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									                                  Racers At Rest
                                     Volume I, Issue 3                           ---                        May, 2011
  Under the Auspices of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame - Knoxville, Iowa -
  I N S I D E T H I S                      INDY PIONEERS FORGOTTEN

       I S S U E :
                                        his is the centennial year for the      ing mechanic for driver Arthur Greiner
        The List          3             Indianapolis 500 and once again         for the May 30, 1911 race at Indianapolis.
                                        there will be millions of dollars at    Dickson and Greiner were both Chicago
                                stake in the running of the Memorial Day        boys and likely knew each other well be-
      Editor’s Desk       4
                                classic. The winner alone is likely to stroll   fore they arrived in Indianapolis.
                                to the bank with a check for somewhere                   Their car for the 1911 event was
   Rutherford & Rose      5     around $2.75 million, like Dario Fran-          a #44 Amplex, a sleek racer in those
                                chitti did after his win in 2010. In ex-        times, though to our eyes a huge, hulking,
                                change for a chance at snatching part of        smoky machine on spindly wheels and
   Harold “Hal” Delzio    5
                                the massive purse drivers will face danger      skinny tires. It was one of those wheels
                                and the possibility of serious injury, or       that failed just twelve laps into the race.
  Schrader & Englelhart   6     worse.                                                   Heading into Turn 2 one of front
                                         But long before there was an           wheels collapsed causing the Amplex to
    Markers Planned       7     Alex Tagliani or Dario Franchitti, before       slide, then roll over. Greiner, the driver,
                                Roger Penske and Chip Ganassi, long             was thrown clear, knocked unconscious,
                                before the Borg-Warner Trophy and that          and suffered a broken arm. Dickson was
    Vintage Support       7
                                first swig of milk in victory lane, mo-         not as lucky.       (Continued on Page 2)
                                torsports pio-
                                neers were fac-
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 racersatrest@gmail.com.        the story of two
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       to the Editor.           are a bit muddy,
                                but it appears
 Mike Thompson, Editor          that Samuel M.
 135 Heatherwoode Blvd.         Dickson was
     Springboro, OH
                                just 24 years old
      (937) 219-5851            when he took on             Driver Arthur Greiner and riding mechanic Samuel Dickson
                                the job as a rid- strike a confident pose before the start of the 1911 Indianapolis 500.

                              Special Memorial Day Indianapolis 500 Edition!
Volume 1, Issue 3 - May, 2011                                                                                         Page 2
I N D Y   P I O N E E R S   -   C O N T I N U E D   F R O M   P A G E   1

Sam Dickson was thrown against the pinned under the car.                               graves.
fence and died instantly.                  Martin was killed instantly.                         We estimate the cost of
                                                                                      markers for Dickson and Martin, and
         Harry T. Martin was born                    Sam Dickson rests now in         the others on our list, at around $850
a Hoosier and, as it turned out,            Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago while each, or about the same as the win-
would die a Hoosier at the nation’s         Martin sleeps in Mount Hope Ceme- ner of this year’s Indy 500 will earn
most famous race track.                     tery in Peru, Indiana.                    for every 800 feet of the Brickyard
         Like Dickson, Martin was                    While both Dickson and           he or she covers.
24 years old when he arrived at the Martin perished at the Indianapolis
Indianapolis Speedway June 26,              Speedway, in death they share an-                   If you’ve been holding off
1913 to test a new Stutz racer. This other distinction: 100 years after               making a donation because you
was apparently an important test ses- Dickson died, and 98 years after                don’t think your $5 or $10 will make
sion since both Harry C. Stutz, the         Martin perished, neither grave is         a difference, please reconsider and
president of the Stutz Company, and marked.                                           make that donation now.
R. E. Maypole, the company vice-                     As we prepare to enjoy the                 Make your check payable to
president, were in attendance.              2011 Indy 500 and the attendant           the National Sprint Car Museum and
         Martin was a racer on his          celebration of the 100th year of this please be sure to write “Racers at
way up. As a riding mechanic Mar- great event, it is perhaps a sad and                Rest” on the memo line to ensure
tin had partnered with some of the          sobering commentary on our respect that your donation goes into the
best drivers in the sport. In 1910 he for those who helped to lay the foun- proper account.
rode with Joe Dawson in a Marmon dation to make this race the most                              Mail your check to the mu-
factory racer, and he was aboard the prestigious in the world, that both              seum at P.O. Box 542, Knoxville,
National that Dawson drove to win Dickson and Martin lie in unmarked Iowa 50138.
the 1912 Indianapolis
500. His performance
as a top riding me-
chanic won him a job
as a driver for Stutz.
         During the
June, 1913 test Martin
pushed the Stutz hard,
hard enough that after
four laps Harry Stutz
signaled Martin to
slow down. Martin did
just that, until the final
corner of the fifth lap
when he increased his
speed significantly. In
a sad replay of Dick-
son’s accident, the
right front wheel of the
Stutz collapsed. The
Stutz rocketed into the
outside wall and rolled The photograph above was provided from the archives of the Library of Congress and shows a
                           wrecked Stutz race car. The information available with the photo indicates that it was taken at
over. Both Martin and
                           Indianapolis sometime between 1911 and 1914 and while we cannot say with certainty that this
his riding mechanic,       is the Stutz in which Harry Martin died while testing in 1913 the car does show damage similar
Frank Agan, were           to that which Martin’s Stutz suffered in his accident and is typical for the Stutz racers of that era.

