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                                  M A R C H 2 0 1 0 / A D A R - N I S S A N 5 7 7 0

                                                                                        N E W S L E T T E R

                     Volume 34 • Issue 7
                                                                             DIVREI HARAV:
                                                                MESSAGE FROM RABBI KAPLAN

 DATES             TO      REMEMBER                   “Costco is Target
SHUSHAN PURIM                                          of Boycott for Selling
                                                             Israeli Products”
6:00 PM GR 6 & 7 DINNER CLUB
3/4                                                             ike many of you, I enjoy shopping at my local Costco mem-
                                                                bership store. I even find the experience entertaining!
3/5                                                             Invariably, I meet others from the Temple who frequent the
7:30 PM SHABBAT SERVICES LED BY 5TH GRADE             place more ofter than I! Therefore, I devote this monthly Rabbi's
3/6                                                   ALON Article for your attention.
11:00 AM TORAH STUDY                                        I received this message recently from a synagogue in Fort
3/7                                                   Worth, Texas and felt compelled to share it with our congregation in
BATY BINGO @ BALDWIN OAKS                             the hope that you will be informed of the attempts being made to have
9:30 AM BAGEL SALE                                    Costco discontinue selling products from Israel. In addition, a
                                                      group from Canada has formed a Boycott Israel website which you
12:00 PM LUNCH & LEARN                                can see at
7:30 PM SHABBAT SERVICES                                    For years, we have learned about international academic and
3/13                                                  cultural boycotts of Israeli scholars, physicians, scientists, lawyers,
10:30 AM BAR MITZVAH - STEVEN TARR                    musicians, athletes and other talented Jewish leaders in university,
SITE)                                                 medicine, law, theater and sports in the United Kingdom, Europe,
3/14                                                  Africa and Asia. I have urged verbal and written action against these
9:00 AM MEMBERSHIP RETREAT                            travesties many times before.
                                                            Now I am troubled to report that the latest assault on Israel has
7:30 PM SHABBAT SERVICES-SCHOLAR IN RESIDENCE         jumped across the Atlantic and has targeted the American store,
                                                      Costco. The chain has tremendous marketing appeal in hundreds
10:00 AM SCHOLAR IN RESIDENCE                         of locations.
3/21                                                        According to these anti-Semites, Costco is guilty of selling
9:30 AM BAGEL SALE                                    Israeli-grown clementines, the tasty seasonal fruit so familiar to us,
3/25                                                  imported during the winter months. The boycott has a website and
                                                      has volunteers recruiting and instructing people on what they can do
3/26                                                  to encourage Costco to stop the sale of Israeli goods. Below is a
                                                      mass circulating e-mail which offers advice as to whom to contact at
5:00 PM FAMILY BINGO, PIZZA & HAVDALAH                Costco:
3/28                                                        "Such a simple action! I called 425-313-8100 and spoke with
10:00 AM SCHOOL CHOCOLATE SEDER                       Mark DeCosta in produce. I told him that I was calling because I saw
3/29                                                  that Costco was selling clementines from Israel. I explained very
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 P. O . B o x 5 3 0 5 • 8 7 9 S o u t h B e v e r w y c k R o a d • P a r s i p p a n y, N e w J e r s e y 0 7 0 5 4
                                                TEMPLE                   BETH                           AM        DIRECTORY
                                                                          * Board of Trustees

                                              President. . . . . . . . . . .   .   .   .   .   .   Alan Sobel* . . . . . . . . . . .973-983-9616
                                              1st Vice President . . .         .   .   .   .   .   Sally Glick* . . . . . . . . . . .908-647-6544
                                              2nd Vice President . . .         .   .   .   .   .   Julie Friedberg* . . . . . . . .973-394-0906
                                              Financial Secretary. . .         .   .   .   .   .   David Kay* . . . . . . . . . . . .973-263-0581
                                              Treasurer. . . . . . . . . . .   .   .   .   .   .   Stephen Beloff* . . . . . . . .973-515-9666
                                              Recording Secretary .            .   .   .   .   .   Ruth Hochman* . . . . . . . .973-402-4663
                                              Parliamentarian. . . . . .       .   .   .   .   .   Jeff Morrison* . . . . . . . . . .973-540-0351
                                              Sisterhood President .           .   .   .   .   .   Marcia Mauro* . . . . . . . . .973-538-1083
                                              Men’s Club President .           .   .   .   .   .   Brian Finn* . . . . . . . . . . . .973-361-6995

