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					            The Pappas/Chiampa
            Group at Smith Barney
                             1500 Main Street, 19th floor
                               Springfield, MA 01115
Presentation for:
Paul G. Chiampa                             Peter J. Pappas
Senior Vice President – Wealth Management              First Vice President – Wealth Management
Financial Advisor                                      Financial Advisor
         Mission Statement
The mission of the Pappas/Chiampa Group at
  Smith Barney is to provide total portfolio and
wealth management for our clients. Utilizing the
 extensive resources available at both Citigroup
and Smith Barney, we strive to provide the best
 advice possible to our clients and their families
about the best ways to help them grow, protect,
 and distribute their wealth over their lifetimes.
                    Meet the Local Team
   Peter J. Pappas, First Vice President – Wealth Management and Financial Advisor. Mr. Pappas is a
    native of Springfield, having graduated from Classical High School in 1969. He received his BA cum laude
    from Kenyon College in 1973. He received his MA in American Studies from Union College, and his M. Ed.
    from Springfield College. He joined Loeb Rhodes, a predecessor firm of Smith Barney, in 1980. He has been
    recognized as a member of the firm’s Chairman’s Council. He has earned the firm’s Financial Planning
    Specialist designation. He has served as President of The Children’s Study Home, the Springfield Public
    Forum, and the Glenmeadow Retirement Community. He is a trustee and treasurer for the Episcopal diocese
    of western Massachusetts. He serves on the Executive Committee of Christ Church Cathedral, the board of
    the Willie Ross School, and volunteers as an ACTS tutor. He has been a member of the Springfield Rotary for
    25 years.

   Paul G. Chiampa, Senior Vice President – Wealth Management and Financial Advisor. Mr. Chiampa
    has over 22 years of experience with Smith Barney in various capacities such as a Financial Advisor, National
    Training Officer, Sales Manager and Branch Manager. He has his Smith Barney Financial Planning Specialist
    designation, and his Guided Portfolio Management certification. He graduated from Harvard with an A.B.
    degree in 1971, and from the University of Virginia’s Darden School in 1976 with an MBA. He is a member of
    The Century Club, The Colony Club, Longmeadow CC, The Donald Ross Society, and the New England
    Senior Golfers’ Association. He has served on the board and the program committee of The Springfield Public
    Forum, and was the President of The Harvard Clubs of western Massachusetts and central Florida. He served
    on the board of The Boggy Creek Gang Camp of Florida, a Hole in the Wall Camp.

   Ellen W. Giampaolo, Senior Client Service Associate. Mrs. Giampaolo is a graduate of Pace University in
    New York with a degree in marketing. She is Series 7 licensed, and has been with Smith Barney for over 10
Meet the Regional Wealth Management Team

Kenneth A. Johnson, First Vice President, Planning Director
    Ken works with Financial Advisors and their high net worth clients to develop wealth management plans that incorporate comprehensive financial and
     estate planning strategies.
    Prior to joining Smith Barney, Ken served as Chairman of the trusts and estates group at the Boston law firm of Burns & Levin son, LLP. He has over 20
     years experience as an attorney representing individuals and business clients in connection with the development and implemen tation of sophisticated estate
     planning documents and techniques.
    Ken holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University. He received his law degree from Suffolk Law School and a Masters of Taxation law degree
     from Boston University School of Law.

Debra DeVaughn, Vice President, Trust Specialist
    Debra works with Financial Advisors and their high net worth clients when trusts are a solution to a client’s estate and financial planning issues. She works
     closely with the Planning Director on complex estate planning strategies.
    Prior to joining Smith Barney, Debra was a senior wealth planner at PNC Advisors. Her career includes over 28 years of experience in the field of trusts
     and estates working in various advisory capacities for several well-regarded financial services institutions. She has been a frequent speaker on estate planning
     topics and taught at Suffolk Law School for eight years.
    Debra holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wellesley College and a law degree from Boston College Law School.