                         Honoring Our Racing Heroes in their Eternal Slumber
Page 3                                                                                         Racers at Rest

T       here have been some additions to our list of those racers who rest in unmarked graves since the last issue
        of Racers at Rest. Hal Delzio died behind the wheel of a midget racer at an event in New Haven, CT just
        after WWII. Sam Dickson, a riding mechanic, died during the running of the very first Indianapolis 500
when the wheel of his Amplex racer collapsed on the 12th lap. Harry Martin was headed to the big time as a
driver after a stellar career as a riding mechanic. He died in 1913 while testing a new Stutz racer at the Indian-
apolis track in his first assignment as a driver for the Stutz factory.

 DRIVER                           DIED          CEMETERY                               LOCATION

 Baker, Oscar "Kenny"             7/28/1935     Mountain View Cemetery                Altadena, CA.
 Bottorff, Seveica.O.             11/3/1919     Evergreen Almeda Cemetery             El Paso, TX.
 Brown, Walt                      7/29/1951     St. Charles Cemetery                  Farmingdale, NY.
 Brucks, Sherman                   9/9/1928     Greenwood Cemetery                    Hamilton, OH.
 Carlson, Billy                    7/5/1915     Calvary Cemetery                      East Los Angeles, CA.
 Christensen, George              4/22/1929     Calvary Catholic Cemetery             Galveston, TX.
 Cipelle, Steven "Dutch"          8/18/1939     Wichita Park Cemetery                 Wichita, KS.
 Clark, Loren "Red"               6/13/1935     Valhalla Memorial Gardens             North Hollywood, Ca
 Craft, George "Jimmy"             2/3/1924     Oak Hill Cemetery                     Belle Plaine, IA.
 Crane, Harvey                    10/16/1920    Mount Hope Cemetery                   Logansport, IN.
 Davidson, Jay                     9/5/1934     Oneonta Plains Cemetery               Oneonta, NY.
 Delzio, Harold “Hal”             5/31/1946     Green-Wood Cemetery                   Brooklyn, NY
 Dial, "T.B."                     7/30/1910     Alcovy Mountain Baptist Cemetery      Monroe, GA.
 Dickson, Samuel                  5/30/1911     Rosehill Cemetery                     Chicago, IL
 Donnelly, Walter                 6/21/1911     Milldale Cemetery                     New Boston, OH
 Eldridge, Lynn                   10/15/1930    Hollywood Forever Cemetery            Los Angeles, CA.
 Enterline, Garner "Slim"         10/8/1938     Rush Presbyterian Cemetery            Northumberland, PA.
 Farmer, Earl                      2/1/1931     Inglewood Park Cemetery               Inglewood, CA.
 Ferch, Walter "Speedy"            7/4/1923     Forest Home Cemetery                  Milwaukee, WI.
 Flagstead, Harlsten               9/4/1928     Alliance City Cemetery                Alliance, OH
 Ford, Leslie                      5/3/1931     Elmwood Cemetery                      Centralia, IL.
 Harris, Lawson                   9/20/1939     Crown Hill Cemetery                   Indianapolis, IN.
 Heid, Matthew "Matt"             6/29/1949     Mt. Ever Rest Cemetery                Kalamazoo, MI.
 Heisler, Bill                    5/15/1932     Inglewood Memorial Park               Inglewood, Calif.
 Henderson, Garnet "Bud"          5/17/1939     Greenlawn Memorial Park Cemetery      Akron, OH.
 Knox, Francis Marion "F.M."      6/11/1933     Summit View Cemetery                  Guthrie, OK.
 Lafon, Clyde                     8/20/1927     Holy Cross Cemetery                   Akron, OH.
 Lehmann, Curt A.                 10/12/1957    Calvary Cemetery & Mausoleum          St. Louis, MO.
 Lockwood, James "Speedy"          3/1/1935     Woodlawn Cemetery                     Santa Monica, CA.
 Maben, Curtis "Curly"            8/21/1954     Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park      Seattle, WA.
 Martin, Harry Thomas             6/26/1913     Mount Hope Cemetery                   Peru, IN
 Miller, Lee                      9/11/1938     Woodland Cemetery                     Quincy, IL.
 Reid, Gordon                     4/20/1952     Forest Lawn Memorial Park             Glendale, CA.
 Russo, Joe                        6/9/1934     Mt. Olivet Cemetery                   Detroit, MI.
 Shelly, Howard                    9/1/1947     Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park      Seattle, WA.
 Spanglo, Charles "Dutch"         7/19/1925     Saint Marys Cemetery                  Champaign, IL.
 Speth, Al                        5/31/1953     Fairmount Cemetery                    Davenport, Iowa
 Van Steenberg, Harry "Van"       8/11/1925     Mount Hope Cemetery                   Logansport, IN.
 Winn, James M."Billy"            8/20/1938     Mount Olivet Cemetery                 Detroit, MI.

                     Honoring Our Racing Heroes in their Eternal Slumber
Volume 1, Issue 3 - May, 2011                                                                                 Page 4
                      FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK

I       had hoped that by this, the
