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									Vol. XV Issue 3                                         Harrison High School                                                      April 2011

Lucky 13 for Model Congress
Emma Adler
       This spring Har-                                                                                                                     and blazers
rison High School took                                                                                                                      for tank tops
Philadelphia by storm,                                                                                                                      and jeans
picking up an unprec-                                                                                                                       and made
edented thirteen awards                                                                                                                     their way to
at the University of Penn-                                                                                                                  the delegate
sylvania Model Congress                                                                                                                     dance at the
conference.                                                                                                                                 University of
       The conference                                                                                                                       Pennsylva-
kicked off on March 31.                                                                                                                     nia Museum
Hundreds of delegates                                                                                                                       of Archaeol-
representing dozens of                                                                                                                      ogy and An-
high schools crowded                                                                                                                        thropology.
into the famous Irvine                                                                                                                      In spite of a
Hall for opening ceremo-                                                                                                                    noble effort
nies. Following a speech                                                                                                                    on the part
by former congressman                                                                                                                       of the con-
Joe Sestak, and a brief The Harrison delegation.                                                            Courtesy of Ms. Makarczuk ference ad-
overview of the rules of              well as men to enlist in the draft.   the Old City, a part of Philadelphia                            ministrators,
the conference, the delegates         Asked about the experience of         renowned for its architecture,           the dance received a collective
dispersed throughout the campus       debating in a committee with ten      KLVWRULFDO VLJQL¿FDQFH DQG VKRS-        thumbs-down from the Harrison
IRU WKHLU ¿UVW FRPPLWWHH VHVVLRQ     WR ¿IWHHQ VWUDQJHUV &RDVK FRP-       ping. Chaperones Ms. Makarczuk           delegates who chose to put in an
Over the next three days, each        mented “It is kind of an awkward      and Ms. Morrissey headed up              appearance. Junior Angela Troia
of the Harrison High School del-      situation, spending hours talking     an excursion to Reading Termi-           remarked, “It was a cool idea to
egates would engage in approxi-       with a group of people you don’t      nal Market, a sprawling public           hold the dance in a museum, but
mately twenty hours of structured     know, but it forces you to open up,   market located in the heart of           it was hard to dance with a bunch
debate, tackling issues running       and by the end of the conference      Philadelphia where hungry visi-          of statues everywhere. It also
WKH JDPXW IURP GUXJ WUDI¿FNLQJ        you all get to know each other.”      tors can sample delicacies from          would have been nice if they’d
to the housing crisis.                Topics discussed in Harrison          over one hundred storefronts.            had an actual DJ instead of a
       Friday was the busiest day     delegates’ committees on Friday       Afterward, freshmen delegates            laptop playing music.”
of the conference, including two      included the death penalty, voting    Ben Adler, Sam Colangelo and                     6XQGD\ EHJDQ ZLWK D ¿QDO
three-hour committee sessions         rights for convicts, and adoption     Coby Lefkowitz took a detour to          full session of debate. In the Red
and one two-hour full session.        rights for gay couples.               Jim’s, one of the Philadelphia’s         Senate, the delegates debated a
Harrison High senior Zach Man-               On Saturday, the delega-       most famous Philly cheese steak          bill outlining harsher punishments
dell presented a bill to legalize the tion took advantage of a seven        restaurants.                             IRU PLOLWDU\ RI¿FLDOV LQYROYHG LQ
medical usage of ecstasy. Junior      hour break between committee                 Following their evening           instances of water boarding, and
Julia Coash presented legislation     sessions to enjoy the city of the     committee session that night the         passed a resolution to support
which would require women as          Philadelphia. Some journeyed to       delegates swapped their blouses          Brazil’s acquisition of a perma-
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                              Band trip to                             interview with
                              Atlanta                                  American Idol                 Debate update.................Page 6
                                                                       contestant                    Spotlight on A-109...........Page 11
                                                                                                     Energy drinks exposed...Page 14
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Cysner Climbs His Way to the Top
Angela Troia
                        Arts Editor

         After years of playing little   longer climbs and the use of a        this bouldering wall exceeded          ranked in order of highest score.
league and other recreational            rope. In bouldering, the walls        anything Matt had ever climbed         0DWW¶V ¿UVW DQG ¿QDO URXQG ZDV
VSRUWV PRVW WHHQV ¿QG WKHLU QLFKH       are shorter and there are big         before -- reaching a tall twenty       D TXDOL¿HU URXQG VFRUHG RXW RI
on football                                                                        feet.                              possible 15 points. Matt scored a
or baseball                                                                               “I was extremely ner-       KLJK  FORVH WR WKH ¿UVW SODFH
¿HOGV RU SHU-                                                                     vous,” says Matt, who claims       TXDOL¿HU ZKR PDQDJHG D  
haps on the                                                                        he can still feel the intensity    Matt’s age group had thirty-three
court, shoot-                                                                      of the competition. “I was         competitors competing to be
ing hoops.                                                                         very nervous for the event. I      ranked the nation’s top climber.
This is not                                                                        had put a ton of pressure on               “Climbing isn’t simple,”
the case for                                                                       myself to do well at nationals,    says Matt DiRe. “I have climbed
Matt Cysner.                                                                       so much so that I forgot to        with Matt for simple fun and, es-
This Har-                                                                          take a step back and relax.        pecially as an amateur climber, I
rison High                                                                         As a result, I did not climb as    admire Cysner’s physical ability
School junior                                                                      well as I would have liked, but    as well as his technique.” DiRe is
has chosen                                                                         I am still happy with how it all   proud of how well Matt did at the
a sport that                                                                       turned out.”                       national competition. “He really
takes him to                                                                              The climbers are            pours his heart into climbing and
new heights,                                                                       MXGJHG VROHO\ RQ GLI¿FXOW\ DQG     deserves to go places with it.”
                  Cysner takes hold.                     Courtesy of Matt Cysner
literally. Cys-                                                                    completion, not on speed.                  One thing’s for sure -- this
ner is a nationally ranked climber.      pads on the ground to protect         The competition is not timed.          is not the last time we will see
7KLV SDVW )HEUXDU\ 0DWW ¿QLVKHG         against falls.                        Each hold is worth a point and the     Matt climb.
twenty-second in the USA Climb-                 “You don’t need to be able     higher a climber gets, the more                “Becoming a professional
ing National Bouldering Champi-          to do the hardest rock climbs in                                                                  rock climber is
onship, a performance that was           the world in order to have fun                                                                    extremely dif-
his personal best.                       and get a good workout,” said                                                                     ¿FXOW DQG , GR
         In a high school where          Matt Cysner. “You just need                                                                       not think that I
football seems to dominate the           to push yourself and you will                                                                     will make it to
sports arena, climbing is not of-        gradually get better.”                                                                            that level,” a
ten a sport considered by many.                 Needless to say, Matt                                                                      modest Cys-
“Before Matt started climbing I          is no ordinary athlete. Even                                                                      QHU FRQ¿GHG
had no idea that such an event           though one might not spot Matt                                                                    “However, I
existed,” said fellow junior Matt        throwing a ball around after                                                                      would like to
DiRe. “I had known that people           school, his workouts and daily                                                                    work in the
climbed, but not at a competitive        routines are rigorous.                                                                            climbing in-
level.”                                         “Pushups, pull-ups, and                                                                    dustry so that
         The sport involves a sim-       sit-ups help, but in order to                                                                     I can stay in-
ple objective: climb from the bot-       get better at climbing, you                                                                       volved with
tom of the wall to the top without       just need to climb a lot,” noted                                                                  the sport as
falling. On paper, this may seem         Cysner, who plans on going to Cysner climbing.                        Courtesy of Matt Cysner it progresses
like a breeze, but in actuality          New Hampshire this summer                                                                         in the future.
it is one of the most physically         for three weeks of rock climbing.     points are earned. Falls are also      I’d like to at least have a career
demanding sports.                               Boulder, Colorado, proved      factored into the score, but they      that would allow me to keep rock
         There are two types of          to be a new experience for the in-    do not take away a substantial         climbing. I can definitely see
climbing: sport climbing and boul-       trepid climber. He had previously     amount of points Scores are            myself rock climbing for the rest
dering. Sport climbing involves          TXDOL¿HG IRU WKH FRPSHWLWLRQ \HW     then added and competitors are         of my life.”

Husky Herald - Page 2
Peri Mendelsohn
                       Staff Writer

       Students in Kids for World      openly share how the presenta-          girls,. This is unusual because        safe environment they live in. I’m
Health Club have recently been         tion affected them, granting them       normally in Pakistan girls are         very happy to be involved.”
learning about how education           the ability to imagine what their       considered useless in their com-               The presentation informed
levels differ in different parts       lives would be like if they lived in    munity and cannot attend school.       students about a current world
of the world. For example, in          Taliban. One question asked in          Some of the students’ questions        event that endangers kids’ lives
Taliban, Pakistan, children are        the presentation was, “How would        were answered by Ms. Stanton           every day. It also gave students
not fortunate enough to have           you feel if your younger sibling        during the presentation, further       some perspective on how for-
the privilege                                                                           deepening their under-        tunate they are and how much
of education                                                                            standing of the matter        harder kids have it in foreign
and con-                                                                                and allowing them to get      countries. Some raised concerns
stantly live in                                                                         ¿UVWKDQG LQVLJKW RQ WKH      that the presentation might prove
danger be-                                                                              situation. The interac-       too scary for middle school kids,
cause of the                                                                            tion with Silbi Stanton       some of whom might not be ma-
prevalence of                                                                           also provided students        ture enough to handle the subject
weapons in                                                                              information on how to         matter.
their society.                                                                          give additional donations             Yet Kids for World Health
While many                                                                              to help the situation in      advisor Ms. Allison Blunt argued
kids don’t ap-                                                                          Pakistan.                     that this presentation was one
preciate the                                                                                   After viewing the      that needed to be seen.
importance                                                                              movie, Children of the                “Kids deserve to know
of school                                                                               Taliban, at a Kids for        what’s going on in other coun-
(to say the                                                Courtesy of Ms. Columbus World Health meeting,             tries,” she said. “We cannot
least), kids in                                                                         Harrison High school          hide them from the truth and it
countries like Pakistan yearn for      knew how to use a gun?” Often           sophomore student Olivia Hy-           will only increase their desire to
a proper education and every           kids don’t realize the dangers oth-     mowitz expressed her feelings          lend a hand.”
day is a struggle to survive. On       ers go through in order to survive.     on the program.                                Often we forget every-
April 4, students involved in Kids     Even though                                                                                 thing we have to be
for World Health took a trip to the    weapons are                                                                                 thankful for in our
middle school to convey this im-       not present and                                                                             country, state, and
portant message. The students          a part of our ev-                                                                           community. This pre-
in the club prepared a presen-         eryday lives, we                                                                            sentation stressed
tation informing middle school         should not fail to                                                                          the importance of be-
students at LMK about the harsh        see the differ-                                                                             ing informed about
conditions in Taliban, Pakistan.       ences in places                                                                             world events and be-
The presentation stressed the          like Pakistan,                                                                              ing thankful for the
importance of education and how        where guns are                                                                              safety, security, and
it should be appreciated because       used commonly                                                                               promise our country
many don’t have this advantage.        by children who                                                                             provides.
The presentation also provided         use them as a                                                                                      The trip gave
students’ insight as to why it’s im-   method of both                                                                              high school students
portant to help the less fortunate.    self-defense                                                                                an opportunity to
Many underestimate and ignore          and survival.                                                                               share their thoughts
                                                                                                      Courtesy of Ms. Columbus
the existence of poverty in third      Schools in Paki-                                                                            on a current event
world countries and this presen-       stan even educate kids on how                   “The presentation will         with younger students as well as
tation truly was an eye- opener,       to properly use weapons and             allow the middle schoolers a           a great experience presenting
one that delivered an important        many kids learn how to be suicide       chance to know what’s going on         and learning about this riveting
message to the Harrison com-           bombers at young ages. Lastly,          in the world outside of their com-     topic. The process enabled high
munity.                                the students were asked to write        munity,” she said. “I think most       school students and teachers to
       The presentation consist-       down questions they have about          people are unaware how different       learn a great deal about Pakistan
ed of watching a 40-minute video       the Taliban. Following the Power-       people live in foreign countries       as well as interact with students
with the middle school students,       Point presentation, the students        and I’m so glad I was given the        from the middle school, which is
one depicting the troubles that        heard a speech by Silbi Stanton.        opportunity to learn more and          not commonly done. Members
kids from Taliban have to endure              Ms. Stantion is working on       share the stories of the Taliban       of Kids for World Health and the
day-to-day just to survive. Fol-       building schools in Pakistan that       with middle school students.”          school district greatly appreciate
lowing the presentation, the high      will provide an adequate educa-                 The video has had a simi-      all of the hard work and effort put
school students followed up with       tion for the children in Pakistan,      lar effect on sophomore Stepha-        in by the club advisors, Ms. Blunt
a more personal PowerPoint pre-        one that will enable them to rise       nie Irvine, who shared, “It is an      and Mrs. Wilson. Their efforts in
sentation where kids were asked        above their current problems.           important issue to know about          making this trip happen did not
for input on the situation. This al-   At Ms. Stanton’s schools, she is        because it teaches kids how to         go unrecognized.
lowed middle school students to        encouraging the attendance of           appreciate education and the

