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             Twenty_seventh   Yea.r-No.   16        FEBRUARY             25, 1907     Semi-Monthly

             High Grade Office Chairs and Rockers

                                                              18   now

                                                      being mailed on request.



                                               "f!....uality will he rememhered
                                                   long after price Ita; heen
                                                            forgotten. "

             THE B. L. MARBLE CHAIR CO., Bedford, Ohio
    "Making good" is a hobby with us---making good
LEATHER     FURNITURE       for one thing.---the bes'.
    "Reliance'· Natural Grain Leather is the handsomest
and moSt dependable brand of M. B. Furniture Lea'h«
manufactured, but we ask no more for "Reliance" Leather
work than many charge for inferior grades.

                                                                    If something cheaper is wanted. buy our "Oakdale"
                                                                No. 1 Natural Grain stock---we are quoting this at special
                                                                low figure5~
                                                                     The "Oakdale" quality is fully equal to the average
                                                                market best.
                                                                      Some manufacturers of Leather Furniture use Grain
                                                                Leather for the wearing surface and "Split" or "Deep Buff"
                                                                for bands; backs and trimmings. We condemn this practice .
                                                                ---we use no "Split" Leather--no "Deep Buff"---nothing
                                                                but Natural Grain stock.

                                                                          BIG CATALOG SENT TO DEALERS UPON

                                             JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK

The Line That Caught Them All
                       I    GREATER THAN EVER                                                     I

                POSSELIliS'            PERfECT PATTERNS DID THE BUSINESS.

                                             NEW   CATALOGUF.    IN PRESS.

Posselius Bros. Furniture                                   Mfg. Co., Detroit,                             Mich.

The Safe Side is the Right Side
                                                   THE RIGHT SIDE
                                                   OF THE
                                                   REFRIGERATOR TRADE
                                                   IS FILLED BY THE

                                        MANUFACTURING                              co.
                                                        MANUFACTURERS    OF

                                                          THAT CONTAIN


         CAPACITY,80,000   Per Annum


                                                             saUD· QUARTERED OAK

The Belding - Hall Manufacturing Co.
                           BELDING, MICHIGAN
       BRANCH OFFICES---213 Canal Street, NEW YORK; 196 Monroe Street, CHICAGO.
-----------------------_                               ...   _----


                Beautiful Bedroom Suites
                   In our new catalogue we are showing a number of beautiful bedroom suites.
                     With our enormous variety of styles and designs, (for example, one dresser case
            is provided with seven different styles of mirror, and each is made up in four different
            finishes, making a total of 28 different designs to choose from), it is very easy to make
            up bedroom suites to please any and every customer that might come into your store.
                   Our new catalogue is now ready showing hundreds and even thousands of hand-
            some and new designs.
                   We have more white and birdseye maple than any other manufacturer in the
            United States.
                    No one else can give you the splendid grading of price that we offer, from the
            lowest to the highest.
                   Elegant simplicity is the popular rage in furniture this year.
                    We have always been leaders in high grade simplicity, and now we are enjoying
            a total business far in excess of that done by anyone of our competitors.

                           You had better gel fm",har wilh our new linejusl as quick as possible
                           There is money in ilforyou.    Send for our NEW CATALOGUE.

                 Northern Furniture Company
                                       SHEBOYGAN,                    WISCONSIN
   2 7th Year-No.     16.              GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., FEBRUARY                        25, 1907.                $1.00 per Year.

             LONDON FURNITURE MAKERS                                    quick. They could not do things in their way in England
                                                                        but it seems to be easy here. Everyone seems to have what
                                                                        you call a 'cinch' on l1is business here while on our side it
 Talk With Two ons of Harris Lebus Who Are an an Amer-                  is a struggle for everybody."
                   ican Pleasure Trip.                                       The Lebus brothers are accompanied by a friend, Edgar
                                                                        D. Rosewall, who is not interested in the furniture business,
        Louis H. and Herman A. Lebus who, with their father
                                                                        but as it is his flrst trip to America, is much interested in
  Harris Lebus OVVll and manage the largest furniture factory
                                                                        the great country and its people.
  in the world, located in London, Eng., are making a tour of
 the United States and Canada. They came over during the
                                                                                      Radical Regulation of Corporations.
 first 'week in February and were in Grand Rapids, lvIich. for a
                                                                             The· legislature of North Carolina has under consider-
 few days during the past week. They will visit Chicago, Mil-
                                                                        tion a most drastic measure for the control of corporations.
 waukee, 51. Panl, 1'1inneapolis and vVinnipcg and then go
                                                                        It forbids corporations to pay more than six per cent. div-
 west to the coast and return east through the southern
                                                                        idends, giving the state the right to sue for and turn· into the
  states. This is not their first visit to America and they do
                                                                        treasury all earnings over this percentage, and of all the sur-
 not expect it to be their last. They aTe sharp, keen obser-
                                                                        p'lus retained by corporations.     A corporation    commission
 vers, aTe not at all backward in the matter of asking ques-
                                                                        is to fix the salaries of the officers of public serdce corpor-
 tions and declare that their travels in this 'country have pro-
                                                                        ations, and no dividends or interest is permitted to be paid
 ved beneficial in a business way; hence they are not in a hurry        except from net earnings.
 hut propose to take the time necessary to see anything that
 is \vorth seeing as Herman 1\. Lebus put it.
                                                                             The two-cent passenger rate rule is not tb be confined to
        "V\'e are here for pleasure rather than for husiness;'"' said
                                                                        states cast of the Mississippi river. A bill fixing the two-cent
 Louis H. Lebus, '·'Of course we find pleasure in looking
                                                                        rate on all main lines in 1.fissouri has passed both houses of
 through your factories, observing your methods and inspect-            the legislature and the governor has signed it. Judging from
 ing the products, but we do not expect to give much atten-             Ohio's experience 1l,'1issouriroads may now expect an increase
 tion to business. \Ne did not gct over in time to visit the            in passenger earnings.
 furniture expositions, but we expect to see some of the best
 displays in the factories.       1,Ve hal,."e nothing like a regular
 sales season on our sille. It is all the year with us, though
 we ship more in some months than in others. V/ e have no
 organizations      of manufacturers-no         combinations  as you
 have here-and       witbout uoitc.d action an exposition would not
 be successful.      \Ve do not need an exposition to introduce
 new styles-designs        are not changed so often as they are
       "Business has been quite good with us for several years.                                THE CORRECT
 The people of England are quite prosperous and business of
 all kinds is good an<l steady.
       "Yes, we have a large factory. Americans who have
 visited us say that it is the largest in the world. It is surely
                                                                              Stains and fillers.
 larger than any other furniture factory in Europe and if
 there is anything larger on this side you ought to know about
                                                                                                THE MOST
       '''vVe have about 2,500hallds and 'we make all kinds and
 styles of furniture from the cheapest to the most expensive
 and from little chairs to roll top d.esks, parlor and chamber
 suites. Our methods are quite different from yours in both                   first          Coaters and
 construction and finish. 'ATe use the best machinery that
'we cari find and I think we have some machines that are
 hetter than anything T have seen on this side.
       "There has been no material change in the cost of labor
 or material with us in the past year and we have made no
 advance in our prices recently:"
       "vVe are going all over the country," said Herman A.
 Lebus. "That may mean a long trip, but if we keep up with                   CHICAGOAwooIiCi=iNIStIlNu CD.
 your people here it will soon be over. Your people here                           259·63    ELSTON AVE"'2·16 SLOAN ST,
 move quickly-always          rushing.      '{OUr business men are                              CH I CAe D.

               Short Credits .Favored in Scotland.                      fat children was one of the fine and beautiful traits in his
      Reporting on, the matter of mercantile credits, Rufus             character, says St. Nicholas.     He was never known to be
Fleming, American Consul at Edinburgh,          Scotland, says:         unkind to a child. He often inconvenienced himself that he
      "Each year extends and confirms the thirty-day credit             might oblige children and ·give them pleasure.
rule in the domestic trade of British industries and wholesale              Many of Longfellow's most popular poems are founded
houses. Manufactureres      and exporters on the continent of          on real events, real places and real things.      His "village
Europe doing business here arc also conforming to the gen-             blacksmith" was a real man in Cambridge, and the "spreading
era"lly accepted system.     It .is nbt so much a restriction of       chestnut tree" under which his smithy stood was a very fine
credit as an acquiescence in the common wish of dealers them-          and old one that Longfellow loved, ,for he was a great lover
selves. On the part of most dealers longer credit is neither           of trees. \~rhen the street in C:;lmbridge in which the
required nor favored. In fact there are few established                "spreading chestnut tree" stood was about, to be widened by
firms that do not pay cash for wares and merchandise on                 the city, Longfellow protested ,to the utmost against its
thirty-day bills or accounts if they thereby get the benefit           being cut down. His protest, however, did not keep it from
of even a fraction of one per cent discount.       Some leading        being felled, much to the regret of Longfellow.    Then some
firms buying large quantities of goods abroad deal through             good friends of his had a "happy thought."     It occu,rred to
their own agents, the discount for cash paying the agents'             them that it would be a pleasant thing if the children would
commissions.                                                           have a chair made of some of the wood of the old chestnut
      "Speaking of this part of Scotland only-although       con-      tree and make a present of it to Mr. Longfellow on his ap-
ditions are probably much the same in all sections-I          find     proaching seventy-second     birthday. The children of Cam-
that prominent business men take the view that the object              bridge fell in very heartily with the idea and nearly 1000 of
of trade credits is fully served (except in special cases) when        them gave ten cents each,to pay for having the chair made,

                                                        A Talty   Modern   Interior.

the period covers the delivery of the goods. A longer term            and it is a very handsome chair indeed. It was designed
offers a temptation to the purchaser to pay interest on the           by the poet's nephew. The wood was ebonized 50 that it
money value of the goods, thereby reducing his profits. The           was a dead black. The presenting of the chair was what
advantages of short credits-the      lowest prices and also the       the children always enjoy, a "surprise present." Mr. Long-
best opportunities for the future-are      lost in proportion as      fellow did not know anything about it until he found the
length of credit may create a sense of obligation for a favor.        gift in his study on the morning of the 27th of February,
The average Scottish business man esteems above everything            in the year 1879, and as that was twenty-eight   years ago,
else his independence in business matters, and therefore dis-         the boys and girls who gave their dimes for the chair are
likes above everything else the fetters of favors received.           now men and women.
He wishes to discharge any obligations with the least pos-
sible delay, to feel free to deal with whom he chooses, and
to secure the best bargains obtainable.     What specially com-                  Railroad Receiver Starts Important Suits.
mends the short-credit system to the trading community as                  Judge Harmon of Cincinnati, as receiver for the Pere
a whole is that it simplifies business and reduces to the min-        Marquette and the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton railroads
imum the friction in the machinery of trade."                         has started proceedings in the federal courts that may go, far
                                                                      to solve the car shortage problem, by determining the extent
                 Longfellow's Arm Chair.                              to which a railroad may use or detain cars belonging to
     The one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Long-              other roads. He has brought, suit against several lines that
fellow, which occurs on the 27th of this month, will remind           he alleges have been iHegatly using a number of the cars of
many men and women of a de"lightful event in the poet's life          the two roads in his charge.    Either an accounting of profit
-an event in which these men and women had a part when                derived from using the cars or damages for loss of business
they were children in Cambridge.     The great poet's love            due to their detention will be asked.

Overcomes Long Experienced Difficulty in

     A $4,000 to $7,000 Stockcan be dis~
     played in a room 25x 100 feet so that

       Every Piece of Sample Stock

     will be in plain view, not obstructed .
     from view by other pieces. Plan also
     provides for considerable Storage room
     in same building.

     Stock Presents a Most Attractive

     from any part of Store. For full de~
     scription and Storage arrangement, with
     photograph, send $1.00 to

           W. A. WILLIS
    FORT SMITH                 ARKANSAS

                   FURNITURE       FRAUDS.                             "Did you get your money?" asked the suspicious husband,
                                                                    when the glowing recital was finished.
Tricks in Trade Practiced by Sharpers Who Trap the Unwary               "N 0, not yet-except a dollar for that old broken table
                       Bargain Hunter.                              that stood in the corner of the sitting-room;  he took that
                                                                    with him and said he would call for the other things later
     One day there came into the warerooms of a furniture           and pay then."
manufacturing establishment in an Eastern city a man who
                                                                          Ah, I se,e," commented the suddenly-enlightened    man of
asked to see parlor-suite frames, and, having been shown
                                                                    the house; "very much later it will be, I think you'll find."
them, selected a cheap set and inquired the price of it made
up in showy, inexpensive covering and stuffed with hay. The               His surmise was correct.      The broken table was a gen-
surprised salesman never had received such an order before,         uine antique and, with a little repairing, could probably be
but, there being no good reason Why he should not fill it if        sold for twenty dollars or more; the other articles were al-
the customer so desired, he named a price, which, after S0mc        most absolutely valuel'ess except as firewood; and it is need-
haggling, was accepted and the bargain closed.                      less to add that the wily dealer, having secured the only
     The suite was duly finished and sent C. O. D. to a vacam           ....ein that trusting dame's collection, entirely omitted to
                                                                    cdrI for the trash     he had pretended to buy at such generous
house in a good quarter of the city, where it was received by
the buyer in person and paid for. It was not till several           prices.
weeks later, and by accident then, that the furniture firm dis-
covered just what the purchaser was up to. It seemed that he
was in t~e habit of hiring fm a few days unoccupied houses                            Would Waste No Space.
in respectable localities, stocking them hurriedly with trashy          Operating and traffic officials of the western railroads
but outwardly attractive furnishings, and. then advertising a       are of the opinion that the climax of unreasonableness    has
forced sale of them at an enormous sacrifice on the repre-          been reached when strenuous objection is made by shippers

                                         MADE BY CENTURY FURNITURE CO .. GRAND RAPlDS, MICH.

sematiOl1 that L1leowner either died ur had been ohliged to         to   their in~i';ling that all shippers, in order to be entitled
leave town suddenly, or that for some other irnperatinc rea-        to carload rate,;, ,;hould be obliged to Jil! the cars furnished
son the contents of the bouse must he disposed of at once           for their use to normal holding capacity.         Tn times like
quite regardless of cost. It is hardly nccessary to say that        th(:sc, when there is a car scnrcity from -:\lainc to Oregon
the buyer "was the victim of the "sacrifice."                       ;[lld from   Texas to I\.finnesota, anJ the whole country is
      Another easy game, played some time ago on the too-           suffering from 1::tck of facilities to movc their business, the
credulous housewives in a certain surburban          community,     railroad men declnre it is preposterous that they should be
though not financially serious in its consequences, was rather      expected, much less required, to a11O\vany of their space to
humiliating to the victims. The example more immediately            be ruthlessly wasted for the benetlt of a small proportion
under notice is this: One evening, when the man of the              of the shipping public and at the expense of the great ma-
house returned from his daily grind in the city, he was greet-      jority of shippers.
ed by his wife with a radiant face and the glad announcement              The officials declare that to allow shippers carload rates
that she had sold all "that old furniture that had been cum-        when cars are only partially filled, even 'when the maximum
bering up the attic for years-and   at perfectly splendid prices,   weight is put in, would be a direct violation of the spirit of
too:'   It appeared that an itinerant dealer had called at the      the Hepburn act, which is opposed to discrimination of any
door and asked if they had any old furniture they would like        kind. If the claims of the few small shippers alluded to
to sell. As there happened to be in the house considerable          were to be conceded, they say, it would be a gross discrim-
lumber of that description she had invited him in and had           imttion against the great body of shippers.        In justice to
sold it to him. With astonishing readiness he had bought            all concerned it is declared necessary that cars should be
two bedsteads at five dollars each, and a dozen cane-seated         filled to normal holding capacity, and shippers who cannot
chairs at two "dollars.                                              thus load them are in no sense entitled to car rates.
                                                                      OF _.

                               CHAMBER                                 FURNITURE

                Every Dealer Wants It Because Everybody                                                        Buys It.

SLIGH FURNITURE                                          COMPANY, Grand Rapids, Mich.
                                     Manufacturers of BEDROOM FURNITURE           EXCLUSIVELY.
                     New Spring Line ready. We operate the largest factory in the world producing     chamber furniture.

The Ford & Johnson Company
                                "EVERYTHING                                     IN CHAIRS"
                           When in Chicago do not fail to see our immense display at
                           our salesrooms, 1435-37 Wabash Ave. Many new patterns.

                                  ====                       SEE OUR            ====
                                      Complete Dining Room Suites--Oak and Solid
                                      Chairs and Roekers--All Kinds.
                                      Mission F urniture~~AllFinishes.
                                      Children's Go-Carls and Carriages.
                                      Reed and Rattan Rockers.
                                      Fibre Rush and Malaeea--The Ideal Furniture.

                                  ===GENERAL                           OFFICES ===
                                  Sixteenth St. and Indiana Ave., Chicago.

                                                         . SALESROOMS~~
                                        CHICAGO              BOSTON, MASS. ATLANTA. GA.
                                   1433-3S-H   Waba~h Ave.     90 Canal 51. Marietta and Bartow Sb.

                                       NEW YORK              CINCINNATI. O.     FRANKFORT, KY.
                                        202 Canal St.         47 E. Sixlh St.

 IOGel   Solid Mahogany.                                                                                           l06C7   Solid Mahoa-Bay.
8                                                                                               rIFt.T I >5' ..7U'l
                                                                                                     t           2"·
                                   ESTABLISHED                     1880
                                                                                              significance of this condition df affairs is not so much in the
                                                                                              present ratio as it is in the fact that the proportion of wealth
                                          ~i'?~                                               owned by the -few is rapidly increasing.      Twenty years ago
                                                                                              it was estimated that ten per cent of the population con-
     ~~           I           I       \   \           J        "          I            ,
    :if"'"'                                   ,\                                      ~"§v~   trolled only three-quarters of the wealth of the country.