       third issue of the Racers at
       Rest newsletter, I would be
able to tell you that we have success-
                                      and you can find his story elsewhere by those of us on the committee; no
                                      in this issue.                         donated funds are being used to pay
                                                                             for the books. We’ve committed to
                                                                             providing at least four books, so
fully placed a memorial stone on the
grave of one of the racers on our list
of those without a grave marker.
                                         I was asked recently whether
                                           Racers at Rest donors could
                                      specify which of the racers they
                                                                             three remain available. But, since
                                                                             none of us are independently
                                                                             wealthy, our generosity can expire
Unfortunately, I cannot do that, and  wanted their donation to go to. The anytime after those four books have
in fact I have to confirm that we     answer is, perhaps unfortunately, no. been claimed!
have found three more racers to add             Such an approach would                Large donations are wonder-
to our list.                          require a far more complex account- ful, but in the end the success of this
         But to the good news first.  ing and record keeping process than project will depend on much smaller
Donations to the Racers at Rest pro- we can provide.                         donations, $5, $10, and $20.
ject have been arriving steadily at                                                   If you consider yourself a
the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame                                         race fan, please take a moment to
and Museum Foundation and the
contract to purchase our first marker
                                         W    e are pleased to announce that
                                              some well-known members of
                                      the motorsports community have
                                                                             write out a small check today to
                                                                             honor the memory of some of the
and have it placed remains just                                              racers whose sacrifices helped create
slightly out of reach. We remain      endorsed our Racers at Rest project.
                                                                             the auto racing sport we know today.
confident and hopeful that donations            You’ll find some very famil-
                                      iar names in this issue, each of                Until next time...
will allow us to place the first and
perhaps second markers very soon. whom have thrown their support                      Mike Thompson
You can read more about our plans     behind this effort.
elsewhere in this issue.
          And now the sad news. Our
list has grown by three names since
the last issue of this newsletter. Our
                                         I  n the last issue I asked for some
                                            assistance for our website. My
                                      goal is to eventually have a separate
                                                                                NOT ONE PENNY….
                                                                                          Not one penny.
page one story in this issue looks at page for each of the racers on our                  That’s how much your dona-
two early Indianapolis Speedway       list. Sadly we have very little infor-    tion to the “Racers at Rest” will be re-
racers, Sam Dickson and Harry         mation on some of these racers and        duced by administrative fees or over-
Martin, who have rested in un-        even fewer photographs. If you are        head!
marked graves for a century, in       able to help with details about the                 Every dollar you donate will
Dickson’s case at least.              racer’s life or provide photos we         go directly towards placing a marker on
                                      would very much appreciate it.            the grave of one of the 39 open-wheel
         I have to admit that I was                                             racers whose graves are currently un-
shocked to see that these two early              You can contact me at fog-     marked.
Indy competitors sleep in anonymity   gygoggles@woh.rr.com with infor-                    All Racers at Rest Committee
particularly given all the generous   mation and/or photos.                     labor and related fund raising costs
supporters of the Indianapolis event,                                           (including the cost of this newsletter)