                                                                                                                    Husky Herald - Page 3
Band Trip Just Peachy
Trent Lefkowitz
                     Staff Writer

        Harrison High School’s              HHS stepped up to the       the Best Overall Band award,         spectators by walking off the
band, chorus, majorettes,            plate when the competition         and three HHS musicians were         stage right before they were
color guard, and wind and jazz       arrived. Performances took         recognized with the Maestro          expected to perform.
ensembles all headed down            place on Friday, April 1and were   Aw a r d f o r t h e i r i n d i v i d u a l Long days and constant
South in late March for                                                                                               prep for the competition
their biggest performance                                                                                             left HHS performers
of the year. This time, the                                                                                           exhausted. Though the
performers packed up their                                                                                            group enjoyed their stay
gear and took a 16-hour                                                                                               in Georgia, by the last day
bus ride to Atlanta, Georgia,                                                                                         most of them were ready
in order to compete in the                                                                                            to head home and resume
Atlanta Heritage Festival.                                                                                            their daily lives. They left
        Though prepping                                                                                               Saturday night from Six
for the Festival was their                                                                                            Flags (the location of the
main focus, the group still                                                                                           awards ceremony) and
had time to explore and                                                                                               returned to HHS Sunday
enjoy the “Peach State.”                                                                                              afternoon.
Band teachers Mr. Briem                                                                                                        Senior drum major
and Dr. Pasqua planned                                                                                                Bryan Jacobowitz had
several exciting activities                                                                                           mixed emotions after
both before and after the                                                                                             completing his final
big day. The group was Band members pose with awards.                          Courtesy of Gary Morgen Photography competition as part of
able to visit the University of      followed by an awards ceremony     performances: Bryan Jacobowitz       the HHS band.
Georgia, take a day trip to Six      the next day. The Huskies were     on the piano, and Jacob Seidman              “It’s bittersweet, because
Flags, and eat at well-known         a big success, adding numerous     and Ryan Polakoff for the            while it’s one of the last times
Georgian restaurants such as         awards to its already impressive   trombone.                            I will be leading the band,” he
Agatha’ Christie’s Mystery Dinner    collection of accolades.                  A pleasant surprise for       said, “I know for a fact it’s not the
Theater and Ryan’s Fire                                                                                            last time I will be seeing the
Mountain Grill and Buffet.                                                                                         band.”
They also visited the Martin                                                                                               One of Bryan’s
Luther King Jr. National                                                                                           favorite band memories
Historic Site, where they                                                                                          throughout his high school
saw and learned about                                                                                              career was the Nashville
King’s birth home, Ebenezer                                                                                        WULS LQ 
Baptist Church, Freedom                                                                                                    “When we were
Hall, the Eternal Flame, and                                                                                       in Nashville, we went to
his crypt.                                                                                                         a concert at the Grand
        One of the most                                                                                            ‘Ole Opry, and whenever
memorable experiences                                                                                              anybody would say the word
of the trip included pianist                                                                                       ‘focus’ the crowd would give
Peter Serkins’ performance                                                                                         a thunderous applause,” he
at the Atlanta Symphony                                                                                            recounted. “While we still
Hall. Serkin played in                                                                                             aren’t quite sure why they
his “Bartok and Brahms”                                                                                            did that or what it meant, it’s
concert series, and made a                                                                                         a fond memory I have from
trip to Stone Mountain Park                                                                                        that trip and an inside joke
for another performance the                                                                                        between all of the seniors.”
day of the competition.                                                                                                      There are many
        Junior drummer                                                                                             seniors who, like Bryan,
Raf Dalcolmo loved                                                                                                 are sad to leave these
Serkins’ performance, but The Jazz Band lets loose.                         Courtesy of Gary Morgen Photography e x p e r i e n c e s b e h i n d .
particularly enjoyed his time                                                                                      Though underclassmen are
at Six Flags.                               The marching band,          HHS was also the Spirit Award.       upset to lose a valuable chunk of
        “One of my favorite parts    majorettes, and color guard        The group received the award         the overall group, they already
of the trip was visiting Six Flags,” won silver in their respective     for displaying a positive attitude   are looking forward to next year’s
he said, “because I got to go on     competitions, while the            throughout the trip, and the April   competition.
the Go-Karts. Driving them was       percussion ensemble, wind and      Fool’s joke they pulled on the
tons of fun. I also really enjoyed   jazz ensembles all took home the   crowd at the Wind Ensemble
the Batman Gotham City area.”        gold. The entire group snatched    competition. They “fooled”

Husky Herald - Page 4
 Fun-Lanta Days And Nights
Olivia Pagano
                       Staff Writer

       Although everyone was             day.” The malpractice lawyers at        into it. There was a tram that        were brave, and they went on
excited for the band trip to At-         “Our Lady of Excessive Hotness          went to the top of the mountain.      WKH 6N\ &RDVWHU 7KH\ ÀHZ WHQ
lanta, most were dreading the            Hospital” sang this song with           People took pictures and videos       stories high, before experiencing
16-hour bus trip to                                                              to record the memories. Later         the exhilarating free fall.
get there. There were                                                            that afternoon, the whole band                Although the day of rides
thoughts that sitting on                                                         left for Powder Springs, Georgia.     was over, the award ceremony
a crowded coach bus                                                              This is where the competition was     had yet to begin. All band mem-
for hours and sleeping                                                           located. First the marching band      bers rocked out to the classics
in uncomfortable posi-                                                           and the majorettes performed          from the ‘70s as they waited to
tions would be ago-                                                              in front of some of the South’s       find out who won. Overall the
nizing. Surprisingly,                                                            most prestigious music people.        band won nine awards, including
it was not. It gave                                                              After that, the color guard, wind     awards presented to individuals
time for the band to                                                             ensemble, jazz ensemble and           that stuck out while compet-
get mentally prepared                                                            the percussion ensemble per-          ing; Bryan Jacobowitz, Jacob
before competition                                                               formed in Hillgrove High School.      Seidman, and Ryan Polakoff.
mode began. During                                                               These performance groups were         Even though not all members
the bus ride, students                                                           cheered on by their fellow band       were awarded with this honor,
bonded and, like ev-                                                             members and parents.                  the students all cheered, sup-
ery other teenager,                                                                      After hours of listening to   porting their fellow musicians,
they were energetic                                                              music and doing their best, the       classmates and friends. Due to
and basically insane.                                                            musicians returned to a huge          the high qualifying awards the
Games were played,                                                               surprise at the hotel. While          band won, they were invited to
stories were told, and                                                           they were in a meeting in the         go to Los Angeles next year and
it was like there was                                                            Embassy Suites’ Phoenix Room,         compete.
a speaker blasting                                                               the band found out that a famous              “My favorite part of the trip
laughter.                                                                        basketball player, Allen Iverson,     was spending the whole day in
       On the way                                                                was there, apparently awaiting        Six Flags Over Georgia and being
down to Atlanta, the                                                             surgery. Apparently the NBA star      able to receive a award knowing
band stopped at the                                                              was upset and very intoxicated.       that it is my last year doing this,”
infamous Cracker Bar- Look out below!                                            The band parents and directors        said, Nour Neshiwat, a senior and
rel in North Carolina,                Courtesy of Gary Morgen Photography        were concerned for the students’      four-year member of Harrison
where Southern hospitality was           lyrics by the band’s drum major,        safety, so they were kept in the      High School Band.
on display. Mr. Briem instructed         Bryan Jacobowitz. One sample            conference room and later es-                 After a whole day of excite-
the band to be polite, cautioning        lyric from this hysterical song is:     corted to their rooms.                ment from thrilling roller coasters
against one-word responses like          “It’s trial, trial, gotta get put on            The next day was very         to winning awards, the band got
‘yeah’ and ‘thanks.’                     trial. Everybody’s lookin’ forward      exciting for all because they         back onto the bus for another
       Arriving in the city of At-       to the verdict, verdict. Settling,
lanta was exciting. Instead of           Settling, (Yeah!) Settling, Settling,
taking downtime at the hotel, the        (Yeah!) Cash, cash, cash, cash.
band got dressed and went to the         Looking forward to the verdict.”
lobby. They left to take a tour of       That night was full of laughs and
the Coca- Cola factory because           excitement for all.
the soft drink originated in Atlanta,             The next night the band
but sadly, they were late. So in-        enjoyed a performance of The
stead of taking the tour, they were      Atlanta Symphony. For many
dropped off at a shopping center         adults, it was very rewarding to
(and all the girls were happy).          see musicians of such caliber.
       After, the band members           For the exhausted students,
went to the Agatha Christie              though, it was time to sleep. Even
Murder Mystery Dinner Theater.           though the symphony would have
The show that was performed              been great for people to listen to,
was called “Grave’s Anatomy”             the possibility of staying awake
and required audience partici-           during such lullaby-like songs
                                                                                                                 Courtesy of Gary Morgen Photography
pation. Due to the fact that the         was unlikely.
audience was mostly Harrison                      On Friday, April 1, the band   spent the whole day at Six Flags      16-hour trek back to Harrison.
students with musical experi-            was pumped for competition. Due         Over Georgia. Some rides there        The bus was silent the whole
ence, it was ironic that they had        to the scheduling of the competi-       are Goliath, Georgia Scorcher,        way back as exhausted students
to write songs that told a story of      tion at 4 p.m., all of the students     Superman, The Great American          slept. Arriving back home was
working in a hospital. One song          went to Stone Mountain Park.            Scream Machine and many more          great, but most were reminded
in particular stood out to many          This park has one of the South’s        that made people scream with joy      that they still had to get up for
band members, it was the parody          biggest landmarks. It is the rock       and fear. Two chaperones on the       school the next morning.
of Rebecca Black’s top hit, “Fri-        with the confederacy carved             trip, Mrs. Corona and Mr. Vernali,

                                                                                                                       Husky Herald - Page 5
Harrison Debate ends on a high note
Peri Mendelsohn
                      Staff Writer