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Michael Scher. . . . . . . . 973-335-2274     Ways/Means (Fundraising) . . . . . . . Dana Sobel* . . . . . . . . . .973-983-9616
Joyce Marlin . . . . . . . . . 973-887-0818   Webmaster . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Marc Colton* . . . . . . . . . .973-722-2358
                                              Youth Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jackie Burge* . . . . . . . . . .973-335-0723
            C A N T O R ’ S                              C O R N E R

                                                                  dress appropriately when we
     n this article I would like to talk about something I        go to temple. Don’t forget, our
     really like - fashion.                                       children learn from us as well.
                                                                  It is essential that we dress
      When I received my first invitation to a party, I was       conservatively and in a manner befitting the sanctity of
surprised to see that there was a reference to a dress            a house of worship.
code. There is no specific dress code in Russia or                     We wear the talit as a way to remember the 613
Israel, where I used to live. In Russia, people always            commandments. Given its symbolism and religious
dress up, and in Israel, they dress down.                         attributes, a talit should be worn over covered shoul-
      On a return trip to St. Petersburg, I was surprised         ders and is not meant to cover bare shoulders in a
by how things had changed since I was last there. For             strapless dress.
example, many restaurants ran the most current seg-                    In the Torah, there are a few references that cover
ment of FTV, a fashion channel in Europe that airs                proper “dress code” for cohanim, the priests. “These
24/7. At cafes and bars, men wore suits and women                 are the vestments they are to make: a breast piece, an
wore dresses with high heels (in Russia women wear                ephod, a robe, a fringed tunic, a headdress, and
heels in rain or snow).                                           sash…they, therefore, shall receive the gold, the blue,
      I was warned by a relative before I left for St.            purple, and crimson yarns, and the fine linen.” Exodus
Petersburg to make every effort to blend in so that I             28:4-5. It is fascinating that G-D gives a detailed
would not be perceived as a tourist. To my surprise, I            description of the priest’s outfit. It shows the impor-
stood out from the crowd. However, it was for the oppo-           tance to G-D of proper clothing during the worship.
site reason - I was completely underdressed.                           In the Torah it says: ”Sanctify Shabbat.” Sages
      When I lived in Israel, I eliminated skirts from my         explain this phrase in the Talmud in the reference to
wardrobe. In Israel, a woman that wears a skirt is per-           how one should dress for Shabbat: “…your Shabbat
ceived as datia, an observant Jewish woman. That                  clothing should not be like your weekday clothing.”
explains why most Israeli young women wear mostly                 (Talmud, Shabbat 113a)
pants.                                                                 In some communities, there is a tradition to wear
      In every society, there is a dress code – one which         white clothes on Shabbat. At Camp Harlam, this tradi-
is tailored to the customs and traditions of the people           tion has been observed for many years. When we
and the culture. When we come to the synagogue, we                enter the sanctuary, it is important to prepare our mind
know that we should dress appropriately. In the Torah,            and spirit to open up towards prayer. I think that the
it is emphasized that for Shabbat we should wear our              way we dress for services helps to set the mood to
finest cloth to welcome Shabbat HaMalkah, The                     connect to G-D.
Sabbath Bride.                                                                                               Happy Purim,
      In our day and age, there is a tendency towards a                                 Cantor Inna Serebro Litvak
more casual style. I think it remains essential that we                                  

                      SCHOLAR-IN RESIDENCE PROGRAM 2010
                       CHOLAR IN  ESIDENCE  ROGRAM

  On March 19, 2010, Barbara Lerman will address the congregation of Temple Beth Am as part of our
  annual Scholar-in-Residence program. She will speak about using food to live by and to teach Jewish
  values. Ms. Lerman is the director of Hazon, a New York-based organization dedicated to creating a
  more sustainable Jewish community and a healthier and more sustainable world for all. A luncheon is
  also being planned for Sunday, March 21, 2010 to provide a hands-on approach to the use of food to
  build community in Jewish settings. Please save the dates!