and the sponsors, the car owners,                                               are being donated.
                                            ur offer to give a copy of Buzz               So why not take a moment
and the drivers, many of them               Rose’s book, Racers At Rest, to     right now and write out a check for
wealthy and powerful and conscious anyone donating $250 or more is
                                                                                whatever amount you think appropriate
of the history of the Memorial Day    still on the table. To date we have       and send it to the National Sprint Car
classic. And in this, the Centennial had one kind and generous donor            Museum. You’ll find the address else-
Year of the race!                     take advantage of our offer and there     where in this issue of Racers at Rest.
         Hal Delzio joins Dickson     is still time for you to do the same.     And don’t forget to write “Racers at
and Martin on our most recent list                                              Rest” on the memo line!
                                                 The books are being paid for

                      Honoring Our Racing Heroes in their Eternal Slumber
Page 5                                                                                               Racers at Rest

                                         J   ohnny Rutherford (left), a three
                                             -time winner of the Indianapolis
                                             500, and noted author and for-
                                                                                          In 1963 Rutherford won one
                                                                                  of the NASCAR Daytona qualifying
                                                                                  races driving for Smokey Yunick,
                                         mer race driver Buzz Rose have           and in 1965 Rutherford was the
                                         both thrown their support behind the     United States Auto Club National
                                         Racers at Rest project, it was re-       Sprint Car champion.
                                         cently announced.                                 Buzz Rose knew his way
                                                  Rutherford, or “Lone Star       around sprint cars, too. He drove
                                         JR” as he was known during his rac-      the powerful racers and did well, but
                                         ing career, won the Indy pole posi-      he is better known now for the many
                                         tion in 1973, 1976, and 1980. His        books he has authored on the history
                                         three wins at the Brickyard came in      of our sport. Among them, Racers
                                         1974, 1976, and 1980. While best         at Rest, the book that documents
                                         known for his Indy 500 exploits,         racers who have died in competition.
                                         Rutherford also excelled in other        It was this book that led to the crea-
                                         forms of racing.                         tion of the Racers at Rest project.