          These past few weekends,   an outstanding job, receiving high     paid off when she beat her oppo-      the novice division. Freshman
the Harrison Debate Team at-         speaker points in every round.         nent, Zeke Rosenburg, from the        Danny Debois and Sophomore
tended two state tournaments         She actually placed ninth in New       Bronx High School of Science, in      Sarah Murphy truly stole the
DQG ZRQ ERWK 7KH ¿UVW RI WKH WZR     York State. If the tournament          WKH ¿QDOV 6KH ZDV DOVR QDPHG         show. Both debaters cleared
t o u r n ame nts,                                                          ¿UVW VSHDNHU DW WKH WRXUQDPHQW       preliminary rounds with four wins
NYSDCA, was                                                                 Sarah demonstrated amazing            and one loss and broke to octo-
held April 1-2 at                                                           speaking skills throughout the        ¿QDOV %RWK GHEDWHUV FRQWLQXHG
Brooklyn Tech                                                               tournament and allowed Har-           WR ZLQ WKHLU ¿QDO URXQGV XQWLO LW
High School.                                                                rison to win yet another Debate       was just the two of them left to
The second                                                                  Tournament.                           compete for the championship.
state tourna-                                                                      During the New York Fo-        Danny Debois and Sarah Mur-
ment was on                                                                 rensic League’s State Tourna-         phy became co- champions of
$SULO  DW                                                                PHQW ¿YH +DUULVRQ VWXGHQWV ZHUH      the tournament together. Sarah
The New York                                                                given the privilege to compete.       also was the seventh speaker in
State Forensic                                                              Harrison students Ally Brabant,       the novice division. These two
League. Cer-                                                                Christina Loguidice, Danny De-        debaters have displayed excep-
tain qualifica-                                                             bois, Hayley Kronthal, and Sarah      tional consistency throughout
tions were re-                                                              Murphy all obtained outstand-         the year and fully deserved this
quired in order                                                             ing records and each received         recognition.
for students to Debaters pose with trophy.       Courtesy of Mr. Hertzig    UHFRJQLWLRQ $JDLQ ¿YH URXQGV               “It was a great opportunity
participate in                                                              determined the eventual State         and I’m so happy with how I did,”
both of these prestigious tourna-    had allowed debaters to break          championship.                         said Sarah Murphy. “Everyone
ments, so only the top debaters      WR WKH RFWR¿QDOV 6DUDK ZRXOG                 In the Varsity division,       did an amazing job. Everyone
from multiple schools in New         KDYH EHHQ RQH RI WKH ¿QDOLVWV         junior Chris-
York were on hand. This posed        but because the tournament was         tina Loguidice
tough competition for the Har-       UXQQLQJ ODWH RQO\ TXDUWHU ¿QDOV       won two of her
rison debaters.                      could be carried out. Still, Sarah’s   five preliminary
          7KH ¿UVW WRXUQDPHQW FRQ-   debate skills did not go unrecog-      rounds (an ex-
VLVWHG RI ¿YH SUHOLPLQDU\ URXQGV     nized - she won third speaker at       ceptional record
IROORZHG E\ TXDUWHU ¿QDOV VHPL      the tournament.                        for Varsity De-
finals, and the State                                                       bate). Christina
championship. All                                                           was also named
three Harrison debat-                                                       the seventh Var-
ers participating had                                                       sity Speaker in
great records and were                                                      the State, which
successful in the tourna-                                                   is an enormous
ment. Sophomore Peri                                                        accomplishment.
Mendelsohn, sopho-                                                          Another success-
more Sarah Murphy,                                                          ful varsity debater
and freshman Sarah                                                          was junior Ally
5RVVPDQ GLG D ¿QH MRE                                                       Brabant. She
                                                                                                Mr. Hertzig and the gang. Courtesy of Mr. Hertzig
representing Harrison.                                                      won four of her
          U n f o r t u n a t e l y,                                        preliminary rounds and broke to       on the team is so amazing that
Sarah Murphy and Peri                                                       octofinals. Unfortunately, she        it gives me incentive to keep
Mendelsohn were un-                                                         faced tough competition in the        working at it.”
able to break to quarter                                                    RFWR¿QDOV DQG FRXOG QRW PRYH                 The Debate Team truly
¿QDOV EXW REWDLQHG H[-                                                     on. However, she was named            has had an exceptional year, and
cellent records in pre-                                                     the top varsity speaker in New        much credit has to be given to
liminary rounds. Peri                                                       York State. Both varsity debaters     Coach Hertzig. The amount of
Mendelsohn won two of                                                       did an incredible job, especially     tournaments won by the team is
her preliminary rounds Debois debates.           Courtesy of Mr. Hertzig    JLYHQ WKH GLI¿FXOW\ OHYHO RI WKH      D GLUHFW UHÀHFWLRQ RI 0U +HUW]LJ¶V
and made it to what                                                         tournament.                           coaching abilities paired with the
debaters call a “bubble round,”              Lastly, Sarah Rossman                 As for the novices, the        students’ hard work ethic. There
a round that decides which de-       truly went above and beyond,           three debaters in this division       is no debate about how proud
bater will be able to have a spe-    wowing everyone by winning the         did a great job as well. Sopho-       the whole Harrison community is
FL¿F UDQNLQJ LQ WKH 6WDWH DQG WKH    whole tournament. She won four         more Hayley Kronthal won all          of our Debate Team’s excellent
tournament. Peri lost that round,    RI KHU ¿YH SUHOLPLQDU\ URXQGV DQG      of her preliminary rounds and         performance this year.
disabling her to place, but lost off PRYHG RQ WR TXDUWHU ¿QDOV 6KH         broke to octofinals. She was
a low-point win (she had higher      proceeded all the way through          the tournament’s top seed enter-
speaker points than her oppo-        TXDUWHU DQG VHPL ¿QDOV DQG PDGH        ing elimination rounds, which
nent). Sarah Murphy won three        it to the State championship. All      is highly impressive. She was
of her preliminary rounds and did    of her hard work and preparations      even named the third speaker in

Husky Herald - Page 6
  EURO-TRIP 2011
Joni Cooper
                 Managing Editor

        For years, Ms. Battipaglia              :KHQ DW  SP WKH JURXS       Santa Croce (the largest
has been taking her students to         ¿QDOO\ DUULYHG LQ 5RPH WKH DV-        Franciscan church in Italy)
various parts of Europe and North       sumption was all would grab a          and Michelangelo’s “David”
Africa. Each trip she leads is          quick bite then head back to the       sculpture, snapped some
unique in its own way—not only          hotel for some sleep. Ms. Bat-         photos on Ponte Vecchio,
in regards to the countries she         tipaglia, though, had other plans.     and shopped in the city’s Nutella crepes fresh off the pan
                                                                                                                              Courtesy of Joni Cooper
chooses, but the itinerary and                  “We call her the energizer     leather market.                     ing to Rome, the group spent
the group itself. One summer            bunny ,” says senior Michele                   Before hitting Pompeii,     VRPH WLPH LQ WKH $PDO¿ &RDVW
she brought a small group of            Sullivan. “No but really, nothing      another destination several hours   town of Sorrento.
students to Tunisia to assist her       slows down Ms. B.”                     from Rome, the group made a pit             Before departing Europe,
in working at a museum, while                   After the group reener-        stop in Formia to spend the night   the group flew to France and
another she traveled with nearly        gized with slices of margarita,        with the Parisis. Ms. Battipaglia   spent the last two days of their
thirty students to historical “must-    eggplant, and white cheese             became close with the family        trip in Paris. After settling into
sees” and other sites throughout        pizzas, Ms. Battipaglia gave her       through a foreign exchange pro-     their new hotel in the Spanish
Italy and Spain. Simply put, she        students a glimpse of some of the      gram, and has kept touch with       Quarter, they walked down bou-
is an advocate for change. Her          key sites they would be visiting in    them for years since. Having        levard Saint-Michel and ate at a
independent trip this past Febru-       the upcoming days. She brought         heard that Ms. Battipaglia was      small French Bistro. Though they
ary was to Italy and France.            them to the Trevi Fountain (only       bringing some of her students       VDWLV¿HG WKHLU DSSHWLWHV ZLWK ED-
        “I was a little intimidated     D ¿YHPLQXWH ZDON IURP WKH KRWHO     to Italy, the family welcomed the   guettes, French onion soup, and
when I found out I was going on         the Spanish Steps, and several         JURXS WR VWD\ LQ WKH VHFRQG ÀRRU    beef bourguignon, the group had
the trip with only three other girls    beautifully lit monuments such         of their apartment.                 enough room in their stomachs to
                                                    as the Pantheon and the            While Ada (the daughter     purchase some Nutella crepes
                                                    Vittoriano (also known     of Ms. B’s friends) took the group  for the road.
                                                    as the “Wedding Cake”).    into town, Ms. Battipaglia caught           The group was on a tight
                                                           The days were       up with the rest of the family at   and busy schedule since they
                                                    long and busy in Rome,     home. Little did anyone suspect     had only one full day to cover all
                                                    though the group knew      WKH JURXS ZDV LQ IRU D ¿YH FRXUVH  of Paris. The next morning, Ms.
                                                    this was necessary to      two-hour dinner upon their return.  %DWWLSDJOLD ¿UVW WRRN WKHP WR VHH
                                                    cover most of the city’s   The initial assumption was that     the Eiffel Tower. After a quick
                                                    “must-sees” and “must-     salad, pasta Bolognese, and         bite, they headed to the Museum
                                                    dos.” Within less than a   homemade juice comprised the        D’Orsay, where they spent hours
                                                    week, the group not only   entire dinner. Yet these were       examining the works of prominent
 The group poses with their host family.            revisited and learned      “appetizers,” as baguettes, broc-   artists such as Edgar Degas,
                       Courtesy of Joni Cooper more about the sites            coli, French fries, sautéed onions, Claude Monet, and Vincent van
                                                 from the first night, but     beef, and an assortment of gelato   Gogh. At night they visited sites
that were all seniors,” says fresh-     also saw other main attractions        followed.                           such as Sorbonne University and
man Breana Coash. “Though by            such as the Coliseum, Vatican                  “Our stay in Formia will    Notre Dame, and later headed to
the end of the trip I felt pretty       Museum, and Circus Maximus.            be one of my greatest memo-         Montmartre to wander the town,
close to them, and really ended                 Though Ms. Battipaglia         ries from the trip,” says senior    visit the Basilica of the Sacre
up enjoying myself. I loved seeing      felt it was important to cover         Nikita Mogar. “Everything just      Coéur, and see spectacular views
the places and things we learned        the most famous historical sites       seemed so ‘authentic’- the food,    of Paris.
DERXW LQ /DWLQ FODVV DQG GH¿QLWHO\     in Rome, the teacher saved             the house, and most of all, the             %HIRUH WKHLU ÀLJKW WKH IRO-
want to return to Europe again.”        ample time for fun activities and      family. I will miss the view of the lowing afternoon, the group had
        The original plan was to        less touristy places. During the       sea from our room, the family’s     time to shop along the Champs-
spend four days each in Italy           day, the group strolled down           ‘Italian’ hand expressions when     d’Élysées and stock up on maca-
and Tunisia, but political unrest       Via Condotti—Rome’s “Rodeo             they spoke, and how warm and        roons from Ladurée, a world-
in the latter country required Ms.      Drive”—and ate fresh gnocchi           welcoming they were to us.”         renowned macaroon shop. After
Battipaglia to adjust the itinerary.    and pasta fagioli in Campo de                  The next morning the        saying their final “afscheids,”
Then a flight delay ultimately          Fiori while watching pantomimes        group said their goodbyes and       “arrivedercis” and “au revoirs” to
caused the group to miss a con-         and musicians perform outside.         headed off to Pompeii. Before       Europe, the group headed back
QHFWLQJ ÀLJKW IURP $PVWHUGDP WR         At night, Ms. Battipaglia took the     exploring the town’s ruins, Ms.     home.
5RPH 7KH QH[W DYDLODEOH ÀLJKW          students to Trastevere—a quarter       Battipaglia took her students to            “It was a pleasure to see
was nearly ten hours later, but         with cobblestone walkways and          one of her favorite pastry shops    these four young adults totally
that allowed the group to get a         clotheslines suspended between         in Italy- Gabbiano Pasticceria.     immersed in a new culture,” says
taste of Amsterdam. There was           buildings—and Piazza Navona to         Afterwards, the group spent         Ms. Battipaglia. “The positive
time enough to pose with the “I         visit one of Italy’s most famous       hours walking through the ruins     impression they made on our
Am Amsterdam” sculpture, to eat         “gelaterias” for tartufo.              and learning about the town and     host family and the enthusiasm
an authentic meal at a small pub,               Not all of the time was        its people before Mt. Vesuvius      they expressed for culture and
to “window shop” down narrow            spent in Rome. After an early          erupted in 79 AD. The students      antiquity was truly meaningful
side streets, and to see some           visit to the Sistine Chapel, the       were especially amazed at how       to me. It is what motivates me
of the world’s most renowned            group headed on a four-hour            the bodies of victims were pre-     to continue these trips overseas
canals.                                 train ride to Florence. They visited   served by plaster. Before return-   each year.”