Jane Kapelson, Wealth Management Specialist
    Jane is the Northeast Regional Wealth Management Specialist where she is focused on serving the Smith Barney's high net worth clientele. She works closely
     with the Wealth Planning Center acting as Case Manager and building Wealth Management Resource Teams to holistically meet the needs of our clients.
    Prior to joining Smith Barney, Jane was the Divisional Financial Planning Specialist for Morgan Stanley where she was respons ible for the Corporate
     Financial Planning Program and delivering Wealth Management solutions to the firm's clients of distinction.
    Jane has extensive public speaking experience specifically in the Wealth Management area. She holds several industry licenses and brings over 15 years of
     experience to the firm.
                          Business Philosophy
    We are committed to delivering a high-quality client experience, and providing world-
     class service.
    We believe that it is necessary to look at all aspects of a client’s financial picture before
     suggesting appropriate recommendations and strategies.
    We take a long-term view of the capital markets, and believe in asset allocation.*
    We believe that it is just as important to protect one’s assets as grow them i.e. protect
     them from external risks, capital markets risks, and “human” risks.
    We believe that every client should have a Financial Plan and an Investment Policy
    We use a core-satellite approach for client portfolios with the objective of enhancing
     returns, reducing volatility, reducing taxes, and lowering expenses.
    We measure returns relative to the return required to attain personal/family objectives.

*Diversification does not ensure against loss.
Our Capabilities
Breadth & Depth of Product & Services Platform
                                                        BANK SERVICES
           FINANCIAL                                                                                         ASSET
                                            •Bank Deposit Programsm
            PLANNING                        •Financial M anagement Account sm: Check writing,
                                             ATM , Electronic Bill Payment. Travel &            •Separately managed accounts
•Comprehensive Financial Planning           Rewards Program & Access.                           •M utual Funds
          •Employee Stock Option Analysis   •Citibank                                           •M utual Fund Wrap programs
          •Education Planning
                                                                                                • Non-discretionary, fee-based accounts
          •Asset Allocation Analysis
                                                                                                •Portfolio M anagement
          •Estate Planning
          •Retirement Planning
          •Net Worth Planner
          •Insurance Planning
          INSURANCE                                Group at Smith                                                  RISK CONTROL

Annuities - Fixed and Variable
                                                      Barney                                                   •Credit & Lending
•Long Term Care Insurance                                                                                      •Hedging & M onetization
•Whole Life and Term Insurance                                                                                 •Restricted Holdings
•Second-to-Die Insurance                                                                                       •Concentrated Positions
•Key man Insurance

          BUSINESS                                                                                             SECURITIES
                                                  ESTATE PLANNING
•Business FM A                                                                                     •Common & Preferred Stocks
•Cash management                                                                                   •Convertibles
                                             •Trust services through Cititrust                     •Bonds - Government, Corporate & M unicipal
•Retirement Plans
                                             •Estate Preservation Services                         •FDIC–insured Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
•Deferred Compensation Plans
                                             •Charitable Gifting
•Executive Financial Services                                                                      •Equity Structured Products
•Stock Plan Services                                                                               • Derivatives
•Investment banking                                                                                •Alternative Investments
The Smith Barney Relationship

                        Trust and Estate Planning
                                                      Investment Management
      Risk Management/
       Asset Protection
                                     Advocate                          Tailored Lending/
              Advisor                 Client’s Name
                                                              Strategist      Investment
                           Pappas/Chiampa Group at Smith Barney
                                                                   Charitable Gifting
                                                       Brokerage Services
                              Financial Planning
             What We Can Do for You
   Comprehensive Financial Plan. It will include:
         Lifestyle Management
         Risk Management
         Liability Management
         Asset Management
   Investment Policy Statement
   Personal Financial Statement
   Private Wealth Organizer
   Document Locator
   The cornerstone of every relationship is the FMA Plus sm account, which provides unlimited check writing, a
    Gold MasterCard ®, 2 complimentary IRA’s, a consolidated statement, the “Thank You” travel & rewards
    program, free AFT’s, direct deposit, online bill pay, dividend reinvestment, daily sweep, access to funds via
    Citibank®, Smith Barney Accesssm website and more. For extended households with over $500,000 with us,
    most fees are waived.
   On-Going Monitoring and Periodic Reviews
   Educational seminars
   Regular communications via phone calls, mailings, e-mail etc.
   Coordination of tax-information with CPA
   Access to the website of Pappas/Chiampa Group at Smith Barney
   Citibank branch offices throughout Boston, Hartford and New York
   Birthday card with a complimentary beverage for you and a guest at The Student Prince
    Financial Planning Capabilities
   Comprehensive Financial Plan
     Asset Allocation Analysis
     Net Worth Planner
     Education Funding Analysis
     Retirement Plan Analysis
     Estate Planning Analysis
     Employee Stock Option Plan Analysis
     Lump Sum Distribution Analysis
     Monte Carlo Analysis
   Smith Barney is the private wealth management unit of Citigroup. It is a leading
    provider of comprehensive financial planning and advisory services to high net worth
    investors, institutions, corporations and private businesses, governments and
    foundations. With more than 13,000 financial advisors in some 600 offices, Smith
    Barney offers a full suite of investment services, including asset allocation, private
    investments and lending services, hedge funds, cash and portfolio management, as well
    as retirement, education and estate planning. A division of Citigroup Global Markets
    Inc., (Member SIPC), the firm currently has more than 9 million client accounts,
    representing nearly $1.2 trillion in client assets. Additional information may be found