                                                                                                   Some retail furniture dealers are disposed to grumble
                                      pua"ISHEO           BY
                                                                                              because the hardware men are handling kitchen cabinets,
                       MICHIGAN               ARTISAN                CO.                      which until recently have been sold only in the furniture
                 ON THE   10TH AND            25TH OF          e:ACH          MONTH           stores. The kitchen cabinet business seems to have been
              O~P'ICe:-2-20 LYON ST•• GRAND RAPIOS, MICH.
                                                                                              overdone.    It is probable that the action of the hardware
                      ENTERED     AS MATHR         OF THE   SECOMD CLASS
                                                                                              men is due largely to importunities from the manufacturers
                                                                                              of kitchen cabinets who have found difficulty in disposing
                                                                                              of their output. The furniture dealers have little caus.e for
     The mail order problem seems to be solving itself. Mer-
                                                                                              complaint, however. The hardware men are only getting
chants are finding ways to meet competition with the cat-
                                                                                              even for loss of refrigerator trade. A few years ago refrig-
alogue houses and the people are discovering that it does not
                                                                                              erators were sold almost exclusively in hardware stores. Now
pay to send their money away from home. Many merchants
                                                                                              it is ~stimated that the furniture dealers sell at least twenty-
have suffered more or less from the competition with the
                                                                                              five per cent of the refrigerators and they still hold a consid·
 mail order houses but their experience has been beneficial
                                                                                              erable share of the kitchen cabinet trade.
It has sparred them to greater efforts, to the adoption of
better methods, caused them to wake up and improve their
opportunities and advantages, until most of them have lost                                         Can it be that marble is chea?er for table and dresser
all fear of mail order competition and very few are really                                    tops than lumber? One of the large corporations engaged in
losing trade in that direction.  As now seen the mail order                                   the business of making furniture in Grand Rapids, is using
scare appears to have been a clear case of borrowing trouble                                  considerable   Tennessee  marble for the purpose stated.
on the part of country and small town merchants.         It was                               Twenty-five years ago no fine or medium priced work cou'ld
very much like the department store scare of twenty or                                        be marketed without tops of marble. While the brown and
twenty~five years ago when, it will be remembered, many                                       pink slabs from the mountains of Tennessee were be<].utiful
merchants imagined that their business would. be ruined un-                                   to the eye they were cold to the touch and lost favor in the
less they could find means to stop or control the growth of                                   estimation of the public. Why the slabs should be again
the department institutions.    The department stores, how-                                   in demand can not be accounted for unless their cost is less
ever, continued to increase and multiply until now every town                                 than figured lumber.
of any considerable. importance has one or more and their
existence is hardly considered a menace by the straight deal-                                      What's the matter with Chicago people anyway? They
ers. The mail order problem will soon be considered as of                                     have had their automobile show and their horse show re-
no more importance than the department stores and it is prob-                                 cently with other attractions intended to induce people to
able that the danger to retail merchants from the proposed                                    visit the city but the merchants do not seem to be satisfied
parcels post will prove to be largely imaginary.     Experience                               with the winter's business. They have now arranged a
has shown that the wide awake retail merchants-men          who                               "bargain week," beginning March 10. If that does not prove
understand their business, are energetic, enterprising       and                              successfu1 they should borrow a street carnival company
up-to-date in their methodS-have     little to fear from legiti-                              from some of the country towns.
mate competition of any sort. Dishonest, unfair or illegit-
imate competition may bother them at times but it can not                                          Operators of furniture factories in the flood districts
Jive long enough to cause permanent injury to merchants                                       ha ve fully recovered from the damage done by the winter
who deserve the confidence and patronage of the peop'le.                                      freshet in Grand Rapids, and abandoning the basements and
                                                                                              in several instances the attached buildings of plants, have
     An examination of the 1800 page catalogue of a great                                     placed their property beyond the power of the river to do
mail order house revealed the fact that only a comparatively                                  further injury. The machinery of one entire floor in a large       I

small number of pages were used in offering furniture for sale.                               factor}' was taken out of a basement permanently.
The "..stuff" illustrated and described was low grade work-
low in design as well as in price. Anyone acquainted with                                          Some of the fire insurance managers are borrowing
the goods made in Grand Rapids, Rockford, Chicago or                                          trouble over the operations of the pure food law. They fear
other manufacturing       centers of importance would declare                                 that it will make some factories useless or unprofitable and
at a glance that the stuff illustrated was of faulty construc-                                thus increase their tendency to burn easily. Well, "it's an ill
tion and not in any respect like the product of the factories                                 wind," etc. What injures the fire insurance men should ben-
in the cities n.amed. The Grand Rapids, the Rockford and                                      efit the "lifers." If theories are correct the pure food law
the Chicago "expression" was lacking. Regular single line                                     will lengthen the lives of many men.
dealers should not fear such competition.       By handling a
better class of goods they can rise far above the level of the                                    The new clerk may make himself unpleasant at times
mail order houses and in a short time forget that the mail                                    by comparing your stock with that of his former elnp!oyer.
order houses handle furniture at alL                                                          This is not an unmixed evil. Perhaps the other fellow has
                                                                                              a good line of goods, and possibly his arrangement may be
     Charles Stedman Hanks, of Brookline, who has been                                        superior in some particulars to your own. You can ~tal1d
making a study of the nation's corporations in Washington                                     for the comparison if you can learn anything.
for the last year and a half, estimates that twenty~five per
cent of the business wealth of the country is !lOW under                                           lErch properly stained makes a good imitation of Cir-
corporate control. Mr. Hanks also agrees with the statement                                   cassi~l.llwalnut.  Few can discover the deception.    In view
recently put forth by another economist, that seven-eighths                                   of tqe rapidly increasing demand for goods manufactured
of the country's wealth, seven hundred billions, is owned                                     of Circasaian walnut, there was created an opening for the
by less than one per cent. of the population.  The alarming                                   stain' maker of which he was quick to take advantage.

                                                                 BUCHANAN CABINET CO.
                                                                               :BUCHANAN,        MICHICAN

                                                                                                                     Send for our


              PATENTED   JULY   29,   1902.                                                                           DESKS
The Best FASTENER                                                                                                    THE LI N E 0 F

for Five Legged Tables                                                                                               MAKERS
                                                                                                                     the   Merchants
      Write for Prices and .Information.
 Invincible     Table Fastener Co.,                                     NO.   132 KITCHEN   CABINET.

           Shelbyville. Indiana.                                         Say you saw this Ad in the Michigan A'rtisun.

                  The Luce Furniture Co.
                                         INVITES ATTENTION   TO ITS LARGE LINE OF

           Bed Room and Dining Room
           GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.                                      Salesroom at Factory Only.
10           ~MI9«HIG~N                                                 7fR T I.s ..7I.2'I
                                                                             e            =e

                   VARIOUS MATTERS.                                     clings to the influences of his earlier employment.    A beau-
                                                                        tiful summer home on Lake Chautauqua and the new home he
      E. M. Hulse, president of the E. M. Hulse Company,                bas under construction in Jamestown call for the full em-
although still young in appearance and just over the line               ployment of his mental and physical energies. A story is
dividing youth and age, has had a long and varied exper-                told of a farmer who aroused his son at four a. m., and direct-
 ience in the furniture business. He has passed through trials          ed him to feed the horses, milk fourteen cows, split a cord
 that sap the energy of most men, and came out, like the                of wood, sho.vel the snow out of the paths, build the' fires,
 individual sung about in the comic opera, years ago-he                 feed the chickens and the hogs, and while resting before
"bobbed up serenely" in every instance.       No man in the             breakfast, to peel the potatoes, grind the coffee and bring
trade has tested the value of the trade papers as a means for           water from tbe well. Like the farmer's son Mr. Herrick is
drawing business morc thoroughly than he, and his decision              the busiest "rester" in Chautauqua COUIlty~
is that the trade mediums are useful and valuable. Certain                   "Tom" Crane knows the history of every actor worth
journals he esteems morc highly than others, asa matter of              mentioning since the days of Shakspeare;     Frank O. Ander-
course. A few years ago he engaged space in all the trade               son is a skilled navigator; L. C. Stewart smilingly acknowl-
papers, taking a page in each, and offering one dollar for              edges that his week old daughter is a good enough "hobby,"
every coupon which formed a part of the advertisement,                 wbile Mr. Corne"ll of the Jamestown Lounge Company fairly
returned to his office. The main attraction was a very g"ood           "gloats" over beautiful painting.      W. J. Maddox, of the
Turkish rocker, in leather, for $25.00. It was illustrated,            Maddox Table .Company has a hobby which he employs in
described and guaranteed as to value. In printing the ad-              promoting the business of his company.        His "mad ox" is
vertisement an error occurred in the price of the rocker in            known to everyone in the trade. A few months ago be con-
one of the trade papers employed by Mr. Hulse. His feel-               ceived the idea that a large white ox in action could be made
ings upen reading the offending publication in which the               useful, but was unable to find any among his large force of
$25.00 rocker was offered for $15.00, can he more easily im-           carvers, who were able to execute the animal in wood.
agined than described, and when the stenographer was called            Finally his brother, J. W. Maddox, undertook tbe task and
into Mr. Hulse's office the very atmosphere was filled with            turned' out a very good specimen of an ox in pine. It
resentment.    In brief, yet pointed language Mr. Hulse in-            attracted much attention at the late exposition at Grand
formed the publisher that he would fiU every order for rockers         Rapids. Mr. MaddOX decided to have the specimen .repro-
sold through the medium of the journal for $15,00 and would            duced in a smaller size in plaster and called in an artist
look to the publisher to make good the difference. Many                from sunny Italy to make a mold. Many attempts resulted
orders were taken on account of the advertisement       in the         in failure, the curling tail of the imitation animal breaking
other trade papers, but not one ever reached his office for            off, repeatedly.   Finally, Mr. Maddox suggested that wire
a rocker for $15.00. Mr. Hulse was dumbfounded, and when               be used to support the tail, when the efforts of the artist
lie recalls the incident he is inclined to go into a dumb-             were successful, and a considerable number of casts were
founding mood.                                                         made. The artistic spirit of tbe Italian conceive·J tbe idea
                                                                       that an ox could not be enraged without an object to excite
                                                                       his resentment, so he brought to Mr. Maddox various casts
      "Every man has a hobby," remarked an eminent min-                to supply the deficiency. A girl in a red skirt was suggested
 ister of the gospel. When asked to name the particular                and rejected.    An ugly looking Turk followed -and finally a
 hobby under wf:lich he labored, he replied, "A single-jointed         crocodile was presented but all were rejected by th~ exacting
 stove pipe hat." The minister in question was seldom seen             Mr. Maddox. The artist is still busy with bis brain and
 without a shining head piece. D. W. Kendall's hobby is                hands, and promises to exbaust the animal kingdom in an
 painting;  he has an "annex" to his particular affectation,           effort to please his employer.
 however; it is playing the fiddle. F6rmerly it was a bull
 dog. William Widdicomb likes to. make speeches before
assemblages of business men. He acquired this hobby in                                  RemOTe. Shipping Mark."
the commOn council many years ago. His remarks are                                      Marst Scratcbest Staina.
never dull or without interest.    A good horse delights John                         Clean8 Fills in and PoUsbes.

 Mowatt. He is never without a fine roadster.        E. H. Foote
seems to give most of his time and thoughts outside of ·his
business to the Michigan Soldiers' Home-a           hobby he is
proud of. A plantation on the' island of Cuba, is the source
of pride for John D. Case, while John Shanahan delights in
sailing a naptha launch. David E. Uhl is too busy to give
much time to a hobby, but a good horse pleases him as much
as anything.   W. H. Gay, Ralph Tietsort, "Rob" Irwin, Mi-
·ner S. Keele, W. A. Gunn and John R. Shelton dote on
automobiling while A. W. Hompe would rather sail a fast
single sticker than sign a check for a million. His business
associates, Messrs. Irwin and Tietsort would leave their
automobiles standing in the road if Mr. Hampe should bear
down upon them under the power of a stiff breeze.
      The manufacturers at Jamestown, N. Y., are fully sup-
plied with hobbies.       Charles W. Herrick, of the Maddox
TOLbleCompany finds rest and recreation (the term is used
advisedly) in the study of finance. Probahly no man outside
of Wall street, in the greac Empire state, has stowed away
in his brain as much ir.tormation as he regarding stock cor-
porationsand     securitit:s. He reads prominent newspapers
devoted to finance, the letters of Henry Clews, Holden and
other monetary authorities.      He is an official of a prosper-
ous bank and a director in several corporations, but having
entered a banking house when a boy his mind naturally

                                                                                   SHELBYVILLE DESK CO.
                                                                                                 MANUFACTURERS      OF

                                                                                          OFFICE DESKS
                                                                                   Mahogany. and Imitation Qyartered Oak. Plain
                                                                                             Oak in Three Grades.

                                                                                             SPECIAL           FEATURES
                                                                                             A SQUARE             DEAL

                                                                                               Write for lotnt   Catalogue.

                                                                                    SHELBYVILLE,                          IND.

                    ALL     PROSPEROUS.                                 manufacturing   an excellent line of medium priced chamber
                                                                        furniture, sideboards and buffets.
                                                                             The Grobhiscr & Crosby Furniture Company, is one of
 Notes and News From a Few of Michigan's Furniture                      the largest in the manufacture of dining extension, parlor,
                     Factories.                                         library and office tables.
     The Lentz Table Company of Nashville, 1tIich., had a                                          Buchanan.
great business in 1906-the largest in the history of the com-                Once in a while a fire proves to be a blessing in dis-
pany. During the last year they made many improvements                  guise. This seems to have been the ease with the Buchanan
and cnlargernents, and in addition to largely increasing their          Cabinc1 Company.     Last year fire completely destroyed the
sales they have steadily kept in view the making of higher              main factory, and now in its place they have a fine brick
grade goods, and eliminating as far as possible the cheaper             building with more than twice the capacity of the old onc.
lines. This has been a wise move, for while the averag"c                K e.v engine house and dry kilns, a side track to the shipping
price is higher the quality of the goods more than makes up             house door, the boiler room, dry kilns and lumber yards, a
for the difference in price, and every dealer realizes that             new 150 horse power Corliss engine, new machinery through-
when he puts a Lentz dining extension table on his floor he             out and a larger business than ever before. The plant pre-
is prepared to show his customer an article that he can                 sents an air of prosperity calculated to make one congratu-
guarantee to be without a superior in its grade. Lentz ta-              late Albert Richards the manager, and all the stockholders.
bles always sell well; the value is there-materials,     style,         The line is made up of sideboards, kitchen cabinets, house
workmanship     and finish. Good stuff.                                 desks, book cases and sewing tables.      Its a good medium
                              Sturgis.                                  priced line and trade is fine.
      The Sturgis furniture factories, five in number, are all                                     Hastings.
busy and prosperous.          Sturgis is rapidly becoming one of
the most important manufacturing          cities in Southern Mich-           Hastings is the county seat of Barry county, one of the
igan, and prospects are bright for several more factories               most prosperous agricultural    counties in Michigan.    It is a
locating here this year.                                                thriving little city, with numerous manufacturing     concerns,
      The Royal Chair Company has recently fitted up a new              among them four furniture factories, the Tyden Car Seat
set of offices and made other important              improvements.      Company and the Hastings \Vool Boot Company.           The fur-
The past year was the most successful in the history of the             niture companies are the Hastings Cabinet Company, man-
company, and Mr. \Valton, the manager, is pushing business              ufacturers of kitchen cabinets; the Hastings Table Company,
with such energy and skill that every month sees a steady               dining extension tables.; the Grand Rapids Bookcase Com-
gain. The Royal and Regal Morris chairs have become fa-                 pany, bookcases, china closets, buffets and serving tables;
mous all over the land, and the merchant who does not                   and the Barber Bros. Chair Company, manufacturers        of high
handle them is missing one of the best selling lines in the             grade dining chairs, rockers, etc, The Table Company, the
market.                                                                 Bookcase Company and the Chair Company have gone into
      The Stebbins       Manufacturing     Company    although  the     a combination scheme for making dining room sets to rnatch,
latest addition to the furniture industries of Sturgis, is one          one furnishing the tables, another the chairs and serving
of the most prosperous, and thc growth of the business is               tables. This makes a very nice arrangement,       as it enab1es
 something     extraordinary.     The line of parlor and library        the merchant      to purchase complete dining room sets to
tables made by this company js onc of the best on the market.           match in style, wood and finish, and ship in the same car in
      The \Vallick Manufacturing        Company, manufacturers     of   car lots or open freight, as desired.    Hastings furniture has
 refrigerators   and kitchen cabinets, are enjoying a fine trade.        a name for excellance that is as wide as the continent.
 Business seems to grow with this house every month in the                    The Hastings Cabinet Company made a fine. display at
 year.                                                                   the January exhibit in Grand Rapids, and is enjoying a fine
       Alusbrook & Sturges, the oldest furniture manufacturing           business.   Their white maple kitchcn cabinets are among
 company in Sturgis, is pursuing the even tenor of its way,              the very best made. A new catalogue is ready for mailing.
 12           ·§>~MI9,.HIG7}N