      PRESIDENT’S                                              MESS A G E

C          hai, one of the greatest symbols of Judaism
           and all that our Jewish culture represents, lit-
           erally translates as “living.” Chai is most rec-
ognized as the root of the word “chaim,” the term for
“life.” While frequently used as a toast or to express
                                                                   at once or in installments
                                                                   through the end of our fiscal
                                                                   year. Our budget sets a goal to
                                                                   obtain eighteen members for
                                                                   the Chai Society and, with nine commitments already
good wishes, “L’Chaim,” Chai takes on another impor-               (see insert of Chai Society members), we are halfway
tant meaning here at Temple Beth Am.                               toward achieving that goal.
       Last year, TBA began a leadership giving recogni-                  So, as we personally reach out to you, I am ask-
tion campaign – The Chai Society. Those who partici-               ing you to consider setting a strong example for your fel-
pate in the Chai Society represent a dedicated group of            low congregants and agree to join Temple Beth Am’s
Temple members willing to make a significant monetary              Chai Society. Please speak to Rabbi Kaplan or myself
contribution, above and beyond paying dues. Being a                to learn more about how your contribution to the Chai
part of the Chai Society means you are a philanthropic             Society can make a difference. We will be happy to
leader, helping breathe life into the financial stability of       explain how your gift ensures outstanding program-
Temple Beth Am and setting a good example for other                ming, educational excellence, spiritual leadership and a
capable people to follow.                                          vibrant Reform Jewish Community.
       The great Jewish philosopher Maimonides taught                     No better Hebrew word could have been chosen
that among the highest levels of giving is to offer                as the name for this group. The collective generosity of
Tzedakah not knowing who will be the beneficiary of                Chai Society members is about our Temple's life, about
your generosity and, not letting people know you offered           sustaining it and about making the Beth Am community
it. In other words, giving anonymously. While I don’t              life meaningful for others. With their influence and lead-
disagree with this great philosopher’s teachings, I would          ership, they set high standards and have taken the ini-
argue that one who gives and, at the same time, moti-              tiative to encourage others to do more.
vates others to follow their lead, provides a gift that
keeps giving and which is also at the very highest level                Chai -- 18 members -- $1,800…          It all makes
of generosity.                                                     sense. L’Chaim!!!!
       We are now beginning our Chai Society campaign                                                          Alan Sobel
for the current fiscal year, and I ask you to consider sup-                                                       President
porting our efforts. Membership in the Chai Society is                                                         973.994.9494
open to anyone that makes an unrestricted contribution                                  
to Temple Beth Am of $1,800. You can elect to pay it all

                               2009-2010 C HAI S OCIETY M EMBERS
   Marilyn & Steve Beloff                                          Marcia Mauro
   Ed Bindel                                                       Rabbi Ronald Kaplan & Rabbi Randi Musnitsky
   Sally Glick                                                     Dana & Alan Sobel
   Ruth & Ted Hochman                                              Ron & Melanie Vandervalk              As of 2/10/10
   Dr Wendy Livingston & Dr Abram Kirschenbaum

         We thank these members for their additional dues donation of at least $1,800
          R E L I G I O U S                                 S C H O O L

T         hank you to all the parents who joined us for
          Tu B’Shevat. Blue Box Bob from the Jewish
          National Fund came to visit, and we dis-
cussed the importance of trees in our daily lives and
why we need to take care of the environment. All stu-
                                                                      The Book Buddy Bunch
                                                                program       is    underway.
                                                                Congrats to Rebecca Reagan
                                                                for being the first student to
                                                                submit a book report! All students who participate in
dents received Tzedukah boxes so they, too, can sup-            the program will receive a pizza party at the end of the
port JNF. Blue Box Bob will come visit again in April.          year! The student who reads the most books will
All students are to return their boxes, and the Religious       receive a prize!
School will make a donation to JNF in their honor.                    During the month of March, Coach Randy will be
       The 6th graders attended Mitzvot of Metrowest at         coming to Temple Beth Am Religious School to speak
the JCC to learn about the many organizations that are          with our sixth to tenth graders about Jewish Identity,
worthy of their support. It was wonderful to hear their         Anti-Semitism, Peer Pressure and strategies to deal
excitement as they discussed with their parents and             with these important issues. Parents are encouraged
classmates their ideas for their Bnai Mitzvah Mitzvah           to attend with their children. This is a program that
Projects.                                                       should not be missed! Coach Randy will speak with
       Our 6th graders led us in worship in January.            the sixth and seventh graders on Tuesday, March 23
They worked hard to prepare and did an outstanding              and he will meet with the eighth to tenth graders on
job. Their parents, teachers and congregants should             March 9.
be proud of what they have accomplished. Thank you                                                            B’shalom,
to Morah Fariba, Morah Terri and Cantor Inna for help-                                              Morah Heather
ing our students prepare.                                                                           Education Director
       The highlight of the month was when Yotam Zach                               
spoke with our students about his pictorial exhibit
“Through the Eyes of Lior.” The students had the
opportunity to view the pictures and then ask questions
regarding life in the IDF (Israeli Army). If you have not
done so, this is a great opportunity to have a discus-
sion with your children.