   Citigroup (NYSE: C), the leading global financial services company, has some 200
    million customer accounts and does business in more than 100 countries, providing
    consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial
    products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and
    investment banking, insurance, securities brokerage, and asset management. Major
    brand names under Citigroup’s trademark red umbrella include Citibank, CitiFinancial,
    Primerica, Smith Barney and Banamex. Additional information may be found at:
                         Important Disclosures
   Bank Deposit Program sm, BDPsm, Business FMAsm, Financial Management Account sm, FMA PLUSsm, and Smith Barney Access sm are service marks of
    Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
   FMA is a registered service mark of Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
   Citibank is a registered service mark of Citigroup Inc.
   MasterCard is a registered service mark of MasterCard International Inc.
   Consulting Group is a division of Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
   S&P 500 Index is an unmanaged, market value-weighted index of 500 stocks generally representative of the broad stock market. An investment cannot be
    made directly in a market index.
    When used wisely, borrowing can be beneficial to your total wealth management. A Smith Barney relationship does not have to be established or
    maintained to obtain the products or pricing offered as part of the Smith Barney Home Loan Program at Citibank. Home equity p rograms not available in
    AK.A default (stopping monthly payments) on a mortgage could result in the loss of pledged real estate, securities or both. INVESTMENT PRODUCTS:
   Smith Barney policy does not permit clients to use the proceeds of a home loan to invest in the securities or related markets . Your Financial Advisor may
    receive compensation in connection with this lending program. Affiliates of Smith Barney may earn fees in connection with the funding, origination, and
    sale of a loan.
   All loans/lines are made by Citibank, FSB, Citibank, N.A., Citibank Texas, N.A or Citibank (West), FSB, equal housing lenders , and are subject to Citibank's
    mortgage qualifications. In CT and NJ, Citigroup Global Markets Inc. is the BROKER ONLY, NOT THE LENDER. Citigroup Global Markets Inc. is a
    registered mortgage broker, NYS Banking Department. In AZ Citigroup Global Markets Inc. is a licensed Mortgage Broker (Lic. N o. 0903067). Citigroup
    Global Markets Inc., Citibank, FSB, Citibank, N.A., Citibank Texas, N.A. and Citibank (West), FSB, are subsidiaries of Citigroup Inc.
   FDIC insurance covers $100,000 ($250,000 for certain retirement accounts) principal and interest combined, per depositor, per institution, for all deposits
    held in the same insurable capacity.
   There may be additional risk associated with international investing, including foreign, economic, political, monetary and/or legal factors, changing currency
    exchange rates, foreign taxes, and differences in financial and accounting standards. These risks may be magnified in emergi ng markets. International
    investing may not be for everyone.
   Citigroup Inc., Its affiliates, and its employees are not in the business of providing tax or legal advice. These materials and any tax-related statements are not
    intended or written to be used, and cannot be used or relied upon, by any such taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding tax penal ties. Tax-related statements, if
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    allowed by applicable law. Any such taxpayer should seek advice based on the taxpayer’s particular circumstances from an ind ependent tax advisor.
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