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P O Box 2823, Toledo, Ohio 43606 

      Editor: Dr. Chololate        Volume Number         XLIII Issue 03   September, 2004

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Chapter News

      President’s Message

      V P Finance, Finance Statement

      V P Administration

      V P Membership

      V P Education Support Education News

      Student Chapter(s)

      The Next Professional Development Meeting (PDM)

      Evaluation of last PDM

      Future PDMs

      Scholarships, Awards & Seminars

Region III News

APICS Society News

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P O Box 2823, Toledo, Ohio 43606  

Chapter News

                                    President’s Message
       I had a brilliant article for you. It was full of inspiration and awe. I hit the wrong key and
lost the entire newsletter. Since it was necessary to completely recreate the issue, and since
time is running short, I will spare you my wisdom. Also, I really don’t remember what it said.
Enjoy the rest of the newsletter.
                                                                            Michael D Wheatley, CPIM
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                                     Finance statement

Month of July               Income                 Expense              Net
                            $3,06.95               $   1.00             $3,05.95

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                                    Administrative News
                         Region 3 Conference August 20th and 21st
Three of the Chapter officers, Mike Wheatley (President), Shoab Ahmad (VP Education), and
Bruce Brechin (VP Administration), attended the recent region conference in Pittsburgh. The
Friday evening session took place at the Radisson Hotel with Saturday’s session at the APICS

The main topic on Friday evening was a presentation from region members who had attended
the APICS TEAM training in July, the objective was to familiarize conference attendees with a
number of Chapter Management Concepts including Planning, Administration, Financial
Management, APICS Community, Tools for Chapter Management and Chapter Metrics.
This was an interesting presentation and there were a number of points we felt we could bring
back to Toledo to help us improve the way we manage the chapter and hopefully see benefits.
One of the tools we can use to determine how well the chapter is performing is through the
Passport Program, this requires the Chapter Board to submit a structured document at the end
of the year covering all aspects of the chapter and its activities during that year, the submission
is evaluated against standards and then rated, bronze, silver or gold (shades of the Olympics),
there is even a platinum level.

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P O Box 2823, Toledo, Ohio 43606

Toledo has not made a Passport submission for some years but Mike Wheatley has been
working on this behind the scenes and gave the region staff a draft for them to review and
critique, hopefully we will use this as the framework for our 2004 – 2005 submission.

The formal part of the evening concluded with a Trivial Pursuit style game with teams having to
answer questions on the TEAM presentation, APICS Body of Knowledge and General
Knowledge. This was followed by a hospitality session allowing attendees to mix, relax and
discuss what’s happening in the Region.

On Saturday we transferred to the APICS Castle in Wilmerding, this is a large building originally
constructed in the 1890s by George Westinghouse to provide recreational facilities for
Westinghouse employees in Wilmerding, it later became offices for the company then lay empty
for a number of years until it was ‘sold’ to the APICS Education & Research Foundation in 1985
for the princely sum of one dollar. Today it houses amongst others the APICS bookstore, APICS
distribution center, George Westinghouse Museum and provides office space for a number of
small local companies. There are conference rooms for training courses and it can be rented for
weddings and other functions as there is a full kitchen.

Our morning started with Mike Wheatley giving the E&R Foundation a check for $2000, E&R
develop the training courses for APICS and as our chapter had such a successful year with
CPIM courses the Board felt it appropriate the we should use some of the income to support
E&R. Mike also presented a check for $500 to the Region to help defray some of the costs
associated with the Regional Staff Meetings. (Please sign up for the courses we run and help us
give something back to APICS.)

We then started the formal business, first time attendees (including Shoab) were introduced,
each chapter then had the chance to provide a brief update on what was happening, our
highlights were the success of our CPIM modules and their continuation this year and the
planned PDM with Toledo Mayor, Jack Ford as speaker – if you haven’t made your reservation
please do so ASAP.

Our Region Vice President, Charlotte Baxter, provided us with the Society update and to cut a
long story short the financial outlook is not good, membership continues to fall, expenditure
exceeds income and the 2004 International Conference is not being supported to the expected
level and may run at a loss.
The Society Board is working hard to try to turn the tide, they have a number of initiatives under
way, let’s hope they succeed.

Our next training session covered ethics, and included a presentation, group discussions and
group presentations, this was a very interesting subject and it looked as though each group
found the subject interesting and it certainly stimulated much discussion around the room.