           Dates to Remember
                Friday, March 5
  Community Shabbat Dinner and 5th grade service

                  Tuesday, March 9
           Coach Randy 8th to 10th graders

                 Tuesday, March 23
        Coach Randy 6th and 7th graders and
       Confirmation Academy Chocolate Seder

                   Sunday, March 28
                   Chocolate Seder

         Tuesday, March 30 – Thursday, April 8
                      No School                                     Morah Heather leads a great Tu B’Shvat Sedar

                        MIRIAM’S SEDER
                              Sisterhood presents
                                Miriam’s Seder
                           Thursday, March 25, 2010
                                   at 6:30 PM

        Please join Rabbi Randi Musnitsky and Cantor Inna Serebro-Litvak
  as they present the Passover story through the eyes of the women of the Exodus.
Bond with them and all Jewish women through song, dance, and a full kosher Seder.

                         $36.00/adult, $18.00/child under 12.

                         Marcia Mauro
                         Jen Willmot
                     No reservations will be taken after Sunday, March 21.

  2010 SHABBAT
     Featured County: India

      Natahah Kehimkar
       will speak about
  growing up Jewish in India.
                                               Natasha Kehimkar is a Bene Israel Jew. The Bene
     Friday, March 12                          Israel community traces its origins to the western coast
                                               of India near Bombay (Mumbai) and is the largest of
         7:30 PM                               three Jewish communities in India. Born and raised in
                                               Toronto, Canada, she was educated in Ashkenazi day
                                               schools while maintaining Bene Israel traditions at
       Special Oneg to Follow
                                               home. Natasha works in New York and lives in Summit,
                                               NJ with her husband, Derek.

                                    S I S T E R H O O D

                                                                      I also want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all
            rought back by popular demand, Miriam’s             who attended my husband, Doug Mauro’s funeral and
            Seder. Rabbi Randi Musnitsky and Cantor             Shiva.
            Inna Serebro-Litvak will once again lead us               Doug loved Temple Beth Am and would have
in the Women’s Seder for Passover this year. The date           appreciated the fact that the congregation, his family
will be announced in Temple Happenings and from the             and friends considered him worthy of such high
Bima. Hope to see you there.                                    esteem. I think the editorial Todd Finchler wrote last
      I am happy to report the success of “Veiled Visions       month in the Alon expressed this for everyone. Todd
and Middle East Delights.”        The Temple received           asked if we realized that Doug touched our lives in
100% of the proceeds because Sisterhood underwrote              ways we did not realize. The answer to that is “YES.”
all the expenses for this evening as a gift to the              I found out things about my husband at his Shiva that I
Temple. I want to express many “Thank Yous” to all              did not know before--wonderful things about his
who made it possible and worked so hard to bring it to          largesse to the Jewish Community and beyond. Todd’s
fruition. You know who you are.                                 editorial was a great tribute to my husband. Both my
      Scholarships are available from Sisterhood for            daughter and myself thank him for writing such a beau-
camp and other Jewish endeavors. Please pick up the             tiful “Note from the Editor.”
application and submit it no later than May 1.
Applications received after this date will not be consid-                          A zeesen Pesach to you and yours,
ered. Applicants that have received scholarships two                                                   Marcia Mauro
                                                                                                     Sisterhood President
times from Sisterhood will not be eligible for another
one, enabling children who are new to the program to

MESSAGE FROM RABBI KAPLAN                        Continued from page 1

politely that there is an international boycott against         Israeli items appear on Costco shelves!) it would not
Israeli products because of the ongoing genocide there.         be a surprise if the company decides to discontinue
I mentioned the attack on Gaza a year ago, that 1,400           selling Israeli goods.
people were killed there, and that Israel restricts food,             We need to contact Costco and inform them how
electricity and drinking water. Mark was very recep-            grateful how we are and how we are attracted to shop
tive, and said he would pass the message to the buyer           there because they sell Israeli products. Just recently
in California, and also gave me her number. I'll call her       when I told a congregant about the boycott, she imme-
tomorrow and would be happy to hear that other folks            diately responded that she was getting a Costco mem-
might do the same." Buyer: Pat Burlinguettee (925)              bership and will buy the clementines, "Even though I
456-7208.                                                       don't like clementines!"
       I vividly remember from several decades ago the                Information about contacting Costco can be found
alleged Pepsi, Co. boycott against selling their soft           at:
drinks in Israel. Thousands of Jewish people world-             get-of-boycott-fo.php We must do all that we can to
wide refused to purchase Pepsi Cola beverages. It               assist Israel to fight back. Next time you're there, buy
was a false claim, which regrettably, created negative          something grown or made in Israel, and be sure to
ramifications for many years.                                   thank the checkout cashier for carrying the inventory!
       Do not underestimate the consequences if a boy-
cott like this has any success. As friends of Israel, if        B'shalom,
we do not let Costco know that we support the sale of                          Rabbi Ronald W. Kaplan, D. Min
Israeli products (many agricultural and manufactured                                     

                        A D U LT                   E D U C AT I O N

                                                               Kathy Decker leads our new adult hebrew
                                                               class. It has been a great success with a
                                                               wonderful turn out! Yasher Koach to
                                                               Kathy and all of the participants!

