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									Aviation Security in Canada
Presentation to the Group of Experts on
Aviation Safety, Security and Assistance
              March, 2004
        Aviation Security in Canada
               Presentation Outline

•   Canadian Context
•   Airport Security
•   Aircraft Security
•   New Initiatives

         Airport Attacks (32)                            (9)
                                                                       Hijackings (57)
     Bombings (3)
   General Aviation
                                Off-Airport (15)

        Incidents Against Aviation by Category
                          138 Incidents (worldwide)
(Bombings category includes attempted bombings of and shootings on board aircraft.)
           Transport Canada’s
        Aviation Security Mandate
•   Policy
•   Regulation
•   Operation
•   Intelligence
•   Technology
•   Emergency Preparedness
Security Strategy: Defence in Depth

• Intelligence (off airport)
• Access control (airport)
• Aircraft security
Integrated Aviation Security Model

                 Airport         Pre-board screening
             physical security     of passengers &
                                  carry-on baggage

                                              Screening of
    Police response      Access Control     & goods entering
       capability                            restricted areas

               Screening of        Screening of
               cargo & mail      checked baggage

     Legislative & Security Measure Framework
           Pre-Board Screening

• EDS Deployment
   – $1 Billion allocated over 5 years

• 100% screened bags by Jan 1, 2006
   – Domestic and international flights

• Upgraded training for screening officers
  Background Checks and Security

• Background checks since 1986 for security
  – Clearance required for pass
  – Pass required for restricted access
      Measures for Non-Passengers
New CATSA Programs

1) Non-Passengers Screening
  -   Random for employees, goods and vehicles
  -   No search, no entry!

2) Restricted Area Identification Card
  –   Pass system enhanced with biometrics
                Airport Policing

•   Police required at major airports
•   New requirement for US Pre-Clearance policing
•   Review underway to expand policing requirements
•   Funding through Canadian Government
Aircraft Security

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