when visiting our brother Sikh

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					In this case I will not comment on many things.
My visit was very impressive yesterday.
I just explained the amazing things (certainly for me).

2 things I enjoy most is,
houses of worship and ritual of meals.
because this is the first time for me.
look something like a "dome" but not a mosque,
in fact, it's Gurdwara ..
Gurdwara is a place of worship for our brother, Sikh ..

And the first time I saw,
several people with different beliefs to me,
with so strong, invite me to eat together.

              This is the largest in southeast Asia.
                    such as a mosque, isn't it?

when i saw it the first time, I think this is a false religion of Islam.
                         but it was not Islam.

   they also have a flag as an identity.
from the right.

from the left.
from the front.
ceiling !
this is like the altar in a Catholic.

   above are their holy books.
when the ritual, the people give some money here
        as a sign of gratitude and praise.
they have a common kitchen, open for anyone, anytime..
         and especially for FREE! awesome ..

               when they ate with me.
This is a typical Indian meal that I most liked.
                    It's Kier.
      (I may be wrong in writing, sorry)

                     an amazing thing to me.
        I see religion has always adapted to the customs.
Unlike some things, such as a religious Christian Batak people.
        though in Christian, women and men are equal,
              but under construction Batak culture,
      there are times when a woman should be "below".
     But for them, men and women can perform any task
                   (other than biological task).
      tasks that should for men to women and vice versa.

Description: This my first experience when i'm acquainted with the brothers, Sikhs. I greatly admire many things from them, ranging from the architecture of the house of worship until their hospitality to myself, which is not the same religion with them..