Lara Bingle's brother convicted of assault by anandram006


									Lara Bingle's brother has been charged for assaulting a man during a
fight at Randwick Racecourse in Sydney.Joshua, was placed on an 18-month
good behaviour bond for punching a man "from the blind side" after a row
broke out over a cigarette on Melbourne Cup Day in 2009.He and co-
offender Jarrod Broder pleaded guilty to common assault in Downing Centre
Local Court today.The court heard both men had been drinking alcohol
throughout the day at Randwick Racecourse, with temperatures hitting the
40s, the Herald Sun reported.The fight broke out after Joshua asked the
victim's girlfriend for a cigarette."Mr Bingle made some derogatory
remarks towards (the victim)," Magistrate Carolyn Barkell noted, before
Broder punched the victim and a fight ensued.After the pair had been
separated, "Mr Bingle approached the victim from the blind side and
punched him to the left side of the face, causing pain to the victim,"
Barkell said.Both men had used "physical violence" and "physical force."I
would regard the provocation as minimal," she added.She convicted the
men, placed them on an 18-month good behaviour bond and fined each of
them 800 dollars.

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