                                                                           thing he cared to say was that his plant had recently issued
                                                                           a handsome new catalogue..      Asked if he thought that bus-
                                                                           iness the coming year would equal that of the year just
                                                                           closed, Mr. Karges said:      "I see no reason why business
                                                                           during the· first six months of 1907 should not be fully as
                                                                          big as that of last year. Further than that I would not like
                                                                          to make a prediction, for conditions in the business world
       Evansville, Ind., Feb. l8.-The   manufacturers here have           are altogether too uncertain for any man to set himself as a
  voted to discontinue the practice of giving the long time               prophet, and furthermore, the state of affairs in Texas has
  fall datings to customers on all orders for immediate ship-             a large bearing on the trade of most of Evansville's fac-
  ment. This move has been agitated by certain influential                tories, and until the cotton crop is gathered no man can
  members of the Evansvilte Furniture Manufacturers'       Asso-          tell what Texas will do. However, money seems to be plen-
  ciation for some time past, owing to the way that some of               tiful throughout the south and west, crops are good and are
  the retailers have taken advantage of and abused the priv~              bringing good prices, and unless something untoward should
  iIege, and recently an agreement was circulated and signed              occur, I believe we will enjoy another year of undiminished
  by practically all of the factories abolishing the practice.            prosperity."
 The trade in Texas has been particularly culpable and un-                     "Ben" Bosse, of the Globe Furniture Company has re-
  scrupulous in this matter, some of the dealers there going              turned from a visit to \Vashington, D. C. Mrs. Bosse was
 so far as to hold back the manufacturer's money for a whole              with him, and they had a most enjoyable visit. The Globe
 year, turning it over once and twi.ce i.n the meantime, and              Company have prepared an entirely new line for this year,
 with the small margin of profit that is left to the manufac-             and their new catalogue, just off the press, shows some de-
 turer now, he can't afford to a(low anything of that kind                signs that certainly ought to catch the dealers' eyes and their
 or he will find his balance on the wrong side of the ledger              orders.   They build sideboards, buffets, chamber suites, odd
 at the end of the year. Consequent1y all the Evansville                 dressers, chiffoniers, cupboards, kitchen safes, etc., that are
 plants have notified their salesmen that in future no datings           unexcelled.
 must be allowed on goods ordered for immediate shipment.                      Evansville now has a triumvirate       of salesmen on its
 \\lhere the purchaser leaves the shipping date to the dis-              floor-the     third-at   the exposition building at Fourteenth
 cretion of the factory, and they choose to ship the goods               and Locust streets, St. Louis. Proctor Shelby has joined
 early to get thcm out of their warehouses, then the dating              Vining and Wilson, and the three ought to send in many a
 is given same as formerly.                                              good order for the coming year.
       All the factories here that were closed down during                     The United States Furniture        Company find -that they
 January either for invoicing or to make some much-needed                can't turrt out ladies' desks, library tables and mantel and
 repairs have resumed operations again. All the plants have              upright folding beds fast enough in their present quarters.
 plenty of orders and everything looks bright for a cracking             They are building a three-story addition to their plant at a
 good year.                                                              cost of about $4,000 and when it is completed they will use
      The Fellwock Automobile & Manufacturing          Company           it for finishing and warerooms and will devote the floor
is now the name of what was formerly the Feltwock Roll                   space in the main building which was formerly occupied by
& Panel Company.         P. B. Fellwock of the Bockstege Fur-            these departments      to the installation of several new ma-
niture Company and his brother who has been running the                  chines.
 roll and panel works since he was put in charge of the Bock-
stege plant, have bought out all the other stockholders and
have changed the name as above. The new concern will                                         Old Rebate Claims Are Dead.
manufacture     rolls exclusively and is the biggest exclusive                The interstate    commerce commission has announced
r01'l manufacturing     plant in the country.                            that it will not authorize the payment by railroads of rebates
      A. F. Karges of the Karges Furniture Company who                   and claims for overcharges previous to January 1, 1907, the
is the guiding hand of the Karges-Globe-Bockstege         inter-         date on which the anti-rebate law became effective.
ests, is one of the most prominent men in the furniture                       This was in response of an appeal from Mr. King, traffic
business in Evansville. Like most men who have risen several                                            r.
                                                                         manager of the Alton, and -M Boyd, traffic manager of the
rounds higher on life's ladder than most of his fellows, ~Jr.            Chicago board, who explained that a large number of claims
Karges is averse to talking for publication.     When approach-          originating before the date named the railroads hesitated to
ed by your correspondent,        he at first said that the only          pay without' specific authority from the commission.

                                      BERRY BROTHERS'
                              Rubbing and Polishing Varnishes
                                                  MUST BE USED IN FURNITURE                WORK   TO BE APPRECIATED

                                      THEY SETTLE THE VARNISH QUESTION WHEREVER TRIED
                                                             WRITE    TODAY     FOR INFORMATION   AND     PRICES.
                                                                     FINISHED    SAMPLES    ON REQUEST.

                              BERRY BROTHERS,                                                                       LIMITED
                             NEW   YORK,                   VARNISH              MANUFACTURERS                                        CHICAGO,
                                      PHILADELPHIA,                      DETROIT                                              CINCINNATI,
                                                                                                                            ST. LOUIS,
                                             BALTIMORE:.      CANADIAN FACTORY. WALKERVILl.E       ONTARiO          SAN FRANCIScO.

                                                                                  Oak and Mahogany

                                                                               Are Best Made, Best Finished Values. All
                                                                               Made from Thoroughly Seasoned Stock.

                                                                                 No. 506 Dining Table
                                                                                   Top 44X44. Made in ~arter-
                                                                                      ed Oak. Full Polished.

                                                                               TABLE                               CO.
                                                                               NASHVILLE,         -       -    MICHIGAN
                         No. 506 Dlnlng Table.

                                                                                         Please Send for
                                                                                      Catalogue and Prices

                                                                                    WILLOW and RATTAN
                                                                                    I manufacture the Fineat Clothes-
                                                                                       Hamper or Bedroom Basket

                                                                                      THE     AMERICAN               MARKET
                                                                                                All Kinch of
                                                                                    BASKET    WARE MADE TO               ORDER

F. PARTHIER,      Manufacturer of Willowand Railan Ware,     No. 209 GRAND AVE., CHICAGO,                                ILLS.

                                      "This Tlade Mark Guaranlees I~e besl."                                  No. 525.
       No. 526.

          FREIGHT     RATES FINELY        FIGURED.                considerable length the Question of statements to mercantile
                                                                  agencies, and in the course of his decision said:
                                                                       "It has never been decided whether under any circum-
   Loss of a Mill per Ton per Mile Would Bankrupt Many
                                                                  stances a false statement contained in a report to a commer-
                                                                  cial agency can be made the ground of successful objection
     Addressing the Railway Employes' Transportation       Club   to discharge.     The conditions advanced in re Dresser & Co.
of Chicago, recently, A. B. Stickney, president of the Chicago    are entitled to great weight, and in my opinion show that the
Great \Vestern Railway, a man noted for his conservative          usual commercial agency report obtained by an agency in
views, declared that a reduction of freight rates of one mill     order that it may gi\re the merchant a "rating," and for gen-
a ton a mile would wipe out all the dividends earned by the       eral distribution among its customers, cannot be made the
greatest and most prosperous railroads in the country.            basis of successful action by an objecting creditor.
     After quoting figures showing the average rate of interest        ';If, ho\vever, such a report as is here shown be obtained
on bonds and dividends on stocks paid by the leading rail~        from a merchant by a comme;cial agency at the request, dis~
ways, Mr. Stickney showed that in 1892, the year of greatest      c10sed or undisclosed, of one or more of the agency's cus-
depression, the average rate of interest was 4.23 pcr cent. and   tomers it seems to be incredible that the merchant furnish-
the average dividends 1.93 per cent. 1n 1905, the most pras-      ing su~h report call be supposed to have given it for any

                                              V1EW OF A WELL-DESIGNED     INTERIOR.

perous year, the average interest rate \vas 3.6:') per cent and   other pUf]lOse than of cn1igbtening those persons \'vho hab-
the average dividend rate 3.02 per cent.                          itually deal \vith him on cre,lit as to his true financial con-
      "There is no other business in the country," he said,       dition.
which is done on so gmall a margin of profit as 3.02 per cellt          "It cannot be that a merchant may in bankruptcy avoid
dividends.   No other invested capital gets so small returns as   the consequences of making false statements by always ma-
the capital invested in railroads, and the tonnage carried is     king them to a commercial ag-ency, even though such agency
so large that a reduction of the insignificant amount of half     specially request him to tel! the truth for special purpose."
a cent a hundredweight on a lOO-mite haul would deprive the
stockholders of railways of all dividends.
                                                                        For several years there has been no material decrease
 -    "Such a decrease of one mill per ton mile would have
                                                                   in the cost of anything used in making furniture, except
substantially the same effect upon all the great lines, and put
                                                                   alcohol.   Years ago grain a1coho'l, used for cutting shellac,
into bankruptcy most of the minor lines in the competitive
                                                                   etc., cost $2.40 per gallon. Then wood alcohol was intro:"
territory extending from the Atlanti.c to the Missouri river
                                                                   duced and sold at $1.25, gradually decreasing to 90 and
and from the Gu1f to the Great Lakes."
                                                                  finally to 75 cents.   Kow, as a result of the law removing
                                                                  the tax on alcohol not used as a beverage, manufacturers
             An Important Bankruptcy Decision.                    get the denatured article at H5 cents per gallon, and it is
     A decision that will surely have an important influence      predicted that if regulations can be made that will allow the
in the administration of the federal bankruptcy :law was re-      farmers to make the stuff the .price will go down to 25 cents.
cently handed down in the United States District Court of         Of course alcohol forms a very small proportion of the
New York. In the ease in Question a discharge from bank-          material that goes into a piece of furniture, but the reduction
ruptcy was denied by the judge on the contention of the cred-     in its COSt will help to offset the advanced cost of other
itors that the bankrupt made a false statement in writing to      materials    and, alcohol at 25 cents per gallon new uses
a mercantile agency on the strength of which these creditors      will be found for it that may be of great benefit to the
sold him goods, and also that the debtor made a false state-      country-it    may soon cut a great figure in the cost of heat-
ment in writing to another creditor.  The judge discussed at      ing and lighting.

                                                                                      Morton House                                                   P
                                                                                                                                                ...... lan
                                                                                                           Rates $2.50 and Up
                          Furniture Dealers need have no more
                          fear. \Vith the use of CHne's Caster
                          Cup one table may be placed on top                          Hotel Pantlind                                                 P
                                                                                                                                                ...... lan

1   Rosewood.
                          of another without injury. Made in
    two sizes in the following fi nishes: Oak, Mahogany and
                 Special prepared feet bottom, preventing sweat
    marks, scratching, etc.
                                                                                                           Rates $1.00 a.nd Up
                                                                                                            GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.

     Price: 2)( in. per 100, $3.50, 3% in. per 100. $4.50                                            The Noon Dinner Served at the Pantlind
         Wealso manllfacture    the most reliable
                                                Card Holder on                                       for 50c is the FINEST IN THE WORLD
         the market.   :: Write for our new 40 pale Catalo_ue.

     L. Cline Mfg. Co..              123'W.b~h-Av;;.   Chicago                                                         J. BOYD PANTLIND. Prop.

    WE      manufacture the larg-                                               The New Banquet Table Top
           est line of FOLDING                                                  III   well u OFFICE. DINING and DIRECTORS'           TABLES are   OU1'   specialty.
    CHAIRS         in the United
    States, suitable for Sunday
    Schools, Halls, Steamers and
    a.ll Public Resorts. . . . .
    We also manufacture Brass
    Trimmed Iron Beds, Spring
    Beds, Cots and Cribs in a
    larKe variety.   . . .
          Send for Cllta!o&ue
            and Price. to

    Kauffman Mfg. CO.
           "SOLAND.      OOID                                                   STOW & DAVIS FURNITURE CO.• ~:e''''''
                                                                                              Write for Catalogue,   Get samplelof BANQUET TABLE TOP.

     five Complete Lines of Refrigerators
                                                                 RIG"T        PRICES

                                                                   a palite   Lined
                                                                  Enameled      Lined
                                                                 Charcoal Filled and
                                                                     Zinc Lined
                                                                  Zinc Lined with
                                                                      Ice Tank

                                                                  Gal ranized     Iron
                                                                   Stationary Ice

                                                                Send fOI" nt:w
                                                             CATALOGUE and              let
                                                                us name you

                                                             Challenge Refrigerator Co. GRAND HAVEN,                   MICH.,   U. S. A.
16                                                                    71R T I.s .7I.Z'T
                                                                        e      7e
           MERCHANTS         WIN    FIRST    ROUND.                        I<That on July 14, 1906, there was issued and sent to the
                                                                      members of said voluntary association a letter in words and
Dakota Judge Denies Montgomery           Ward & Co's Applica-         figures as follows:"
            tion for a Preliminary      Injunction.
                                                                        F. A. Grimm, President.             L. S. Tyler,   Secretary.
       Retail merchants throughout the country have reason
 to be pleased with the result of the first decision in the case      THE   SOUTH  DAKOTA   RETAIL   MERCHANTS'                   AND
 brought by Montgomery          vVard & Co. against the Retail               HARDWARE   DEALERS'   ASSOCIATION.
 Merchants' Association of South Dakota. The matter is of                                         Sioux Falls, S. D., July 14, 1906.
 much importance to others than the South Dakota retailers                Dear Sir:-The     attached list comprises those, jobbers
 because there is no doubt that if l\'lontgomery ¥lard & Co.         that refused to answer in any way the letter that was sent
 could win this case they would start similar proceedings            out by the Retail Merchants' & Hardware Dealers' Association
 against many other state organizations and also against city        at your request in March, asking them if they would act with
 and national associations.                                          the retail trade and not with the cata!oguehouses.
       It is true that the decision of Judge Carland of the Fed-          In these houses refusing to answer our "letters and ignor-
 eral court at Sioux Falls, is only preliminary-it     simply de-    ing the merchants, through their association, the secretary
 nies the motion for a preliminary injunction-but        it is be-   cannot come to any other conclusion than that they prefer
 lieved to foreshadow the court's views on the merits of the         the business of the catalogue houses as against retailers of
 main question, because it contains this declaration:                this state. It would seem that, in the course of business, a
       "Where the only object of a suit in equity is a permanent     jobber that depended on the retail trade for his support
 injunction, a temporary injunction will not issue where the         might have courtesy enough to reply to a fair question even
 court is of the opinion that there is no probability that the       though he might not be in accord with it and preferred to
 complainant will succeed on the merits."                            trade with the catalogue houses.     Hang this over your desk
      Those words surely mean that "Judge Carland is of the          for reference.         Yours truly,
 opinion that the complainants are not likely to succeed when                                            L S. TYLER, Secretary.
 the case is brought up for final hearing on its merits in ApriL
      As some of the readers of the Artisan may not-have seen               "It also fairly appears from the evidence that the retail
 the letters issued by the South Dakota Retail Merchants'              dealers have agreed among themselves that they will not pur-
 Associatioll on which the complaint of Montgomery          Ward       chase merchandise from who'lesalers and jobbers who sell to
 & Co. is based, that part of Judge Carland's decision in             catalogue or mail order houses. It does not appear, however,
which the letters appear is given here:                               that said retail dealers intend to do anything in connection
      l'The South Dakota Retail Merchants' Association is a           with the matter in controversy different than they have done
voluntary association organized for the purpose of correct-           already."
ing trade abuses, to develop the mercantile profession and                  Further quotations from judge       Carland's opinion read
to co-operate with other organizations       having like objects.     as follows:
The retail dealers held their annual meeting at Mitchell, Jan~              "For damage arising from the commission of lawful acts
uary 2?, 1906, and soon after said meeting there was with             the law affords no remedy. The facts in evidence on this
the· consent and knowledge of its principal officers issue-d          hearing show that the retail dealers have agreed among
and sent to a great number of wholesalers           and jobbers       themselves that they will not purchase merchandise           from
throughout the United States who were not members of said             wholesalers and jobbers who seU to catalogue and mail order
association the following circular letter:"                           houses. That they have corresponded            with jobbers and
                                                                      wholesalers stating that the retail dealers were opposed to
                                                                      said wholesalers and jobbers selling to catalogue or mail
  F. A. Grimm, President.              L. S. Tyler,   Secretary.      order houses and have requested the former not to sell to
THE    SOUTH DAKOTA  RETAIL   MERCHANTS'                     AND      the latter.   Are these acts of the retail dealers unlawful?
        HARDWARE  DEALERS'  ASSOCIATION.                              Do they show unfair trade c,ompetition?         Is persuasion un-
                                                                     lawful when considered with reference to the facts of this
                            Sioux Falls, S. D., March 1, 1906.
                                                                     case, or, in other words, is persuasion unfair competition?
     The South Dakota Retail ~1erchants in convention as-            Upon the answer to these questions depends complainant's
sembled at Mitchell, S. D., January 23, 24, 25, 1906, expressed      right to a temporary injunction.
strong sentiments and were unanimous on the subject:          Re-          I'That the retail dealers have a lawful right to agree
lating to the selling of merchandise by the jobber and man-          among themselves that they will not purchase merchandise
ufacturer to the catalogue or mail order houses. That it             from wholesalers and jobbers who sell to catalogue or mail
was unfair treatment on the part of the wholesaler toward            order houses cannot be denied, and it necessarily follows that
the retailer.     The retail merchant of South Dakota feels that     they have the right to inform each other as to what whole-
the cause of the catalogue house has been advanced by the            salers and jobbers do sell to catalogue or mail order houses.
wholesa"ler, inasmuch as the stock of the mail order house is        The question in this case is, what may they do in ~ddition to
carried by the _wholesaler. The retail merchants have suf-           influence the wholesalers and jobbers not to seIt to catalogue consequence of this arrangement.                            houses?
     Wilt you not act with the. retail merchants?     Do you at            I'lt must be conceded that complainant has the right to
the present time encourage and help the catalogue house              transact and carryon        its business free from intimidation
business?     \i\Till you not refuse ,to sell -to the mail order     Or coercion.     That this is a property right, and that a com-
house, and will you confine your trade to the legitimate retail      bination to interfere with this right otherwise than in fair
dealer?                                                              competition must show justification.
     Any suggestion for co-operation' for our mutual inter-                "The American cases, however, when carefully consid-
ests of both the who"lesaler and retailer we would as a body         ered, show that the great weight of authority in the United
of merchants be glad to receive aild consider.                       States is in favor of the proposition that it is not unfair com-
     This letter is endorsed by the_board of directors as above      petition, intimidation or coercion for a combination to inter-
named and sent out under their instructions.                         fere with this right by persuasion or any peaceable means.
                             Yours truly,                                  "It thus appears that the retail dealers have done nothing
                                      L. S. TYLER, Secretary.        nor threaten to do anything which is actionable."

Ranney Refrigerators
         are shown during the WINTER FURNITURE EXPOSITIONS
                                                                        and   Kitchen Cabinets
                                                        -at -

                                                  1319 MichigaD Ave.,
                                                      Fim Floor.

                                                  NEW YORK
                                                  43d and Lexinatoo.

                                                    A full line of
                                                  samples at each ex~
                                                  position and com-
                                                  petent salesmen in

                                                  THE BEST
                                                    HIGH   PRICED

                                                  on the Market.

