Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Business

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Assessor: Bob Higgie
Course: Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Business
Unit: 12 – Business Online

Title: Assignment 4 – Social Impacts of Online Business

Internal Verification of assignment: Terry Prosser
Date: 28 February 2011
Outcome and Principal Objective(s):
P7 Outline the impact of online business on society
M4 Analyse the consequences for society of an increase in online business
D4 Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks to society of increasing business online

Task                              1        2       3        4
Outcome                          P7       M4       D4
Criteria achieved?
Assessor's Comments:

Hand out Date: 5 March 2012
          Due Date                    Submitted date              Assessor        Verifier
1   March 19         2012
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Grading Criteria

                             Assessment and grading criteria
To achieve a pass grade the     To achieve a merit grade        To achieve a distinction
evidence must show that         the evidence must show          grade the evidence must
the learner is able to:         that, in addition to the        show that, in addition to
                                pass criteria, the learner is   the pass and merit criteria,
                                able to:                        the learner is able to:
P1 Describe three different     M1 Compare the features         D1 Make recommendations
business organisations          of three business               for a business organisation
which operate online            organisations operating         considering going online

P2 Explain how they operate
their activities online

P3 Explain the issues a
business organisation would
need to consider to go

P4 Explain the operational      M2 Analyse the benefits to      D2 Suggest ways in which a
risks for a business            business and customers of       business could deal with the
organisation operating          conducting business online      operational risks associated
online                                                          with an online presence

P5 Create web pages to          M3 Explain how the website      D3 Justify the use of
meet a user need                assists in achieving the        different construction
                                aims and objectives of the      features in the design of a
                                business user                   website

P6 Describe the benefits to
a business organisation of
marketing a product or
service online

P7 Outline the impact of        M4 Analyse the                  D4 Evaluate the benefits
online business on society      consequences for society        and drawbacks to society of
                                of an increase in online        increasing business online

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You have been presented with some information about the social impacts of
online business on the following businesses:
    • Retail Parks
    • Post Office
    • Supermarkets
    • Pubs
    • High Street Shops
The information can be found on the wiki

Using this information, and any other sources you think are relevant:

   •   Describe how these businesses have changed as a result of online
       business. Have the changes been positive or negative? Write a couple
       of paragraphs on each business (P7 )

   •   Describe what you think will happen to each business if the trend for
       online business to increase continues. Will the businesses alter,
       thrive or decline? Write a couple of paragraphs on each business

   •   If the changes you discuss in the previous parts do occur, what will it
       mean for sections of society? Consider the young, the well off, the
       elderly, the unemployed. How will their lives and their economic
       wellbeing alter? Write a couple of paragraphs on each group of
       people. (D4)

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