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									Real Estate Personnel

New York, New York                                                  Phone: (212) 885-8000
Stuart Eisenberg            Partner, Managing Director of Real Estate Services
Brian Bader                 Assurance Partner
Donna Barone                Assurance Partner
Robert Klein                Tax Partner
Daniel DiTieri              Director – Assurance
Yuen Kong                   Director – Due Diligence and Financial Modeling Services
John Tax                    Director – Assurance
Anthony La Malfa            Senior Manager – Assurance
Wing Leung                  Senior Manager – Assurance
Florife Unas                Senior Manager – Assurance (Hospitality Specialist)
Raymond Kong                Senior Manager – Tax
Daniel Gewurtz              Manager – Assurance
Jay Ann Tuazon              Manager – Assurance
Janine Van Staden           Manager – Assurance
Karl Seemer                 Manager – Tax
Aracelis Kuilan             Group Coordinator
Michele Santiago            Executive Assistant

Chicago, Illinois                                                 Phone: (312) 856-9100
Richard Krieberg            Assurance Partner
John Rainis                 Assurance Partner – Hospitality
Brandon Landas              Manager
David Murphy                Senior

Detroit, Michigan                                                 Phone: (248) 362-2100
Fred Rozelle                Assurance Partner
Michael Collins             Tax Partner

Atlanta, Georgia                                                  Phone: (404) 688-6841
John Fenton                 Assurance Partner

Dallas, Texas                                                     Phone: (214) 969-7007
James Fielding              Tax Partner
Brent Horak                 Senior Manager

Nashville, Tennessee                                              Phone: (615) 248-2125
Jeff Walraven               Assurance Partner
Karen Stone                 Tax Director

Richmond, Virginia                                                Phone: (804) 330-3092
Thomas D’Amato              Assurance Partner

West Palm Beach, Florida                                          Phone: (561) 688-1600
Jim Teter                   Assurance Partner

Orange County, California                                         Phone: (714) 957-3200
Walter Hick                 Tax Partner
Christopher Tower           Assurance Partner

San Francisco, California                                         Phone: (415) 397-7900
Brian Minnihan              Assurance Partner

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