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					              Vitamin and Mineral Information Guide
                    Physicians East Bariatrics

Vitamins and minerals boost the immune system, support normal growth and
development, and help cells and organs do their jobs. Following Bariatric
surgery, patients are required by our program to take a strict vitamin and
mineral regimen daily for the rest of their life. This is very important
because during and after your weight loss following surgery, you will be
eating smaller amounts of foods and your body continues to need certain
nutrients. With the gastric bypass, the way that you absorb some vitamins
and minerals is altered and supplements help you to continue to maintain
your normal nutritional status. You will be given additional information
about this regimen from our staff and the Nutritionist.

The ASMBS (American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery)
recommends a postoperative bariatric surgery patient take the following
Vitamin supplementation daily for a lifetime.

Gastric Bypass/Sleeve Gastrectomy:
A high-potency multi-vitamin             containing 200% of the daily value
                                         typically 2 per day
Vitamin B12                              350-500 mcg per day
                                         typically 1 per day
Calcium Citrate (with Vitamin D3)        1500-2000 mg per day
                                          varies; from 2-6 a day
Iron supplement                           18 mg per day
                                          typically 1 per day

Gastric Banding:
A high-potency multi-vitamin             containing 100% of the daily value
                                         typically 1-2 per day
Calcium Citrate (with Vitamin D3)     1500-2000 mg per day
varies; from 2-6 a day

Updated 7/2011
No additional Vitamin B12 or Iron unless otherwise notified per your

Vitamins are available to you in several different brands in order for you to
be able to choose which type is better for you.

Our office recommends:

-Bariatric Advantage: Available at Medical Park Pharmacy

-Optisource: Available at Medical Park Pharmacy, Health Wise Pharmacy
and Wal-Greens

-Opurity: Available at Medical Park Pharmacy

-Buying your vitamins and minerals at your local pharmacy

Pre-Operative Vitamin Requirement:
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that many people seeking bariatric
surgery are deficient in and are not even aware. 80% of pre-op bariatric
patients are Vitamin D deficient. Because of this large number of
deficiencies, our program requires that all pre-op patients start taking a
Vitamin D supplement at the time of the Patient Education Class until the
time of their surgery. We ask that you take 600IU by mouth once a day.
You do not need a prescription for this and can purchase it from your local
drugstore, Walmart, Target or Medical Park Pharmacy.

Updated 7/2011

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