                             SEE THE SEVEN LINES
       LAPLAND CHIEF, OAK, THe Lined. CHARTER OAK. ENAMELED. ASH. Whi'e Ennmel on Galvanized hon. LAPLAND.
OAK. Galvanized Iron Lined. MONITOR, ASH. Galvanized Iron Lined. CHARTER OAK, ASH, Galvanized Iron Lined. Ail with metal
Ice Racks, Adju&able Shelves. Self ClosingDoors, Removable Ice Chambers, and other improvements MASCOT, HARDWOOD. Galvanized Iron
Lined. RADIUM, HARDWOOD, Galvanized Iron Lined.

Ranney Refrigerator C ompany,                                            HOME OFFICES
                                                                         and FACTORIES.
                                                                                                  all      [
                                                                                            GreenVI e, M icn.

   GRAND RAPIDS UPHOLSTERING                                                                                    CO.

   Davenports,        Odd Chairs, Library         Furniture,        Sofa Beds,          Overstuffed   Leather   Goods.
        Get our PICTURES            and PRICES-then    the GOODS-and you'll put MONEYin                 your 'bank.
                           GRAND RAPIDS UPHOLSTERING CO., Grand Rapids, Mich.
   Say y~u saw thir in the MICHIGAN ARTISAN.

                                               CHICAGO, ILLINOIS

                                                   We manufacture    as complete

                                                            a line   of

                                                   OFFICE,           DINING,
                                               LIBRARY and BEDROOM

                                               AS ANYONE    IN 'THIS COUN'TR        r

                                                  G.atalogue to the       :rrade.

                    EXHIBIT:          Furniture Exhibition Building, 1411 Michigan Avenue.

              GOOD RAILROAD            POLICY.                       officer, but the: damage done to the reputation of the road
                                                                     cannot be remedied.      Questions that seem to you to be
 President Finley of the Southern Outlines Duties of Freight         trivial may be considered of importance by the person ask-
                    and Passenger Agents.                            ing them, and they should be answered with patience and
     \V. \V. Finley who succeeds the late Samuel Spencer
as president of the Southern Railway, while addressing a                          Reductions in Western Freigpt Rates.
 meeting of 150 freight and passenger agents in Atlanta,                  Several reductions in freight rates in favor of Denver
 recently, expressed ideas that may seem new to many patrons         have been made by the western classificition       committee.
of railroads who have had more or less aggra vating exper~           The rate on unmanufactured       tobacco from the Mississippi
ience in dealing with agents.     President Finley urged em-         river to Denver in carload lots is reduced from $1.45 to
ployes to build up erfLcient transportation   facilities, and de-   02 cents a hundred pounds. Lawn swings from Chicago in
clared that the railroad, as an institution, must he fair to the    carload lOb from $1.25 to 77 cents. Talcum powder man-
people. He said:                                                    ufactured in Colorado is given a rate of 80 cents a hundred
     "Your duties arc two-fold. 'lOll mve duties to the railway     pounds instead of $1.2;',i,when shipped to points on the Mis-
company by which you are employed and you owe duties                souri river.
to the public.' These double duties do not in any way result              Electrolytic carbons arc reduced from third class to fifth
in conflict or divided allegiance, for he serves the railway        class, and the class rates to Utah common points, from $1.85
best who serves the public best. The policies of the railway        to $1.54. The SOllthern Pacific is preparing to make a flat
are formulated and mapped out by the general officers, but          reductio"n of fifteen per cent to points in 1\ ew Mexico and

                                         MADE BY LENTZ TABLE CO., NASHVILLE, MICHIGAN.

the application of these policies to spccific transactions must     Arizona. A reduction of from 1:'j to 18 cents to all stations
he entrusted in the main to mcn in the field. It fo!loovs, then,    on the Oregon Short Line in Utah, Idaho, Montana and
that you have, in a substantial sense, the reputation of the        eastern Oregon will be made shortly.
Southern Railway Company for fair and just dealing in your               The Rock Island has made a horizontal reduction of
hands.                                                              twenty per cent to western Kansas.       The Burlington has
       "\Vhethcr the company shall be popular or unpopular          made a reduction of twelve to twenty per cent as far east
depends in a very large measure upon your attitude toward           as 1TcCook, Neb., and as far west as Billings, 1'10. The rate
the public, and upon your treatment of those doing business         on pig tin from New York to Denver has been reduced from
,,,·ith the road. It is of supreme importance, therefore, that      $1.11 to 93 cents a hundred.
yOU, who daily come into intimate contact with the public                The changes noted above went into effect on February
shou"!d bear in mind constantly that it is the unvarying pol-       15. It is expected that other roads will announce similar
icy of the company to be just and fair to all alike, to the         reductions to take effect March 1.
small shipper and the occasional travelc:r as \vell as to the
larg-est shipper and the regular traveler; that you should be
perfectly frank in all business dealings:      that you should                    Chili Wants "Little Brown Men."
always be considerate and patient, and that you should do                ,Vhile many Americans vie"", the deluge of Japs with
all in your power to make the services of the road satis-           alarm, little Chili down in South America is inviting them
factory for whom they are performed.                                with open arms and promises of extraordinary           liberality.
       "\Vhile everything possible should be done. for the ac-      She offers forty acres of rich land to the J ap settler, twenty
commodation of those doing business with the road. care             more to each son over eighteen years of age, a yoke of oxen,
should be exercised not to promise the impossible in the, way       a set of farm implements and $15.00 a month in hard cash
of facilities or service. \Vhen failure to fulfLll such a prOm-     for the fir,';t twelve months of residence. Such a proposition
ise follows, the man 'who made it may he able to shift re-          seems attractive enough to nearly depopulate the Japan~se
sponsibility to the operating or some other department or           island.

                  OWQSSOFactory            Notes.                          RIGHT MAN IN THE RIGHT PLACE.
    Business in Owosso is good. The furniture factories                  Louis Kanitz, president of the Muskegon Valley Fur-
are busy and everything points to a great year in this city.        niture Company, who has served four years as a member of
The Woodard Furniture Company had an excellent trade                the board of managers of the Michigan Soldiers' Home, lo-
in Grand Rapids in January.     Their new line of Circassian        cated at Grand Rapids, has been re-appointed for another
walnut and mahogany      chamber furniture was much ad-             term by Governor \\Tarner. The re-appointment          of Mr.
mired, and the whole line, including the above woods, birch,        Kanitz is heartily approved by all who know of what he has
                                                                    done for the So1diers' Home. He is greatly interested in
                                                                    the institution, in fact, has made it something like. a hobby.
                                                                    It is conceded that he has given it more time and attention
                                                                    than any other man ever connected with its management.
                                                                    During the past four years it has been nothing unusual for
                                                                    }Ir. Kanitz to spend days and even weeks looking after the
                                                                    interests of the Home and he has done it without financial

                                                                                         New   Furniture   Dealers.
                                                                        Central Furniture Company, Paterson, N. J.
                                                                        Donald Furniture Company, Newark, N. ].
                                                                        Geo. E. Tole & Co., Lancaster, Pa.
                                                                        r>.1ackley, IVlah,an & Co., Pittsburg, Pa.
                                                                        Bariteau & Girouard, :::lashua, N. H.
                                                                        F. R. & Robert \Vadsworth, Pittsburg, Pa.
                                                                        The Julius Campbell Company, Traverse City, l\Iich.
                                                                        Samuel Adkr, Hattiesburg,        Miss.
                                                                        H. R. Fox, Bay City, Mich.
                                                                        O. L. McKee, Joplin, Mo.
                                                                        A. \10.1. Bills, vVaterloo, la.
                                                                        Petti Bros., Germantown, Neb.
                                                                        Peoplcs' Hardware & Furniture Co., V\linfield, La.
                                                                        Spande Furniture Company, Logan, Utah.
                                                                        Hillstrom & Bennett, Vancouver, vVash.
                                                                        "V. P. Sherman, Eureka, Mont.

            Made by Woodard   Furniture   Co., Owono,   Mich.                                          Mr. Dealer:
birdseye maple and quarter sawed oak sold well. Trade
keeps right up, and if anything, grows better all the time.
                                                                                                           If you want your
They have just contracted with the Grand Rapids Veneer                                                 ordeI filled promptly
\\larks to put up their dry kilns with their new system, and
will be in better shape than ever before to take care of their                                         and want goods that
orders.                                                                                                you can make good
      The Robbins, Table Company is having a fine business.
                                                                                                       profits on during the
Sales so far this year are ahead of last year, and that was t'.le
best in the history of the company. The American Blowcr
                                                                                                            .        .
                                                                                                       commg spnng sea-
Company has just fitted up this plant with two moist air
kilns with a capacity of 75,000 feet, which is double Cut                                              son, mail your orders
which they had before the fire which destroyed their form~r
kilns a few weeks ago.·
                                                                                                       to us. We solicit
     The Estey Manufacturing     Company will soon erect an                                            trial orders.
addition to their factory containing about 4,000 square feet
of floor space. They are elljoying a fine trade, and in July
will bring out some finer goods than they had to show ill                                                  Sheboygan
                        A Cane Chair.                                                                      Company
     "The stranger, who had long white hair, good features,                No. 244 Music Cabinet.
singularly bold and well defined for an old man, and dark,
bright, penetrating eyes, looked round with a smile and sa-
luted the carrier's wife by gravely inclining his head.                      BOOKCASES, LADIES' DESKS,
     "His garb was very Quaint and odd-a long, long way be-             COMBINATION CASES, MUSIC CABINETS,
hind the time. Its hue was brown all over. In his hand he                       and CHINA CLOSETS.
held a great brown club or walking stick, and striking this
                                                                                   New   Catalogue ready for mailing.
upon the floor, it fell asunder and became a chair. in which
he sat down quite composedly."-Charles      Dickens, in "Crick-        SHEBOYGAN, WISCONSIN, U. S. A.
et on the Hearth."
             ~MIEfHIG7}-N                                                                                                                 19

             Changes in Firms, Transfers, Etc.                         Benton & Co., Fordyce, Ark., succeeded by the Thomas
    Poe & \-Vhitson, Gowen, }10., sold to J. P. Holbert.           Furniture Company.
    Charles \Vrenu, StOCktOl1, Mo., succeeded by \Vrenn                O. L. Harris, Mercer, Mo., sold to Moore & Mollestoll.
& Young.                                                               J esse Child Mercantile Co., Richmond, Mo., succeeded
    A. \f>y'. Beswick, \VinfielJ, Kan., sold to L. C. Long-side.   by A. B. Conrow.
    J. \V. Parks, Jr., succeeds Dixon & Parks, Hillsboro, Tex.         Zimmerman, Clyde & CO.,Dodge City, Kan., sold to
    J. A. Dahlgrectl, Enid, Okla., sold to Alva Goff.              Doolittle & Traynor.
    O. VI/. Strong's Sons, Albuquerque, X. 1'1'1., succeeded by
F. H. Strong.                                                           The manufacturers of Rockford do not cater to the mait
    "Vestfal! & 1Jitchcll, \i\/eldon, la., sold to C. E. Bodley.   order houses nor have they encouraged the efforts made by
    YVeichel & Tatul11, Plymouth,        Neb., sold to Clement     certain promoters to establish a factory in that city to man-
Haake.                                                             ufacture lovv.grademail     order furniture.  Representations
    Franklin (.Keb.) Furniture & }fllSic Company, succeeded        that have been published in the news and trade papers that
by P. L. Sturtevant.                                               the manufacturers of that city were catering to the trade of
    J. P. Gilbert & Co., Falls City, Ore., sold to ]. C. Talbot.   the mail order houses were erroneous, based upon false infor-
    J. C. l\lcAdams & Co., Kaw, Okla., sold to B. E. John-         mation, and the Artisan cheerfully publishes this fact be-
son & Co.                                                          cause an injustice has been inflicted upon a manufacturing
    e. B. \Vebb, Eddy, Tex., succeeded by Beard & \"ebb.           community that should not have been subjected to it.

                                                                             PART OF BEDROOM                 SUITE No. 1431.
                                                                           Made by the Nelson-Matter Furniture COO. Graud Rapids, Mich.

            MUST OPPOSE PARCELS POST.                                     trade away from home. We; need not, however, confine our
                                                                          attention entirely to the residents of Tural districts, but we
                                                                          find that this tendency is growing even in our smaller cities
What It Would Mean to the Retailers and: to Small Towns.
                                                                          and towns, and as a matter of special regret, it has come
       One of the features of the national convention of retail           under my observation and experience, that merchants them-
merchants, held in Dallas, Tex., recently, was an address on              selves have this tendency to a large extent, This tendency
"The Parcels Post; Its Rc'lation to the Retail Trade," by                 has been created, it has been nurtured, and encouraged by
George E. Green, editor of the Retail Merchants' J ourmil of              catalogue mail order houses.       *' *'      '4'   '4'  ""

Peoria, Ill., in the course of which he said:                                   "The relation of Parcels Post to the retailer is alarming.
       "If there is anyone     question before the public today in        It is one that deals with the perpetuation of retailing as an
which the retailer is directly interested, it is the Parcels              avocation and in the thought of how catalogue mail order
Post agitation, which has been before congress during the                 buying was created, there lies a great study for the retailer.
past several sessions. The advocates in favor of a Parcels                The press of our country is a great power. The press is a
Post measure for this country afc· very active and are ex-                great molder of sentiment and any question handled by the
erting a powerful       influence in its favor.      The principal        press, although there be two sides to the question, if viewed
agency for advocating the passage of parcels post enactment               only from the one side, sentiment is inevitably created in
for this country is what is knmvn as 'The Postal Progress                 that direction and so I find an unusually large number of pub-
League.' The question would n~turally arise-what               inter-     lications that arc being utilized in favor of this proposed
ests compose the Posta'] Progress League, and the question                measure and against the direct interest of the vast army of
is very easily answered in the statement, that the Postal                 retailers in our land. In dealing with any question it is not
Progress League represents the large catalogue mail order                 only the purpose of holding to view the great dangers and
houses of our country.        Literature is sent out by the Postal        particularly in dealing with the topic under consideration
Progress League, making the statement that 'The only things
that stand between the eighty millions of people of the
United States and the Parcels Post enactment, arc the ex-
press eompanies and the small shop keepers.'         In the eyes of
the Postal Progress League, these two intere.sts seem to he
insignificant and should'be brushed aside.
       "I cannot stand here before you with any apology III
favor of express companies, but I do stand here he fore you
as a staunch advocate for the preservation to this country
of an avocation in which over one-half million people, men
of intelligence, men following an avocation for a livelihood
and the passage of a parcels post enactmcnt would mean, if
not complete ruination,: at least ,;'I. ,serious crippling of qt.e
 business avocation of this so [arge·'{clas5,of       represen'tative
 husiness men of our co~n;try, and th'c'T'~'1t're,ac~ording'to        a
 conservative estimate, from statistics which I gather one mil-
 llon retail dealers i.n thc United States. The twelvi:'. principal
 lines, such as dry goods, grocers, clothing, boots and shoes,
 drugs, jewelry, millinery, mens' furnishing goods, stationery
 and books, harness and carriages and furniture, make up in
 excess of 350,000. There are about. 175,000 genenl stores,
 carrying either several or combining all lines. On the other
 hand, the catalogue and mail order houses are comparatively
 few. \Vhile they as an individual business represent a larger
                                                                                  Made by Century   Furniture   Company,   Grand Rapid..   Mich.
 investment than the average dealer, the aggregate capital
 of over one-half million of retailers, far exceeds the aggregate
                                                                          there call be no question as to the relation of the retail mer-
 capital of the mail or~ler houses, viewed in a comparative
                                                                          chant to parcels post; every indication demonstrates        that
 sense, and in justice and equity to all business interests of the
                                                                          Parcels Post is antagonistic to the retailer and the retailer
 country I would consider a Parcels Post enactment as in favor
                                                                          must exert himself if he will preserve unto himself and
 of a very small proportioq of merchants as against the many,
                                                                          future generations the privilege to deal in commodities in a
 and would greatly question the wisdom of congress in pass-
                                                                          small way. I would therefore give these few thoughts for
 ing any legislative act in favor of the few against a great ma-
                                                                          your consideration:
        "The principal tendency of and the desire for enactment                "First of all, I would say that since Parcels Post is being
 of parcels post is to serve directly from the producer to the            agitated by a few large interests for their particular advan-
 consumer, which means the practical elimination of all mid-              tage and since they arc seeking legislative enactment to
  dle men. The thought of receiving goods from first hands,               enhance their particular business interests to the detriment
  theoretically sounds quite agreeable and has an alluring fas-           of the retailer or small shop keepers of the country, the small
  cination for the purchaser.         But connected therewith are         shop keepers must unite in a determined and vigorous protest
  many things which not only the retailer, but the public in              against its passage. One thing is certain, that even though
  general, should carefully consider. The tendency under the              we concede that cata\oguemail      order houses are not with us
  operation of a parcels post enactment would be for a concen-            to stay, -..vecannot and never should concede that they are a
  tration and consolidation of business interests into a few              greater power or influence than the retailers of this country
  large trade centers, to the detriment of the smaller towns and          and that the retailer can and must prevent any legislation at
  vi11ages throughout our country. The future of the retailer              the hand of our federal government which means rUination
  depends upon the growth and prosperity of the smaller towns             to his business.      *    *    *     *    *
  and villages, and therein the residents of the rural districts                "The relation of the retai'! dealer to Parcels Post must
  are also vitally interested.       * * '" * *                           at all times be an unequivocal opposition and he must see
        "It is true, that the tendency of rural residents, is to           that the same does not become a law."

