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					                                  BERGEN COUNTY
                        OFFICE OF THE COUNTY CLERK
                    One Bergen County Plaza, Room 122, Hackensack, NJ 07601-7076
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Kathleen A. Donovan                                                        Deputy County Clerks:
County Clerk                                                              Maryann McSweeney
                                                                          Joyce SanFilippo

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                                              November 13, 2008

Governor Jon S. Corzine
P.O Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625

Dear Governor Corzine,

         New Jersey is at the epicenter of the world wide economic slowdown. Given our reliance
on income from Wall Street and the financial services industry, the news that the state deficit has
tripled to $1.2 billion, is not surprising.

       In fact, no industry has escaped. Major retailers like Circuit City and Linen-n-Things
have already declared bankruptcy. Car sales (and most retail sales) are at all time lows while
unemployment is at an all time high which dramatically impacts state tax revenues.

        Legislative leaders and your administration officials have declared that everything is on
the table as you grapple with this financial crisis. Everything, that is, except the New York Jets
and the New York Giants.

          Everything on the table means that Trenton s commitment to return homestead rebates
to hard pressed property tax payers may be broken. Aid for schools in suburban, rural and urban
districts may be cut and state colleges will be forced to raise tuition costs to make up for reduced
state aid. Hospitals here in Bergen County and elsewhere that rely on Medicaid and Charity
Care payments will almost certainly see a significant reduction in state aid which could force a
cutback in services. And this comes at a time when workers are being forced to switch from
high paying to lower paying jobs without health care benefits which will add significantly to the
Charity Care burden borne by hospitals at a time when Charity Care payments could be reduced.

        It would appear that no one in New Jersey will escape. Except, of course, the New York
Jets and New York Giants.

       The teams and their billionaire owners will receive approximately $800 million in
windfall profits from the sale of Personal Seat Licenses. This comes on top of the exhorbitant

economic and other incentives (including development right and zoning) gifted by state

        There are many who believe that the New York Jets and New York Giants provide
significant economic and identity (?) benefits to New Jersey. That may be the case. But New
Jersey has been more than a gracious host. Officials at the New Jersey Sports and Exposition
Authority have said that a contract exists between the New York teams and the Authority. Is that
contract any stronger than a commitment to New Jersey taxpayers?

        At a time when practically every individual and business in New Jersey will be asked to
make a significant sacrifice, is it too much to ask that the New York Jets and New York Giants
share a portion of their windfall profits with the very people who are providing them with
enormous taxpayer generated subsidies?

        Before New Jersey property tax owners are asked to give up their homestead rebate
checks, shouldn t we ask, or better yet demand, that the New York Jets and New York Giants
share at least a small portion of their windfall revenue? This isn t money they worked for. This
is money they are in effect extorting from their seasonal ticket holders. It is found money. At
least some of it should find it s way back to the public treasury.

       I look forward to hearing from you.

                                                Very truly yours,

                                                Kathleen A. Donovan
                                                Bergen County Clerk

Senator Nicholas Sacco Dist. 32
Assemblyman Vincent Prieto Dist. 32
Assemblywoman Joan M. Quigley Dist. 32
Senator John A. Girgenti Dist. 35
Assemblywoman Elease Evans Dist. 35
Assemblywoman Nellie Pou Dist. 35
Senator Paul Sarlo Dist. 36
Assemblyman Frederick Scalera Dist. 36
Assemblyman Gary S. Schaer Dist. 36
Senator Loretta L. Weinberg Dist. 37
Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson Dist. 37
Assemblywoman Valerie Vainier-Huttle Dist. 37
Senator Robert M. Gordon Dist. 38
Assemblywoman Joan Voss Dist. 38
Assemblywoman Connie Wagner Dist. 38
Senator Gerald Cardinale Dist. 39
Assemblyman John E. Rooney Dist. 39
Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk Dist. 39
Senator Kevin J. O Toole Dist. 40
Assemblyman Scott Rumana Dist. 40
Assemblyman David C. Russo Dist. 40

Bergen County Executive, Dennis McNerney
Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders
        Tomas J. Padilla, Chairman
        Elizabeth Calabrese, Vice Chairwoman
        James M. Carroll
        David L. Ganz
        Bernadette P. McPherson
        Julie O Brien
        Vernon C. Walton


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