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									The university of Calgary - faculty of Law
in Cooperation with the straus institute
   of pepperdine university law school
Improvisational Negotiation     This highly interactive course takes a
                                dynamic view of the negotiation process

                                                                                 Consectetuer #00
                                by introducing improvisation techniques
                                and skills as an overlay to negotiation. The
•	 Jeffrey	Krivis,	Adjunct	     improvisational orientation approach to
   Professor,	Pepperdine	       negotiation is characterized by adapting
                                to a set of circumstances in a strategic yet
   University	and	2010		        unconventional way. The students will
   Lawyer	of	the	Year	for		     develop unique skills experientially through
                                exercises and feedback that will assist in
   Alternative	Dispute		        formulating new ideas and insights into
   Resolution	-	(Best		         negotiations. The goal of the course is
                                to improve your ability to influence and
   Lawyers	of	America)

                                                                                 Laoreet 0000
                                persuade when that moment occurs in
                                a negotiation where it becomes neces-
•	 Brian	Breiter,	California	   sary to help parties shift their positions
   Attorney	at	Law              in order to make the deal. This course
                                will blend theory with practice in an
   	                            entertaining and informative environment.

   Adjunct	Professors	of	the	   What you will learn:
   University	of	Calgary,			    •   How to use improvisation to prepare
   Faculty	of	Law:                  for negotiation

                                •   Techniques for managing difficult
•	 Judge	Heather	Lamoureux	         situations that usually result in impasse

•	 Elaine	Seifert,	QC	          •   The ability to think on your feet

  	                             •   Leadership skills
  			June	16	-	18,	2011	        •   Creating value for participants through
  			9:00	am	-	4:00	p.m.	           the ability to adapt to the circumstances
                                    of the dispute
  					The	University	of		      •   Rescue routines that assist in moving
                                    the settlement discussion forward
  Calgary,	Faculty	of	Law
                                •   The ability to integrate storytelling into
                                    your repertoire
Faculty                                                       Moderators
                  Jeffrey Krivis began his mediation                                  Judge Heather A. Lamoureux
                  practice in 1989, when lawyer-media-                                is a Judge in the Provincial
                  tors in Southern California were rare,                              Court of Alberta, Criminal
                  and litigators had to look outside the                              Division. She holds an LL.M
                  state for experienced practitioners.                                from Pepperdine University,
                  Now, over 20 years later and having                                 Los Angeles, California, with
                  resolved thousands of disputes - in-                                a field of speciality in
                  cluding employment, entertainment,           mediation and arbitration and an LL.B (with
                  business and complex insurance and           distinction) from the University of Alberta.
class action matters - Krivis is recognized not only           Judge Lamoureux is currently an Assistant Adjunct
as a pioneer in the field, but also one of the most            Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University
respected neutrals in the state.                               of Calgary.
                                                                                Elaine Seifert, Q.C. is a lawyer
                      Brian Breiter is a trial attorney                         and specialist in dispute resolution.
                      who lives and practices in                                Elaine has an LL.B from Dalhousie
                      Southern California. While in law                         University and an LL.M from
                      school he began taking improvisa-                         Pepperdine University with an
                      tion classes to improve his abilities                     emphasis on Alternate Dispute
                      as a trial lawyer. After performing                       Resolution. Elaine also presents
                      in a few improv shows, he was                             negotiation, mediation, negotiation,
signed by an agent. Since then Breiter has done over                            arbitration, and collaborative law.
                                                              Elaine is an Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of
30 union commercials as well as other acting roles on
                                                              Medicine and Faculty of Law, University of
stage and television.

                 Registration for Improvisational Negotiation - June 16 - 18, 2011
                                      University of Calgary
                                                              • Cheque - cheque payable to:
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                                                                 University of Calgary
                                                                 Faculty of Law, MFH 4369
                                                                 2500 University Drive NW
                                                                 Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
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                                                                         For more information, contact
 Registration fee: $1200.00 including GST                                   Program Coordinators

 Cancellation Policy:                                              The Honorable Judge Heather Lamoureux
 Full refund before May 1, 2011 less a $50.00               
 Administration Fee. University of Calgary reserves
 the right to cancel this program 45 days in advance in                        Elaine Seifert, QC
 the event of low enrolment.                                   

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