                                       KiI(~en                             SPRA TT'S CHAIRS
                                                                                  ARE THE JOY OF THE CHILDREN.
                                       (a~inets                         Our new CHILD'S MISSION         ROCKER was a winner from the start.
                                                                        Write f~r Catalogueand prius.   Our line is large and prkes are right.
                                       of·                                                                                        We make

                                       Oualil~                                                                                 CHAIRS
                                          Sell at
                                    and make       a                                                                                    fo'
                                    greater profit
                                    than other lines                                                                             GROWN-
                                    of kitchen cab-                                                                                UPS
                                    inets. Send for
                                    catalogue.                                                                                    as well as

                                       Th. BBST                                                                                 CflILDREN".
                                      least money.
                                    We have dcmbled                                                                            SPRATT
                                    our     CllDacity   aod                                                                     & CO.
                                    will be better able
                                    to take caEe     of oUE                                                                      Sheboygan,
                                    trade    than   before.                                                                         Wis.
                                    We solicit your
             MAlL ORDERS TO                                                                                                       Say you law
                                                                                                                               this ad in the

C. F. SCHMOE & CO.                                                                                                             Michigan Arti-

SAFETY and COMFORT                    Are Best Secured by Using

                Lockless Metal Folding Beds
                                                          Made by the

                                  FOLDING BED                                                                                       "    \
                                    CO., Ltd.                                                                                      ~, II
                                          DETROIT, MICHIGAN

 Full Line of Samples shown at the Furniture Exhibition Building, 1411 Michigan Ave., Chicago. Second
                                    Floor, Front Middle Section.

       with side ice chamber is made in twenty-one styles,
       zinc lined, white enamel and porcelain lined. Our
       cataloguewill interestyou. IFritefir it.

                             Exclusive Refrigerator Manufacturers.
                         MUSKEGON,                MICHIGAN.

               EFFECTIVE ARGUMENTS.                                  decided to carryon    the campaign for a considerable length
                                                                     of time, and took in several other unsatisfactofy     articles
Mail Order    Catalogue Patrons Thoroughly            Convinced by   from neighbors, giving them the same kind of publicity. The
                     Odious Comparisons.                             next visit he made to the city he went around to the 1l1ail-
                                                                     order houses, took their catalogue and selected a number of
      A retailer in a small. town located near a 'large mail order   things in his line which looked to be particularly cheap and
center, has a good method for keeping the home trade from            asked to see the goods themselves.    He was allowed to in-
ordering from the mail order houses.          He was driven to       spect them, and found them exactly as expected, in nearly
this idea by circumstances and has followed out the plan             every instance.   They showed ,they were not of the value of
long enough to see that it has been a big help to him, and
one thing in favor of any kind of advertising which holds
trade at home is the fact that once you thoroughly convert
a customer, be is not likely to again relapse into the mail
                                                                        Grand Rapids Caster Cup Co.
                                                                                   2 Parkwood, Grand RapIds, Millh.
order habit.
      His neighborhood      several years ago had quite a mail-
order craze, and its effect was pretty bad on the local dealers.
This particular dealer, however, was not satisfied that it was
paying anyone but the mail-order house. A good friend
came in one day and told about a neighbor who had pur-
chased some article through a catalogue, and that it was
very unsatisfactory.     Our dealer at once saw his 'opportu-
nity, and sent word to the man to bring it into the store and
he would allow him the full price paid for it on a better
grade which he'had in stock. Upon arrival of the mail-order
house article, he explained to the owner that he wanted to
 buy it just to show the difference between a good article and               We are now putting on the best Caster Cups with cork bases ever
                                                                        offered to the trade. These are finished in Golden Oak and White Maple
an imitation, and asked to be allowed to tell where he got it.          in a light finish. These goods are admirable for polished floors and furn-
                                                                        ure rests. They will not sweat or mar.
This privilege was readily granted., and the man purchased
 the kind of an article he had expected to get from the mail-
                                                                                       Size'2X incbes ...... $4.00   per hundred
 order house when he ordered, and went home well pleased                               SizeZ%, inches······   5.00   per hundred
 that he had made a good turn of a bad bargain.                                    Try a Sample Order.         F. O.B. Grand Rapids.
      The dealer made a couple of good big cards, one for the
 mail-ordcr article, giving the price it sold for, and calling       goods imitated) so he made several purchases, and while at
 attention to the differcnce in quality between it and the gen-      the wholesale houses bought some of the goods imitated,
 uine, which was displayed beside it, bearing a card, giving         where there was not already plenty of them in stock,
 its price, and the strong points of superiority.         This at-         When he got home, he cut the picture and description
 tracted the attention of all customers, and a little talk with      of onc of these articles out of the catalogue and put it on
 each one who mentioned it caused them to go away with               the article, then put the priee and. description on the imitated
 a better idea of the real value of mail-order purchases, all        artic1e, and a big card calling to the difference in quality
 the bargain-counter     features of their offers having been        was put in the window with them.             But one mail-order
 explained away. He always told them honestly that if they           article wa's used in each dis-play, and attention was always
 wanted to spend less money than good goods cast they                called to the difference in value, on a big window card.
 could get cheaper qualities at the mail-order          houses at
 cheaper prices, but that the quality was always cheaper, and                           Californians Are Greedy.
 he could not afford to handle it, because he was selling                 A correspondent    of the Artisan, writing from Oakland,
 goods to his neighbors and felt that he had to give good            Cal., under date of February 16, 1907, says: "Dealers make
 value.                                                              150 per cent. on mixed carloads of goods shipped from
       After his regular trade had seen the two articles side        Grand Rapids and· Chicago.      Several· are not satisfied with
 by each, where they could be handled and closely inspected,         the profit they are earning, and talk of establishing factories,
  he put them in his show window, where they could be seen           in the expectancy of obtaining goods cheaper.        It's the old
 by everyone who passed by.                                          story, but few are wise enough to be satisfied with a' good
      The result of this display was so very apparent that he        thing."

                                                                                                               A Beautiful Daven-
                                                                                                               port by Day and a
                                                                                                               Comfortable 4 ft.,
                                                                                                               6 in. Bed at Night.

                                                                                                               fl No double somersaults--~works       smooth
                                                                                                               and easily from the front.
                                                                                                               C] Finished in our Old Ivory it is the
                                                                                                               swellest thing on the market.
                                                                                                               g Mattresses    upholstered in Bagdad aT
                                                                                                               Corduroy       Velours or T apeftry, and filled
                                                                                                               with twenty pounds Sanitary Felt; Center
                                                                                                               of Curled African Fibre.
                                                                                                               g A soft     elattic Bed, it makes a deep cozy
                                                                                                               q Try   a sample on approval.       We take
                                                                                                               the risk.

                                                                                                                 HARD MFG. CO.
                                                                                                               117 - 133 Tonawanda        St., Bnffalo, N. Y.

                Charge Railroads With Conspiracy.                                rates to the cities on the l\:fissouri river are discriminatingly
                                                                                 high. This view of the case was taken by the St. Paul and
      J obhers and merchants in the larger cities on the ?vlis-
                                                                                 the Great \\'estern, and, it is alleged, but for the terrorizing
sauri river have filed a complaint with the interstate com-
                                                                                 methods said to have been used, a correction in the rates
mission charging that the Chicago & Northwestern, Burling-
                                                                                 would have been made. The Chicago Commercial Associa-
ton and Rock Island entered into an unlawful conspiracy to
                                                                                 tion also opposed the changes, claiming Chicago would suffer.
prevent them from securing reasonable freight rates from
                                                                                      The five ciass rates from the seaboard to St. Paul are
the eastern seaboard.
                                                                                 $1.15, $0.99, $0.76, $0.53 and $0.46, and to the Missouri river
      The complaint alleges that these railroads conspired
                                                                                 points $1.47, $1.20, $0.\13, $0.68 and $0.57. The petitioners ask
together to stop the St. Paul and the Great V\iestern from
                                                                                 for the following rates from )Jew York and the seaboard:
putting in rates which would have given to the Missouri job-
                                                                                 $1.10, $O.95?"i, $0.727"2, $O.5n-;;; and $0.44. The distances from
bers relief. It is declared the roads named threatened to
                                                                                 the East to the twin cities and to the Missouri river points
boycott the 51. Paul and the Great \Vestern, to treat them as
                                                                                 are said to be substantially the samc. The railroad defense
unfriendly connections, to refuse to route business ave,r
                                                                                 for this disparity in rates is water competition, which lowers
their lines and to do everything in their power to destroy
                                                                                 the twin cities tariffs,
their business, provided they made the readjustment of the
                                                                                      A hearing and action on the complaint is expected at a
Missouri river rates which they were then contemplating.
                                                                                 meeting of the commission to be held in Chicago early in
      But for these iJ1ega1 acts, it is stated, the Missouri river
merchants would have securcd a reduction on freight rates
in 1906 ",,-hich would have permitted them to compete with
other jobbing districts including Chicago. They therefore                            The deadliest problem is not a hard one to solve, but
petition the commission to order these rates put in by all the                   the practice of the solution is more difficult. Every mer-
railroads.                                                                       chant has it ·within his power to restrict credits. How he
      It is claimed by the petitioners that, when compared with                  may do so wisely is a different thing. Therein experience
the rates from the seaboard to 51. Paul and Minneapolis, the                     and discussion assjst greatly.

  The only CASTER CUP that will not Mar or Sweat
         A New Caster Cup, it furniture       Protector iIInd ill Rest
                                               We guarantee perfect salls-
                                                                                    The White Directory
                                             fadion.    We know we have
                                             the only perfect ca"ter cup ever       =====OF                          =====
                                             made. This cup is in two sizes,
                                             as follows: 2U Inch and 3 ineh.
                                             ana we use the cork bottom.                      FURNITURE,      PIANOS, ORGANS, IN-
                                             You know tbe rest.
                                                Small size, $3.60 per 100                     TERIOR FINISHES and Kindred Indus-
                                                Large siz.e, 4.50 per 100
                                               F O. B. Grand Rapids.                          tries is now ready.  Send in your order.
                                               Try it ana be convineed.
                                                                                                       Price                     l5.00
                                                Our Concave Bottom Card
                                              Block does not touch the sur-
                                              face, but upon the rim, permit.
  ting a dre;ulation of air under the block, thereby preventing moisture or
  marks of any k.ind. This is the only card block of its klnd on the market.

  Srand Rapids Casler CUPCo"
                               Price $3.00 per 100

                                     2 .,,'wood A.e.•   Srand Rapids, Mich.         Wh Ite P"
                                                                                            r1nting CO. PRINTERS ENGRAVERS
                                                                                                        PU8USHERs,  BINDERS:

  Also can be had of LUSSKY, WHITE    &. COOLIDGE,   111-113La(i(eSr., Chfcaoa                2.20 LYON ST .. GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.
        ;---------                                    ARE THE -----------,

              BEST ON THE GLOBE
                                    FOR THE MONEY

                                            GET OUR CATALOGUE.
                                    Men/i," the .MICHIGAN   ARTISAN   when writi"g.

Globe Furniture                                             Company                   EVANSVILLE,

                                                                                         are Good Wardrobes

             No. 257.       Price $18.50.
     Has 48 Inch Top,S Legs and is Highly Polished.

It's One of the "SUPERIOR"                                                               PRICES RIGHT
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  There are many more, all Peaches Pie and
  Pudding. Send for Catalogue and get a taste.
                                                                                         Karges Furniture
THE BOCKSTEGE fURNITURE CO.                                                               EVANSVILLE,   IND.
                 EV4NSVILLE       IND.
                                               The "ELI" f OLDING Bed .
                                                 No Stock tnplete without the Eli BEDS
                                                          00                                    ARE
                                                  LI    0 • MI LLE R                S In   Mantel and Up,;.ht    5

                                               E                           &, CO.          ~,;~:ro~i~~~.
                                                                                                s and prices

                MR. DEALER


                               SAFES and

                               Best Goods
                              Lowest Prices
                                               EVANSVILLE DESK Writ f
                                               you to                CO. Manufacturers of tl
                                                   send us an order.                         et today, It will OP
                                                                         DESKS on the mrt.r~e BEST VALUE pay
                                                                      e or new catalope.
BOSSE   FURNITURE   CO., Evansville,    Ind.

                                                        HORN BROS.                                       MFG. CO.
                                                               281 to 291 W. Superior St.. CHICAGO. ILL.
                                                                                    MANUFACTURERS       OF

                                                        Chamber Suites,                Odd Dressers,                Chiffoniers
                                                                 l4D1ES' DRESSING TABLES to match
                                                          Made ill Golden Oak, Genuine Maholf<l:DY Veneered, Birdseye      Maple,
                                                                    White Enamel Highly Pohshed or Dull Finish.

                                                        We also make a line of PRINCess DRESSfRSfrom $13.00 up, In
                                                         Quarter-Sawed Oak. Mahogany and Birdseye Maple. Veneered
                                                              If you. have not nc~ved OUTSpring Supplement, ask lor it.
                                                        SAMPLES     SHOWN BY PECK &: HILLS               1319 Michi~D   Avenue,     and
                                                                   HALL &: KNAPP, 187 Michigan           Avenue, Chicago.

            Muskegon, Mich.

          OFFICE DESKS
                                                                                    No. 924.

     Muskegon Valley Furniture Co.
                                         Mich ••.         Tlte Sargent Mfg. Co.
                                         Odd                                  MUSKEGON, MICH.
                                         Wardrobes                    Bachelors' Cabinets
                                         Toilets                         Ladies' Desks
                                         Tables                     Extra Large Chiffoniers
                                                         ---        __        Aloo Manufacturers and Exporten: of                   _
                                         Ladies'                ROLLING                              CHAIRS
                                                                    Chairs adapted to' all kinds of invalidism, both for
                                                                                    house and street use.
                                     LimJ on 8ale in
                                     New Man1tfac-
                                     iturero' Bftild-
                                     ing,    () RAND
                                                         OVER FORTY DESIGNS TO SELECT FROM

           CHAS. A. FISHER & CO.,
                1319 Michigan Ave., Chicago.

                            WRITE FOR


          PEORIA, ILL. LINCOLN, ILL.         CHICAGO, ILL.