                       A D U L T                       M I T Z V A H
          V O L U N T E E R                         O P P O R T U N I T I E S

H         ere are a few new ways you can help. It's easy, it's
          fun and it's rewarding. I hope you will participate.

Shabbat Onegs We need people to bake goods for the                 BOOK CLUB NEWS
Shabbat Onegs -- 3-4 different desserts, once a month. If you                    March 23, 2010
can bake, please contact Dana Sobel at danasobel@opton-                The Invisible Wall by Harry Bernstein or 973-983-9616. The goods can be delivered to Ron
Serafin at the Temple.                                                            April 27, 2010
                                                                   This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathon Tropper
Membership Recruiting Event on Saturday, March 13. Members
                                                                                  May 25, 2010
from Montville and Boonton are needed to help us host a Family            The Statement by Brian Moore
Pizza & Havdalah membership recruiting event in Montville.
Contact Bruce Goldman at to help.                            June 29, 2010
                                                                          The Yiddish Policemen’s Union
Beth Am Spring Cruise (TBA Major Fundraiser on May 8th)                        by Michael Chabon
Volunteers to help with event planning, theme and decor, and
to solicit ads for the ad journal. If you can assist with any of     Book Club meets the last Tuesday of the
these items, please contact Rich Cantor at          month at 7:30 PM in the Library
                                                                              (except December).
Please read the weekly Happenings e-mail and see our website            New members always welcome!
for a complete listing of opportunities.                                         Joan Tiedrich
                                                    Alan Tarr         973-627-0154
                                      Adult Mitzvah Committee
                   G I F T S                &           M E M O R I A L S
 RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                                            M I T Z VA H F U N D
             Donations were made by:                                      Donations were made by:
The Grippaldi Family, to Rabbi Kaplan, in thanks for         Rita and Bill Roth, to Ron Serafin, offering condolences
your help in preparing Jeffrey for his Bar Mitzvah.          on the loss of his Brother.
The Grippaldi Family, to Ron Serafin, offering condo-        Rita and Bill Roth, to Janyce and Nat Anapolle, wishing
lences on the loss of his Brother.                           them Mazel Tov on the Marriage of their Son Andy, to
Sandy and Arnie Schancupp, to Evelyn Krevolin, in            Alison.
memory of her Sister, Rea Weinstein.                         Nancy Moskowitz, to Michelle Donnenberg and Family,
Sandy and Arnie Schancupp, to Marcia Mauro and               offering sympathy on the loss of her Mother, Sylvia Lew.
Family, offering sympathy on the loss of her Husband         Ylesa and Mark Eisenberg, to Ron Serafin, offering
Doug.                                                        sympathy on the loss of his Brother, Robert.

                                                             Marcia Mauro and Family, offering sympathy on the loss
                                                             of her Husband Doug, by:
CANTOR’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                                  Carol and Shelly Eichenbaum
                                                             Irene and Jeff Morrison
             Donations were made by:                         Sandra and Mort Sable
The Grippaldi Family, to Cantor Inna, in thanks for          Rita and Bill Roth
your help in preparing Jeffrey for his Bar Mitzvah.          Gail and Tom Carroll
                                                             Joyce and Bob Marlin
                                                             Joan and Warren Tiedrich
                                                             Rita and Harold Vex
    BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                        Carol and Marvin Ganek
         Cards have been sent on behalf of the
                 Board of Trustees to:
Marcia Mauro and Family, offering sympathy on the            B E A U T I F I C AT I O N F U N D
loss of her Husband Doug.
                                                                         Donations were made by:
                                                             Joyce and Howard Elias, to Judi Marx and Family,
                                                             expressing sympathy on the loss of her Father,
                                                             Ervin Samuels.
       E D U C AT I O N F U N D
            Donations were made by:                          YAH RZEI T M EM O RI A L F U N D
Irene and Jeff Morrison, to Beth and Michael Scher,
wishing a speedy recovery to Beth’s Mother, Eva               Donations have been made to commemorate the…
Rosenthal.                                                   Yahrzeit of:            By:
                                                             Myron B Hackauf         Roberta and Jamian Probber
                                                             Harry Lifshitz          Sandy and Arnie Schancupp
                                                             Anna K Kleinerman       Kay and David Goodstein
             MUSIC FUND                                      Rene Selver             Ellen Roller and Paul Selver
            Donations were made by:                          Pauline Eisenberg       Mark and Ylesa Eisenberg
Beth and Michael Scher, to Marcia Mauro and                  Ruth Heller             Nancy Heller Moskowitz
Family, offering sympathy on the loss of her                 Robert Heller           Nancy Heller Moskowitz
Husband Doug.                                                Teddy Goldhagen         Marcia and Samantha Mauro