H          is business was operating the Sunoco gas sta- death.
           tion he owned in the Jamaica neighborhood of              The body of Harold “Hal” Delzio was buried in
           Queens in New York city, but his passion was Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. His grave re-
racing the lightning fast midgets that were all the rage in mains, 65 years after his death at the New Haven Speed-
the years after WWII.                                        way, unmarked.
         Harold “Hal” Delzio had been driving
race cars for some eight years when he strapped
in to the midget owned by Nicholas Vetro of
Belleville, NJ on Thursday, May 30, 1946. The
pair had traveled to an American Racing Driv-
ers Club-sanctioned midget event on the tiny,
paved fifth-mile track in New Haven, CT.
         While any precise records of the
night’s racing activities have been lost to time,
it appears that Hal and Nicholas weren’t doing
particularly well. Their qualifying and heat
race results were sufficiently unimpressive to
push them into the consolation race. During
that event Delzio lost control and hit the fence
with what was described in newspaper accounts
as “tremendous force.”
         Harold Delzio was transported to the
New Haven hospital and there he died the fol-
lowing day, May 31, 1946, of a fractured skull (Above) This photo by Bob Collins shows the final resting place of
without ever having regained consciousness.        race driver Harold Delzio in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. NY.
                                                   The Racers at Rest project will eventually place Delzio’s marker at the
Delzio was 35 years old at the time of his
                                                    “X” shown in the photo.

                       Honoring Our Racing Heroes in their Eternal Slumber
Volume 1, Issue 3 - May, 2011                                                                                       Page 6
SCHRADER                                                           ENGELHART

                                            W          isconsin native Billy Engelhart spent his racing career in the
                                                       open-wheel ranks, and eventually landed a ride in an Indianapo-
                                                       lis-style champ car. During the 1980 - 1981 racing seasons Eng-
                                            elhart started nine champ car events run under the Championship Auto
                                            Racing Teams (CART) or United States Auto Club (USAC) sanction, in-
                                            cluding the 1980 Indianapolis 500 where he completed 193 laps and was
                                            credited with an eleventh-place finish. In other champ car events Engelhart
                                            finished in the top 10 four times, including a best-ever finish of 8th at Mil-
                                            waukee in 1981.
                                                     We’re pleased to announce that Billy Engelhart has offered his
                                            endorsement of the Racers at Rest project. Here’s the note Billy sent us.

                                                   “I think the efforts of [the volunteers] bring some much needed
        Popular race driver Ken           dignity and recognition for these racers who have been such a big part of
Schrader recently lent his support to the
                                          the history of auto racing in America.
Racers at Rest project.
                                                     “It goes without saying that safety was barely a consideration dur-
          "The Racers at Rest" Project      ing their time and that many of us would not have otherwise had the pro-
pays tribute to fellow racers and in do-    tections that developed as a result of their efforts. I for one have always
ing so, preserves the history of open       been grateful for their contributions and recognize how very brave they
wheel racing. It is a commendable ef-
fort to recognize those who may other-
                                            must have been.
wise go without notice, and I wish them              “They deserve better and the efforts of [the Racers at Rest volun-
well with the project." --Ken Schrader      teer committee] are helping to provide that. Thank you from all of us. It
                                            was my honor to provide Buzz Rose with some of the photos that he used in
                                            his book,"Racers at Rest".
       D O N AT E !                         Billy Engelhart

 T        hinking of donating to the Rac-
          ers at Rest project? We need
          every dollar bill that you can
                                                                 C O N TAC T U S

         Mail your donation to
     National Sprint Car Museum
                                            H        ave a question or something
                                                     to share with the members of
                                                     the Racers at Rest Commit-
                                            tee? Don’t hesitate to contact us!
                                                                                               STEVE ESTES
                                                                                                  Troy, Ohio
                                                                                               (937) 339-2784
            P.O. Box 542
       Knoxville Iowa 50138                      RACERS REST PROJECT                           JIM THURMAN
  and make your check payable to the               racersatrest@gmail.com                    Palmdale, California
    “National Sprint Car Museum.”                                                            jim.thurman@att.net
                                              NATIONAL SPRINT CAR MU-
          In order for your donation to        SEUM and HALL OF FAME                       MIKE THOMPSON
 go to the Racers at Rest project, you               TOM SCHMEH                         Webmaster/Newsletter Editor
 must write “Racers at Rest” on the                     Curator                              Springboro, Ohio
 memo line of the check.                        tschmeh@sprintcarhof.com                foggygoggles@woh.rr.com
                                                                                          (937) 550-4067 (Office)
          Thank you in advance for                       DON TASH
 your kind support of this very worthy                 Phoenix, Arizona
 project!                                            dtash90@gmail.com
                                                        (602) 791-3983

