AC ell is Like a Restaurant

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					                       A Cell is Like a Restaurant

                                           The maitre de like the
                                           cell membrane, allowing things in and out
    The head cook is like the Golgi        and is a barrier to the outside.            The food line
    Body. He is checking the                                                           Is like the Endoplasmic
    plates of food for made by the                                                     Reticulum because this is
    cooks. He makes sure the                                                           where the cooks work.
    plates look good before he
    sends them to the table.

                                                                                          The short order cooks making the
                                                                                          orders and putting the food
The restaurant manager                                                                    on plates is like the ribosome
is like the Cytoplasm                                                                     because they make the meals
because she keeps                                                                         (proteins) the
everyone and everything                                                                   cell needs to perform its activities.
in their correct places because
The Cytoplasm in the cell keeps all
The organelles in their places.                                                             The boss’ office is like
                                                                                            the nucleus as this
                                                                                            is the command central
                                                                                            of the restaurant where
                                                                                            all the instructions or recipes
                                                                                            for making food are located.
       The bus boy is like the
       Lysosome because he takes away
       all the trash and used materials and
       Puts back the reusable stuff like the salt    The storage room is like the          The electricity provided to the kitchen
       shakers, plates and utensils just like the    vacuole because it holds the          For the appliances to work is like
       lysosome helps the cell digest proteins by    garbage and extra ingredients.        The mitochondria because it provides
       getting rid of the waste and keeping the                                            energy for the cell.
       reusables. .

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