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									  WHAT IS FON?

                       FON is a community of people making WiFi universal and free on the
                         principle of sharing. Our Community members (we call them Foneros)
                           share their home broadband Internet connection and in return get
                            free access to the FON Community’s WiFi Access Points (FON Spots)
                             worldwide. We provide innovative technology that allows Foneros to
                             share WiFi easily and securely.

                              Currently we have more than 500,000 members in Europe, Asia and
                             America, and the Community is growing by approximately one thou-
                           sand new members a day.

Why is FON different from other WiFi services?
Our vision is to make WiFi available everywhere to the members of the Community.
We believe that consumers shouldn’t have to pay twice for Internet access. If you are an ISP
subscriber, we think you should not only be able to access the Internet at home, but on the
move as well, without having to pay expensive additional access charges. We have created an
easy and secure way for Foneros to share some of their broadband access at home and in
exchange get unlimited WiFi access to the Community’s FON Spots worldwide.

What are FON’s principles?
FON is one of a new generation of innovative brands focused on enhancing the consumers’
experience of technology. Our aim is to expand our Community and make WiFi universal to
provide WiFi access across cities, towns and villages around the world. We see
zthis as a “Movimiento” of people who believe everyone should be able to
access the Internet easily - no matter where they are. FON Movimiento
means encouraging more and more people to use broadband to explore
and enjoy the Internet. Such cities as Málaga and Lleida in Spain, Blanque-
fort in France and a few others have already joined FON Movimiento.

How does the technology work?
FON developed a wireless router called La Fonera+. The La
Fonera+ is a neat piece of hardware that acts as a Fonero’s
passport to the FON Community. Once connected to broad-
band, it becomes a FON WiFi access point, and allows Foneros
to securely share WiFi within the FON Community. Unlike other WiFi
routers, La Fonera+ splits the WiFi signal in two - one private for
personal home use, and one public for FON Community members access.
Having two WiFi signals creates a security advantage for our members. The private, encrypted
signal is accessible by the FON Spot owner alone, and only he/she has the password for its
The public FON signal is only accessible to FON Community members. All FON Community
members must register with FON and are required to enter their username and password each
time they access a FON Spot. FON members can
access the Internet, but cannot access the private
The La Fonera is easy to install. It simply plugs into
the customer’s broadband router or cable modem
and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
operating systems. It also lets Foneros connect all
other WiFi-ready devices (phones, PDAs, MP3
players, etc.) to their broadband Internet connec-

How to join FON?
Joining FON is simple, register at, purchase and connect your La Fonera+ router to
start sharing your WiFi, and use WiFi at any FON Spot around the world for free. Foneros set
up their FON Spot at home, share WiFi, get free WiFi on the road, and can even make a little
money by participating in the FON Community. For those interested in making that bit of
“dinero”, FON will pay them 50% of the net revenue that FON gets every time a non member
pays for access to their FON Spot.

Even non-members can access low-cost WiFi on a pay-as-you-go basis renting it out from other

Foneros have their own FON Spots and are given their own FON
Spot homepage, an online space that works rather like a social
networking site. Foneros can personalize this space and use it as
a notice board carrying messages, pictures and videos to share
with fellow Foneros.

How to find FON Spots?
That’s easy too, every new Fonero registers their FON Spot details
with the Community and the location of every FON Spot
in the world is visible on our web-based FON Maps:

Powered by Google Earth, the FON Maps allow you to zoom in and locate FON Spots on indi-
vidual street corners. FON Spot locations can also be downloaded directly to users’ PDA’s,
laptops, mobile devices.

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