9 Signs That You're in Love by qoresky


									                     9 Signs That You're in Love

Do you really want to know if you've fallen in love with someone? Here's it :

First, You will not be angry for too long and will try to restrain your anger against her.

Second, You'll always miss her(so much).

Third, When walking with her, you will walk slowly(very slowly).

Fourth, You will begin to hear the rhythmic ballad love song.

Fifth, If you think about her, your heart will beat faster(are you serious my friend?).

Sixth, Just hearing her voice, you'll smile for no reason, really you've no reason.

Seventh, You will always remember her smell.

Eight, If you see her, you will not care about the people around you. You only see her one. This world is
yours dude!

Ninth, You really have no reason why your life is so empty when she's not with you.

If you read this, at present, there is someone in your mind. Her name is Love.

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