                    STILL    ON THE GRILL.                          Piqua, 0.; ]. P. Drouilard, New York; Edward Case, In-
                                                                    dianapolis; and T. M. Boyd, Chicago.
                                                                         ) Boyd was asked why it was thought best to re-
Grand Jury Investigation of the Alleged School Seat Trust
                                                                    organize the American School Furniture Company into the
                     Not Yet Finished.                              American Seating Company.           He hesitated about replying,
     The investigation    of the so-called "School Furniture        but final1y admitted it was a "financial" reason which he
Trust" which began before the grand jury in Chicago on              did not care to discufiS.
February 4, has not been completed.      So far no indictments           More than ordinary secrecy has been maintained as to
have been returned, but F. A. Holbrook the managing                 the identity of witnesses.      It is known that many of them
director of the American Seating Company has been ar-               live in Racine, Grand Rapids and Buffalo, but these for the
rested on comp"laint of District Attorney Sims. It is ex-           most part are employes of the American Seating Company.
pected, however, that several indictments will be secured,          Chicago men in the employ of the same company have also
including officia'ls of the American School Furniture Com-          been subpoenaed, as have the employes of the A. H. An-
pany.    A. H. Andrews & Co., Sherwood & Co" The Super-             drews & Co. and the Sherwood Company.
ior Manufacturing      Company, E. H. Stafford & Co. and                 It has been reported that the investigation has shown
others.     The evidence is said to have tended to show that        that the American Seating Company contro']5 the product
while several apparently     distinct concerns were engaged         of the furniture plant in the Indiana penitentiary, but the
in the manufacture and sale of school and church furniture,         report has not been confirmed.
they were really combined under a "gentleman's agreement."               One of the men who is we'll informed as to the affairs
\Vhen the investigation began it was supposed the American          of the American School Furniture Company says it is true
Seating Compa.ny had aC<luired title to all the other con-          that the reorganization was necessary for "financial reasons"
cerns in the combine, but the evidence is said to have              as stated by President Boyd. It appears that immediately
shO\-vn that such is not the fact. It appears to have been          after the organization of the old company-the           American
organized merely to manage sales for the others and it did          School Furniture Company-bonds           were issued, or author-
not have complete contro! of the sales.                             ized, to the extent of $1,500,000.       The bonds did not sell
      The government relies for an indictme.nt .Rot only on the     readily to the public but most of them were taken by the
showing made regarding school furniture, but that of thea-          stockholders.    Then it was found that the bond issue had
 tres and churches as well. Among the theatre owners                impaired the company's credit and in order to restore it, the
 especiaHy there has been much complaint, for here the              reorganization    was effected, the bondholders       exchanging
persons dealt with were private individuals, who are usually        their bonds for stock in the new company.
 more canny in such things than a public hody spending                    It has been surmised that the alleged "trust" was held
 public funds.                                                      together by a plan invented by a Rochester lawyer, named
      The man who is credited with stirring up the govern-          Oviatt-the     Oviatt plan-by which each member of the com-
ment along this line of action, is Eugene Carpenter, a lawyer       bine executes an immediate note for a certain amount, the
 in Grand Rapids, Mich., who was formerly connected with            dates to be filled in and the notes thus made negotiable,
 the Haney School Furniture Company of that city.                   due and payable, in case of failure to stand by the agree-
      President Boyd, of the American Seating Company is            ment, but gentlemen who are supposed to know ,-ieclare
 reported as denying the existence of a "gentlemen's agree-         that no such notes have been given and that there is no
 ment." I-Ie states that the American Seating Company ...     vas   written agreement-that        the old company simply bought
 formerly known as the American School Furniture Com-                the plants, paying for the most part in stock and bonds and
 pany, which was organized in 1899 with a capital of $10,-          that the new company has simply taken charge and contin-
 000,000. They did business under that title until April of         ued the business-that      the only object of the reorganization
 last year, when a new company, known as the American               was to call in the bonds and thus strengthen the company's
 Seadng Company was organized and purchased the assets               credit.
 of the oM concern. The charter calls for nine directors.
 There are two vacancies at present and Mr. Boyd names                   Edith-T do so admire a man who says the right thing
 the seven, now acting as follows:    O. M. Stafford, Cleveland;    at the right time.
 F. Billmeyer, New York; S. H. Carr, Dayton; W. P. Orr,                  Harold-So   do I-especially when I'm thirsty.
 28            .:f'~                    F
                                  J:'vl.I ,HIG7J-N                    ,
               TRAGICAL       TALES    OF SIGNS.                          and halted him and removed the sign with many apo'logies
                                                                          and blushes. That strange meeting led to an acquaintance
 Hard   Luck   and Business Reverses Cause a Demand            for        and a wedding.
                       Window Cards.
                                                                                           Bennett Company's Booklet.
        Did you ever notice anything in the advertising columns
  of a newspaper that told a tale in brief as plainly as if it                 The Charles Bennett Furniture        Company, Charlotte,
  filled a column of the reading matter in another section of             Mich., have just issued a neat little pocket booklet on buffets,
  the newspaper?      Some people read between the lines roman-           chinas and sideboards.   This is a forerunner of their regular
  ces and tragedies of the signs as readily.                              catalogue which will be ready to mail about March 1. The
        A city sign-painter  has recently chatted entertainingly
  about the suggestiveness      of his work. Ever since r first
  learned my trade, he said, I have been a reader of signs as
  well as a maker of them. Between the lines of many a sign
  I read a story-a talc of triumph or a tragedy of ddeat.
  Again, I have acquired the habit of industry, and ,by industry
  I thrive, pay rent, meet bilts, keep square with my fellowman
  and am in tbe shop when wanted.
       I painted a window card for a prominent merchant years
 ago. It read, "Boy ':Vanted."It was a ,remarkable boy who
  got the job. As I lettered it, I imagined who the boy would
  be and how he wou"ld turn out. I kept my eye on the boy
 who took the job, the merchant's daughter for a wife, and
 a place in the finn. That was a romance, and a fact.
       In my time I have painted many a "Boy \\'anted."     Vv'ell,
 some of them did not turn out so well as my first hero, more
 than one was not wanted long and went to the bad.
       It was only the other day that a man along in years
 dropped in on me. He purchased a "Furnisbed               Room"
 card and T could not hide the expression of surprise on my
 face. He explained that he had lost a fortune since retiring
 from bU'siness. He told me that the only thing that was saved
 from the wreck was the family home which, as good luck
 would have it, was in the name of his wife. As he paid for
 the placard he said sarcastically:      "My wife has furnished
 rooms to rent in the house and I have a vacancy in the upper                      Made by Ch ... Sennett   Furniture   Co., Charlotte,   Mieh.
       I have in my shop now a "Piano Lessons" sign that is a             above cut and the one in their advertisement on another page
 dirge of buried hopes. The job was done to order for as                  of this paper, will give a slight idea of the beauty of design
 nice a woman as ever trod the -earth, the flower of a family             in this new line. These are money makers for merchants
 of high degree. No end to their wealth, so everybody                     because they are excellent values, well made and finished, and
thought.       Father died, left an immense fortune in trust.             cheap.
Trustee, a scoundrel, beggared the estate and skipped. When
 the exposure took place, girl was about to marry a nab. He
                                                                                   Great Demand! ·for New Freight Cars.
 had a frozen heart on account of the changed financial con-
ditions, and the wedding, already announced, was postponed.                 Orders for steel cars amounting to $150,000,000 are now
The Lord didn't postpone the measley chap. The races and               in the hands of the steel car building companies of the Pitts-
the bucket shop got him, and if he lives long enough he will           burg and other districts for construction this year and in.
be peddling shoestrings       Saturday nights and panhandling          quiries are coming for cars that already give indications of
                                                                       orders amounting to from' $20,000,000 to $30,000,000 more.
the rest of the week. The brave little woman is now giving
                                                                       This is startling in the face of so much talk that the railroads
piano lessons to support herself and mother.          Everything
they had went and they are the poorest of the poor.                    have been compelled to curtail their buying because of failure
                                                                       to secure funds.
       Another sign reads: "Receiver's Sale.        Entire Stock
                                                                            Despite ~the enormous aggregate of cars now in the
to be closed Out."          There -if, a story goes with that.
                                                                       hands of the steel car builders the railroads would be willing
A man in trade crawled all the way up the ladder by patient            to buy many thousands more if they could be assured deliv-
degrees, winning every inch and every dollar by hard work,             ery within the next twelve months.       Practically every steel
square dealing, and clean methods. Then at the height, Mr.             car building company in the country is booked ahead for
man got dizzy from a swelled head and thought that he knew            more than one year, and plans are on foot for extensions
it all, made some blunders that jarred him, but taught him            that will "largely increase capacity. The need for cars was
no lesson. Then he got gay, became extravagant, then reck-
                                                                       never more urgent than at present, but the buying has been
less; instead of hauling in sail, he sprl.::ad more canvas,           limited only by the capacity of the builders.
threw discretion to the winds, and his craft turned turtle.                 Recently    the Standard     Steel Car Company which
Mr. :vIan is in a sanitarium, his affairs in the hands of the re-
                                                                      has 6,000 men at work at its Butler plant, began the con-
ceiver, and his wife was in yesterday and ordered a window
                                                                      struction of a $3;000,000 steel car works at Hammond, Ind. to
card. "Board by'the Day or \\'eek."
                                                                      care for the orders which are threatening          to overflow it.
     I sell "Girl \Vanted" signs to the restaurant folks. The         This new plant 'will be almost a duplicate of the Butler
last one that T disposed of produced unexpected results. A            works, and it is expected to be in operation in August. Al-
wicked wag stole it out of the window and fastened it to the          ready the railroads of the \-Vest have placed orders for cars
coat tail of a bachelor friend and he paraded the whole               to be constructed there during this year. This plant wilt
length of the street with the announcement in view, and as            relieve the Butler works and allow orders for eastern roads
he passed down the street a pretty young woman ran after              to be handled more quickly at Pittsburg.

   Good Sellers Always.                                                                                    Try
                                     Sample Order

                                                      No. 46, Single Cone.   .2.00 Net.

                             GENUINE          TEMPERED          ALL STEEL          WIRE   MATTRESSES
                                                            MANUFACTURED      BY

  SMITH ®. DAVIS MFG. CO.• St. Louis. Mo.

                                                               Callinet Makers
                                                                               In these days of close competition,
                                                                               need the best p08liible equipment,
                                                                               and this they can have in • • • •

                                                                                          Hand and Foot

Our New "and and Foot Power Circular Saw No.4
 The strollgest, most powerful, and in every way the best
        machine of it!l kind ever made, for rippiJlg,                               Send for our New Catalogue.
                 cross-cutting, boring and grooving.

"W. F. ®. JOHN BARNES                                                                                             co.
                                        654 :Ruby Street. :Rochford. Ill.

               WILL    AWAKEN       LONDONERS                         the quality of goods long after he forgets their prices
                                                                           According to the architect's drawings the plans for the
                                                                      new store provide for a magnificent building. 250 by 200 feet
 Marshall   Field's Former Manager to Give Them a Depart-
                                                                      fronting on three streets.    The date of the opening has
                 ment Store on American Lines.
                                                                      not yet been announced.
        London is experiencing a new invasion by the American
  ideas and has been told to wake up by Harry Gordon Sel-
   fridge, former manager of Marshall Field & Co's retail store                         An Endless       Belt Window,
  in Chicago. M r. Selfridge has been in London for the past               It remained for an ingenious and enterprising Cleveland
   year looking over the situation and has come to the conclu-        merchant, says a contemporary, to discover a way of mul-
   sion that the London shoppers need an up~to-date depart-           tiplying his available window display space by four-a seem-
   ment store. An article in the London Daily Telegraph con-          ing impossibility.   This is how he did it:
  cerning the enterprise quotes Mr. Selfridge as follows:                  The window floor was arranged 50 that it re.volved like
        "Shopping in London presents a problem that will be           all endless chain over two clrums at either elld; the window
  interesting to solve. I confess it fascinates me. I had prac-
  tically retired after the Marshall Field store had been set
  going on a successful basis; but the business holds me still.
  The direction of a large number of men and women toward
                                                                         Chas. Bennett furniture                                CO.
  one honorable end of legitimate success, in which all har-                            CHARLOTTE,           MICHIGAN
  moniously co-operate, seems to me an ambition that is worth
        "If a big store in London is rU,n on lines that are elastic
  and adaptable; if it starts without any old world prejudices
  and methods except the essential virtues of hard work and
  honesty; if it deliberately trics to please the women, first,
  last and all the time; if it is never afraid of a new devel~
  opment merely becausc it is a ch<:wge; if it rca'lizes that a
  woman's shopping can be made more pleasurable to her                                                                        Buffets,
  than ever was the case before-then     I venture to think a real
  ,vant will have been supplied."
        The invasion seems to have bccn complete for th('. Lon-                                                           China
  don Press sounds a warning note to the London merchants
. when it says:                                                                                                           Closets,
        "For years the English producer and ,;endor has had
  the best article on the market in many trades.       But he 'win
  never take the trouble to change his methods of sale, or to                                                                 Side-
  alter his pattern to suit any of his customers.    If they don't
  like what he offers them they can go to-well,        as a matter
  of fact, they have gone to Germany; not for the best article,
  which England still possesses, but for the article they want,
  which England will not sell them. ::'-lotcontent with losing
  the markets of the world, England's merchants are now to
  see the actual trade of London itself challenged before their
  very eyes.
        "The writing has long been upon the waH, and few who
  ran have read. Those few have profited accordingly.          But                         No. 615 Buffet.

  the majority, who will lose their trade because they will not                         Write tor Pocket Edillon
  change their old habits, will suffer; and it will serve them                 of the BEST SELLING LINE you ever handled.
  rig~t. But his words were uttered to ears already sealed
                                                                                  Say the Michigan Artisan told you     SQ.
  in stertorous slumber. Now it is the sleeper's pockets that
  wi!! suffer, 'and the appeal may prove more intelligible. The
  c~mpetition is close at home; the gage of battle is thrown          floor extending back into the store the depth of the window
  down on his front door step."                                       and being s.eparated by a black velvet cloth.
        The motto of the Se"lfridge & Vv'aring store, as it will           The different aluminum articles-some        two hundred in
  be known will be "integrity of business principles, the highest     number-were        wired to the moving window floor, and thus
  quality of merchandise and accuracy in all our statements.          produced such a unique and striking effect as to challenge
  \Ve shall stock only the best. The purchaser remembers              the attention of a large number of pedestrians.      Before this
                                                                      device \',,·as installed, but fifty pieces could be shown, and
                                                                      that in the old time stationary stile.
                                     "enry Schmit &. Co.                   This enterprising merchant has i<blazed a new trail" in
                                         "opkln. _Ad "_rrlet St:t.    the window display line which merchants in many other
                                              Cincinn_U. 0,
                                                                      lines of business. may find it to their advantage to employ.
                                                                      The device was home-made, simple in design, inexpensive,
                                                 U::.llS   or         and driven by a small electric motor concealed below the
                                      UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE
                                     LODG~ AND PULPIT, PARLOR              Every man stamps his own value upon the coin of his
                                          LIBRARY, HOTEL              character in his own mint, and he cannot expect to pass it
                                         AND CLUB ROOM                for more, and should not be disappointed if people do not
                                                                      take it for more than its face value.

Woodard furniture Co.
            OWOSSO,              MICHIGAN

           OUR         1907                 LINE
                                                  of Mahogany,
                                             Circassian Walnut,
                                        BIRD'S-EYE             MAPLE,
                                          Quarter           Sawed Oak,

                                      fURN ITU RE
                                        is the sensation in the Furniture
                                        Market today. rt's the kind the
                                        best. merchants everywhere are
                                        buying. If you are not onto this,
                                        get next quick. If you say you
                                        saw this in the Michigan Artisan
                                        \\'e will let you into a get rich
                                        scheme that beats anything you
                                        e\"er saw.

                           The New                                 NALLS', the Polish thai Is Making Evansville Famous.
             "PERFECT··                                                                                 Nan's Red Star Polish dries instantly
                                                                                                    and never soften:;; or gums.       No dis-
                                                                                                    agreeablt! or offensive ooor. Never set-
             FOLDING                    CHAIR                                                       tles or evaporates. A trial order always
                                                                                                     makes a permanent customer.        Brings
                                                                                                     out the finish and gives new Ufll!:10
                     PATKNTEP OCT. 20, 1903.                                                        furniture, This PoUsb is free from add.
                                                                                                     Can be used by any child. Guaranteed
               Comfortable                Durable                                                    to give satisfaction.
               Simple                     Neat                                                         Sold in 1, 2, 5 and 10 gallon cans and
                The Acme of Perfection in the line 01                                                in barrels, also put up III 2, 3and 6 oz.
             Folding Chairs. PERFRCT    CaMP"cTNESS                                                  bottles retailing for 100. 15c a.nd
             wh«n folded.                                                                           25c.     allowing a liberal profit to the
                Hard maple. natural finish.                                                         retailer. Write for prices and state
                                                                                                     quantity wanted,
                       WRITE    FOR   PRICES.
                                                                    A perfect Polish and Cleaner for Furniture. Office and B ..r Ffx-
                               15M                              tures. Pianos. Organs. Bicycles. Iron beds. Carrh,iea and
             PEABODY SCHOOL                                         We re.r~l' you to the Crescent Furl1,iture (fo" The E'IJQnsvitle Oe8k (fo"
                                                                The Eli D. j!filler Folding Bed 00., and the Oity National Bank of
              FURNITURE CO.                                     Evansville.
  No. &1     North    Manchester,               Indiana         AMERICANPHARMACALCO., 'os UP". "ROT ST., Evansville, Ind.

UNION FURNITURE CO.                                                               EXCEPTIONAL
                                                                          FACTORY OPPORTUNITY
                         ROCKFORD, iLL.                              Do yOll wish to find all opening for a CHAIR FACTORY              or would
                                                                like to remove to some more favorable 10caHon?        If so, it would repay
                                                                rOll to at once request information about a fille location itl tbegreat timber
                                                                section of Southeast Missouri along the

                     China Closets
                                                                      Liberal indll~ments are offered to secure a bona fide proposition        em-
                                                                ploying !Lotless than forty men.       Good di.;tTibuting facilities for finished
                    We lead in Sty~, CQnt.lructron   and        product.     Correspondence     is invited regarding this and other excellent
                  Finish. See OUI CatalOille.                   opportunities    for furniture, mattress, iron bed and other factories along
                                                                our line~. Send forindustriat        d68cripliN3 matter about the Rock Istand-
                    Qur line an pern1aDelltexhibitim. 7th       If'riseo.
                  Floor. New M.tRllfacturer.! BuildiDe.              M. SCHULTER, Industrial CommissiOlll}t. RDCk Island.Frisco        Lines,
                  Grand Rapid"                                              1144 Friscf) Bldg" ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI.
                            THIS PUSH BUTTON distinguishesthe
                            "ROYAL" Morris Chairs from the other kind
                                                                                                                  Six Years

                                                                                                                   of Test

                                                                                  THE."ROYAL                       Have

                                                                                  PUSHBUTTON                      Suprem.lcy
                                                                                  MORRIS CHAIR

            MORRIS CHAIRS

            $6.00     to   $30.00

   Royal Chair Co.
              STURGIS. MICH.

                 Good Traits in Employers.                              Another employer had a quality which won me in spite
    The ideal employer is, no doubt, the one who gets the          of his rather acrid disposition.  \Vhenever he set me a task
most efficient work from his employes with the maximum             he took great pains to make clear just what he wanted done-
of contentment on their part. Under cover of anonymity,            ;Ind how-and     when he wanted it. He would patiently. an-
says a writer in \Vorld's "'lark, I can tell several stories of    swer any numbeT of ,questions that would make these things
employers, and describe certain of the qualities that make         clear. Then I heard no more of the task until it was done.
men popular or unpopular with their employes.                      H it were done properly, he merely said, "thank YOu." If
                                                                   it were wrong, or not on time, I got a scorching "call-down."'
      One was a grocer in a small western city for whom I
kept books. His sales people liked him because in rush             His theory was a fair one-that     when he had given a man
                                                                   every chance. to learn what was wanted he had a right to ex-
hours be worked behind the counter with them, and on the
occasion when he asked overtime work, he was always on             pect the results.  But I appreciated especially the fact that
                                                                   between the time the task was set and its conclusion, I
hand and did more than anyone of them. But my own lik-
                                                                   heard nothing about it from him. Other men for whom I
ing for him was based 011 two incidents which happened soon
                                                                   had worked had nagged me almost to distraction.
after I went to work for him. I was told that every morn-
ing I was expected to sweep out the office where I worked.
                                                                                      Reasons Are Necessary.
I disliked this small piece of drudgery because it seemed
menial and I~pproached    the l<boss" on the second day and            A.  salesman, early in his career,learns   to judge his
said:                                                              buyers, and to adapt his arguments and methods of approach
                                                                   to each individual case. You cannot address a different ad-
     "Me G-, am I supposed to sweep out the offiee every           vertisement to each individual, but you can get at the kind
morning?"      He responded with a simple "yes." There was
                                                                   of people you are selling to and show up the points about
no emphasis on the word, either of command or irritation,          your goods that will get them to buy. Give reasons why.
or other emotion, but it was as final as a judgment of the         That is essential, 110 matter whom you are addressing, but
Supreme Court, Some. months later I had an offer of a              the specific reasons why must be adapted to your particular
position with a higher salary. I needed the extra money,           audience.
so I went to Mr. G-- again, and said:
     ".:lir. G--, I like to work here and I don't wish to leave,
                                                                                 Don't FoUow the Ban<t Wagon.
but Blank & Co. have just offered me $60 a month-"
                                                                       Don't be a band-wagon man. He never amounts to
     "I'll give you that," he interrupted, in the same dispas-     anything.  Nobody respects him. He is not even respected
sionate tone as before. I stayed.
                                                                   by himself. The world admires a plucky fighter even if he
     I liked two qualities of the man-this instant decisiveness    goes down in defeat. Friends know that he can be depended
and the impression he always produced that he would stand          on, enemies know that he is to be counted on, and such a
by his decisions.   It made us who worked for him feel that        one himself feels more like a man because of it. Stand for
we knew just what he could be expected to do when he said          something.  Don't be a nonentity, for that is what a band-
a thing.                                                           wagon man is.-Chanute     (Kan.) Tribune.
                                                                                    711'<-T I oS' J'I~                                            33
                                                                                  27ft    9           7   $ .a