                                                                    MARCH 2010

                                                March 5th
                                                            YA H R Z E I T S
                                                Abraham Anapolle         Joseph Gotthelf      Myron Lyons
                                                David Bronstein          Harry Guzinsky       Adam Melch
                                                Frank Feldman            Alicia Beth Hirsch   Mitchell Sable
                                                Fannie Fingeret          Dora Jaffe           Walter Schonfeld
                                                Lillien Gabin            Sissy Koenigsberg    Leo Teidrich
                                                Benjamin Alan Ganek      Freida Laiks         Freda E Weiss
       Temple Beth Am Youth Choir               March12th

                                                Eva Anapolle             Abraham Levine       Maurice Jacob Simon
                                                Bessie Bernstein         Dorothy Ofsevit      Arthur Wexler
        Y O U T H                               Bernard Eisenberg
                                                Robert Goldberg
                                                                         Jack Rattner
                                                                         Phillip Reich
                                                                                              Abraham Zucker
                                                                                              Donald Zuckerman
       E V E N T S                              Betty Greenberg
                                                Henry Kneissel
                                                                         Bessie Rosengart
                                                                         Felix Salzberg
First and foremost, I would like to introduce   March 19th
myself for those who do not know me yet. My
name is Alona Krivulin and I am the new         Albert Berger            Marilyn Hockstein    Jean Nadel
Youth Group Coordinator for Temple Beth         Irving Cohen             Al Isacoff           George Racow
Am. I am very excited to have this opportuni-   Albert Ginsberg          Rose Lerman          Max Roller
ty and hope to see everyone joining us in the   Morton David Gottlieb    Max Joseph Menack    Hanna Myra Walitsky
upcoming programming and events that we
have planned!                                   March 26th
Sunday, March 7th 1:15-3:00 pm                  Herbert Braun            Betty Gersh          Geoge Nemet
Bingo at Baldwin Oaks (Grades 6-12)             Robert Edward Bressman   Edith Gilman         Sylvia Lewis Rosen
Come do a mitzvah and play Bingo with your      Pearl Buchwald           Margery Honig        Beatrice Zelt
local seniors!                                  Sara Feinstein           Daniel Lefkowitz
Each participant is asked to bake or bring a

Sunday, March 14th 12:00-2:00 pm
BATY Executive Board Meeting                                Grade Leaders Needed...
                                                  to foster greater community among families who
Saturday, March 27th 5:00 pm                           have children in the Religious School or
Come join us for a Havdallah service and          confirmation program, we are looking for one or
some exciting Bingo!                               two parents in each grade (K-10) to serve as a
                                                 grade leader. The parents would coordinate on or
Save the following dates:                        off-site family activities for their grade and act as
April 11th – Ice Skating at Mennen Arena           liaisons to their children's teachers. If you are
April 24th – 6th Grade Lock-in                     interested in serving in such a capacity, please
Please join us for as many events as you               contact Bruce Goldman at 973-222-3664
can! We would love to see you!                         or email him at
Contact Heather Schweizer for more infor-

                           B A R                 M I T Z V A H
                                       STEVEN TARR

S        teven will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on March 13,
         2010. He is in the 7th grade at Lazar Middle School, where
          he is on the high honor roll. Steven plays trumpet in the sym-
phonic band and composed an instrumental piece for one of its per-
formances. He also plays piano. Steven loves tennis, video games
and hanging out with friends and family, including his siblings, Jennifer
and Andrew.
       For his Mitzvah Project, Steven tutored children with special
needs in reading and writing. He also works in the Community Soup
Kitchen of Morristown. Currently, he is collecting blankets, comforters
and quilts for the people who eat at the Soup Kitchen to make their
winter a little bit warmer. If you would like to donate items that are
either new or in good condition, please deposit them in the collection
box in the Temple lobby.

      T E M P L E B E T H A M A N N UA L A P P E A L - U P DAT E
WE’RE ONLY $2,500 FROM OUR $30,000 GOAL, CAN YOU                                      HELP ?

                                                                            210 Families

                                                                            200 Families

                                                                            150 Families

                                                                            100 Families

                                                                            50 Families

                                                                            0 Families

Coach Randy from Project NextGen will present a workshop
   on Jewish Identity, Anti-Semitism, and Peer Pressure
                          Tuesday, March 9
                           6:30 – 8:00 PM
                8th to 10th graders and their parents
            Enrollment in Confirmation Academy is not required.
                          Pizza will be served.

