-SQL, SQL Server 2005, HTA, VBScript, ASP, DHTML, XML, Excel VBA
 Roles: SQL Developer, Business Analyst, Database modeler/Developer, ETL Developer

 1/08 – 7/09 SunGard Availability Services                          Valley Forge, PA
       Designed/developed prospecting data mart, including ETL, standard reporting (ASP/HTA/ftp
          & eMail) and yearly load process for five (5) yearly data sources plus daily telemarketing
          response updates. Included eMail error notification using xp_SendMail to increase the
          reliability of the process.
       Data Warehouse re-design and subsequent ETL from Data Warehouse to Marketing Data
       Developed a self-service extract and reporting app for prospecting data mart.
       Maintenance/development of an independent marketing data mart including ETL, blending
          and cleansing from source systems (Oracle Sales Online + homegrown systems).
       Documented/rationalized myriad collected databases and applications that had been only
          intermittently managed across the previous five years cutting their number by 40% while
          increasing end-user customer satisfaction with the resulting output.
       Developed a Virtual Landing system that allows for the redirection/logging of campaign-
          based landing page traffic by source media and region (DMA). Included database
          infrastructure, specification of ASPX redirector (hooked off the IIS 404 message) and full
          interactive reporting.
       Integrated of IfByPhone toll-free call tracking and Google AdWords into campaign-based
          traffic logging/reporting. Also developed various HTA-based tools for the ETL, database
          process reporting and web developer utilities.
       Various ad-hoc reporting on marketing data to serve the information needs of the marketing
       SQL Query performance tuning for existing reporting queries; on average was able to lower
          the runtime by 90% or more.
       Campaign support for numerous marketing campaigns, including integration into the
          corporate intranet (Oracle), various ASP apps including apps for salesreps allowing access
          to campaign facilities such as direct mail for their prospects and existing customers.
 Skills: T-SQL, SQL Server 2000/2005, DTS, HTA, VBScript, ASP, CSS, DHTML, Visio
 Roles: SQL Developer, DataMart Designer/Developer, Database modeler, ETL Developer,
          Systems Analyst

 4/07 –12/07 Independence Blue Cross                             Valley Forge, PA
       Developed a Medicare Part D Rx Pricing Model with actuarial to project the pricing Medicare
          Rx benefits and create bid-sheets for CMS. Developed ETL/Blending/Data Manipulations
          process to handle the processing of multiple scenario’s across a 1TB database in close-to-
          realtime. Required heavy SQL development and performance tuning of stored procedures.
       Interfaced the output of the actuarial model to complex Excel spreadsheets for presentation.
       Developed dashboard application for scheduling and concurrent launch of model projections
          and review/reporting of the results.
 Skills: T-SQL, SQL Server 2000/2005, ASP, DHTML, Excel VBA
 Roles: SQL Developer, ETL Developer, Systems Analyst, Database Modler

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 1/06 –4/07     Independence Blue Cross                          Valley Forge, PA
       Maintained/developed data mart ETL for a 4 Tb data mart/warehouse in DTS and T-SQL.
       Designed/implemented departmental operating procedures (Change Control, Development
          standards, etc.).
       Worked as part of the Data Warehouse data modeling group to design new subject areas
       Various systems analysis tasks including NPI, PBM in-sourcing, and Lab results (HIPAA
          X12N 837).
       Developed a Q/A system to monitor data quality in the data mart.
       Query, stored procedure and DTS batch process performance tuning
       Heavy development of stored procedures and DTS.
       As project lead managed 10 developers and QA/Production Control analysts.
       Developed a security audit system to audit access to sensitive data in database and the
          underlying raw data on disk with both Intra-net and e-Mail reporting.
       Developed various HTA-based tools for the ETL developers including a copybook converter,
          database comparison utility and file viewer w/ copybook support.
       Organized project planning for Outbound Data feeds department.
 Skills: T-SQL, SQL Server 2000, DTS, HTA, VBScript, ASP, DHTML, DataStage (light), Visio
 Roles: SQL Developer, ETL Developer, Systems Analyst, Project Lead, Database Modler

 4/07 – 7/07 DataVantage DB2   
 Additional follow-on product development/maintenance work including enhancement of database
 copy functionality, development of test databases and user interface design for copy facility.
 Skill(s): z/OS, TSO, ISPF Panels, DB2, REXX, JCL
 Role(s): Programmer/Analyst

 3/05– 12/05 Accellent                                       Collegeville, PA
 Designed/implemented departmental operating procedures (Change Control, Move to Production,
 Application Development, etc.). Maintained/developed manufacturing, shop floor, dispatch, labor
 reporting, QA and Sales Quote applications. Developed SQL Server analysis tools to search SQL
 objects and DTS procedures. Heavy stored procedures and DTS including heavy performance
 tuning (both query and database design). Converted Access-based and VB6 based applications to
 the IIS/ASP platform. Various bug fixes and enhancements to VB6/embedded Crystal Reports
 (versions 5, 6 & 8.5) and ASP-based systems. Database modeling to support new initiatives.
 Development / Enhancement of stored procedures, DTS packages and SQL Server agent jobs.
 Skills: ASP, VBScript, VB6, Crystal Reports, Access, T-SQL, SQL Server 2000, HTML,
 Roles: Systems Analyst, Programmer/Analyst, Developer