                                                                                    tofore, the company has made library and extension tables
                                                   THE LEXINGTON                    -which    have proved satisfactory-and    now, with the erec-
                                                 Michigan Blvd. & 22d 51.           tion of a new building and the installment of new machinery
                                                     CHICAGO, ILL.                  for the purpose, a complete line of dining room furniture
                                                                                    \-viII be manufactured in connection with its present line.
                                                   Refurnished        and re-       \Jr. Banta assumed charge of the old factory five years ago
                                                 fitted throughout.         New     and by his energy and ability has tripled the output.
                                                 Management.                The
                                                                                          The Chicago Furniture ::'vIanufacturer's Association held
                                                 furniture   dealers' head-
                                                                                    its anntlal meeting Feb. 12 in the banquet hall of the Chicago
                                                 quarters.       Most con-
                                                                                    Athletic Association.     A large number of the members were
                                                venienlly        situated    to
                                                                                    present and occasion was taken to cc'lcbrate the birthday
                                                 the   furniture      display
                                                                                    of the Great Em,ancipator.
                                                                                          The Fourteenth      Street Furniture  Market was unex-
                                                                                    pectedly turned in to an auto show the first of the month.
                                                 Inter·State Hotel CO.              The Ford 1Iotor Company's sales rooms on Michigan avenue
                                                OWNER        &   PROPRIETOR         were gutted by fire and manager l\lcCready generously ten-
                                                  E. K. eriley. Pres.;              dered the company ample space on the first floor of the build-
                                                T. M. CrHey, V. Pres.;
                                                L. H. Firey. Sec- Tte3.S..
                                                                                          A new furniture concern known as the ,Manufacturer's
                                                                                    Sample Furniture Company will be opened in Chicago the
                                                                                    middle of ~larch. The controlling parties in the venture are
                                                                                    Sigmund Kline and Louis \\l eil, the latter former manager
                                                                                    of the Sample Furni'ture Company of this city. The company
                                                                                    wilt occupy five floors at 346-8 \Vabash avenue, which will
                                                                                    give them a display space of some 30,000 feet. Both men
                                                                                    arc \vell and favorably known to the trade and the enterprise
                                                                                    will undoubtedly he successful.
                                                                                          J. C. Hills, of the Peck & Hills Furniture Company, left
     Chicago, Feb. 23.-,\1though the exposition season is a                         la,st week for a trip to Cuba. He was accompanied by his
thing of the past there is enough activity in the retail mar-                       wit, and th. Ruiz, manager of the foreign department.
ket to employ the millc1s of tile buyers and sel1ers. The man-                      Mr. .-Jills will combine business with pleasure and expects
ufacturers are now reaping the benefits of their talks to the                       to remain in the tropics for the next two months.
buyers at the ShO"'\'5 and the orders seem to be coming in                              Four new companies for the manufacture of furniture in
pretty rapidly. In fact, there is no let-up to the volume of                        Chicago have formed during the month. They are: The
business. Salesmen in the city and on the road report                               Empire Furniture & l\Ianufacturing     Co., with a capital of
good business and every body seems to be satisfied. The                             $10,000. P. L. ::VlcArdle, F. P. Brodculis and A. ]. Schmidt
only difficulty experienced is with the manufacturer      who                       are the incorporators.
either cannot get material enough to fill his orders or is                               TlIc People's Portrait and Frame Company with a capital
unable to get cars to move his goods.                                               of $3,000.  J. E. Dittus, H. II. Costello, 1. R. Lewis, incor-
     The exhibition buildings have again fallen into the be-                        porators.
tween-season state, and with the cxccpt~on of a few buyers                               11ahogany Koveity Company, capital $10,000. To man-
(mostly in the city) the attendance is very limited. Plenty                         ufacture picture frames. Incorporators, R. J. Cook, D. B.
of goods, hmvcver, remain on the floors and even now the                            Graham, and Vv'alter Frahicus.
furniture buyer should have little difficulty in selecting his                           International Mirror Company, capital $5,000. S. C. Car-
goods.                                                                              roll, E. E. V/augh and Nina Johnson, incorporators.
    The Banta Furniture Company, which has had a won-                                    Secretary McCready, of the new }lanufacturer's   Furniture
derful growth under the management of llarvey F. Banta,                             Exchange, realizing the difficulty dealers have in remembering
has begun an expansion of its plant at Goshell, Ind. Here-                          the names of the various Chicago exhibition buildings, has
                                                                                    decided to re-christen the name of the new exchange.          It
                                                                                    will hereafter be known as the Fourteenth Street Furniture
                              Why Not Order?                                        :'darket and will continue to be the home of Chicago-made
                          Say a dozen    or more Montgomery                         furniture.
                          Iron Display Couch Trucks sent you
                          on approval ~ If nol satisfactory lhey can be                  A new name has been added to the selling force of the
                          returned at no expellse to you whalever,                  Columbia Feather Company. ZoIa C. Green, manager of the
                          while the price asked is bUI a tri8e, com~                company, has succeeded in enlisting the services of James A.
                          pared to the convenience Ihey afford and
                          the economy they represent in the saving                  Dean, former manager of Mandel Brother's metal bed and
                          of floor space.                                           bedding department.   !vfr. Dean is well known in the retail
                             ThiIty-two couches mounted on the                      trade in Chicago and is a valuable addition to Mr. Green's
                          Montgomery Iron Display Couch T fUcks                     growing business.
                          occupy the same floor space as twelve dis~
                          played in the usual manner.                                   A. H. Revell and family have been visiting in Washington,
                             Write for catalogue giving full descrip~               D. C and Palm Beach, Fla" the past month.
                          bon and price in the different finishes, to~
                          gether with illustrations demonstrating the
                                                                                        The Derby Desk Company, 311 \J\.!abash avenue, sustained
                          use of the Giani Short Rail Bed Fastener                  a loss of $30,000 by fire February 13. The blaze started in
                          for Jron Beds. Manufactured by                            the basement which is used as a storeroom by the Derby
                                                                                    company.     Before the firemen could arrive the fire had
                             H. J. MONTGOMERY                                       spread to the first and second floors and was making danger-
                          Silver Creek, New York, U. S. A.                          ous bead way. Two hours of fighting, ho",1ever, extinguished
                            Dennis Wire and Iron Co., Canadian Manu~                the blaze. Several other companies suffered an aggregate
                                      facturers. London, Onto
                                                                                    loss of $30,000, among them being the Chickering-Chase


B'rothers Piano Co., and the Henry Holtzmann & Sons Com-           nothing to do but make a settlement and vacate. How soon
pany.                                                              that will be I cannot say; it will probably be some time,
     F. T. Plimptoh has added the line of the Spencer &            though.   VVe have done nothing in the matter of a site for
Barnes to his list. The Hawks line was dropped from the            our factory.    Several locations have been offered but none
Plimpton exhibit in January, when no showing was made by           has been accepted.     There are so many companies affected
that company.                                                      by the ruling of the council that it will be months before
     Chas. Kindel, of the Kindel Manufacturing Company, St.        we are obliged to come to a settlement."
Louis, was in Chicago Feb. 18 to confer with John A. Arton,             The police authorities of Chicago are still searching for
the Chicago representative.     Mr. Kindel reports good bus-       W, R. Wieboldt, a furniture dealer at 1302 Belmont avenue,
iness in the St. Louis territory and a satisfactory season in      who, after setting fire to his store, disappeared, Every effort
New York. He was on his way to Toronto to look after the           to locate the missing man has proven futile.
Canada branch of the company.                                           On the day of the fire it was fQund that blankets satur-
     Mt ~rommersberger,     vice-president of Charles Emmer-       ated with coal oil had been hung from the ceiling of the store,
ich & Co., is in New York attending to the company's bus-          which caused the p01ice to look further into the causes of the
iness at the exposition.                                           blaze. Insurance policies to the amount of over $30,000
    Condemnation proceedings have been instituted by 'the          were found, aU of which had been taken out a month or two
Northwestern -Railroad Company against the- factory sites          previous to the fire. Between twenty-five and thirty com-


of the Johnson Chair Company, the L. F. K ounast Table             panics were repre5ented in the policies nearly all of which
Comrany and the Koenig & Gamer Furniture               Company.    wcre for $1,000. Other papers found in a satchel in the v'lie-
This is the result of an ordinance recently pas5ed by the          bolelt apartment were worth $20,000.
city council giving the 1':J orthwestern the privilege of widen-        \Vieboldt's daughter disappeared at about the same time
ing tqe right of way amll II).aking various other improvements     and left a note saying that both she and her father had ended
in the Halsted street di~~trict.                                   their troubles in the: lake. The suicide story, however, has
      The plans of the railroad company contemplate the des-       since been discreJited    as reports from both parties have
truction of a number of manufacturing pla.nts but the three        been received by friends in this city, It is now supposed
companies named are the 'only ones connected with the fur-         that Wieboldt is hiding in St. Louk
niture trade to suffer. The Johnson plant will be cut in half,          Upon the request of the American Trust and Savings
the line of demarca.tion, so to speak, starting in at the south-   Bank, receiver in the affair, an order was entered by the court
east corner of the site at Halsted and Erie streets and con-       permitting the receiver to sell at 'private sale the two stores
tinuing through t,o the northwest corner on Green street.          owned by \Vieboldt.
This will leave a part of the factory untouched but the ware~
rooms and office will be included in the path.                                        Mr. Flesh Changes Base.
     The northeast corner of the Nonnast factory, on Green             l-  Vl. Flesh, the popular salesman of eron-Kills & Co.,
street opposite the Johnson plant, will be cut off, and almost     has become general sales manager for the L. C. & W. L.
the entire site of the Koenig & Gamer factory will be taken        Cron Company of Piqua, 0., who are about to discontinue
in by the proposed improvements.         It is possible that the   their export trade and devote their energies to satisfying
Nonnast plant will be able to stand the loss of the corner         the American demands for dressers and chiffoniers.         ,Mr.
and yet retain its present location, The: other companies,         Flesh is thoroughly competent, both horn his long exper-
however, will be obliged to remove completely.'                    ience as a furniture salesman and on account of his exten-
      In regard to the suit and bis plans for the future, :\/Ir.   sive acquaintances with buyers in all parts of the country,
Ne1s Johnson of the Johnson Chair Company said: "We                to ,guarantee the sales of this company's output.   Mr. :Flesh
have been served with a notice that proceedings have been          is very enthusiastic over the new patterns.    He says that
started but there has been nothing done so far, We will have       they are bound to make good.

                        OWOSSO,               MICHIGAN

      No. 318. American Oak.     44x48 in. Top.         American Base.   7 in. Pillar.

Rockford Chair and Furniture Co.,                                             Rockford, III.
                                  SPRING      LINE

                               Dunels. Doo~mes.
                                 Oina (IosetS.
                                 li~rarJ Cases,

                                 On sale at our ware-
                               rooms, BLODGETT
                               BLOCK,      GRAND
                               RAPIDS, MICH., dur-
                               ing January, 1907.
    36           ·:f'~MI9]iIG7JN

                                                                          Co. on the west side. There arc nearly a score of furniture
                                                                          stores on 1\1ichigan avenue and about as many more on Gra-
                                                                          tiot. ~lost 'of them carryon        an installment business, and
                                                                          some of them have an immense trade.
                                                                               \i\lith the opening of navigation, ""'hich is less than eight
                                                                          weeks away, will commence the usua1 rush of spring and sum-
                                                                          mer visitors.     Official reports show that the steamboat pas-
           Detroit, Feb. 25.-The Palmer Manufacturing Company             senger business of Detroit far exceeds that of any port on
    wiH soon he in full possession of their new three-story brick         the lakes with the possible exception of Chicago. This al-
    addition.     One floor is already filled with parlor and library     'ways makes busincss brisk for Detroit merchants.
     tables and pedestals.     A large part of the first floor will be         Some of the enthusiastic Detroit boomers arc now pre-
     occupied with offices, which will be handsomely fitted up.           dicting that this wilt be the sixth city in population when
     The second floor will be used as a sample room, where sam-           the. United States census of 1910 is completed.        The city is
     ples of their full line will be kept for the inspection of buyers.   certainly making marvelous strides in growth of population
     /\. new old gold finish has recently been added to the large         and business, but it is quite possible that these boomers are
     line of finishes previously shown, and already it bids fair to       not com1ting on what other cities are doing. But that's the
     rival in popularity their famous Rookwood finish. Tbey re-           way to make things grow. Had there been no enthusiasts
     port their January sales in Chicago as the best for January
     they have ever had in that market.
            The Pioneer }1anufacturing Company have recently
     fitted up a neat set of offices on the second floor of tb'eir fac-                                                Pioneer
     tory, directly over the old offices; hut they are much larger,                                                    Mf,g. Co ...
     lighter and more convenient in every way. They report
     trade as very satisfactory, their sales in January in Chicago                                                       DETROIT, MICH.
    ·being nearly equal to their last July sales, and much greater
     than any January in that market. Their line of reed and
      rattan rockers, children's carriages and go-carts 'is large                                                       Reed furniture
      and grows in popularity every season.                                                                            Babu Carriages
            The Posselil1s Brothers Furniture }\{anufaeturing Com-
      pany report a good volume of orders on their books, and the
      big factory is being operated to its full capacity. Their dis-
      play at 1319 ~1jchigan avenue, Chicago, in january, was the
      largest they ever made, and their sales were corresponJ~
      ingly heavy.
            The Safety Folding Bcd Company is another of the busy
      ones, and under the skillful guidance of manager Farrel is                                                          Full IiDe shown on
                                                                                                                       secoDd floor. ] 3; ] 9
      growing steadily from year to year.
            J. C. \Vidman & Co., made such a big display of china                                                      Mlcbi1!an Ave.. Chi-
      closets, buffets and ha1l furniture in Chicago and K ew York                                                     cago. iD January.
      in January that they "caught the crowd" and are full of bus~
            The vVolverine Manufacturing       Company and Cadillac
      Cabinet Company report business active.
            The Detroit Folding Bed Company is one of the suc-
      cessful ones in the way of providir.g vehicles for the babies.
                                                                                                                     and a general line of
      Some of their goods are illustrated in this issue. Look up
      the pictures, get their prices and prepare to gladden the                                                  ff\NGY Tf\BLES
      hearts of the young mammas and the future presidents, dce-
      presidents, senators, representatives      and other great men                                              Write for Cuts and Prices
      and great women who are coming to take our places in the
      conduct of affairs in this great and glorious nation of Uncle

            The "'1'/. E. Barker furniture 'store at 178 \¥oodward                                               PALMER
       avenue has been vacated, and the goods that were not sold                                                   Manufacturing Co.
       in the recent clearing sale were moved to the Michigan ave-                                               1015 to 1035 Palmer Ave.
       nue store, corner of Third street. The big Michigan avenue                                                   DETROTT, MICH.
       store is filled with goods, as the peop1e are discovering,                                                  Full line shown on second
       and a good, steady business is carried on.                                                                floor, 1319 Michigan    Ave.,
                                                                                                                 Chicago, in January.
            Owing to the putting in of the foundation of the huge
       eighteen story office building at Griswold and Congress
       streets, the foundations of the ~1offat building, (in '",hich       :a Chicago it would be far from the second city in the United
       Geo. J. Reindel & Co's office furniture store was located) re-      States and the fourth or fifth in the world. The writer, who
       quired to be strengthened,     which rendered it necessary to       is far from being an old man, was in Chicago when it was
       vacate the premises.    Temporary quarters are now occupied         not not more thaI). half as large as Detroit is at present, so
       on Farmer street, but the fine six-story building now being         there is every reason for the residents of Detroit to look
       erected for them wilt give th(',m in a few weeks, one of the        forward to a city of one million souls in less than twenty
       [Lnest furniture stores in the city or state. Geo. Reindel is       years.
       one. of the busy merchants of Detroit.        \\Then he removes
       froin "Voodward avenue there will be but four furniture                  Andrew Dutton, the Boston jobber in upholstery goods,
       stores on that street, viz: \iVeit & Co. and A. A. Gray & Co.       will open a branch in Detroit, from which he will fill orders
       on the east side and Keenan & Jalm [lnd H. R. Leonard &             from ~1ichigan and the northwest.

                                                                                             MANUFACTURERS         OF

   Murphy Chair Co.                                                                                           LUMBER &.
                                                                             HARDWOOD                         VENEERS

    MANUFACTURERS                                 DETROIT, MICH. '           ~1"f'f'E[jQUAR. OAK VENEERS
                                                                                  MAHOGANY                   VENEERS

                                                                                    BROTHERS COMPANY
   A COMPLETE                                           LINE                 804 W, Main SI"   FORT WAYNE, INDIANA

               Banking     by Mail.Order       Houses.                    He who does the hard task with cheerfulness, who shakes
    Tbe   circle   of   business   interests   adversly   affcctej   by   hands   with hardship    as if it were his friend, who bears his
mail-order houses is widening.       These houses now propose             burden withont complaint, who does drudgery with undaunt-
to extend their operations to banking.     Chicago advices state          ed spirit-there     is something of the hero in him. No one
that country bankers arc greatly disturbed over a recent de-              unless there is something of this spirit inside of him can
velopment ·which threatens to sap their vitality. They have               risc 8bovc his task and be content.       It is the unheroic who
1earncd that the rural sect tons of the central ...vest have been         allow the task to master them. And especially is there
circularized by mail-order houses requesting the opening of               heroic stuff in that man who goes cheerfully to the work
deposit acconnt>;, offering to pay as high as six per cent in-            that is uncongenial to him.
terest and to fumlsh certificates for such deposits payable                    :~dorris tells us that art is the expression of a man's joy
on demand.                                                                in his work. And he who faces the work he dislikes to do
     The circulars arc not only sent to farmers but also to               'with a cheerful spirit may not be an artist, but he has hero's
workingmen in towns and villages, tints taking in a very                  blood in his veins. The father who goes to a daily grind
large part of the income-producing        population.   The pur-          that does not flt his taste, but who does it joyfully because
pose of the scheme is plainly to increase the sale of mer-                he can thereby minister to his own, is a hero-commonplace,
chandise, as the deposito"r is advised that he can make pur-              perhaps~but      a hero. The mother who takes up the drud-
chases against his bank account and have the charges de-                  gery of her household, not because it meets her pleasure,
ducted from tIle anlOnnt to his credit.                         bt1t because she finds joy ~n doing for her loved ones-she
     The plan is 110W in use by some of the department stores             is heroic. Om human nature is full of this heroic action.
in large cities, and has evidently been found e1Tective in stim-               On the other hand, he who whines because his task is
ulating business.     The high interest which is held out as an           unfitting and sputters about it for sympathy's s8ke may get
inducement \vOlild hardly be paid if the mail-order house                 sympathy.      But he will not get admiration because he does
was simply adding a banking deparbnent;        but it is cxpected         not deserve it. In its heart of hearts humanity loves the
to be easily borne out of the pro lib accruing from the in-               brave man \vho flghts on to the death and goes down with
creased sales of goods to those having runnillg accounts.                 the colors flying and the drums beating the march. It
     TIle resentment of country b;:l11kcrsagainst this invasion           adores the hero who battles on with broken sword. Onty
of their field of operations is said to be so great that they             its eyes are not open to see these thillgS in everyday life.
arc actively seeking for some practical method of heading it
off. Retailers of merchandisc and small mannfacturers, who                     Bu"incss men of ~ e\'v·;port, Tenn., propOse to raise
have increasingly felt the wit lIering competition of the mail-           $15.000. and secure S2G,000 more outside to establish a chair
order houses operating in their territory, "wilt he greatly in-           factory.  The concern will he called the Continental Chair
terested in observillg -..vhat degree of success wil1 attend the          Company.
efIorts of the bankers.
      1'1uch rejoicing would be occasioned if the mail-order
houses, in grasping for still greater bnsiness advantages,                     The James G. Reynolds Co., recently organized to en-
should antagonize interests c8pnble of efIeetive opposition               gage in gencral wholesale anil retail mercantile business in
and perhaps of damagillg ret81i8lion.                                     Philadelphia,   will h:Jve a furniture department.   Capital,
                                                                          $73,000, paid in.
                   Hen:>ism in Everyday         Life.
    El Paso (Tex.) Times:-\Ve     agree with a contemporary                   Somc of the ~outhern lumbermen are predicting          that
who says there is plenty of heroism in common life. It may                the use of rcd gum as a furniture wood will increase       fifty
be a sort of passive heroism, hut it is heroism just the same.            per cent Juring the coming year.