                         Honoring Our Racing Heroes in their Eternal Slumber
Page 7                                                                                                      Racers at Rest

T       he Racers at Rest Committee
        members are optimistically an-
        ticipating soon being able to
place the first of project’s grave markers
and if all goes well those two markers
                                                      Unfortunately Billy Winn soon
                                             followed Russo, racing to his death in
                                             1938. For whatever reason, whether
                                             financial or simple practicality, Helene
                                             Yockey buried her second husband in
                                                                                        wards non-family members placing
                                                                                        markers while others make it very diffi-
                                                                                        cult. In the case of Russo and Winn we
                                                                                        have been able to get permission from
                                                                                        Mt. Olivet to place the markers and their
are likely to be placed on the side-by-      the space next to her first.               side-by-side location offer the possibil-
side graves of Joe Russo and Billy                   We’re unaware of what might        ity of saving money in either the marker
Winn.                                      have happened to Helene Yockey after         production or placement or both.
          In previous issues of this news- Winn’s death, but her story would cer-                 How soon Russo and Winn get
letter we’ve told the improbable and       tainly be worthy of book-length treat-       their well-deserved markers is up to you.
tragic story of Russo and Winn and how ment.                                            Won’t you help by sending a check to-
they happened to find themselves resting             Mt. Olivet will not permit us to   day? You’ll find instructions for mak-
for eternity shoulder to shoulder, but to                                               ing that donation on Page 6 of this issue.
                                           place a single marker with both Russo
refresh memories here’s the tale.          and Winn names. Their regulations
          Joe Russo had only been mar-       require individual markers except where
ried for a short time to Helene Yockey       the deceased are all members of the
when he was killed in a racing event in      same family, and being members of the
1934. Following Russo’s fatal ride,          same racing family simply doesn’t
Yockey purchased two cemetery plots in       count.
Detroit’s Mt. Olivet Cemetery and had
                                                      We’re not approaching the
Russo buried there. She no doubt in-         Racers at Rest project list of racers in
tended that someday she would use the
                                             any particular order and the sequence in
second plot herself.                         which a racer will receive a marker de-
          It’s an unpredictable world        pends upon a variety of things, most
when it comes to love and automobile         importantly our ability to get permission
racing, and Yockey eventually found          from the cemetery to place the marker.    Joe Russo died June 10, 1934 of inju-
herself in a relationship with race driver                                             ries received in a sprint car crash at
                                                      We’ve found that some ceme-
Billy Winn. They married.                                                              Langhorne Speedway the previous day.
                                             teries have a very relaxed policy to-


T       he Southeastern Wisconsin Short Track Hall of Fame and the Vintage Modified Stock Car group, repre-
        sented by John Surges and Bob Ralston, have thrown their support behind the Racers at Rest project and
        we thank them! Here’s the recent release from their offices.

         “[The Racers at Rest] volunteer committee [members] at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Mu-
seum Foundation in Knoxville, Iowa have recently embarked on a humanitarian mission that will both interest
and greatly please open wheel race fans across the country.
         “They have identified, through exhaustive research, that out of fifteen hundred open wheel racers who
died on the track in this country's history, some thirty nine lay at rest in unmarked graves, their sacrifice lost to
the winds of time. [The members of the] committee are actively taking action to right this wrong through their
"Racers at Rest" program.
         “The board at the Southeastern Wisconsin Short Track Hall of Fame and members of the Vintage Modi-
fied Stock Car group heartily endorse this worthwhile project and congratulate the "Racers at Rest" Committee
for taking on such a daunting and complex task.”
         John Surges and Bob Ralston: representing the Southeastern Wisconsin Short Track Hall of Fame and
the Vintage Modified Stock Car group.

                         Honoring Our Racing Heroes in their Eternal Slumber

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