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					                                                                                                 SOUTH EAST AWARDS FOR ALL
                                                                                                                               JUNE 2009 AWARDS
                                                                                                                                 Number of Grants: 14
                                                                                                                               Total Awarded: £ 99,522

Project                        Location                Project Summary

Cuddington Village Fete        Aylesbury Vale          This group will use funding to run four community workshops on storytelling and
Committee                                              outdoor performance, in line with the theme of gnomes. The workshops will lead to
                                                       performances, a procession along the main street and a temporary art trail of
                                                       gnomes painted by locals. The special project ran by professional artists will run
                                                       alongside the normal annual fete in July.
Ragroof Theatre Company        Brighton and Hove       The Ragroof Theatre in Brighton will run an outdoor performance inspired by the
                                                       reminiscences of older boxers. They will record and edit interviews with the boxers
                                                       which will be displayed to the audience in an interactive walk-through booth. The
                                                       project will use outreach work to engage people in arts activities and wider
                                                       community involvement.
Patcham High School            Brighton and Hove       This high school will use an award to organise a community music and drama
                                                       festival involving children of all ages from local primary and secondary schools.
                                                       Volunteers from the community will assist with the project, which will culminate in
                                                       six live shows to which older and hard to reach members of the community will be
The Canterbury High School     Canterbury              This school will use funding to hold a community day including a range of creative
                                                       and cultural activities. Professional artists and performers will run workshops and
                                                       develop the creative skills of participants.
Chichester Access Group        Chichester              This group in Chichester works to improve access for people with disabilities and
                                                       also provides disability awareness talks and training. The grant will be used to set
                                                       up a service in which they will carry out access assessments and provide advice
                                                       for local small businesses, charities and community venues at a nominal charge to
                                                       encourage them to provide improved access for people with disabilities.

Ropley Parish Council          East Hampshire          Ropley Parish Council in Monkwood will repair and update the parish hall to meet
                                                       current safety standards. They will replace the hall floor, refurbish the kitchen and
                                                       update the toilets. The current usage is constrained by the inadequate facilities
                                                       and the improvements will support and benefit all user groups, encourage new
                                                       activities plus the return of others.
Whitehill Infant School        Eastbourne              This school will use an award to install a small cinema setting in the school hall
                                                       comprising a large electronic drop down screen, projector, laptop, webcam and
                                                       sound system which will link to the internet. The improvements to the school will
                                                       result in an after school film club for the whole community particularly the elderly,
                                                       improved facilities for community groups to use the hall and extending the
                                                       provision for training opportunities.
Boot Camp                      Eastbourne              This group will use an award to enable young people not in education,
                                                       employment or training (NEETs) to take part in a three-week theatre course where
                                                       they will learn various creative skills from trained professionals and receive an
                                                       official qualification. The course will also offer military fitness training and will
                                                       culminate in a performance of Aaron Sorkin's play A Few Good Men.

Keep Hatch Primary School      Reading                 This primary school will use an award to bring in a professional performing arts
                                                       group to run workshops with pupils from four primary schools in the area. The
                                                       project will culminate in an active installation derived from the creative work
                                                       produced at the workshops. The project will enable the four schools to work
                                                       together, creating a stronger community.
Integrated Neurological        Richmond upon Thames
Y.E.S.                         Rother                  This charity will use an award to purchase improved play equipment and a
                                                       professional to promote two youth clubs. The hired professional will also organise
                                                       activities, look for further promotional venues and communicate with parents in
                                                       order to encourage social interaction between different age groups in the local
Boughton Under Blean Village   Swale                   Boughton Under Blean Village Hall will replace the lower windows in this
Hall                                                   community building.
Ryarsh Rural Community         Tonbridge and Malling   This community council will use an award to refurbish the ceiling in the local
Council                                                village hall.
Leigh Village Hall             Woking                  This village hall group will use an award to install an Induction loop and PA
                                                       system. The Introduction of a Loop system will improve the village hall's facilities
                                                       and increase the amount of people who can use the hall.
   Number of Grants: 14
 Total Awarded: £ 99,522

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