Frequently Asked Questions-Volunteers and Donations

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					Frequently Asked Questions-Volunteers
and Donations
From Tornado Survivors:

Q. How can I get volunteers to come and help me clear debris from my house?

A. It may vary from county to county but ideally you can go to the Disaster Recovery Center closest to
your home and fill out a work order form. This form gives your permission for volunteers to come and

Q. How do I know that volunteers can be trusted?

A. Volunteers should check in with the county and have a work order form for your home. Also many
volunteer organizations are well known and have vetted their volunteers through background checks
and trainings, such as the American Red Cross, The Georgia Baptist Convention, and the United
Methodist Convention.

Q. What types of services do volunteer give?

A. After a tornado the most common services needed are debris and tree removal and tarping roofs.
Volunteers perform many other functions as well such as help with feeding operations, donation and
warehousing operations, coordination of volunteers, and many other fields of service.

From Volunteers:

Q. Where should I go to volunteer?

A. Check with the county Emergency Management office that you want to go to, or you can check the
GEMA web page at
Q. What should I bring?

A. Come Prepared. You should try to be as self-sufficient as possible including food and personal
protective gear (gloves, goggles, thick soled shoes, and sunscreen). If possible bring equipment that will
be helpful in clearing debris like chainsaws, ladders, wheelbarrows, trimmers, ropes, hammers etc.

Q. Are there work orders ready to be filled?

A. Each county is in charge of its own emergency operations. Ideally as people whose homes have been
impacted request assistance from volunteers a work order is generated and the volunteer coordinator
will dispense these as volunteers report in.

Q. Is food and board provided to volunteers?

A. No, you should not expect food or board.

Q. Do I have to be trained?

A. You do not have to be trained to volunteer, however trained volunteers are preferred. Many
churches and local volunteer groups offer some type of volunteer training.

Q. What can and can’t I do once I get there?

A. Respect the homeowner, make sure that you have their permission to do what you are doing. If you
see a neighbor’s home that may need assistance, you can ask and be sure to have extra work order
forms for them to give permission to help with their home as well.

Q. What safety precautions do I need to take when volunteering?

A. Wear personal protective equipment. It’s a good idea to be sure that your Tetanus shot is up to date.
Understand that while volunteering you are not covered by any extra insurance from Federal, State,
Local or that homeowners insurance.

Q. Can I come by myself?

A. Yes, however coming with a group is preferred. Groups are often formed through existing
organizations like churches, clubs, or businesses. You can be the one that starts up a group in your
church, business, or club.

For Donations:

Q. Where can we send donations?

A. The donations drop of locations are located in the disaster area.
             Food is a big need. They are in need of bulk
             supplies, breakfast, lunch and dinner items,        Donations are being
             as well as sports drinks (Gatorade, etc.).             accepted (and
             Also needed are cleaning supplies (including         distributed) at the
Dade         gloves and trash bags); toiletries; diapers (all     American Legion,
             sizes); new socks and undergarments.                   13205 Hwy 11,
             Donations are being accepted (and                   Trenton, GA 30752.
             distributed) at the American Legion, 13205               (DM & SR)
             Hwy 11, Trenton, GA 30752. (DM & SR)

             There is a need for cleaning supplies and
                                                                 Ringgold Telephone
             tools (nails, hammers, wheelbarrows).
Catoosa      Donation collection and distribution site is
                                                                 6203 Alabama Hwy
             at Ringgold Telephone Company, 6203
                                                                    Ringgold, GA
             Alabama Highway.

                                                                Church of the
Lamar        Has a donations center                             Nazarene 744 U.S. 341
                                                                Barnesville, GA 30204

             Women are requesting toiletries and
             feminine hygiene items. Donations are              Warm Springs Fire
Meriwether   being accepted (and distributed) at the            Dept.
             Warm Springs Fire Station on White House           White House Parkway
             Parkway.                                           Warm Springs, GA

             Needs for donation include household
             goods (blankets, coffee makers, pots and
Spalding     pans), canned food, tarps, building supplies
             and baby items (cribs, strollers, car seats).      819 Memorial Dr
             (EM)                                               Griffin, GA
                                                                co-located w/ DRC
                      There is a need for building supplies in the         Walker County Civic
                      county, including tarps. Citizens may go to                Center
Walker                the churches to accept goods.                        10052 N Highway 27
                                                                             Rock Spring, GA
**Disclaimer: the types of donations may change daily and people should check with local
officials or visit the GEMA web site for up to date donated items needed**

Q. What types of items are needed?

A. household goods (blankets, coffee makers, pots and pans), building supplies, blankets, canned food,
tarps ,building supplies, baby supplies (cribs, strollers, car seats)

Q. Is there a way for corporations to make donations?

A. Yes, please refer to Aidmatrix website:

Q. Can I donate money?

A. Financial donations are the most effective way to help the agencies working in the field. The
Aidmatrix donations portal allows you to choose which organization you would like to help. The website

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