Monkeys Paw Test by N6NGtF2Y



                         The Monkey’s Paw Test
Recall the characters and events in the story. Then answer the questions in sentences or

1. How did Sergeant-Major Morris acquire the monkey's paw?

2. Why do you think Morris tries to burn the paw?

3. What does Mr. White say just before he wishes for two hundred pounds?

4. What would you infer is the reason that Mr. White is so reluctant to wish for his son's return
from the dead?

5. In this story, Mr. White makes three wishes. In the chart below, write notes describing what he
wishes for and what happens as a result of each wish.

What He Wishes For                                  What Happens as a Result


____6. Sergeant-Major Morris suggests to the Whites that the monkey's paw brings
a. grief.
b. happiness.
c. good luck.
d. contentment.

____7. What is Herbert White's attitude about the monkey's paw?
a. He cannot wait to try it.
b. He wants to destroy it immediately.
c. He does not think it will work.
d. He wants to sell it.

____8. What did the monkey's paw most likely bring to Sergeant-Major Morris?
     a. Great joy.
     b. Many riches.
     c. Peace and harmony
     d. Great sadness.
____9. Herbert is killed when he
a. tries to steal 200 pounds.
b. is caught in a terrible storm.
c. travels to India.
d. is caught in the machinery at work.

   Write your response to question 10 on a white lined paper. Your
   response should be at least ½ of the page.

   10. Imagine you are Mr. White and a friend has asked you for the Monkey’s paw. Explain
   what happened to you in regard to the paw. Tell about your three wishes and the
   consequences. Use emotional and feeling words to describe your tragedy with the paw.

       No, I will not give you the monkey’s paw! Sit for a moment and let me tell you why.

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