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                   P.O. BOX 1, OCEANSIDE, NY 11572
                             516 763-9177

                   OCEANSIDE, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK                                                         June/July 2011

                                                                                        Cino’s hot Bagels located
                                                                                        at 2941 Long Beach Road
                                                                                        in Oceanside (across from
                                                                                        Lincoln Shopping Center)
                                                                                        had a Grand Opening Ribbon
                                                                                        cutting celebration last month
                                                                                        with Councilman Anthony
                                                               Santino, Legistrator Denise Ford, Chamber Members
                                                               and the Cino family all were on hand to cut the ribbon
                                                               for success. Cino’s offers Breakfast Specials and
                                                               different specials during the week. So if there is a
                                                               birthday, get well, thank you, students away at school
                                                               or camp, business associate, sympathy, corporate bagel
                                                               boxes or just congratulations phone or fax them today at
                                                               442-5301 fax 442-5302 to place your order.

                                BeaUTiFicaTion aWarD
     The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce chooses to recognize those business, or property owners who significantly
enhance, or improve the appearance of their store or property. Beautification Awards are The Chamber’s way of saying
“Thank you” to those business people for improving Oceanside’s business district.
     This month, The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce presented a Beautification Award to James and Susan Conforti.
The Confortis are Oceanside business and property owners who constructed an attractive, new building on Long Beach
Rd. Their vision for this new building, beautifully
landscaped, has greatly enhanced Oceanside’s business
district, making it more aesthetically appealing to those
who enter our town.
     New business in Oceanside, Max’s Kitchen
has presented a warm welcoming storefront with
cheerfully colored awnings, signs, and potted plants!
A fresh image, Max’s Kitchen is certainly deserving
of an Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Beautification
     Pictured above are; Jay Slutsky (Chamber member),
Laura Brohman (Max’s Kitchen-mgr), Gary Schwartz
(Max’s Kitchen-owner), Gail Carlin (Chamber
President), Kathy Towers (Chamber Director), Susan
Conforti (property owner), James Conforti (business-
property owner), and Bob Towers (Chamber Director).
     Beautification Committee Chairperson
     Kathy Towers 536-6027
    A Message from Our Incoming Chamber President…Gail Carlin

                          Dear Chamber members,
                               On Friday, May 13th we “kicked-off’ our annual Country Fair, with a “Kick-Off Social” at
                          J Paul’s Terrace Café where chamber members and their guests enjoyed some complimentary
                          hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar. More than 25 chamber members and guests attended this event
                          and a very festive mood was set for the next day! Then on Saturday, May 14, we held our
                          annual Country Fair on the grounds of Schoolhouse Green and what a glorious day it was! The
                          weather was “picture perfect” and attendance was steady all day long!
                               Some 20 chamber members set up tables along “chamber row” and more than 50 vendors
                          participated this year. The Town of Hempstead mobile van was also at the Fair and the clerk’s
                          office supplied free passport photos and highlighted their child safety program.
    Dr. Michael Orzano also had a special display of Indian artifacts and documents that highlighted the history of
Oceanside. It was a popular display and visitors learned much about the life of the Long Island Indians and their home
    Many thanks to the following chamber members for their assistance at this annual event including Maria Helller, Bob
and Betsy Transom, Bob and Kathy Towers, Steve Kass, Jeff Eschwege, Bart Ward and Kim Keller. This Fair “happens”
due to the hard work, energy, and dedication of our members. We truly appreciate their efforts!
    With the summer fast approaching, it is time to relax, rest, and enjoy some time with family and friends. Please
note: There is NO General Membership luncheon meeting in August. Plans are underway for a special “sunset” evening
meeting at the end of July or August. Details to follow.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy summer!

