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SF 424 (R&R)
    1. Type of Submission: Designate “Changed/Corrected” if resubmitting a corrected application
    4. Federal Identifier: If a resubmission/renewal, need to enter prior grant number here in this format, CA012345.

    5. Organizational DUNS # (for Chicago Campus): 0054368030000 (for Evanston Campus) 160079455
    6. Employer Identification Number: 1362167817A1
    8. Type of Application: New – application being submitted for the first time; Resubmission – application previously submitted,
         not funded, is being resubmitted; Renewal – application requesting continued funding.
    11. Descriptive Title of Applicant’s Project is limited to 81 characters, including spaces
    13. Congressional District of Applicant: IL-009
    14. Division: Feinberg School of Medicine (for Evanston Campus – use applicable school)
    15a. and c. Estimated Project Funding total must include relevant stipend + institutional allowance + tuition (when applicable)

Project/Performance Site
    Congressional District must be where research is being done: IL-007 (for Evanston Campus use IL-009)

Research & Related Other Project Information
    Human Subjects Assurance #: If applicable, 00001549
    Animal Assurance #: If applicable, A3283-01
    7. Project Abstract/Summary is limited to 30 lines max.
    8. Project Narrative no more than 2-3 sentences
    9. Bibliography & References Cited: Include PMC reference number(s) (e.g., PMC234567), where applicable.

Senior/Key Person Page
    Credential Field must have NIH Commons User Name for PI (fellow); Key Person 1 is the Sponsor.
        Additional person profiles can be added for co-sponsor; collaborators; doctoral dissertation advisor; and OSCs.
    Organization Field must be completed for each senior/key personnel.
    Biosketch: Fellow must use NRSA format available as download from link in SF424 instructions; Sponsor and Co-Sponsor bios
     are standard.
PHS Cover Letter
    Required. Must include list of referees. (name, department affiliation and institution)

PHS Fellowship Supplemental Form
    B2. Specific Aims: 1 pg
    B3. Research Strategy: 6 pgs check guidance for specific subheadings
    B17. Respective Contributions: limited to one page; do include the respective roles
    B18. Selection of Sponsor and Institution: limited to one page
    B19. Responsible Conduct of Research: No award will be made if an application lacks this component
    C.7. Candidate: Goals for Fellowship Training and Career: limited to one page
    C.8. Activities Planned Under This Award: limited to one page
   D. Sponsor & Co-Sponsor Info; Limit 6pgs: __Sponsor and Co-Sponsor Information (heading at top of first page titled
“Section II – Sponsor and Co-Sponsor Information”); __a. Research Support Available; __b. Previous Fellows/Trainees; __c. Training
Plan, Environment, Research Facilities; __d. Number of Fellows/Trainees to be Supervised During the Fellowship; __e. Applicant’s
Qualifications and Potential for a Research Career.
Check mechanism for any specific additional attachments.

    F. Appendix: Must meet NIH allowability requirements; also, limit of 2 publications that are not publicly available

    ALL attachments are pdf (All uploaded NIH documents must follow NIH formatting guidelines)
    ALL pdf file names are standard text (no special characters) Only use A - Z, a - z, and 0 - 9, Hyphen (-), underscore ( _ ).
    Check Grants.Gov Package for Error

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