     White Printing Co.                                                                                      HIGH GRADE
                            ===GRAND                RAPIDS MICH.--====~====


                                                   Chair                     Co.
                                                          RICHMOND,       IND.

                                                  The Slandard line of Double Cane

                                                       CHAIRS and

                                                  Mentioll   MICHIGAN       ARTISAN

                  CONDITIONS              ARE       UNUSUAL.                                    "I don't know just how the car famine can be· relieved.
                                                                                           It is true that the business of the country has increased            much
                                                                                           more rapidly      than the railroad    facilities    but that does not
Retail Furniture         Dealers Were Wise              Enough       to Stock Up           account for the whole of the shortage.            Much of the trouble
                              at Old Prices.                                               is due to carelessness     or bad management           of the railroads.
                                                                                           The shippers     may he responsible     for a part of it, but most of
      "Conditions       are peculiar or tltHlsual, rather," said Char-
                                                                                           it can he charged     lo the railroad     managers.
Ie" R. Sligh, president            and manager        of. the Sligh Furnitllre
                                                                                                "T t is not more lines of road or more cars that are needed
Company,        Grand     Rapids,      Mich. the other day, when asked
                                                                                           so much as more engines and more tracks so that the cars
for his views on the present               and future of the furniture             bus-
                                                                                           can be kept moving.         Every    through      line in the country
iness.    "'/lire arc not grumbling,"           he continued.          "Vie booked
                                                                                           should be double-tracked      and their terminal        facilities  should
more business in January              than in ally previous          winter season
                                                                                           be enlarged.
and have about all that we can handle, but it is a fact that
                                                                                                "I think the reciprocal      demurrage       laws that are being
orders have been coming rather slowly in February.                              I have
                                                                                           enacted in se\"eral sta.tes will help the situation         considerably.
talked with several other manufacturers                    and they all report
the same experience.
is a good reason
                   nothing      strange      in the situation.
                          for the falling off in orders.
                                                                      In fact there
                                                                        Prices have
                                                                                              STAR CASTER CUP CO.
                                                                                                        NORTH       UNiON    STRt"ET.    GRAND      RAPIDS,   MICH.
been advancing         steadily     for the past year or two.               The fur-
niture    dealers     knew       that    a general      advance         must     come.
They expected         it and most of them prepared                  for it last fall
by ordering       heavier     than usual and they were \vise in their
      "Usually     manufacturers          have matly orders countermand-
ed in the fall and winter.                Tbis year tbere were no COlll1-
termands.        On the contrary            the dealers     insisted     on having
their orders filted e',ren if they ran over the season.                      'vVe had
orders amounting           to $12,000 or $15.000 that we were unable
to get out on time.            At the close of the January               season we
                                                                                                                            (PATEi"T APt'Lnm    FOR)
sent out cards to those who had not been here during                                the
                                                                                                   We have adoptl'!d celluloid as a base fot OUt Caster Cups. making the
month     asking whether           they wished us to fill the orders                  or      best CUD0" the market. Celluloid is a great improvement over bases
cancel them.         The replies,. 'without          exception       said ship the            made ('.If other material. ''''ben it is necessary to move a piece supported
                                                                                              oy caps with oases jt call he dOlle wilh ease, as the bases areper-
goods    as soon as possible,              and several of them took oc-                       fectly smooth. Celluloid does not sweat. and by the use of Ihelle cup
                                                                                              tabl~s are never marren.       These cups are finished in Goldl"n Oak and
casion to remind us that the goods werc bought                           at the old           'White Maple. finished light. If you will try IIIsample order oj theBe
prices and must be delivercd                 without   change in figures.                     goods you will desire to hall.dte them in quantities.
      "It is evident that most of the dealers are .vell stocked.                                          PRICES; Size 21{ inchl"S            ·$5,50 pel" hu.ndred.
                                                                                                                      Size 27£ inches           4.50 P6r hundred.
I do not think that any of them are overstocked.                              If ship-               f. o.   b.   Grand RapidB.         TRY    A SAMPLE       OR])ER.
ping facilities     improve       so that last year's crops can b(~ mar-
keted, all dealers will have a good spring trade and will \vant
to buy heavier        than ever in the summer                sea~on.                       They will not only calise the rai1roads to make greater efforts
      "This car shortage            has had a worse          effect on business            to move cars promptly,   but, by calling'attention to the matter
than is generally           realized.       Ii has not only bothered                the    will lead shippers to load and unload without waste of time."
manufacturers        in getting lumber and other ~urp'jjes,                   but has
hurt the relail trade in all lines.                It is not over yet and I                                            A Desirable Position.
don't know when it will be.               I had a letter from a lumherman                        The Boss-\\ihat      do you want?
on the PacifiC coast-V\iashington-this                    week stating          that it          Applicant-T     came to inquire if you were in want                    of an
is worse       than ever out there.              The writer       tells of a mill          assistant.
owner, who has $180,000 worth of lumber on hand that should                                      Boss-Very     sorry;   I do all the work myself.
have been shipped            weeks or months          ago and that mill is a                     Applicant-Ah,     that would just suit mc.-Hapgood's                    Op-
small affair in the interior,           not one of the big concerns.                       portunities.

                              Miscellaneous       Notes.                                    The exhibit of furniture and upholstering at the James-
           Albert Owens, of Atlanta, Ga., has brought action in                        town Exposition     will be of all educational as well as in-
     the sum of $5,000 agaillst the Southern Spring Bed Com-                           dustrial char;\cter and to display it eight or ten rooms will
     pany, Atlanta, Ga., alleging he lost a finger in the machinery.                   be rcquircd.     These exhibits will cover a period of 300
     His mother also sues for $2,000.                                                  years" beginning from the Elizabethan      reign and will show
           The 1Iarietta Chair COl'npany, Marietta, Ohio, recently                     the different kinds of furniture and decorations     that have
     completed arrangements      by which five thousand acres of                       becn used at every period since that date.
     timber land, located back of Nev\' 1Iartinsvillc,      \V. Va.,
     'vere transferred   to the Hood Lumber Company, \\ibccling,                                        Caster Cups Are a Necessity.
     \V. Va., for a consideration of $50,000.                                               No furniture store is well equipped without a supply of
           N. P. Angle is president, James /\. A[artin vice presi-                     caster cups, The logical cup is the one that prevents the
     dent and n. L. Angle secretary-treasurer     of the Bald Knob                     table from slipping around in it and docs not mar the table
     Furniture   Company, Rocky :'IT ount,  Va., which bas becn in-                    face. The Cline caster cup is one of the few successful
     corporated with a capiUd stock of $50,000.                                        devices of this kind. It is made in two sizes and three fin-

                                                   Crib G From the Large Line of the Hard Mfg. Co,. Buffalo. N, y,

          The copartnership       carried under style of Harvey Furni-                 ishcs :-rosewood,  mahogany and oak,-with      a special pre-
     ture Company, Knoxville, Tenn., has been dissolved by                             pared felt or cork bottom which effectually prevents scratch-
     mutual, consent, \\/. L. I-Tall and L. "\1. Hav ...  ·kins retiring.              ing or sweating marks. The Cline dedce is used exten-
     Charles K Harvey VI/illcontinue tlle business.                                    sively and has been taken up by the furniture and department
          J. F. Gage & Co., dQalcrs in office furniture, Sixth and                     stores of Chicago. The Revell Company uses the Cline cup
     Hennepin      streets, l\iill11eapolis, have incorporated    as the               exclusively.   The prices range from $3.50 per hundred to
     J. F. Gage Compan:y. The capita! stock is $:;O,O{)(), and the                     $-1-.50per hundred and perfect satisfaction    is guaranteed,
     incorporators      arc John F. Gage, Justin C. ?vfarshall and                     Another article manufactured    by the Cline ).1anufacturing
     Oscar V. Rmvnd.                                                                   Company, is' their card holder for price cards. The Chicago
          Tbe old chair manufacturing         firm of P. Derhy & Co.,                  address is L~39 ,Vabash avenue.
     Gardner. "\Jass., with vvareroOhlS in Boston and Xcw York,
     has been incorporated according to the la",vs of ~Iaine. The
     capital stock is $500,000, and J. \V. Hawcs, of Kittery, 1fe.,                                          Furniture Fires.
     is president and clerk, and I-T. P. Knowlton,           of Malden,
     }Iass., is treasllroc.                                                                 Brovo.'n & Durham, .New Haven, Ct., Loss, $3,000.
          Four Knoxville, Tenn., furniture manufacturers        afe pre-                   Antoine & Kent, Urbana, 0., Factory No.1, destroyed.
     parlng to exhibit their goods, made in Knoxviik,              at tbe                   Shelbyville (Ind.) Desk Company.  Drying room; dam-
     furniture exhibitions that \vill be held in Chicago and ~\re \'     ....          age, Sl,500.
     York in Jury. They arc the Proctor Purniture              Company,                    '\·'ainscott  Furniture Company,  Xevada,  110. Loss,
     Knoxville Table & Chair Company, thc Vestal Lumher                  &             $:2,800.
     IVfanufacttlrillg Company, ;ClOd the Cumherland           Furniture                    George 1\1. }Iustard, 1{cCune, Kan. Stor~ completely
     :Manufacturing Company.                                                           destroyed.
                                                                                            W. D Cox & Son, Elsmore, Kan. Store destroyed.
                                                                                            l3. F. Locbvood    & Co., Alliance, Neb. Slight1y dam-
                    THE HA.WKEY& KITCHEN                 CABINET
      Original features. Desi~n, finish and cabinet worll::the best on earth, Prices   aged.
      range from $3.25 to $60.00. Exclusive sale given. Sold to dealers onI",
      Price is a good salesman. Quality is a better one. We have them both                  DuBois & Davidson, Los Angeles, Cal. Loss, $18,000.
      Catalogue   on application.  Union Furniture Co.• BURLINGTON, IOWA:                   Findlay & Speer, School Lake, Man. Loss, $15,000,


                          A Specialty for the Office.                                               Prevents Loss of Temper.
         The B. L, Marble Chair Co., manufacturers of fine office                     One of the most annoying and exasperating little thing"
    upholstered, flag and wood seat chairs and rockers, in Bedford,              in everyday life is to find something loose that ought to be
    Ohio, is a very enterprising corporation, noted fOT their enter-             tight and fast.     Among the little things that frequently
    prise in introducing new features in chair construction of med-              cause such vcxatious annoyances arc knobs or drawer pulls
    ium and high grade. The company have recently brought out                    used on furniture.    The old style knobs, in fact all of the
    an office, an illustration of which is shown in this connec-          ordinary drawer pulls are notorious for dropping off or
    tion, to match the heavy square line effects now so popular with
    manufacturers and mieTS of high grade desks. The lines of this
    chair are designer! to carry out the heavy effects so generally

                                                                              being found loose. There is a kind, however, which instead
                                                                              of being a nuisance really prevents much loss of temper.
                                                                              This article is the invention of Daniel W. Tower of the
                                                                              Grand Rapids (Mich.) Brass Company.           It is called the
                                                                              "No-Kum-Loose"      drawer pull. It is furnished to manufac-
                                                                              turers at remarkably little cost and does not add to the price
                                                                              of the furniture.   Any dealer may have his stock equipped
                                                                              with the "1\ o-Kum-Loose"    puBs by simply making his pref-
                                                                              erence known when ordering goods.

                                                                                         Pittsburg and Sandusky Furniture Fires.
    seen in office desks, and its use furnishes a very pleasing con-               Fire, supposed to have been started by crossed electric
    tribution to furniture for banks, corporations and public institu-        wires completely ruined the Derby Desk Company's build-
    tions.The very best of material is used in the construction of            on Liberty street, Pittsburg,    Fa., on :Monday, February
    this chair, and every detail is worked out minutely. Since its            25th. The building occupied by the Baker Office Furniture
    introduction this chair has sold very rapidly, at times the com-          Company at 817 Liberty street was also destroyed,         and
    pany being pressed to fill orders. Kat only this chair, but every         several adjoining structures were more or less damaged.
    piece in the entire line of the R L. Marble Chair Company de-                  On the same day and almost at the same hour an ex-
    serves the attention of buyers of furniture throughout the                plosion of gas that had accumulatcd         in, the basement
    United State".                                                            wrecked the Bittner building in Sandusky, Ohio. The ex·
                                                                              plosion was followed by fire, complete1y destroying       the
                   WANTED-Wood         Seat Cutter.                           building with the stock of furniture owned by Dilgart &
       Experienced man to take contract for finishing wood seats              Bittner, retail dealers, whosc loss was estimated at $30,000.
    after they come from seat cutting machine.          Excellent
    chance to make good wages.       High grade work only.      It                 Eldridge & Peabody, of Boston, whose Tremont                   street
    would also require at least two helpers.   Please address I·X.            stores were recently hurned, are occupying temporary                quar-
    X.," care of Michigan Artisan at once, stating experience.
                                                           1-25-2t            ters at 47 and 49 Summer street.

                       INDEX TO ADVERTISEMENTS.
    American -Pharmacal Co                 31      Horn Bros. Mfg. Co..........                  . .26   Ranney Refrigerator Co               , .. Inset
    A'laska Refrigerator Co                22      Hotel Pantlind         ,                         15   Richmond Chair Co,.,                         ·.38
                                                   Interstate Hotel Co            _                 33   Robbins Table -C<L          "                  35
    Barnes. W. F. & John Co                29      Invincible Table Fastener Co                  " 9     Rockford Chair & Furn. Co                      35
    Bennett, Chas., Furn. Co        , , .. 30      Jamestown Lounge Co                 , Cover           Royal Chair Co                     , .. ' .. 32
    Belding-Hall Mfg. Co                    1      Johnson Chair Co             ,               Inset    Rock Island-Frisco Route                       31
    Berry Brothers                         12-     Karges Furniture    Co                   ,       24   Safety Folding Bed Co                          21
    Bockstege Furniture    Co             ,24      Kauffman Mfg. Co                                 15   Sargent Mfg. Co .. ,                     ,     26
    Bosse Furniture Co                     25      Lentz Table Co               "                   13   Schmit, Henry. & Co                    ,       30
    Buchanan Cabinet Co .. ,...             9      Luce Furniture    Co . , . . . . . . . . . .      9   Schmoe, C. F.• & Co                            21
    Challenge Refrigerator   Co   ,        15      Marble Chair Co .. ,                       Cover      Sheboygan Chair Co             ,               13
    Chicago Wood Finishing Co               3      Miller, Eli D., & Co                          , .25   Sheboygan Novelty Co                           18
    Cline, L, Mfg. Co                      15      Montgomery, H.          J.,      ""              33   Shelbyville Desk Co                            11
    Evansville Desk Co                     25      Moon Desk Co                           "., .. 26      Sligh Furniture Co .. "............             7
    Evansville Metal Bed Co       ,        25      Morton House                         ,,.,        15   Smith & Davis Mfg. Co                  ;       29
                                                   Murphy Chair Co          ,                       37   Spratt, George, & Co                           21
    Fisher, Chas. A., & Co.,    ,          27      M uskegon Valley Furn. Co                        26   Star Caster Cup Co         ,                   38
    Ford & Johnson Co                 , .. 7       Nelson-Matter   Furn. Co                   Cover      Stow & Davis Furniture Co                      15
    Globe Furniture Co                    ,24      Northern Furniture Co............                 2   Union Furniture Co (Burlington),. 39
    Grand Rapids Caster Cup Co .. 22-23            Palmer Mfg., Co                ,                 36   Union Furn. Co. (Rockford)                     31
    Grand Rapids Upholstering Co, .Inset           Parthier, F                                     ,13   White-McCarthy    Furn. Co               Cover
    Hard Mfg. Co                _          23      Peabody School Furn. Co                          31   White Printing Co                          23-37
    Hassler, Owen C., Co..              . .10      Pioneer Mfg., Co                                 36   Willis. W. A., Furn. & Carpet Co .. 5
    Hoffman Bros., Co..       .            37      Posselius Bros. Furn. Mfg. Co. Cover                  Woodard Furn. Co         , .. ,               31

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