         RSVP to Morah Heather at
                       by Monday, March 8

                                                       SPONSOR AN
                                                        S H A B B AT !
                                                       It is an excellent way
                                                            to celebrate a
                                                              simcha in
                                                             your family!

                                                           Temple Office

             R I T U A L                      C O M M I T T E E

O        n Friday evening, March 5, during Family
         Shabbat services led by our 5th graders,
         Temple Beth Am will be participating in
Shabbat Across America. That evening, the Reform
movement, along with other movements of Judaism,
                                                         will be supporting this program sponsored by the
                                                         National Jewish Outreach Program. Their goal is to
                                                         reach out to Jews throughout North America, welcome
                                                         them into our synagogues and help them discover the
                                                         beauty of Shabbat.
                                                              We are proud to be a Shabbat Across America
                                                                                  location and to join with hun-
                                                                                  dreds of synagogues across
                                                                                  the continent in an historic
                                                                                  national Jewish event to cel-
                                                                                  ebrate that which unifies all
                                                                                  Jews – Shabbat!
                                                                                       Everyone is invited – sin-
                                                                                  gles, couples, families – all
                                                                                  ages. Bring your neighbors,
                                                                                  your friends, your co-work-
                                                                                  ers and let’s celebrate
                                                                                       As we complete the
                                                                                  month with the Festival of
                                                                                  Freedom and Redemption,
                                                                                  Passover, we remind you,
                                                                                  once again, as we do each
                                                                                  year, to insure that everyone
                                                                                  has a seat at a Seder table
                                                                                  so that all can share in this
                                                                                  meaningful celebration. If
                                                                                  you, or someone you know,
                                                                                  will be alone on the first two
                                                                                  nights of Passover, or if you
                                                                                  have space at your table for
                                                                                  additional guests, please
                                                                                  contact Rabbi Kaplan so
                                                                                  that a match can be made.
                                                                                  Help us to provide this
                                                                                  opportunity for all.

                                                                                              Joyce Marlin
                                                                                          and Renee Grasso
                                                                                         Ritual Co-chairpersons

                                              M A R C H
  S U N D AY           M O N D AY          T U E S D AY          W E D N E S D AY     T H U R S D AY           FRIDAY             SATURDAY

                       1            15
                                   Adar     2              16
                                                         Adar    3             17
                                                                             Adar     4                18
                                                                                                     Adar    5              19
                                                                                                                          Adar    6               20

                      Shushan Purim       6:00 PM                                                                         Shabbat Parah
                                          Grade 6 & 7 Dinner                         7:30 PM             6:30 PM
                                          Club                                       Cantor Musical      5th Grade Dinner 11:00 AM
                                                                                     Program - Session 2                  Torah Study
                                          6:30 PM                                                        7:30 PM
                                          Gr 9-10                                                        Shabbat Services
                                          Confirmation                                                   led by 5th Grade

7              21
             Adar     8              22
                                   Adar   9                23
                                                         Adar    10            24
                                                                             Adar     11               25
                                                                                                     Adar    12             26
                                                                                                                          Adar    13              27
Regional Choir                                                                                                                    10:30 AM
Festival (off-site)                       6:30 PM                                    12:00 PM                7:30 PM              Bar Mitzvah -
BATY Bingo @                              Gr 8 Confirmation                          Lunch & Learn           Shabbat Services     Steven Tarr
Baldwin Oaks                              Academy                                                                                 6:00 PM
9:30 AM Bagel Sale                                                                                                                Prosp. Member
                                                                                                                                  Family Pizza &
10:00 AM Adult                                                                                                                    Havdalah (off-site)
Hebrew in Library

14              28
              Adar    15             29
                                   Adar   16                 1
                                                         Nisan   17              2
                                                                             Nisan    18                 3
                                                                                                     Nisan   19               4
                                                                                                                          Nisan   20               5
9:00 AM                                   6:30 PM                                    7:30 PM                 7:30 PM              10:00 AM
Membership Retreat                        Gr 9-10 Confirmation                       Executive Board         Shabbat Services-    Scholar in
                                          Academy                                                            Scholar in Residence Residence
12:00 PM
BATY Board Meeting

21               6    22              7   23                 8
                                                         Nisan   24              9
                                                                             Nisan    25                10
                                                                                                     Nisan   26              11
                                                                                                                          Nisan   27              12
             Nisan                Nisan
9:30 AM                                   6:30 PM                                    6:00 PM                 7:30 PM              Shabbat HaGadol
Bagel Sale            7:30 PM                                                        Women's Seder           Shabbat Services
                      Board Meeting       Gr 8-10 Confirmation
                                          Academy                                                            honoring Seniors     5:00 PM
                                                                                                                                  Family Bingo,
                                                                                                                                  Pizza & Havdalah

28              13    29             14   30                15
                                                         Nisan   31             16
                                                                                                                     C ANDLELIGHTINGS
             Nisan                Nisan
                                                                                                                     5th 5:35 PM
10:00 AM                                  Pesach                 Pesach II
School Chocolate      Ta'anit Bechorot                                                                               12th 5:43 PM
Seder                 Erev Pesach
                                                                                                                     19th 6:50 PM
                                                                                                                     26th 6:58 PM
                                                                                                                     29th 7:01 PM

Special thanks to
  this wonderful
fundraising team.