 11/04– 02/05 FiServ/Users                                        King of Prussia, PA
 Converted e-Support site to CSS Stylesheets and upgraded look and feel to match corporate site.
 Also added attachments to a web e-Mail form and upgraded code to process these in a Access
 module pulling by pulling the e-Mail from Outlook, storing the attachment and updating
 SQL Server tables to associate the attachment with a work order.
 Skills: ASP,, VBScript, VBA, Access, Outlook, T-SQL, SQL Server 2000, HTML,
         JavaScript, CSS, XHTML, DHTML, VSS
 Roles: Systems Analyst, Developer

 6/04 – 9/04 DuPont eDevelopment                                Wilmington, DE
 Various e-Business intranet projects: Online surveys, Meeting Registration system, upgrade to the
 global plant site locator system.
 Skill(s): ASP, VBScript, T-SQL, SQL Server 2000, HTML, JavaScript, DTS, VSS
 Role(s): Developer

 5/04 – 01/05 DataVantage DB2   
 Product development/maintenance including updated panels/scripts to interactively execute SQL
 queries, a Selection Recap function for edit/browse/copy selections, DCLGEN processing and new
 programs to create/edit DB2 View and Index objects. Wrote the Find/Change functionality
 subroutine for the online table editor. Upgraded and enhanced the system to function under DB2
 Releases 7 and 8. Performance tuning of queries and stored procedures.
 Skill(s): MVS, TSO, ISPF Panels, DB2, REXX, CLIST, Cobol, JCL
 Role(s): Programmer/Analyst

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 7/03 – 4/04 The Philadelphia Medical Mall           
 Developed an online system to maintain doctor information (Add/Chg/Del/View) for a web-based
 medical/doctors portal. Designed and developed a Salesman Call Logging/Reporting
 system. Also developed a series of template websites for the marketing department.
 Skill(s): ASP, VBScript, ADO, IIS, T-SQL, SQL Server 2000, HTML, JavaScript
 Role(s): System Architect, System Designer, Developer

 6/03 – 11/03 PictureCatcher                        
 Developed a Windows-based Internet picture gathering product that is driven from a web database
 of image locations (URLs). 3-tier design: Web-bots feed database which acts as a server to the
 Windows client program. Development of the product required some TCP/IP socket programming for
 NNTP, PHP scripts for communicating data to the client.
 Skill(s): Linux, PHP, MySQL, XML, HTML, Apache, JavaScript, Windows, VB 6,
           MS-SQL (Access), OS/2, REXX, DB2/2, TCP/IP sockets
 Role(s): System Architect, System Designer, Developer

 1/95 – 5/03, Inc.                      
 Design, data modeling, development, project management and webmaster of an online Internet-
 based software store and search engine. Development of the software store including telecom-
 based credit card verification, extensive credit card fraud control, secure (password protected)
 software delivery (ftp), resource discovery bots, exotic TCP/IP socket programming for e-Mail, FTP,
 HTTP and Telnet protocols as well as XML, HTML, CGI and JavaScript. Managed a team of 10.
 Skill(s): REXX, DB/2, CGI, PHP / MySQL, JavaScript, VB 6, VBScript, ASP, XML, HTML,
         T-SQL, SQL Server 2000, GoServe, WebSphere, IIS, Apache, TCP/IP internals,
         OS/2, Windows, Linux
 Role(s): System Architect, System Designer, Developer

 12/93 - 12/94 Volt Information Sciences                    Blue Bell, PA
 Conversion (DOS to MVS) and enhancement of a contract management/marketing package for a
 software development company and their South American client.
 Skill(s): MVS, PL/1, COBOL II, DB/2, CICS, VM/CMS, REXX
 Role(s): Programmer/Analyst

 9/93 - 12/94     Modular Technology, Inc.                        Bala Cynwyd, PA
 Design and development of a dial-up information service enabling users to search various matrix
 nodes for the location of information, programs, files and text.
 Skill(s): MS-DOS, DesqView, PowerBasic, MASM, Pascal, Btrieve, Paradox Engine
 Role(s): System Architect, System Designer, Developer

 8/92 - 11/93    IMS America                                   Plymouth Meeting, PA
 Batch programming to support the data input side of a marketing information system, as well as the
 design and development of custom reporting subsystems.
 Skill(s): MVS, COBOL II, IDMS, CList
 Role(s): Programmer/Analyst

 12/91 - 6/92    SmithKline Beecham                           Philadelphia, PA
 Design/implementation of a computer systems quality assurance program to meet the FDA GMP-
 related requirements (21 CFR Part 11) for a pharmaceuticals manufacturing information system.
 Role(s): Systems Analyst

 8/90 - 11/91     SmithKline Beecham                            Philadelphia, PA
 Merger-related enhancement of the Worldwide MRP system a pharmaceuticals corporation, merging
 of information from the merged company’s manufacturing operation and quality assurance of the
 resultant system for usage by the manufacturing groups of each of the merged operations.
 Responsible for analysis and modification/conversion and testing of 1800 programs.
 Skill(s): MVS, COBOL, CICS, IMS/DL1, Easytrieve
 Role(s): Programmer/Analyst

 Earlier project experience (1980 thru 1990) information available upon request.

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