The final session was an open forum where attendees were able to ask questions of Region
Staff, again this was wide ranging and conversations continued through lunch after which the
meeting ended and we set off home leaving Region Staff to run their meeting.
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P O Box 2823, Toledo, Ohio 43606

Personally I find the meetings enjoyable and informative, it is good to talk to people from other
parts of the region and find out if they have seen similar situations to Toledo and if so how did
they react, I come away with various ideas and hopefully these can be used to improve the

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                                   Membership Update
Effective 08/30/04. Per the Society web site.
Regular members 127 New 1                      renewals 10
Student members 44
Corporate voting 37, Corp. members 10, Corporate Associates not included as regulars 169
Regular members suspended ?
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                                     Education News
                                      Next CPIM Review Class
       To begin September 23rd, MPR is scheduled for the 8 week/class period to continue the
series begun in January. Contact your board for details.

                                 PBTs (Paper Based Testing)
          Registration Cut-off *                          Test
            Passed                             September 11, 2004 **
            October 23, 2004                   December 11, 2004 **
            January 22, 2005                   March 12, 2005 **
            April 23, 2005                     June 11, 2005 **
              July 23, 2005                                September 10, 2005 **
              October 22, 2005                             December 10, 2005 **

     A minimum of ten is required in order to conduct a PBT event. Please
contact the board now if you have any plans to test on September 11.

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P O Box 2823, Toledo, Ohio 43606    

* Registration is the completed form plus payment to chapter V P Education.
** Subject to change or cancellation due to minimum requirements.

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                                     Student chapter(s)
    BGSU:           nothing submitted but a new President, go to Bowling Green State

        U o T:       nothing submitted go to University of Toledo.
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                     Next Professional Development Meeting
Date:             September 14th, 2004                                    Chicken Parmesan
Place:            Toledo Hilton                                           Three Cheese Ravioli
                  3100 Glendale Ave                                       sides & coffee/tea
                  Toledo, OH 43614          (419) 381-6800                dessert

Time: Registration begins at 5:30 PM
                    Dinner at 6:00 PM
                    6:45 – 7:00 Announcements and presentations
                    7:00 -       Featured Presentation
Reservations can be made by:
  fax     Bruce Brechin at 419 662 9234
  phone Bruce Brechin at 419 662 7531

Cut Off – Wednesday Sept 07, 10:00 AM
Remember it is Chapter policy that anyone canceling their reservation after the cut-off or anyone
with a confirmed reservation who does not attend the event will be invoiced in full.

Topic:            Business Environment in Toledo area
Speaker:          Toledo Mayor, Jack Ford
BIO           Jack Ford was elected Mayor after serving seven years in the Ohio House of
Representatives, the last three as the Democratic Leader. Prior to his service in the House, Jack served
seven years as a member of the Toledo City Council, with the last year as President.

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 P O Box 2823, Toledo, Ohio 43606           

          Jack Ford has been a champion of many things throughout his public career. He was the founder of two
 separate non-profit organizations dealing with alcoholism and addiction, SASI and Adelante. He chaired the drive
 to build the J. Frank Troy Senior Center in Toledo. Jack created the Toledo Youth Commission, the lead abatement
 program, the medication education for the elderly program, the Toledo curfew law, and the drug paraphernalia law.
 He also authored the anti-discrimination ordinance for caregivers to AIDS victims, the fetal alcohol syndrome
 warning notice ordinance, the state foster care parent right-to-know law, and the state foster care worker training
 law. Most recently, Mayor Ford signed Toledo’s smoking ban into law, the first big city in Ohio to do so.

         The Hilton is down the lane to the MCO off of Glendale. Turn to the road to MCO, the
 turn left and follow the road around to the Hilton. If you come to MCO, you have passed the
 Hilton. Copy and past the link below for details about the Toledo Hilton. No, Paris is not invited.

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                                              Future PDMs
September 14, 2004                 Toledo Mayor, Jack Ford

October 04, 2004                   Joint meeting with BGSU Student Chapter
November 2004                      Got ideas? Contact the board.
December 2004                      Joint PDM with ISM (NAPM)
January 2004                       Got ideas? Contact the board.
February 2004                      Joint PDM with ASQ
March 2004                         Got ideas? Contact the board.
April 2004                         Joint PDM with U o T Student Chapter
May 2004                           Got ideas? Contact the board.
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                             Scholarships Award & Seminars
 The Toledo Chapter plans to participate in the D W Fogerty Student Paper Competition plus
 conduct the chapter scholarship this coming season.
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P O Box 2823, Toledo, Ohio 43606