                                                                                                                   Husky Herald - Page 7
  Pantry raid shocks town
Alex Psaros
                       Staff Writer
       Harrison residents were         Jack Arcara, Jo-                                                                man, stated “The security should
stunned by the arrest of 90 year-      esph        Arcara,                                                             have been more advanced.
old Florence D’Imperio on Feb-         Adam Straface,                                                                  Maybe they could have caught
ruary 17th 2011. The elderly vol-      Sheryll     Toplyn,                                                             the people sooner. I think that
unteer had recently been named         and D’Imperio’s                                                                 Harrison stores should all im-
citizen of the year and had been       son         William                                                             prove their security to prevent
inducted into the Westchester          D’Imperio.        All                                                           events like this from happening
County Senior Citizens hall of         were       arrested                                                             in the future.”
fame for her dedication to the         and face charg-                                                                        An anonymous source
local food pantry. D’Imperio           es. Three of the The scene of the crime.                                        weighed in, “Hopefully this is a
had also directed the Meals on         culprits (Jack Ar-                       Courtesy of Christie Suozzo            wakeup call for the town. I hope
Wheels program in Harrison,            cara, Joseph Arcara, and Adam     surprised and embarrassed by                  people realize that their secu-
serving meals to senior citizens.      Straface) had previously been     this turn of events. Freshman                 rity needs to be heightened, and
How could this seemingly self-         employed as full-time workers at  Sarah Mazza commented, “It’s a                that they need to be more on top
less woman be charged with a           the food pantry.                  disgrace to steal from poor peo-              of their staff. Stores should be
felony third degree burglary?                 Following a two-month      ple. It is unnecessary, especially            more selective and careful when
       Working in collabora-           investigation, the police depart- since she [D’Imperio] had a job.              hiring staff members because
tion with Christina Rohatynski,        ment announced that the six       I also think it’s terrible that she           you never know what could hap-
the food pantry’s director, Har-       conspirators had not only stolen  dragged her family into this. I am            pen.”
ULVRQ 3ROLFH 2I¿FHUV VHW XS            food from the pantry, but had     disappointed with my beloved                         Students and teachers
surveillance cameras to deter-         DOVR ¿OFKHG FORWKLQJ DQG RWKHU    town. I expected more of my fel-              alike are frustrated with the
mine whether or not Florence           donated goods. Sheryll Toplyn     low community members, and I                  town, and hope to see improve-
D’Imperio had indeed stolen the        DQG -DFN $UFDUD ERWK IDFH ¿YH     hold my head down in shame.”                  ments in security in the near
donated food. Sure enough, the         counts of petty larceny. Wil-             Freshman Trent Lefkowitz              future. However the case of the
VXVSLFLRQV ZHUH FRQ¿UPHG %XW          liam D’Imperio faces two counts;  shared, “I think it is terrible, be-          Food Pantry bandits plays out,
the surveillance tapes also re-        Straface faces a single count.    cause I knew her. It makes me                 one thing is for certain: some-
vealed that D’Imperio had not          Despite the incriminating evi-    sick to think that she was taking             thing needs to change.
acted alone. On the contrary,          dence against them, all six of    stuff from the people who really
she had been aided and abetted         the accused pleaded not guilty    needed it.”
E\ ¿YH RWKHU +DUULVRQ UHVLGHQWV       in court. Harrison residents were         Rula Samad, also a fresh-

 A “peerless” support network
Tyler Hart and Brian Lauro
                     Staff Writers

        As students graduate from      dealing with                                                   an interview,    busy schedules and sports ob-
junior high they begin a new           high school                                                    I ask the fac-   ligations.”
and vital chapter in their life:       which the                                                      ulty and staff          The Husky Herald con-
high school. The four years one        freshman can                                                   what they        ducted a survey asking students
spends in high school have a           EHQH¿W IURP                                                   think about      that have gone through the peer
large role in determining how the      Each group                                                     the appli-       leadership program, and that are
rest of one’s life will play out. As   of freshmen                                                    cants and if     a part of it this year, how they
such, entering the high school         is paired with Head of the peer leader program, Mr. Iorio. they are fit         feel about about the program
can be a daunting prospect for         two to three                    Courtesy of Christie Suozzo to be a peer        and whether they think it is suc-
middle school graduates. Formed        peer leaders in the beginning of        leader. Then I take what I have         cessful. Over half of the students
in 2003 by Mr. Iorio, the Peer         the year who have undergone             seen and all the information I          surveyed expressed satisfaction
Leadership program at Harrison         an application process and been         got and make a decision on the          with the program.
High School aims to ease the           specially selected for the pro-         applicants.”                                   Jordan Valentzas, a fresh-
transition by allowing upperclass-     gram.                                          In general Mr. Iorio is          man, commented that the pro-
men to act as mentors to groups               Mr. Iorio explained the          pleased with how the program is         gram has helped her learn to
of freshman.                           process of how peer leaders are         going. Still, there is always room      manage her time. Senior Gary
        “I inherited this program as   chosen.                                 for improvement.                        Castelli shared how peer leader-
an idea from a guidance coun-                 “First any incoming junior              “Ideally, I would like to        VKLS EHQH¿WWHG KLP DV D IUHVK-
selor who left the school in 2003,”    or senior can sign their name on        have more hands-on training for         man, stating “It helped me to
said Mr. Iorio.                        an application. After that, the cur-    the peer leaders. For example,          learn about the High School and
        In peer leadership ses-        rent peer leaders and I conduct         we could have a challenge day           all the extracurricular activities
VLRQV PHQWRUV UHÀHFW RQ WKHLU         group interviews and make ob-           and more opportunities in the           the school has to offer.” Needless
years of high school and share         servations on the applicants. Af-       year to meet with the leaders.          to say Peer Leadership has left
techniques and methods for             ter we have seen the applicants in      However, most of them have              a mark on the students of HHS.

Husky Herald - Page 8
  Are You a Cheater?
                                                                                                                                Courtesy of The Bamboozle
Brian Lauro
                       Staff Writer                                                                                      Mandy Quigley
                                                                                                                                                  Staff Writer

       Making choices is un-             else.”                                  check to make sure they aren’t,”              Bamboozle is a three-day,
avoidable wherever you go, but                   “I was told to stop and not     stated one Harrison High School          rain or shine concert, where fans
as students we are forced Mon-           to do it again, ‘or else.’ And when     teacher. “I usually notice that          come out on April 29, 30, and May
day through Friday to grapple            I did it again they just repeated       the younger students, such as
                                                                                                                          1, to see their favorite artists and
with what for some can be the            that.”                                  the freshmen, are more willing
                                                                                                                          bands perform.
ultimate point of indecision: to                 Of all of the students ques-    to cheat.”
cheat, or not to cheat. Whether          tioned, only one received a seri-               A second teacher weighed              The radio station 92.3 NOW
they will admit to it or not, cheat-     ous punishment: “I had to hand in       in, “I am aware that students            was giving one lucky high school
ing is something                         my test and I was given a zero.”              could be cheating, but most        a prom held at this year’s Bam-
almost every                                                                             of them aren’t. Most who         boozle Festival.
student has                                                                              do cheat do it when it is
                                                                                                                               The station first separated
considered                                                                               easy to do, which is why I
doing at one                                                                             try to avoid multiple choice     schools into 21 counties. In the
point or anoth-                                                                          and give more short an-          first round, the three top vote-
er; something                                                                            swer questions. This way,        getting schools (63) then moved
every teacher                                                                            students have to give me         RQ WR WKH VHPL¿QDOLVW URXQG
has to keep an                                                                           the reasoning behind the              On March 21, 2011, listen-
eye out for.                                                                             answer, in addition to the
                                                                                                                          er s star ted voting online at
       Here at                                                                           answer itself.”
Harrison High                                                                                    Every teacher has        www.923now.com. Votes were
School, cheat-                                                                           his or her own methods           “tweeted” and done through “like”
ing occurs on                                                                            for limiting cheating. Some      buttons on each school’s listing
a daily basis.                                                                           patrol the class; some use       on the website. The ten schools
It comes in                                                                              Turnitin.com; some create        remaining on April 4, 2011, were
many forms,                                                                              different versions of a test.
                    Caught in the act?                    Courtesy of Christie Suozzo                                     GHVLJQDWHG ¿QDOLVWV
from copying                                                                                     One teacher shared
someone’s homework, to taking                    Given the disturbingly          his method, stating “I get an                 “Even if we won, I don’t think
a glimpse at another student’s           large number of students who            idea of who the cheaters are in          we could have accepted this great
test. According to U.S. News             get away with cheating, and the         my classes as the school year            prize,” said senior Danielle Carpi-
DQG :RUOG 5HSRUW VXUYH\V              laxity of the punishments incurred      progresses. Then what I do is            nello. “There is a school play on
of “high-achieving” high school          by those who are caught, it is          place the group of students who
                                                                                                                          that same day and it wouldn’t be
VWXGHQWV DGPLW WR FKHDWLQJ            unsurprising that many Harrison         I believe is more willing to cheat
of high school students did not          High School students have a             together so that if they do at-          fair to those in the play if we went.”
EHOLHYH FKHDWLQJ ZDV ZURQJ            skewed outlook on cheating. Of          tempt to cheat they will cheat off            “I’ve always wanted to go
of cheating high school students         the students who participated           another student that most likely         to Bamboozle, so this is really
said that they had not been de-          in the survey mentioned above,          doesn’t know the answer either.          exciting that we came this far,”
WHFWHG  RI FROOHJH VWXGHQWV            VWDWHG WKDW WKH\ EHOLHYHG            I have found that this method has        said fellow senior Alyssa Maida.
DGPLWWHG FKHDWLQJ DQG  RI             cheating to be worth the risk.          worked very well for me over the
                                                                                                                          “I would love to go with this as our
college students didn’t believe          One of the few students who an-         years.”
cheaters would be caught, and            swered in the negative explained                :KLOH LW LV GH¿QLWHO\ SRV-       last senior class event together.”
DOPRVW  RI FROOHJH VWXGHQWV            his reasoning, commenting “If you       sible to reduce the amount of                 While Harrison High School
said cheating was necessary to           get caught cheating you may get         cheating that occurs, eradicating        made a strong showing,advancing
get ahead.                               a zero. If you just take the test you   it entirely is simply not possible.      LQWR WKH VHPL¿QDO URXQGV ZH XOWL-
        A survey taken at random         will get a score a lot higher than      7KHUH DUH DQ LQ¿QLWH QXPEHU RI           mately did not make it. Congratu-
asked seventy-four Harrison              that, even if you don’t understand      ways for a student to cheat, and
                                                                                                                          lations to the Brooklyn Technical
High School students whether             the material. “                         even if a student is caught, a
they have ever cheated. A stag-                  Another student opposed         teacher needs proof in order to          High School, who managed to ac-
JHULQJ  DGPLWWHG WKDW WKH\             to cheating shared “Cheating            dole out a punishment. But just          crue more votes than over 1,000
had cheated at least once. Of            can only get you so far. It won’t       because cheating can be easy,            schools in the tri-state area. Their
WKRVH VWXGHQWV D PHUH                 help you in the long run, after         and can boost your grades with-          seniors will be journeying to the
were caught. And many of these           you graduate from high school           out any effort, does not mean you
                                                                                                                          Meadowlands on April 29 to have
students got off relatively easy.        or college.”                            should do it. Teachers can try to
Asked to describe their punish-                  Some students like to think     limit cheating all they want, but in     a prom like no other.
ment, responses included the             that teachers are oblivious to the      the end the real responsibility lies          Even though we didn’t win,
following:                               amount of cheating that goes on         with us – the students. So next          this event brought the 2011 se-
       “I didn’t even get in trouble.    in your average classroom. But          time you feel the urge to take the       niors together in a strong effort to
All I had to do was retake the           the majority of teachers are far        easy way out, consider the age           win something fun. The Bamboo-
test.”                                   from ignorant.                          old adage: winners never cheat,
                                                                                                                          zle Prom was a positive bonding
       “The teacher just moved                   “I am aware that cheat-         and cheaters never win.
my seat away from everybody              ing is highly probable, but I                                                    experience for this year’s seniors.

