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                                 George R. Hovanec
                                      23 Salem Rd
                                  Dracut, MA 01826
                               Home: (978) 453-1523
                                Cell: (978) 590-0131
                              Last Updated: 03/15/2011

Objective:    Seeking a challenging Application Developer position north of Boston.

Experience:   06/07 – Present Full Time Application Developer Sprague Energy Portsmouth
              NH. Variety of development tasks on Spragues internal systems including
              Pricing, Accounting, and Risk. Sprague is a SQL Server/.Net (2.0) C# /
              Powerbuilder shop.
                        Automated Tank Monitor reports using ASP.NET / C#.NET / Crystal
                          Reports / Stored Procedures. This process delivers fuel movement
                          reports to terminal managers via email.
                        Automated Customer Pricing Letters using Powerbuilder / C#.NET /
                          Stored Procedures. This process generates, emails, and archives
                          Pricing Letters to customers saving 7 man hours daily.
                        Developed a small Credit Risk Database, SQL scripts, and
                          ASP.NET reporting tool to improve the Credit Departments view of
                          total Credit/AR exposure.
                        Migrated Natural Gas Risk Application from MSACCESS to SQL
                        Implemented Various reporting tasks using Powerbuilder / Stored
                          Procedures on our enterprise tool SOLARC.

              03/07 – 06/07 Contract Application Developer KPM Tech. Andover MA.
              Development of web (ASP.NET 2.0, C#, SQL SERVER 2005) and client-server
              (PowerBuilder 9.0 and 10.5, SQL SERVER 2005) applications. Also established
              a help desk for KPM’s EndowmentManager application. This involved
              purchasing and configuring a VirtualPBX 800 service.
                      Developed Help Desk Application
                           Admin mode provides full ticket insert/edit/update.
                           Read only mode allows customers to view their tickets.
                           Advanced search with cascading dropdowns allows you to find
                               tickets fast.
                           Secured against sql injection/hacking.
                           Written in ASP.NET 2.0, C#, SQL Server 2005.
                      Close/Transfer Window
                           Current functionality allows fund transfers one transaction at a
                           Close/Transfer allows bulk transfer of all transactions within a
                           Transfers are logged to provide rollback when needed.
                           Speeds up Close/Transfer process by 600%.
                      Gift Imports
            Custom automated import eliminates time consuming manual
            Worked directly with customers to develop and deploy.
            Billable time charged to customers.

11/06 – 12/06 Contract PowerBuilder Developer IBTCo Boston MA.
Development of Mutual Fund applications using PowerBuilder 9,
Oracle DB. Involved enhancements to a Fund Maintenance window.

01/06 – 11/06 Contract Powerbuilder Developer KPM Tech. Andover, MA.
Development of EndowmentManager 2006 endowment tool.
Powerbuilder 9, MS SQL Server 2000, 2005
        Canned Reports enhancements/cleanup
         Added print preview and ability to change orientation to the 18
            canned reports in EndowmentManager 2006.
         Using PB9 and SQL Server2000/2005.
         Cleaned up any column justification, alignment, sizing ussues.
        Multi Fund Transaction Report
         Gather date/fund/filter options parameters at top of report.
         Build dynamic SQL to Query the Database.
         Generate up to 6 transaction type columns based on parms.
        Database scripting/tuning
         Index tables to increase window/report performance.
         Increased MFTS report performance 400%
         Prepare scripts to index/load data on client DB.
        Document handling
         Functionality to open account documents of varying types (.pdf, .doc,
            .html, …etc) from a single common event script.
         Store the document path or link in the account table.
         Capable of opening any document type mapped to a client in
        Data imports/exports
         Customized 6 data import/export tools to work with client specific
            GL formats.
        Bug fixes/enhancements
         Working from a prioritized list.
         Discovering and repairing defects while performing maintenance
         Reporting progress directly to upper management.

03/05 – 12/05 Contract Sybase Developer Fidelity Merrimack NH.
Various development projects on LifeCAD Life Insurance application.
Powerbuilder 9, Sybase ASE 12
        Dynamic behavior development on complex GUI
         Regarding Special Program functionality on life insurance policies.
         Enable, disable, limit options based on special program config.
         Working from written specs as well as directly with the business
        Eliminated the opportunity for costly data entry errors when creating
           or updating Life Insurance Policies. Reduced keystrokes in a high
           volume call center.
       Integrated Life Insurance application with Call center application
        Added functionality to the LifeCAD application to automatically
           open the current call center policy, upon receiving focus.
        Again, reducing keystrokes in a high volume call center.
       Code Merges
        Combining vendor changes to development code line.
        Testing, turnover to QA.
       Enhancements / Maintenance issues
       > Working from business requirements .doc.

11/96 – 01/05 Sr. Programmer/Analyst Sybase, Inc. Concord, MA
Environments: NT, Unix.
Tools/Languages: Powerbuilder 5 - 9 Sybase ASE (SQL and stored procedures),
Java/JSP/JDBC, HTML on WebLogic and Tomcat.
Duties: Development and Maintenance of Sales and Marketing
         client/server and intranet/internet applications.
Applications: Territory Assignment(Powerbuilder/JSP), Internet Lead Collection
(Powerbuilder/webpb), Lead Flow (Powerbuilder / Java/JSP/JDBC), Sales productivity
Major Assignments
         Rewrite an applications email functionality
          On an a PB7 Territory Assignment Application.
          Using jaguar calls and object oriented Powerbuilder NVO’s
          Doubled email content and recipient validity.
         Year end Sales model changes
          Working directly with the business end users.
          Changes applied over multiple applications written in multiple
             tools/languages (Powerbuilder, webPB, Java. .jsp, stored procedures).
          Involved late/changing specs with very aggressive timelines.
         Development of a lead assignment application
          Java application invoking Stored Procedures.
          Making API calls for DB manipulation.
          Caused incoming leads to be assigned to a Sales Rep within 7 minutes of
         Territory lookup .jsp application
          Displaying accounts in a hierarchical manner.
          Allows a Telesales Rep to quickly and accurately identify the owner of an
             account or lead.
         Account matching application
          Involves parsing account names to find matches.
          Using home grown matching algorithms that remove spaces, special
             chatacters and various keywords.
          Example: “Loyola” = “Loyola University” = “Loyola Univ.”.
          Increased the service level to Named Account clients.

11/95 – 11/96 Technical Support Engineer Powersoft, Inc Concord, MA
Phone based Powerbuilder Customer Issue resolution
              07/91 – 11/95 Programmer/Analyst The Boston Company Medford, MA
              Environment: Wang/VS, Cobol Applications: Defined Benefits / Contributions (401k)

              03/86 – 07/91 Programmer/Analyst Wang Laboratories, Inc. Lowell MA
              Wang VS COBOL, PACE. Sales-Marketing systems.

              02/85 – 03/86 Programmer ISI Systems Bedford MA
              MVS COBOL Auto Insurance.

              08/81 – 02/85 Computer Operator/Programmer NEBS Groton, MA
              DOS MVS COBOL CICS VSAM. Accounting – Order Entry – Marketing systems.

Other:        Volunteer Web Developer for Dracut Baseball/Basketball using classic .asp, ASP.Net
              (1.1 and 2.0), VWD 2005 Express, MS Access, SQL 2005 Express, Photoshop.

References:   Available upon request.

Education:    BS Management, concentration in MIS. University of Lowell, Lowell, MA.

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