                                    Region III News
      Three of your board members attended the region conference in Monroeville PA and at
the APICS Castle in Wilmerding. Sessions were made available on auditing the chapter, ethics,
and managing details of running the chapter. To receive a first hand report, see the write up
from your V P Administration and talk to the attendees:
President, M D Wheatley
V P Administration, Bruce Brechin
V P Education, Shoab Ahmad
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                                       Society News
      Not a lot to report right now, except to remind you that you can keep your membership
profile updated by visiting If you have not done so and created a log in, make
sure that you do. Here you can update your address, preferred e-mail, and other personal data.
It is much easier than contacting Society H Q and you can see what goes in to your profile.
                                                                                       Da Prez.
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 P O Box 2823, Toledo, Ohio 43606

                                     Mission Statement
  “To provide knowledge of resource management to organizations and individuals
    through educational opportunities, facility tours, and professional association”

                         Toledo APICS Board of Directors
         POSITION                           NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION
                                    Stephen C. Hill        (419) 354-2591
          Chairman                  Daymark      

                                    Mike Wheatley, CPIM.   (419) 483-3538 x1 472 H 585-6421

        Executive VP                        OPEN   

                                    Otto Steele            (419) 725-3905 fax: 419-725-4905
      VP Membership                 Betco Corp.  

                                    Douglas Scaife, CPIM   419-248-7510   fax: 419-325-3510
         VP Finance                 Owens Corning

                                    Bruce Brechin          (419) 662-7531      fax: 419-662-9234
     VP Administration              First Solar  

        VP Publicity                        OPEN   

                                    Bill Wagner  
        VP Programs                 WWW Consulting

                                    Shoab Ahmad   
  VP Educational Support            Honeywell              419-661-6720

                                    P. S. Sundararaghavan (419) 530-2456 fax: 419-530-7744
Student Chapter Advisor, UT ISOM Dept. UT       

                                    Tom Passero            (419) 867-9911-211 fax: 419-867-0792
 VP Educational Services            Owens Community

                                    Phillip Bernal, CPIM   419-661-6772
        Web Master                  Honeywell

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P O Box 2823, Toledo, Ohio 43606        

                                Is Your Resume Lost in the Great Internet Void?

With the advent of email and online job services, job hunting suddenly became much easier. Or did it?
Sometimes it’s hard to know if your resume is actually reaching someone’s desk—or is lost somewhere
in the great void of cyberspace.

If you want to be sure that your resume is being seen by a real person who can offer you a real job, here
are three rules to get stronger response.

      ·        Use the Right Key Words

More than ever, resumes are stored in a database and queried for key words to indicate candidate
match. If you aren’t using the right words to describe your employment experiences, then your resume
might be rejected before it’s ever seen. Review key words your resume uses to:
·              Describe your dream job. Do your qualifications match the job description? Look closely at
          areas listing your technical skills, job responsibilities and core competencies.

·              Attract your desired industry. Are you using industry buzzwords? In other words, does
          your resume talk their talk?

·              Attract your occupational field. Do the phrases you use prove your level of experience in
          your field?
      ·        Use the Correct Electronic Version

If your resume can’t be opened as an attachment, then it can’t be seen. Because of the threat of
computer viruses many companies only accept resumes through their own online forms which ask you to
cut and paste (rather than attach) your resume. Make sure you are sending your resume in a format that
will work for the employer.
·               If a resume attachment is requested: Save your resume as a Word document (.doc or .rtf).
          This is the standard most companies use, and it should retain the formatting that you used for your
          resume. But just in case they use a different word processing program than yours, you should still
          avoid using too many fancy formatting options, such as columns, boxes and tables.

·                If an email or online form is used: Use ASCII, plain text, or text only. This removes
          formatting, but the information is preserved. Be sure to review your resume before sending it so
          that it is still easy to read and user friendly.

      3. Differentiate Your Resume from the Crowd

There are dozens of fast food restaurants that sell hamburgers and fries. How do you choose which one
you want? Chances are, one of those restaurants has a differentiating edge, something that you like
better than all the others. The job market is the same way; it’s flooded with choices, so you have to
make your resume stand out from all the competition.

The best way to differentiate your resume from others is with accomplishments. And those
accomplishments really stand out when:
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P O Box 2823, Toledo, Ohio 43606        

·         They are measurable. Can you define how much you accomplished in dollars saved,
     contracts won, or percent changed?

·         They support your transferable skills. Can your skills be used by this company, even if
     your job experience is in a different industry? What skills will transfer from one job to another?

·         They connect to corporate bottom-line objectives. How can you help them save time,
     save money, increase their profit margin, improve sales, or increase revenue?

While the Internet is still a great tool for job seekers to connect quickly with employers, take steps to
insure your resume won’t get lost in the void. Before you send your resume off to the Great Cyber
Beyond, use these three tips to make sure your resume gets the attention it deserves!


Deborah Walker, CCMC

Resume Writer ~ Career Coach

To see resume format samples and read more job-search tips visit



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