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									          Your weight loss surgery option
Sometimes, diet plans and other ways of weight loss do not work due to
varied reasons. The doctors may recommend such people for weight loss
surgery as a way to get rid of obesity issues in order to stay healthy. The
surgery is usually recommended for those obese people who want to quickly
get rid of excessive fat. Many weight loss surgery options are available to
today's obese people. They should decide on a particular surgery option only
after knowing its pros and cons for their future health.
Gastric band surgery is one of the popular surgery options. This type of
surgery is also known as the lap band. Its advantage is that the patient goes
through least amount of invasion. Under this option, the surgeon uses an
inflatable band. The band squeezes the stomach into two sections. These
sections of the stomach remain connected. The surgeon can adjust the lap
band and can be removed if so desired. There are no invasions or cuts made
to the stomach. However, this surgery option is not reliable to achieve weigh
loss goals quickly.
The sleeve gastrectomy is another weight loss surgery option for the patients.
The surgeon will remove up to 75 percent of your stomach. This means that
you will have only a very thin stomach, about the size of banana. Main
advantage of this surgery is that it is done laparoscopically, making it less
invasive as compared to traditional gastric bypass. However, only very obese
people should opt for this surgery. Do not ignore the fact that the surgery also
carries the risks such as infection, sleeve leaking and blood clots. You should
also note that a large portion of your stomach is completely removed. Hence,
the procedure is irreversible.
Most of the obese people opt for gastric bypass when weight loss clinic
suggest them to go for surgery. Under the gastric bypass surgery, the surgeon
seals the upper part of the stomach and turns it into a small pouch. This
stomach pouch is then connected to the lower side of the small intestines.
This surgery option is generally recommended for fast weight loss. A little
disadvantage associated with this surgery option is that the food enters
directly into the intestine and does not have a greater chance to digest it.
Hence, the patient must take a good diet to remain healthy.
Select your weight loss surgery option carefully. Stick to the advice that you
received from a weight loss clinic. You should talk to the surgeons over the
pros and cons of a particular surgery and opt for the one that is recommended
by the experienced surgeons.

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