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									                            JOB DESCRIPTION


Floor Manager

Main Function:

To assist the salaried management team by working with, developing and
directing crew members.

Reports to:

Store Manager or the shift running manager.


All crew members.


1. Has successfully completed the Crew Training Programme, and attained all
2. Has successfully completed the Floor Manager’s Course.

Typical duties and responsibilities:

   Performs tasks required to raise the store’s standards of Q, S and C.
   Participates in the orientation and training of crew members.
   Helps to refine operational abilities of crew members, by use of On-Job-
    Training techniques and by corrective coaching.
   Organises and directs crew members on stations in their area.
   Can take charge of the shift in the temporary absence of a salaried
   Performs basic paperwork; enters hourly readings, enters daily inventory,
    closes and opens cash sheets, pulls and checks registers.
   Participates in crew training classes.
   Helps crew members to become competent in the various areas by
    completing Observation Checklists.
   Can recognise the visual characteristics of good quality products and takes
    action to achieve and maintain standards.
   Supervises acceptance and recording of deliveries.
   Always presents him/herself to customers and fellow employees in such a
    manner as to be an asset and a credit to McDonald’s and him/herself.
Job Relationships:

Will work closely with:

   The Management team in executing their responsibilities in the operation of
    the store.
   Developing and directing the crew members in the area for which they have
   The manager responsible for training, by helping crew members through
    McDonald’s training programme.
   Other managers within the store, in passing on pertinent information in the
    operation of the store.
   All levels of store personnel in order to help maintain a well organised and
    cohesive team effort toward the same Q, S and C goals.


The Floor Manager is accountable to the Store Manager or Assistant Manager

   The Q, S and C aspects of the area(s) of the store for which they have
   The conduct and performance of the crew members for whom they have
   The application of operational procedures in all areas as described by

N.B. The Floor Manager is not responsible for and must not conduct
performance reviews or discipline crew.

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