                                                                                                                         Husky Herald - Page 9
Prom-lem Solved!
Christina Loguidice
                      Staff Writer

        When you were a little        dresses, prom dresses, cocktail          ion) into a way I could also help
girl, didn’t you always dream of      dresses and any other acces-             others. Through this campaign,
the perfect prom dress to wear        sories like jewelry, shoes, or           I hope to achieve a long lasting
to the infamous “Senior Prom?”        purses) that might be appropriate        bond with Nellie Thornton High
What your fairy-tale vision prob-     for other females to wear to prom.       School in Mount Vernon.”
ably didn’t include was the price            Not only is this campaign                 “The fashion show entails
tag. On average, prom dresses         a great vehicle for Harrison             a mix of recipients who attend,          Courtesy of Christie Suozzo
cost around $500 dollars! Many        students to give back to their           as Harrison High School Youth
females around America are            community, but it also allows            Volunteers model some of the                 How can Harrison students
FUXVKHG ZKHQ WKH\ ¿QG RXW WKHLU       someone else the chance to feel          donated attire,” she explained.       help? Start looking in your closet
dreams for prom are shattered         like a princess for the night! All       “The show is accompanied by           for anything worthy of a donation
GXH WR WKH VLPSOH IDFW RI ¿QDQFLDO    proceeds will be distributed to a        food and music. The “distribution     to this wonderful cause. Any ar-
need.                                 boutique fashion show at Thorn-          party” is a huge part of what we      ticles of clothing can be brought
        To remedy this problem        ton high School in Mount Vernon          do. I don’t want to just give the     directly to the security desk in
(at least on a small scale), Youth    prior to Prom season.                    dresses as a means of charity,        the entrance of the high school.
Volunteers of Harrison (YVH) are             The Husky Herald sat              rather, I want the girls receiving    A clothing rack and boxes are
organizing a formal wear drive        down recently with the director          these to feel special.”               there, and donated items are
for young high school females         and founder of this “Prom Perfect”               This event has been going     then prepared to be sent out for
ZKR DUH QRW ¿QDQFLDOO\ DEOH WR        program, senior Alex Chill, to get       on for three consecutive years.       the fashion show and eventual
purchase a dress. This event          important information out to the                 “When we started off, we      distribution. Keep in mind that
is contingent upon the idea of        high school community.                   only had a few recipients and         this year’s drive will end on
improving the lives of others who            “I have been a member of          dresses,” said Alex. “But the         April 25,but this has become
are unable to attend their Senior     YVH for three years now,” Alex           event has grown. Last year we         an important annual event for
3URP EHFDXVH RI ¿QDQFLDO LVVXHV      said, “and I’m very proud of this        had over 200 dresses distributed      YVH. Shouldn’t everyone get the
YVH is asking each student to do-     QRQSUR¿W ³QHLJKERU WR QHLJKERU´         to girls who ended up extremely       chance to feel like a princess that
nate a gently used or new piece       project. Initially, I wanted to incor-   happy with their respective “Prom     special night of prom?
of formal wear (e.g. bridesmaid       porate something I enjoy (fash-          Perfect” dresses. “

  The choice is yours
Allison Fuerst
                      Staff Writer
       As the second semester         This year’s sophomores will be           ask you is whether or not you are             If you’re feeling unsure
enters its home stretch, many         WKH ¿UVW FODVV WKDW ZLOO EH DEOH WR      an IB candidate. If so, you check     about your course selections,
Harrison High School students         enroll and receive a diploma for         the box. I don’t know if it’s worth   or whether the IB program is for
are selecting their classes for       IB courses. The IB program is            all of the work just so you can       you, the best thing you can do is
the coming year. For many, this       prestigious, but also extremely          check a box.” Another turn off for    consult your guidance counselor.
can be a stressful process. Har-      challenging. Most of the other           many students is that pursuing        Schedule a meeting, and come
rison High School is a school that    high schools in the tri-state are        an IB program prevents students       prepared with questions and
allows students to follow many        do not offer the program. Some           from taking a relatively lax sched-   ideas. For some, it may be helpful
different academic paths, offer-      Harrison High School students            ule senior year. Sophomore Olivia     to create a few possible sched-
ing regents classes, Advanced         have expressed doubt about the           Manley shared, “I want to have        ules to consider. If you don’t feel
Placement (AP) classes and,           school’s decision to adopt the           free classes my senior year. I        like taking a trip to guidance, take
beginning next year ex, Interna-      IB, and hesitance to take on the         would rather work really hard my      a look at “The Guide to Education
tional Baccalaureate (IB) classes.    intensive course load required to        junior year and have some leisure     Planning for Students and Teach-
Students can take advantage           earn an IB diploma. Sophomore            time senior year.”                    ers” distributed yearly by the high
of all of these options over the      Sarina Tassone commented, “I                     In order to receive an IB     school. The packet lists all of the
course of their high school career.   don’t know whether or not to go          diploma, one must take six IB         courses that the school offers, as
       Seniors may be the ones        for the diploma. It’s a lot of work      courses, write a 4,000-word es-       well as a brief description of what
waiting with bated breath at the      and I’m not sure whether it’s            say and take an elective course       the course entails. It also gives a
mailbox, but current sophomores       better to do other classes and           called The Theory of Knowledge.       detailed, easy-to-read explana-
are also facing difficult deci-       receive high averages or go for          The six IB courses must include       tion of what the IB program is and
sions with regard to next year.       the diploma and receive lower            three HL (high level) courses and     how it can help you to succeed.
A student’s junior year perfor-       averages.” Sophomore Taylor              three SL (standard level) courses.    Educating yourself about your
PDQFH KDV D KXJH LQÀXHQFH RYHU        Friedwald says, “I’ve heard that         The HL courses are two-year           options is the best way to ensure
whether he or she is accepted to      when you apply to colleges the           courses, while the SL courses         that the choices you make will be
college, and everybody knows it.      only thing about IB that they will       last only one-year.                   right for you.

Husky Herald - Page 10
             TGIF, it’s A-109!
Jamie DeRosa
                      Staff Writer

        Going to Harrison High       ready. Recently the Husky Herald            wrap the food.”                           make,” says freshman Jake Levy.
School comes with many ben-          discussed the phenomenon that                      “Café A109 has been                “I think it’s very underrated. I al-
efits: among them are great          is Café A109 with Mrs. Lore and             around for seven years now,”              ways go as soon as A109 opens
teachers, a bounty of after school   Mrs. Smith.                                 said Mrs. Lore. “We normally              to get some.”
activities, and much more. But               The thing to re-
when it comes to Fridays, the        member is that each
RQH EHQH¿W WKDW VWDQGV DERYH DOO     week is a process of
others is Café A109, or rather the   preparation.
delicious treats that are cooked             “ Tu e s d a y s a r e
up there.                            when we start to pre-
        Cafe A 109 has become        pare,” said Mrs. Lore.
famous amongst Harrison High         “Every other Tuesday,
students and for good reason. It     we take trips to Costco
has become yet another reason        and Stop N’Shop to get
to love Fridays, for that is the     all the necessary sup-
day the students of A109 bring       plies we need. Students
their excellent work to the rest     help out with the shop-
of the school, the day when the      ping and are assigned
Café provides HHS students and       WR JHW VSHFL¿F LWHPV 7KLV
IDFXOW\ ZLWK WHUUL¿F KLJKTXDOLW\    helps teach them bud-
baked goods.                         geting and money skills.
        Throughout the week,         We’ll use the money
those who happen past room           made from the previous
A109 are often greeted with the      Friday to buy the sup-
enticing aromas of baking and        plies we need.”
cooking underway. That’s the                 Once the ingre-
students hard at work, preparing     dients have been ob-
for Friday’s rush. There always      tained, the next step Junior Chris D’Antona goes for a brownie.                        Courtesy of Christie Suozzo
is a line of students each Friday    occurs.
morning, eagerly awaiting the                  “Baking begins Thurs-             make around 140 brownies for                      “The food they make is de-
famous A109 brownies. Hungry         days,” said Mrs. Smith. “The                each Friday morning, unless it is         licious,” according to sophomore
students line up at the classroom    students go through two periods             a brownie bash -- in which case,          Kim Conigliaro. “It’s no surprise
from the time as it opens early in   of academics and then we begin              we make over 200 brownies.”               that they keep people coming
the morning and the pace keeps       the baking process. The students                   It’s not unusual for the           back each week.”
                                                                                             brownies to sell out,                 You’ll be hard pressed to
                                                                                             since it is the most          ¿QG DQ\RQH QRW WRWDOO\ HQWKUDOOHG
                                                                                             popular item. Re-             by Café A109 and its savory of-
                                                                                             cently, the Café has          ferings. It is one of the greatest,
                                                                                             expanded its menu,            yet often unsung perks of the
                                                                                             offering soups and            HHS experience. Students who
                                                                                             even Irish soda bread         are regular customers of the
                                                                                             in conjunction with St.       Café should be grateful such a
                                                                                             Patrick’s Day.                program exists. For the students
                                                                                                      “The students        involved in the program, it’s a
                                                                                             involved with Café 109        great, practical hands-on way
                                                                                             learn and practice a lot      for them to work together and
                                                                                             of life skills,” explained    have fun, yet also learn important
                                                                                             Mrs. Lore. “It teaches        skills. Class aid Marie Rizzo com-
                                                                                             them money skills,            mented, “Our students enjoy it im-
                                                                                             socialization as well         mensely. They enjoy interacting
                                                                                             as math. I think it’s a       with the students who come to
                                                                                             great thing for these         WKH &DIp ,W KDV EHHQ EHQH¿FLDO
                                                                                             students to be a part         and very successful. We appreci-
                                                                                             of.”                          ate everyone’s business!”
                                                                                                      “The brownies
                                                                                             are just awesome.
                                                             Courtesy of Christie Suozzo
                                                                                             I love the aroma
up for most of the morning. The      are now much more independent               too,” said junior Mike DeFonce.
key to Café A109’s success is        when it comes to the baking.                “When I go into A109, everyone
in the teamwork. Everyone has        They work with less adult assis-            is always in a good mood.”
a role to play and each lends a      tance. Some students will help                     “My personal favorite part
big hand in getting everything       with the cooking while others will          of A109 is the iced tea they

                                                                                                                          Husky Herald - Page 11
 “Smut” list causes strife
Sarah Mazza and Hunter Sable
                  Staff Writers

        Who knew in that just one      the list illustrates cyber-
day an epidemic could start            bullying of the highest or-
across two states? What started        der. Cyber-bullying occurs
in Greenwich one morning esca-         when a teen is threatened,
lated until it was on the state-wide   harassed, humiliated, em-
news by that same evening. The         barrassed or otherwise
epidemic was the “Smut” List,          targeted by another teen
released March 15, 2011.               using the Internet or other
        The “Smut” list is a list of   digital device. Such bully-
mainly girls (along with a few         ing and cyber-bullying has
JX\V FODVVL¿HG E\ VFKRRO 7KH        been the cause of many
list is ranked supposedly by           teen suicides before, and The scene of the “smut” list controversy. Courtesy Harrison Central School District
“the most promiscuous” in each         authorities moved quickly               were involved in doing it, you de-       comfort from one of our social
school in Westchester County           on this matter to try and prevent       serve the consequences that are          workers, guidance counselors,
and Greenwich, CT. The list            such things from happening here         coming to you,” Dr. Ruck stated.         or administrators. This gives our
ranks young teenage girls, aged        in Westchester over these cyber-        “I can tell you, if it is someone in     students someone to talk to, lets
 WR  E\ ¿UVW DQG ODVW QDPHV      bullying lists.                         this school, we will press charges       them know they aren’t in this
and also by their alleged sexual               “Its messed up,” said soph-     to the fullest extent”                   alone.”
encounters.                            omore Bobby Scatenato. “I just                  “It’s so stupid,” said senior            “Certainly if we find out
        A mysterious culprit sent      feel bad for the girls that don’t       Tiffany Reyes. “People base it off       as an administration that our
out a broadcast BBM (BlackBerry        deserve to be put on it.”               of rumors, one party, or one night       students here at Harrison High
Message) prompting others to                   “It has to be pretty de-        where you just had a lot of fun.”        School are actively participating,
add onto this “Smut” list. By the      pressing for the girls that were put            “Whoever made this list          we will take appropriate action
time the last bell had rung at 2:30    on this list,” said junior Cameron      should have kept it to them-             as a school system,” he assured.
p.m., the list had grown consider-     Ganis. “I don’t know how I would        selves,” added freshman Paige            “We can’t control what other
ably longer and was the buzz of        react if I was a girl and I was on it.” Brabant. “It is incredibly rude and      people do, but we can control
every school in the area.                      This list holds the potential   you should address someone in            how we as a school react to it.
        The same day the mes-          for those named to be ridiculed         person if you have something             It’s important for students to know
sage was broadcast, it reached         and hurt, and to have their reputa-     inappropriate to say.”                   that they are not in this alone; we
the ultimate social hotspot: Face-     tions ruined. Many of the girls on              “I think this list is horrible,” are here to be 100 percent sup-
book. That night, the page “West-      the list have since had to change       said High School science teacher         portive and give help to anyone
chester Smut List” was created,        their names on Facebook to avoid        0UV $GULHQQH 6KHI¿HOG ³)URP            that needs it.”
containing the list that was sent      taunting offensive remarks from         what I have heard, girls that                    The controversy around
out through BBM, along with mul-       others, along with friend requests      were on the list were made very          the list hung in the air for a week
tiple wall posts from teens across     from random guys who believe            upset by it. People were crying          or two. However, now that some
the County. Within 24 hours of its     these alleged “smuts” can easily        and lots of tears flowed when            time has passed, the larger
creation, the page received more       be taken advantage of. This has         this list came out. Anyone on a          controversy surrounding the list
than 7,000 “likes.”                    lead to some emotional distress,        list like that would feel hurt and       appears to have died down some,
        6HUJLR 6DQR DQ \HDU        EXW VFKRRO RI¿FLDOV PRYHG TXLFNO\       disrespected.”                           and people have begun to forget
old from Yonkers admitted to           to assure it wouldn’t escalate                  Harrison High School As-         about this “smut” list.
creating the Facebook page and         further.                                sistant Principal, Mr. Lawrence                  Thankfully, no one in
posting the list on the site.                  This local story even made      Mastrota, agrees.                        the school community is being
        “I got tired of all of my      it to NBC’s Today Show, along                   “I personally think it is very   thought of any differently simply
friends asking me to forward the       with other major news networks,         unfortunate and disappointing            because someone has put their
message to them,” said Sano, “so       showing how fast this story es-         that a person or a group of people       name on a list, and life at Harrison
I just created the Facebook page       calated. A Harrison parent was          would put people’s names out             High school has returned to nor-
to make it easier.” Sano admitted      interviewed on the Today Show,          there regardless of whether they         mal. However, this story leaves
this on a post to the Facebook         speaking candidly about her             know them or not. Even to imply          us with a lesson to be learned
page of Zedalza New York (a            daughter being victimized on the        such things is inappropriate. To         for these modern times. The
group of young entrepreneurs           “smut” list.                            me, it’s just despicable. Thank-         accessibility of the internet and
that webcast every week from                   “Whoever did this was           fully for Harrison High School it        cell phones has taken bullying to
Port Chester).                         sick,” the mother noted. “No one        hasn’t disturbed us to the point         dramatic new heights. It is up to
        There are still questions      has the right to make up a list of      where there have been fights             each of us to act responsibly with
regarding who created the origi-       supposedly the most promiscu-           over it, but I know that people          what we do with such technology
nal list and who sent out the          ous girls in Westchester high           GH¿QLWHO\ DUH XSVHW WKHLU QDPHV          moving forward.
messages, as well as to why it         schools.”                               were on the list, and I completely               Ultimately, the big question
was done. What could possibly                  Even our principal, Dr.         understand that.”                        remains as to who started this list
have motivated anyone to write         Ruck, was interviewed on Fox                    “Our goal at Harrison is to      and why. But more importantly,
such a degrading list?                 News where he said there is a           support all of our students,” he         we have learned how vulnerable
         With President Obama          zero tolerance policy for cyber         noted. “If they are upset by their       we all are to the possibility of such
stressing bullying as a major          bullying in Harrison High school.       name being on such a list, we            cyber-bullying.
problem for the youth of America,              “‘For any youngster that        ask that they seek out help and

