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Global Warming

                 Global Warming: The Truth

                       Chris Muller

                    Sparta High School
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The majority of Americans believe that global warming is a big problem in today’s

society due to the media and over exaggerations of our politicians. They should know the

truth not what the media leads them to believe is true. This paper will show some of the

falsehoods of the Global Warming controversy. Also why the public shouldn’t believe

everything they hear especially from the politicians and other people who have no right to

make the claims they do based on their education. This paper pinpoints the false facts of

the media in order to support the thesis.

What does the general public know about Global Warming? The answer is: whatever the

media and politicians want them to. The people of America only know as much as the

media tells them, and they want us to think Global Warming is an immediate and very

serious problem. In reality a lot of what is being portrayed is not true. The issue of Global

Warming has been blown way out of proportion. Many of the claims made by the people

who believe in Global Warming are exaggerated and many time false. Therefore the

media should stop bombarding society with lies.

One of the things the media tells the public is that the global temperature has

gone up and if something isn’t done there will be many repercussions. The

scientists attribute this temperature rise to the rising levels of carbon dioxide.

What they don’t tell people is that the carbon dioxide has nothing to do with the

rise in temperature. “Yes, global average temperature has increased 0.8 degrees

F in the same century. Unfortunately, the temperature increase came first: most
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of the temperature increase was before 1940, and most of the new carbon

dioxide was added after 1960” (Johnston, 2001). The so called scientists who

spend all this money on researching temperature changes and their causes

conveniently left out that the temperature didn’t go up while America and the rest

of the world gave off record levels of carbon dioxide, but actually happened well

before that. “There are other problems, as well. Solar activity may be the cause

of the world temperature changes. The global warmers can't explain why

satellites show no temperature change in the past 20 years” (Johnston, 2001).

The scientists come up with all these arguments and facts, but they are backed up by false

data. There is no data suggesting that the change in temperature comes from space, yet

this lie will be still be told again and again.

A big part of global warming is the “greenhouse effect”. This says that all the gases in the

atmosphere act as a blanket and heat up the earth. Once again this is attributed to carbon

dioxide, which in reality has no affect in the “greenhouse effect”. The real culprit for

blanketing the earth is the water vapor and clouds in the sky. There is nothing that can be

done to stop clouds from forming it has been happening since the beginning of the earth

and probably wont stop until the end. So once again the scientists are wrong about

mankind’s involvement in heating the earth, but they will continue to convince simple-

minded people that they are right ("The Real 'Inconvenient Truth'", 2007)

What about all these scientists that say Global Warming is happening? Well the truth is

that there isn’t a big debate in the scientific community. The public is told that there are

only a few scientists that doubt that Global warming is happening, but in reality this is
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made up by the media to keep the topic alive. The reality of the press is that happiness

doesn’t sell, and they are a business out to make money. No one would buy a newspaper

that just said the world is good today and everyone is happy. People aren’t interested in

that they want to know the bad things like when the world is going to end. So if there

aren’t a lot of scientists saying that its true then why does the media keep using this as a

fact? It all comes back to a central answer, which is money and power. If the press can

get a person hooked on a controversial topic they will milk it as long as they can to keep

selling papers. That is exactly what is going on the people are being fed lie after lie by the

media (Bliese, 2001).

Al Gore is a big promoter of Global Warming. He came out with his video “An

Inconvenient Truth” in which he told about how the earth is being affected. But does

Gore really mean well with this or is he just after more power? It appears that Gore is

after more power; because of the way he lives. Some of the things he does are just a little

hypocritical. Starting with flying all over the country in his private jet, which probably

doesn’t cause that much pollution right? After he lands he gets into his big SUV, another

big producer of pollution, and goes to a rally to speak against everything he just did. As

most people believe actions speak louder than words, so it seems that this topic is not as

important to Gore as one might think. Al Gore also seemed to fudge his figures a little

bit. According to Gore the temperature rose in the late 1900’s because of all the cars and

pollution, but really the temperature rose before that around the 1940’s. So it seems that

Gore changed around some dates to make his argument seem more convincing and fit his

points (Gilder).
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Gore also pointed out how with the climate warming up insects would have more land to

inhabit. With the spread of insects also comes the spread of disease, according to Gore. In

his video he listed fifteen diseases that would become more widespread. “To illustrate

this he listed fifteen new or recently resurgent diseases: Ebola, Arena virus, Hanta virus,

SARS, multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis (MDR TB), E. coli 0157:H7, Lyme disease,

legionnaire's disease, Vibrio Cholerae 0139, Nipah virus, malaria, dengue fever,

leptospirosis, West Nile virus, and Avian flu” (Gilder). What Gore forgot to research it

seems is how these diseases are spread. Only four out the fifteen previously listed are

spread through insects. And to analyze it even further Lyme’s, which is primarily spread

through ticks, wouldn’t spread easier with a warmer climate. The disease originated in

Connecticut, which has cold winter so ticks don’t need warm weather to survive. So here

is another example of facts being exaggerated to try to make more people believe their

side of the argument (Gilder).

Another thing many people don’t know is that a lot of the articles they read are written by

journalists. They are not scientists and they don’t have advanced degrees on the topic. So

why do people believe all of this? “A true scientist has nothing to lose. A director of a

special interest group seeking funds --and your donations-- could however lose his job if

he did not reflect the group's mission in his statements” (Miller, 2007). The big

companies have to go with the flow of the crowd in order to stay in business. It is the

same way with politics. Someone running for office has to be careful what they say

because they can lose voters. So what they will do is twist words and make it sound like

they are on both sides of a topic. They would rather play it safe than give their real

opinion on a topic, which is the same thing the media is doing with global warming.
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There are all the people who know what they are saying is wrong and yet they will

continue to say it for fear of losing their jobs. The meteorologists at many of the news

stations know the truth or with only a little research could find out. They aren’t paid to do

that though and therefore have no reason to doubt and risk their job.

So why is it that so many Americans believe that Global warming is such a problem

when there is so much evidence against it? The claims are false or exaggerated. They say

that carbon dioxide levels rose which is true, but they do not affect the atmosphere

anywhere close to what the media tells the public. Also they say that the higher levels of

carbon dioxide caused the .8 degree F rise in temperature, around the 1970’s. In reality

the change came before the 1940’s, which is before all the cars and airplanes. The

“greenhouse effect” is also said to be caused by carbon dioxide. This is not true because

this gas doesn’t trap heat like the scientists say what really traps heat are clouds and water

vapor. The media also makes things up to keep the controversy alive, they say that most

scientists believe global warming is happening, but that is not true. Al Gore a big

promoter of the theory of Global Warming doesn’t abide by his own ideas. People will

say that even though he doesn’t practice his ideas he is still doing good in the world by

spreading the word. This isn’t true though a lot of the things he says are not true. One

thing is how the warmer climate would spread a number of diseases that he listed. Most

of them are not spread through insects as he said and even the ones that are won’t all be

affected by a warmer climate. Finally a lot of supporters and speakers for the Global

Warming cause have no authority to speak on the topic. So should the media rethink their

stories and maybe tell the truth for once?
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