Payroll Insights Feature Comparison by jolinmilioncherie



     Payroll                    Payroll Insights Feature Comparison
An Ultimate Payroll Solution

                                                                     Payroll Insights - Editions
                                     Feature                          SME                  Enterprise
                                Best Suitable for Head Count Range     <300                unlimited

         HR Information        Employee H.R Information Management

                               Employee Explorer

                               Employee Explorer With Master
                               Salary Details
              Dash Board       Simple Dash Board
                               Dash Board with Head Counts
                               Dash Board with Birthday &
                               other Occasion Alerts

                               Configurable & Customized
                               Dash Board

               Attendance      Mannual Attendance Entry System

                               Attendance Upload From Excel

                               Integration with Time Machine
        Leave Management       Leave Management

                               e-Leave Management
         Reimbursement         Reimbursement Management
                               Online Reimbursement Management
 Increment, Transfer           Increment, Transfer & Promotion
       & Promotions            Module

                               Multi-Increment Support

                               Direct increment in CTC
           Loan & Salary       Loan & Salary Advance Management
            Management         eLoan & Salary Advance
             Income Tax
            Miscellenous       E.S.I & P.F

                               Professional Tax Management

                               Labour Welfare Fund

                               Other Adhoc Payments ( Bonus,
                               Awards, Incentives, Leave
  Audit Trails/Change
    Log Management             End to end Audit Trail Management

        Salary J.V for 3rd     Free J.V configuration for SAP &
          Party Solutions      Oracle ERP

     Payroll                    Payroll Insights Feature Comparison
An Ultimate Payroll Solution

                                                                              Payroll Insights - Editions
                                       Feature                                 SME                Enterprise
              Pay Reports      Salary Register
                               Pay-Slip YTD Figures
                               Earning Statement

                               Deduction Statement

                               Salary Variance

              ESI Reports      Monthly Challan, Monthly Statement,
                               Monthly Summary, Form 6, Form 7,
                               ESI Return, ESI Yearly Register

                               Form 12a, 3a, 6a, Addition/Deletion
               PF Reports      Statement, PF Challan, Form 10, Form 5,
                               Monthly Statement, PF Summary,
                               Yearly Statement
                               Form 12BA, Form 16, Form 24,
                               Income Tax Statement, Income Tax
               TDS Reports     Summary, Investment Report, Salary
                               Certificate, Tax Calculation Sheet,
                               TDS Variance Report, TDS - YTD Report

        Reimbursement          Reimbursement Slip, Reimbursement
                               Status, Reimbursement Ledger, Bank
                               Transfer Statement, Reimbursement Advise

         Leave Reports         Leave Register, Leave Status,
                               Leave Without Pay Report etc..
            Import Data        LWOP/Deduction days upload
             From Excel
                               5 Standard Excel Upload Formats

                               End to End Customized Excel Upload Formats

              Export Data      5 Standard Excel Export Reports
                 to Excel
                               10 Customized Excel Export Reports

                               "n" Number of Excel Export Reports

          Employee Self        Online Payslip, Tax Calculation Sheet,
                Service        Reimbursement Slip

                               Online Investment Declaration

                               Facility to automatically email payslips to
           E-Mail Facility

                               Facility to automatically email Tax Sheet,
                               Reimbursement Slip to employees
   Service & Support           Free Onsite 12 visits (yearly)

                               Free Onsite 24 visits (yearly)

                               Man day cost after free visits                Rs. 2500            Rs. 3500

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