Husky Herald - Page 12
  The problem with Playland
Sam Mandell
                       Staff Writer

        2Q )HEUXDU\  LQ 5\H         in New Zealand and England                 versa. This reporter would prefer        Playland more of an attraction to
New York, there was a meeting          and France, was tapped to con-             more wooden roller coasters. This        people out of town.”
asking a lot of little kids how they   struct, operate and manage                 would be a perfect complement to                 Playland’s food offerings
think the county-owned Playland        Playland. Shortly after Labor Day,         one of the current historic coast-       are also an issue. The only food
amusement park can get bet-            1927, over 1,000 men began                 ers, the historic Dragon Coaster.        Playland offers now are fast food
                                                                                                                                         Courtesy of Ade Rose
WHU &RXQW\ RI¿FLDOV ZRXOG OLNH        the construction project. The              But overall, the park needs speed        restaurants like Subway, Burger
Playland to become a place that        SDUN ZDV RI¿FLDOO\                                               in its rides.      King, McDonald’s and more.
everyone knows, both inside and        opened on Mary                                                   The park           What Playland should do is get
outside of Westchester County.                                                                  currently of-      better food – not necessarily
About 50 elementary and middle                  So what’s                                               fers Super         gourmet offerings - just better
school students attended this          so different about                                               Flight, but to     than it has now. There’s also a
meeting, sharing their many            Playland from                     Courtesy of Christie Suozzo attract more          need for more and better seating
thoughts about how to make             other amusement parks? Well,               visitors, they should acquire roller     areas. If Playland truly wants to
Playland better.                       for one thing, other amusement             coasters similar to Batman, Roll-        get better, then it should provide
        Now entering its eighth        parks have new equipment that              ing Thunder, and The American            more than the few benches cur-
decade, Playland¶V  DFUHV           DFWXDOO\ ZRUNV 0DQ\ DOVR ¿QG              Scream Machine.                          rently available.
were once thought to be the            fault with other aspects of the cur-               Yes, families can enjoy                  Many of us here at the
jewel in the crown of Westches-        rent park – stating it should have         time walking on the charming             high school have good memories
ter’s park system. In 1927, the        better food and more places to sit         art deco boardwalk or playing            from visiting Playland’s Kiddyland
County hired the Walker and Gil-       down. But in the end, the most             mini-golf, or even sitting on the        when they were young. Now
OHWWH ¿UP WR GHVLJQ WKLV $UW 'HFR      important aspect of any amuse-             same bench that Tom Hanks                many of the rides from years ago
masterpiece (as the only Art Deco      ment park is its rides. Playland           sat on for the movie Big. But to         are gone.
amusement park in America,             only has two actual roller coast-          ensure the park’s survival, the                   “They should get the seal
Playland is on the National Reg-       ers and two water rides. This              Country should do something to           ride back because it was the
ister of Historic Places). The         falls short of almost every other          improve the quality and quantity         best ride,” said freshman Olivia
original design included picnic        amusement park, places that                of the rides.                            Pagano.
areas, restaurants, three ice-         feature a wide variety of thrilling                “They need to make the                   In life, many things are
skating rinks, a swimming pool,        rides which visitors enjoy riding          rides higher and faster,” noted          easier said than done. While it is
two beaches featuring just less        time after time after time.                freshmen Kyle Lefkowitz.                 good to suggest and hope that
WKDQ  IHHW RI VKRUHOLQH DQG               To stay competitive, Play-                “Today’s Playland LV ¿OOHG       WKLQJV ZLOO FKDQJH WKH ¿QDQFLDO
thrilling amusement rides.             land needs to expand the variety           with very old and dirty equip-           fact of the matter is that Playland
        Two other amusement            of its rides, and just get all around      ment,” observed fellow freshman          has no money. So while all these
parks, Rye Beach and Para-             better, more exciting and more             Brandon Merluccio. “Some of              are great suggestions, if Playland
dise Park, were razed to create        intense rides. It has to expand its        the lights don’t even work and           has no money; it will be very
the current Playland. Frank W.         creativity to more of a Six Flags          are very dark. What the park             GLI¿FXOW WR LPSOHPHQW DOO RU HYHQ
Darling, who had experience            level. If a ride isn’t fast, at least it   should do is get new equipment           some of these suggestions.
constructing amusement parks           should have more loops, and vice           and clean everything up to make

 Fake blueberry blues
Lindsey Barnett
                       Staff Writer
       Many popular breakfast          berries has sparked controversy.          blueberry chunklets.                             much where their blue-
foods contain blueberries as a         Anti-chunklet critics believe that               Blueberries, un-                          berries come from.
supplemental ingredient. But if        if anything in a product’s pack-          like blueberry chunklets,                        Junior Alexandra Pa-
you are one of those people who        aging or advertising suggests             are rich in antioxidants,                        onetti commented,
can’t get enough of blueberry          that it contains blueberries, it          YLWDPLQV DQG ¿EHU %XW                          “I’ve been eating Bet-
ÀDYRUHG IRRGV EH ZDUQHG WKH          must contain the actual fruit.            do Americans really care Courtesy of             ty Crocker blueberry
berries in your breakfast are not      But representatives for General           about whether their blue- Christie Suozzo        products for a while
what they appear.                      Mills, Betty Crocker, and Kellog’s,       berries are the real deal? A sur-    now and nothing bad has hap-
       When you bite into a pre-       the three companies known to              vey taken during lunch periods re-   pened to me.” And it is true,
packaged blueberry muffin, or          use blueberry chunklets in their          vealed that six out of ten Harrison  the oils and sugars in blueberry
a cereal with blueberry bits,          products, argue that it is permis-        High School students eat from the    chunklets are not life threatening.
chances are that what you are          sible to mislead the consumer,            brands stated above. Seven out       The issue here is false advertis-
you really eating are blueberry        as long as the truth is exposed           of ten students stated that they     ing.
chunklets: an artificial product       in the nutrition facts. Boxes of          would not eat the companies’                Blueberry chunklets may
made from a combination of             Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheat’s,           blueberry flavored products if       not be the end of the world, but
oils, dyes, and sugars. Sounds         for example, feature pictures of          they knew the truth about their      this effort of companies to con-
yummy, right?                          blueberries on the box, but the           ingredients.                         ceal the truth about their products
       The substitution of blue-       nutrition information on the back                However, there are some       begs the question, what else is
berry chunklets for actual blue-       indicates that the cereal contains        who don’t seem to care all that      being kept under wraps?

                                                                                                                         Husky Herald - Page 13
Energy in a can:
What you don’t know can hurt you
Amy Carton
                    News Editor

        You know the names:         Marketing Strategies
Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star,
Full Throttle.                             In the past, energy drinks
        Energy drinks are be-       were marketed for adults be-
coming more and more popu-          WZHHQ WKH DJHV RI  DQG 
lar every day. What’s driving       Recently, however, drink manu-
the controversy isn’t so much       facturers have targeted a younger
the content of these drinks, but    audience. When Red Bull was
rather the individuals who are      ¿UVW LQWURGXFHG WR WKH $XVWULDQ
consuming them. According to        PDUNHW LQ  LW TXLFNO\ JDLQHG
a recent study conducted by         popularity through advertising                                               Courtesy of Christie Suozzo
                                                                         and fantasy worlds, drinks like
online journal Pediatrics, 30       and attractive slogans such as       “Mania,” “Power Up,” or “Sonic        and kola nut all contain additional
WR  RI WHHQDJHUV FRQVXPH          “Speed in a can” and “Red Bull       Boom” tout better coordination        amounts of caffeine, adding to the
energy drinks on a daily ba-        gives you wings.” Because of its     and focus. And for those intrigued    already hazardous concentra-
sis, despite safety warnings        promise to boost energy levels       by the stimulant effects of Co-       tions. When alcohol is added to
clearly displayed on the labels.    for extended periods of time, the    caine, the drink “Cocaine” simu-      theses caffeinated energy drinks
Although the FDA requires that      drink gained popularity world-       lates a drug high with burning in     (such as FourLoko), the risk of
labels be included on all bever-    wide, becoming one of the top en-    the back of the throat. Even the      toxicity increases.
ages, many consumers, espe-         ergy drinks in the US and abroad.    font on the can label resembles
cially teenagers, do not take the   With such an exponential growth      powdered cocaine. Unique, ec-         What Attracts Teens to Energy
time to read them. Hazardous        in consumption, other drink com-     centric names, bright colors and      Drinks?
ingredients and health warnings     panies expanded their marketing      fonts, bold graphics, and online
go unheeded by unsuspecting         strategies to ensnare younger        advertisements on social net-                  Marketing for these energy
teens. Without reading the nu-      audiences. Targeted consumers        working sites all compel teenag-      drinks promises increased stami-
trition labels, many consumers      became the building blocks for       ers to purchase the drinks. While     na, weight loss, improved energy,
simply assume that the drinks       advertisements. Initially when       such strategies have resulted in a    better athletic performance, and
are healthy and safe, leading to    HQHUJ\ GULQNV ¿UVW KLW WKH PDUNHW   dramatic increase in sales, what      increased concentration. But
overconsumption and potentially     their main audience was extreme-     is the health cost for teens?         what is the reality from a health
dangerous outcomes.                 sport competitors. For people                                              standpoint?
                                    involved in sports such as dirt      What’s in the can?                             “Energy Drinks have made
                                    biking, snowboarding and other                                             it their business to appeal to kids,
                                    x-game events, energy drinks                 Despite companies’            teens and young adults - Who
                                    provided the athletes with the in-   claims that their products contain    wouldn’t be attracted to them?”
                                    stant adrenaline rush necessary      healthy, safe ingredients, en-        said HHS health teacher Mrs.
                                    to attempt crazy and dangerous       ergy drinks are full of threatening   Zanot. “The companies pursue
                                    stunts. While extreme-sport ath-     supplements, vitamins, and most       all sub-groups of young people
                                    letes continue to remain a primary   of all, excessive amounts of caf-     ZLWK WKHLU VSHFL¿F GULQNV IRU H[-
                                    focus of energy drink manufactur-    feine. These drinks are catego-       treme athletes and party-goers,
                                    ers, other audiences, including      rized as nutritional supplements,     to gamers and illegal drug users...
                                    bookworms, women, and drug-          meaning that manufacturers do         they’ve left no stone unturned.
                                    seeking partiers now comprise        not have to abide by FDA regu-        So it’s not surprising that so many
                                    a large portion of energy drink      lations regarding the amount of       teens would gravitate towards
                                    consumers. With slight changes       caffeine per drink. Unlike sports     these drinks that are “edgier”
                                    in advertising and marketing         EHYHUDJHV DQG ÀDYRUHG ZDWHUV         than juice or soda, but still legal.
                                    strategies, energy drinks have       energy drinks are comprised           The aggressive advertising and
                                    gained support from celebrities,     mostly of caffeine. In fact, the      unhealthy ingredients (enormous
                                    athletes, and ordinary people.       majority of energy drinks contain     quantities of sugar, caffeine, and
                                    For academically inclined stu-        WR  PLOOLJUDPV RI FDIIHLQH SHU   herbal stimulants) just go to show
                                    dents, drinks such as “Nerd” and     HLJKW RXQFH VHUYLQJ ZKLFK LV ¿YH     that Energy Drink companies
                                    “Brain TonIQ” promise to provide     times the amount of caffeine in a     want to make lots of money, and
                                    “the energy and concentration        single can of soda. This caffeine     don’t really care at all about your
                                    needed to improve academic           comes from various supplements        health. My goal as a Health
                                    performance.” For those less         in addition to natural sources.       teacher is to “call out” the scam
                                    interested in academic studies       Additional stimulants such as         BEFORE my students get ad-
  Courtesy of Christie Suozzo
                                    but more interested in gaming        guarana, taurine, yerba mate          dicted to the products.”