                              M E N ’ S                       C L U B

On February 21, 2010, the Men’s Club
hosted a family bowling outing at Boonton
Lanes. A great time was had by all! Men’s
Club President Brian Finn coordinated this
fun event! Rabbi Kaplan showed that his
excellent form transcends the Bima and
extends to the bowling alley!

                           S AV E               T H E            D AT E !
   Do you know potential Temple members living in Montville & Boonton ?
        On Saturday, March 13 we will be hosting a Pizza, Play & Havdalah event
                     at the Kidnetic indoor playground facility at
                  2 Changebridge Road in Montville from 6 to 8 p.m.
 This event is intended to introduce potential members to our Temple. Rabbi Kaplan, Cantor Inna, Alan Sobel
 and current members from these communities will be on hand to meet and greet, as we enjoy a fun-filled
 evening for families. Following the Havdalah service and pizza dinner, kids will have a blast playing with the
 center's three-level indoor playground, mats of all shapes and sizes, and a kid friendly rock-climbing wall.

 Please help us reach out to your neighbors who are unaffiliated by letting them know about this event and
 then calling Bruce Goldman at (973) 784-3947 so we can follow-up with these families and extend a for-
 mal invitation.

 While there is no cost for the event, we do ask for a $10 deposit refundable when they arrive.

J.L. Apter Memorial Chapels                                                                                IN THE APTER FAMILY
                                                                                                           TRADITION SINCE 1902
        Jason L. Apter, Manager • NJ Lic. No. 3650
                                                                                                          SERVICES FROM $4195*
                                                                                                                     INCLUDES PINE CASKET

                                                                                                            DONATING $500 TO
                                                                                                            TEMPLE BETH AM
                                                                                                           FROM EACH FUNERAL
                                                                                                                        RESTRICTIONS APPLY.

A NON PROFIT JEWISH FUNERAL HOME                                                                            SERVICES AVAILABLE
The same dignified full service at greatly reduced prices.                                                     IN YOUR HOME

          1 Baker Avenue • Dover, NJ                                486 Pompton Ave • Cedar Grove, NJ
           Beautiful colonial setting                                  Parking for over 100 vehicles

         973.366.1700 • 877.278.3765
           *Graveside/Synagogue package Includes professional charges, preparation, and local transportation. Does not include cash
               disbursements such as cemetery fees, death certificates, gratuities. Request our general price list. Call for details.

 Skilled Nursing F Alzheimer's Special Care Unit
Hospice Care F Short & Long Term Rehabilitation
    Adult Medical Day Care F Senior Housing
 1155 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ 07052
    Fax: 973-731-8364 F Website:

   Sandy Nussbaum Giercyk
 Disney Destinations Specialist 973-223-1190
               170 Changebridge Road • C3 • Montville, NJ 07045
                                    Est. 1986
     Arnold I. Pallay, M.D., F.A.A.F.P   Anna Chung, M.S., P.A.-C
     AnnGene Giustozzi, M.D., D.B.F.P    Inna Zdorovyak, M.D., D.B.F.P.
     Frank Iannetta, M.D., F.A.A.F.P     Genevieve Casteneda, M.S., P.A.-C

                             PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS

                             FOR OVER 20 YEARS

                     Tel: 973-575-5540 • Fax: 973-575-4885

  Supermarket Gift Cards are available at Temple Office
          during Hebrew School and from…
Boonton/Mtn Lakes    Rockaway          Sedgefield/Morris Plains
UPS Store            Marc Colton       Cindy Lipton
Michael Scher        973-625-2094      973-539-6524

            Gail Carroll, Temple Member
     350 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ 07052
             973-736-3240 fax 973-736-3340
        Exclusively at: “The Wilshiore Grand Hotel”

PO BOX 5305                                          NONPROFIT ORG
PARSIPPANY, NJ 07054                                 U.S. POSTAGE PAID
DATED MATERIAL                                       PARSIPPANY, N.J.
                                                     PERMIT NO.18


                            A donation will be made to TBA
                       for all completed referrals and closings!

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