Gail S. Carlin

                                      Meet our new Editor for the Chamber Newsletter
                                                                 Don Decker
                                    Our next newsletter will be going out for September
                                    If any chamber Member wants to put information in
                                       Please email him at
                                              or give in a call @ 516-312-5655

  If you know of an Oceanside Business                               The Chamber of Commerce is pleased
       who has significantly improved
                                                                       to announce that we gave out two
      the appearance of their business
                                                                    scholarships to Oceanside High School
     either decorative or architecturally
                                                                       Seniors this year the winner of the
    (of their own outlay) and deserves a
                                                                    Vocational Awards was Ashley Baylis
    Beautification Award Please contact
                                                                    Business Award to Blanca Ozadovsky.
  Kathy Towers at 536-6027. So she can
                                                                    Congratulations to these two fine young
  bring the information to the board and
              we can vote on it.                                     ladies wishing them continue success.
                       ChAmBer eVents

                                                    Left to right: Bart Ward; Gail Carlin; Irv Miljoner, District
                                                    Director, US Dept of Labor; Linda Petrizzi; Conrad Braun;
                                                    Krisitne Szvetics; Dr. Emil Tocci;
                                                     Mr. Miljoner spoke on the topic “ What Employers Need
                                                     to Know about the Federal Labor Law”. There was
May Luncheon meeting held at IHOP Restaurant         some excellent information exchanged and numerous
all members are welcome. We have lunch meetings      questions were asked. All of the chamber members
first Thursday of each month at 1 pm.                in attendance thought that it was a very worthwhile

                Our Chamber Fair would not be completed without our Fire Department
Left to right: Neil Kaplan, Linzi Kramer, Andrew Schuster, Beth Salzman all rescue and Edward Scharfberg
                                          South Side Hose Co #2
                  news FrOm yOur Fire DepArtment
                 spring is here and a lot of people are starting to use their barbeques. if you are using a
                 charcoal grille be sure follow the following safety tips:

1)      Store the charcoal and lighter fluid outside the house in dry place.
2)      Never barbeque near the house.
3)      Do not use too much lighter fluid.
4)      Do not use gasoline or kerosene to light the fire.
5)      After you are done do not take the hot coals and place them in a garbage can. Wait several hours and
        rinse them with cool water.
6)      If you place them in a garbage can the can should be metal with a tight cover.
7)      Never place the can next to the house.

if you barbeque with a propane grille be sure to follow the following safety tips:

1)      Follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you assemble the grille.
2)      When transporting the propane cylinder always transport it in the passenger compartment in an upright
3)      Never store the propane tank in your home. Always store it in a cool, shaded, and dry area away from
        the house.
4)      When installing the propane tank make sure that the connections are secure.
5)      Test all connections for leaks with a soapy spray bottle.
6)      When you finish using the grille shut the tank valve off first then shut the grille. This enables excessive
        gas in the line to drain.
7)      Wait until the grille is cool before putting the cover on.
8)      Periodically clean the grease cup underneath the grille.

Follow the above safety tips and you will have many years of good use from your grille.


        Another thing people like to do in the spring is cleaning out the garage, basement, or shed. Looking around
you notice quite a bit of flammable, combustible, and noxious materials such as gasoline, kerosene, propane, oil,
oily rags, paint, brush cleaner, chlorine, fertilizer, charcoal, lighter fluid, car care products, cleaning fluids, and the
list could go on.
        These items are hazardous in that they not only could cause a fire but they are hazardous to you. When you
discard these items do it properly. Most of the above items and others can not be disposed of with your regular
garbage. So what should you do? Contact the Town of Hempstead to find out about their STOP PROGRAM. In
doing so we know we are safe as well as our environment.
        None hazardous in our home are clothes piled high, boxes from last year’s holiday gifts, tools and general
items thrown about, old newspapers and magazines stacked up, shelves piled high, and the list goes on. These
items could become hazardous to you or the firefighters if there was ever a fire in your home.
        So when you do a spring cleaning in your home do it thoroughly, thoughtfully and carefully.
        Again if you have any questions or concerns call your local fire department and if you live in Oceanside
call us at 766-2717.
Chamber Craft Fair

                     Photos by Kathy Towers
The chamber would like to extend a special “thank you” to Dr. Michael Orzano for adding a historical
dimension about the American Indians to our country fair. His display on Indian artifacts and documents
highlighted the histrory of Oceanside dating fro 1676. For more information on his display, contact the
chamber at 763-9177

               MeMorial Day in oceansiDe
Thank You!!
 To all businesses
that sponsored the
  Inflatable slide
 and cotton candy.
Children of all ages
were thrilled to get
a FREE ride and a
    sweet treat.

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