Husky Herald - Page 14
 Egypt leads;                                                                  Ethiopia’s Tomorrow
 will others follow?                                                           brings hope today
Clarissa Karantzis                                                           Helina Dawit
                       Staff Writer                                                                   Staff Writer

        Almost everyone has            on the rallies and events. After               According to indexmundi.          then came to the United States.
heard about the horrors cur-           viewing the devastating pictures      FRP  RI (WKLRSLD¶V SRSXOD-            Still considering the nuns and
rently taking place in the Middle      and videos of the internal chaos      tion is living under the poverty line.     priests who ran the orphanage
East and Africa. Demonstrations,       on the internet, even more Egyp-      This means that 217,960,526                as her parents, Emmy kept Abune
rebellions, rallies, and cries for     tians began organizing meeting        people in Ethiopia are suffering           Andreas close to her heart.
freedom have all been shut down        places.                               daily. A great majority of these           Considering the way she was
and many people are wondering                  Egypt isn’t the only coun-    people are located in rural areas          raised, she had always wanted
what happened to these early           try in turmoil, however. Tunisia      of the country, making it even             to adopt an orphan child of her
civilizations that were once so        was the first nation to erupt,        harder to get them the necessary           RZQ 6R LQ  VKH WRRN D WULS
advanced and organized.                with a January 14 rebellion that      supplies and support. Poverty is           EDFN WR (WKLRSLD IRU WKH ¿UVW WLPH
        The demonstrations in          resulted in dictatorial President     passed down from generation to             in 20 years. When visiting, she
Egypt started in February 2011         Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali stepping      generation there as part of what           adoped her three-year-old boy,
when thousands of Egyptians            down. Libya followed fast on the      seems an endless cycle. The                Jason Belay.
rallied to change their govern-        heels of Egypt and Tunisia after      parents are unable to pay for the                   “I’ve never been there,
ment and dethrone their ruler of       with an outbreak of riots. Like the   material and fees to send their            but I know it’s a poor third world
30 years Hosni Mubarak. The            Egyptian’s desire to overthrow        kids to school, so instead the             country and the things Emmy is
protests quickly morphed into a        Mubarak, the Libyan natives           children work on the family farm           doing will at least change one
state of civil war.                    looked to make their leader of        or business from a young age.              person’s life,” said freshman
        To organize and gather         40 years, Muammar Gaddafi             Kids and adults alike are starving         Meghan Molloy.
supporters for their rallies, the      step down from office. Unlike         and freezing in Ethiopia now, but                   Growing up in an orphan-
Egyptians used modern social           Mubarak, who ultimately stepped       a new organization seeks to offer          age gave Emmy Mischel a dif-
media sites like Facebook and          down as ruler, Gaddafi insists        assistance.                                ferent outlook on the world. She
Twitter. Because of this, Mubarak      WKDW KH ZLOO ¿JKW WR VWD\ LQ SRZHU            Ethiopia’s Tomorrow is            appreciated every little thing she
cut off the entire country’s cell      and he is following through on        a non-profit organization that             had and wanted to give back to
phone and internet services for        his promise. He ordered merce-        supports children from Abune               those who helped her. In March
a few days. Believing that this        naries to shoot the people, who       Andreas Orphanage in Dire                  of 2010, she started Ethiopia’s
would intercept the call to join the   FRQWLQXH WR ¿JKW EDFN E\ VKRRW-       Dawa, Ethiopia, by providing               Tomorrow.
demonstrations, Mubarak did not        ing machine guns at overhead          IRRG FORWKLQJ PHGLFLQH ¿UVW DLG                  According to the organiza-
LPDJLQH KLV SODQ ZRXOG EDFN¿UH        airplanes. Thousands of Libyans       kits, vitamins, over the counter           tion’s website, a fateful accident
By cutting off all communication,      have died so far, and the num-        medicines) and school supplies.            played a part in things as well.
he also interrupted communica-         bers keep increasing. The entire      The organization was ¿UVW FUHDWHG                   “After coming the previous
tions between security forces          FLW\ UXLQHG ¿UHV DUH EXUQLQJ DQG     by Emmebeth Mischel, who was               year to adopt my son, I was vol-
and the ministry, making people        spreading rapidly, and the streets    raised in that same orphanage              unteering when I got into a car ac-
worldwide more interested in           are covered with corpses of in-       after being given up by her then           cident,” said Ms. Mischel. “When
what was happening. People             nocent protestors who were killed     teenaged mom. Today, Ethiopia’s            they took me to the hospital, I no-
from around the world started          E\ *DGGD¿¶V RUGHUV                   7RPRUURZ SURYLGHV KDUG WR ¿QG              ticed the lack of medical supplies
travelling to Egypt to observe the             The protests are continu-     supplies for the orphanage, and            to treat my injuries as well as all
chaos and disorganization, re-         ing to spread and have surfaced       also pays the necessary educa-             the little children who were there
sulting in a greater spark. Videos,    in places like Algeria, Bahrain and   tional fees for children orphaned          needing help. I decided to create
pictures, and additional informa-      Yemen, where civilians are being      by death or poverty. Through do-           Ethiopia’s Tomorrow to help these
tion began swarming Twitter ,          NLOOHG E\ SROLFHPHQ DQG RI¿FLDOV     nations from generous individuals          kids. I didn’t do it just to help them
YouTube and Facebook walls,                    Freshman Kendra Des-          and the support of her family,             medically, but educationally and
providing updated newsfeeds            champs says “I feel as though         Ms. Mischel is able to educate,            nutritionally too.”
                                       they (Libya) have seen the ac-        medicate, and feed the orphans                      Emmy Mischel and her
                                       complishments of the democratic       of Abune Andreas.                          organization have been rais-
                                       government and the efforts in                  Emmebeth “Emmy”                   ing money and sending critical
                                       Egypt persuaded them to take          Mischel was brought to Abune               supplies in order to keep the 41
                                       action themselves. I think the        Andreas when she was three                 kids they now support healthy,
                                       situation in Libya will be resolved   days old by her teen mom. She              educated, and happy. All this
                                       quickly due to the high demands       was the youngest baby at the               remains possible the generous
                                       for oil.”                             orphanage, but her mother’s                donations received by sponsors.
                                               We take for granted the       age and living conditions made             For as little as $15 a month,
                                       right to vote and freedom of          it impossible to support her new           you can sponsor a child, or any
                                       speech, when other countries          child. Living in Abune Andreas             donation (even a single dollar) is
                                       are struggling to gain those basic    till she was 15 years old, Emmy            welcomed. For more informa-
                                       rights. It makes you realize that     then was taken from Dire Dawa              tion on how you can help, go to
                                       freedom is not alway a given, and     to live with her grandfather. When         ethiopiastomorrow.org and make
                                       it makes you thankful that we live    she graduated high school at               a difference in the life of a child.
Ousted ruler Hosni Mubarak.            in the land of the free.              WKH DJH RI  VKH ZDV DEOH WR
Courtesy of Most Important News                                              meet her true birth mother and

                                                                                                                      Husky Herald - Page 15
Quake raises nuclear concerns
Clarissa Karantzis
                            Staff Writer
        On March 11, 2011, Japan           due to an extreme power surge.           were to
encountered a horrible disaster.           Following a string of explosions,        explode,
The country was hit by one of the          highly radioactive material was          it could
strongest earthquakes in history.          HMHFWHG LQWR WKH DLU 7KH ¿UH LQ         cause in-
7KH HDUWKTXDNH PHDVXUHG  RQ             Reactor 4 continued to burn until        compara-
the Richter scale. This devastat-          0D\   EXW HYHQ WKRXJK            ble dam-
ing earthquake triggered a 23-             the fire was out, the disaster           age to a
foot tsunami, which soon followed          wasn’t over. The cloud of radio-         densely
after. People watched as their             active smoke stretched as far as         populated
houses, cars, and possessions              Western Soviet Union, Eastern,           area. Lo-
were swept away by the great               Western, and Northern Europe.            cated just
wave. But to top it all off, Japan         Most affected areas were Be-             24 miles
was faced with the worst possible          larus, Russia, and Ukraine. The          from the $ VDIHW\ RI¿FLDO H[DPLQHV SODQV IURP WKH UHDFWRU
news: the nuclear power plant in           death rate connected with the            Bronx,                                         Courtesy of Guardian UK
                                                                                                                         American team of advisers is
Fukushima exploded.                        Chernobyl disaster was never             there are approximately 20 mil-
                                                                                                                         already in Fukushima to assist in
        This disaster is not going         an exact number, because the             lion people living within a 50-mile
                                                                                                                         any way possible. The severity of
to resolve soon. It will affect Ja-        long term effects, like cancer,          radius of the plant. Indian Point
                                                                                                                         the crisis has been raised from a
pan for a long time. The amount            deformities, and disorders of            is said to be able to withstand an
                                                                                                                         4 to 5 (on a 7-point Nuclear Event
of radiation in the country right          muscle, bone, and digestive              earthquake that measures a 6.1
                                                                                                                         Scale) by Japan’s nuclear safety
now is tremendous, and it is af-           system affected a generation             on the Richter Scale. Although we
                                                                                                                         authority. Chernobyl was a 7.
fecting thousands of people. For           that was not yet born. According         aren’t expected to get such a se-
                                                                                                                                 The disaster in Japan is
example, the radiation is affecting        to a report by the United Nations        vere earthquake, Japan’s quake
                                                                                                                         affecting the U.S. as well. There
the water in Japan. According to           Chernobyl Forum Expert Group             was unexpected too. Governor
                                                                                                                         has been an increased amount
www.pisqa.com, there is twice              and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory          Andrew Cuomo stated on March
                                                                                                                         of radioactive iodine found in
the amount of radioactive iodine           Commission, an estimated 4,000           16 that “Indian Point should be
                                                                                                                         the rain water in Massachusetts.
in the tap water than what is con-         to 10,0000 cancer-related deaths         closed, that its proximity to the
sidered safe for children. Even            will occur in that region over the       city was
                                                                                                                                                   t h i s
just washing a fruit or vegetable          next 70 years.                           never a
with tap water could contaminate                   Indian Point, our local nu-      good risk.”
                                                                                                                                                   will not
the food. There has also been              clear power plant, is located in                Ac-
                                                                                                                                                   h a r m
radioactivity found in raw milk            Buchanan, NY. Many are wonder-           cording to
                                                                                                                                                   any citi-
and some vegetables. This con-             ing now about its close proximity.       2I¿FLDOV RI
                                                                                                                                                   zens, it
tamination could affect thousands          Indian Point’s Reactor Three was         the Nuclear
                                                                                                                                                   is still
of people, especially infants. The         rated number one by the Nuclear          Regulatory
                                                                                                                                                   a con-
U.S. government alerted U.S. citi-         Regulatory Commission as most            Commis-
                                                                                                                                                   cern that
zens living within 50 miles of the         likely to sustain damage from an         sion, In-
                                                                                                                                                   needs to
plant to evacuate. The death rate          earthquake, according to Peek-           dian Point
                                                                                                                                                   be ad-
from the earthquake and tsunami            skill.Patch.com. This is because         is safe and
has surpassed 10,000, with over            this nuclear power plant is located      the risk of Indian Point has many concerned. Treehugger
                                                                                                                        Courtesy of                as     it
17,000 people missing, according           right on top of two fault lines in the   an earthquake in the Northeast
                                                                                                                         shows the magnitude of this
to Japan’s national police agency.         Ramapo Seismic Zone.                     is low. However, the plant is one
                                                                                                                         nuclear disaster.
        A similar explosion hap-                   With a risk of an earth-         of 17 that has to reassess and
                                                                                                                                 Harrison High School is
pened in Russia. On April 26,              quake, there is much controversy         review seismic issues. Even with
                                                                                                                         doing a lot to help Japan. On
 UHDFWRU IRXU LQ WKH &KHUQRE-         over whether Indian Point is in a        a low chance of an earthquake of
                                                                                                                         March 25, the school asked the
yl Nuclear Power Plant exploded,           safe location. If the nuclear plant      this magnitude ever hitting New
                                                                                                                         students to wear red in honor of
                                                                                    York, what could happen as a
                                                                                                                         those who were devastated by
                                                                                    result is devastating.
                                                                                                                         the disaster in Japan. The Lit-
                                                                                           “I think Indian Point is
                                                                                                                         erature Club currently is calling
                                                                                    GH¿QLWHO\ D FRQFHUQ RI RXUV 7KH
                                                                                                                         all students to “Read for Japan.”
                                                                                    situation in Japan has made us
                                                                                                                                 Freshman Stepheny Or-
                                                                                    more aware of the safety issues
                                                                                                                         donez, a member of the literature
                                                                                    of Indian Point,” says ninth grade
                                                                                                                         club, says “Find sponsors who
                                                                                    biology teacher Mrs. Wilson.
                                                                                                                         will pay you for your reading,
                                                                                    “More precautions may have
                                                                                                                         and that way, you will be able to
                                                                                    to be taken in order to avoid
                                                                                                                         raise money for Japan.” Every
                                                                                    anything as terrible as what is
                                                                                                                         charitable gesture, no matter
                                                                                    happening in Japan right now.”
                                                                                                                         how small, can add up to a major
                                                                                           The Fukushima Dai-Ichi
                                                                                                                         relief effort.
                                                                                    nuclear plant may have to be
                                                                                    buried in concrete in order to
                                                                                    contain the radiation, Japanese
The damaged reactor.                           Courtesy of the New York Times       engineers acknowledged. An

