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Minutes of the meeting held at Roade on the 24-04-2010
Tom Murray, Wendy Murray, Lee Palmer, Julie Palmer, Lynne Boyd, Brian Boyd,
Yvonne Boyd, Linda Smith, Glenn White, Glynis Sawyers, Diane Crawshaw, Aileen
Bernard, Angela Dakin, Judith Hardy, Dave hardy, Jeanette Green, Emily Green, Steve
Green, Roy Toms, Linda hanks, Ron Hanks, Elaine Spalding, Debbie Morgan, Margaret
Bailey, Richard Hallam, Jean Hellingsworth, Bruce Hellingsworth.

Wendy Murray introduced the agenda for the meeting welcomed everyone for attending

It was of great sadness that the group took time to remember Sue Toms who over the
years was a great ambassador to the breed. The group also acknowledged their respects to
Roy and all were glad to see him attending the event.

Wendy also stated that there were still items of corporate clothing from the 2009 stock
any members requiring items should let her know.

There would also be an end of the year ‘wind down’ event to be held at Roade on the
weekend of 11th/12th September, full details from Tom or Wendy.

The group was still looking for sponsorship for the carting medals and Royal Canine
were still sponsoring the end of the year awards.

As Sue was the trophy secretary it was agreed that Diane would take on the role.

Wendy also mentioned that new information including carting events/results had been
added to the web site. Last years carting calendar had proved to be a success and the
group were looking for photo’s for next years one.

Accounts – The total in the account at present is £1039.86 and the group also has some
fixed asserts (i.e. large gazebo, carting equipment etc.)

There was a large discussion about the parade/presentation to be held at the Scottish club
this year. Tom was concerned that some points had been raised about last year’s event
(which was well received by the hosting club). Issues were raised about how experienced
the dogs needed to be and as to what skills they could bring to the event.

It was agreed that a training session would be held on the Friday for all those competent
carters wanting to take part. A number of the group would take part in the main display
(which would follow on from last year’s theme) and the rest would come in at the end (in

Swiss costume) for a grand faunally. Full details and final plan of events would be
available to all interested carters on the Friday of the event.

Wendy stressed the main outline of the group and stated that it was a ‘group’ not a club.
No fees are charged the people involved as the group is ‘self funding’.

Full background to the group can be found on the website.

The turnout at all the Roade events had been excellent and this further pushed the carting
theme of the Bernese breed.

There followed a general discussion made by Lee and Tom about providing an additional
obstacle for gold medal winners. A hold on the ramp was suggested but after a long
discussion it was agreed not to include this, but for people to think about the problem
now occurring in the advanced class. Any ideas welcome…….

There was some discussion about the ‘three win’ situation and the general opinion of the
group was to leave it as it stands. Points were raised about offering a special award/role
of honour etc. for these dogs.

The rules for the carting course need to be further defined and more detail added as
required. Tom and Lee to work on the current rules, when completed they are to be
circulated to all current judges to agree the amendments before publication.

Steve told the group about the work that the GB Club committee had been doing to
improve the facilities at Stoneleigh. The access to areas closer to the venue could not be
obtained (due to council red tape), but an agreement with the venue organiser meant that
we could all camp together. The car park at the site is to be improved and as all events are
taking place at the rear of the event hall it is closer to the activities. There will be three
rings as an additional plot has been secured by the club and improved safety measures. A
plan for the event this year was circulated to show the group the latest layout for the
coming September 2010 weekend.

Steve followed this with a talk on the presentation that he gave to the ‘International
Health Seminar’ in Italy this year. He highlighted that there was great interest in the draft
side of the breed and handed out the information leaflet that would be distributed to all
interested parties for the Ruby Jubilee in 2011. The leaflet emphasised the importance of
the working side of the breed (including both carting parades and the working cart
course) and the group agreed that they would fully support the GB club for this very
important event.

It was agreed that all points under this heading had been discussed under previous items.

Any Other Business
The group thanked the committee for all their work throughout the year.

Date for your diary
End of Season event – Roade 10th/11th September 2010


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