Husky Herald - Page 16
  TOMS puts best foot forward
Jessica Olivier
                        Staff Writer

        How would you feel if you       skin. Shoes prevent                               invites for participants     shoes and, at the same time, give
bought a pair of shoes and knew         these diseases and                                among your friends           them away.”
that another pair was going to          the long-term harm                                on Facebook -- it’s to              “It’s very generous what
someone who doesn’t have the            they cause. Wearing                               support a good cause.        Blake Mycoskie has done with his
advantage of having any shoes at        shoes also prevents                                      TreeHugger            business and how it has impacted
all? TOMS Shoes does just that.         cuts and sores, pain- Courtesy of Treehugger Radio recently inter-             kids all over the world,” noted
When you a buy a pair of shoes,         ful injuries that can                             viewed TOMS founder          freshman Meghan Molloy. “I can’t
another pair is guaranteed to go        be dangerous when wounds get          Blake Mycoskie to determine the          imagine myself without shoes.”
to someone in a country where           LQIHFWHG 7KH ¿QDO UHDVRQ ZK\         difference that TOMS brings to                  “I really like TOMS Shoes
shoes are needed, places like           TOMS gives children shoes is          the shoe business.                       and want to buy a pair, especially
South Africa, Haiti, Cambodia, or       that quite often children can’t               “TOMS is really simple,”         since they send a pair to some-
one of twenty others.                   attend school, as shoes are a         he said. “For every pair of shoes        one who doesn’t have shoes,”
        In many developing coun-        required part of their uniform. If    that we sell, we also give a pair        said fellow freshman Helina
tries, children grow up barefoot.       they don’t go to school, they can’t   away to a child somewhere in the         Dawit. “That’s really generous
But with the help of a cause like       realize their potential.              world that doesn’t have shoes.           and more businesses should
One for One, shoes are being                    TOMS Shoes sponsors           It really came from an idea that         participate in ‘One for One.’”
put on children’s feet. As of Sep-      an annual event called “One           I had when I met some children                  The TOMS mission has
tember 2010, over one million           Day without Shoes.” The point         down in Argentina a couple of            attracted other brands to join in.
pairs of new shoes were given           of the event is to not wear shoes     years ago that didn’t have shoes.        Some, such as Ralph Lauren
to children through TOMS and            for an entire day. This year that     I wanted to give them shoes, but         and Element Skateboards, are
Giving Partners around the world.       specific day was April 5. By          I didn’t just want to give them          actively collaborating with TOMS
        The primary reason why          participating in this event, people   shoes once. And I didn’t want to         shoes. The impact of this has
TOMS Shoes gives to these               can experience exactly what it’s      start a charity, because I had no        LQÀXHQFHG RWKHU FRPSDQLHV LQ
children is because of the severe       like to not have shoes on one’s       background in charities.”                a positive way. Maybe it’s how
risk of diseases and injuries when      feet and the dangers that can                 “I decided to use my entre-      organic and fresh the shoes are
children don’t wear shoes for ex-       occur from it. This event can be      preneurial background and cre-           or maybe it’s just because of the
tensive amounts of time. There          done anywhere and everywhere.         ate a business model that would          One for One Movement…either
are soil-transmitted diseases           In fact, you can create your own      give one-for-one,” he said, “so we       way, people love TOMS shoes.
that can penetrate a foot’s bare        localized event and send out          could build a business by selling

 SAT = Stressing About Testing
Matt Cysner
                        Staff Writer
        Many of us here at the          is being able to work quickly and      tion wrong in a section and still       many colleges do not even look
high school feel the pressure of        accurately. If you take your time      receive a perfect score. Also,          at the writing score. They break
the college process. Whether it         to increase your accuracy, then        you can get a perfect score on          the score down into just the read-
is in class or preparing for the        \RX ZLOO QRW ¿QLVK LQ WLPH %XW LI     the writing without a perfect score     ing and math sections, accepting
standardized tests, stress is con-      you rush through the test, then        on the essay.                           students on their performance out
stantly building up in almost every     your accuracy will go down. The               The national average on          of those 1600 points alone. Re-
single student’s life. The SAT is a     VROXWLRQ WR WKLV SUREOHP LV WR ¿QG     the SAT is a 1500 out of 2400;          member, colleges do not use the
task that is extremely overwhelm-       the balance between speed and          500 on each section. Harrison           6$7 DV D ¿QDO MXGJPHQW IRU DS-
ing. Most students subscribe to         accuracy. However, this balance        High School comes in statistically      plicants. It is used as part of the
the thinking that if they do not        LV PXFK PRUH GLI¿FXOW WR DFKLHYH       above the national average with         application process, along with
get a perfect score, then they will     than it sounds.                        DQ DYHUDJH VFRUH RI             several other factors including
not get into the college of their              The perfect score is            on critical reading, 565 on math,       grade point average, the college
choice. This is not true. The fact      achieved by very few people out        and 540 on writing. Harrison            essay, recommendation letters,
is, statistically, that approximately   of the hundreds of thousands           High School junior Emma Adler           activities, and more. Some
only 100 people per test receive a      that take the exam. The test           received a perfect score on the         schools are trending away from
perfect score on their SAT exam.        consists of three sections: math,      March 2011 exam. This is the            using SAT scores as a decisive
According to newsmax.com, only          writing, and critical reading. The     ¿UVW SHUIHFW VFRUH IRU +DUULVRQ LQ      factor. Rather, some colleges use
107 received a perfect score on         writing section includes multiple      several years.                          LW DV D PHDQV RI ¿OWHULQJ GRZQ D
the recent March 2011 exam.             choice questions and an essay                 However, many critics            large pool of applicants.
        The test itself is extremely    that is factored into your overall     contend that the SAT test itself                For those of you that are
difficult because it tests your         score. In theory, to get a perfect     LV ÀDZHG ,W LV GHVLJQHG WR WHVW        very stressed by the SAT, relax,
knowledge and it also makes you         score, you would need to get           KRZ ZHOO \RX FRXOG GR LQ \RXU ¿UVW      it is not the biggest test that you
rush to complete it. Part of the        every single math question right,      year of college, but it is not very     will take in your life. Prepare ap-
strategy of taking the test is just     every critical reading question        accurate. Many outside studies          propriately and try your best, you
EHLQJ DEOH WR ¿QLVK DOO RI WKH TXHV-    right, and every writing question      have proven that the writing sec-       may be surprised by your score.
tions within the time limit. For        right. However, this varies from       tion is the best predictor of how
many people, the content itself is      test to test. On some tests, you       well a student might do in his or
QRW WRR GLI¿FXOW 7KH WULFNLHVW SDUW    might be able to get one ques-         KHU ¿UVW \HDU RI FROOHJH 6WLOO

                                                                                                                     Husky Herald - Page 17
 Double trouble
Sarah Mazza
                       Staff Writer

        Many people are misun-         lenged for a description of what         low sockets.
derstood when to comes to some-        she could do with her body she                    What does A double-jointed elbow.
one being double jointed. Being        stated that, “We are four little girls   it mean to be hy-                            Courtesy of Christie Suozzo
double jointed implies that you        who fold and bend our bodies”.           permobile? People with abnormal        for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
actually have twice the number                 Not everyone has the             ÀH[LELOLW\ RI WKHLU MRLQWV DUH FRQVLG- include loose joints, fragile blood
of joints as the average person.       same flexibility as these con-           ered to have Hypermobility, which      vessels, abnormal scar formation
Being double jointed could also        tortionists but some off the less        simply means their joints are able     and wound healing, stretchy skin,
mean that you have double the          double-jointed people can simply         to bend farther than normal.           and bruises easily. There are
range of motion as a normal per-       bend their thumbs back until the                  Is being double-jointed       several types of Ehlers Danlos
son, but in actuality both of these    tip of the thumb is touching their       a genetic trait? If parents are        Syndrome that range from mild to
statements are just really myths.      hand. Most people think that             double-jointed, their children         life threatening. There is no cure,
Every human on the planet has          people who are double jointed            have a better chance of being          but according to medicinenet.
the same number of bones and           over extend their joints, but are        ÀH[LEOH &KLOGUHQ DUH JHQHUDOO\        com doctors are recommending
joints, which all of them have the     rather allowing their joints to work     more flexible than adults and          working out and strengthening
same capacity for movement.            to their fullest capability; it just     are more prone to having looser        bones and joints daily.
The meaning of being double            so happens that their capabil-           joints that will end up getting                This reporter took the time
jointed is actually very simple, but   ity is beyond one of the normal          tighter as they get older.             to interview Olympic gold med-
far from what people think.            persons.                                          Can being double-jointed      alist, Michael Phelps. Michael
        Being double-jointed                   So how does one become           lead to anything serious? Yes,         Phelps is well known in the
means that your joints and sur-        double jointed? Well the joints are      being double-jointed can lead to       swimming world for being “the
rounding structures, also known        like hinges that connect two or          illnesses and sometimes even ar-       greatest swimmer of all time”, but
as ligaments or tendons are just       more bones together so they are          thritis. The most common illness       even Michael has Ehlers Danlos
XQXVXDOO\ ÀH[LEOH %HFDXVH RI WKLV     able to move naturally in a par-         that people obtain from being          Syndrome. “I am different than
you are able to twist and stretch      ticular direction. Ball-and-socket       double-jointed is Ehlers Danlos        other swimmers,” says Phelps “I
your ligament s to a greater ex-       joints however are joints that the       Syndrome (EDS). According to           am tall and I have what is called
tent than the common person. An        URXQGHG HQG RI WKH ERQH ¿WV LQWR         nlm.nih.gov, a medical informa-        a wingspan body shape of almost
example of an extremely double-        the socket of another. The depth         tion website explained that,            LQFKHV ZKLFK JLYHV PH DQ DG-
jointed person is someone who          of the persons socket determines         EDS is a condition of a group of       vantage in the water. I also have
works in the circus, the people        KRZ ÀH[LEOH RU QRW ÀH[LEOH WKH           inherited disorders that weaken        double jointed elbows, knees,
WKDW FDQ EHQG WKHLU ERGLHV WR ¿W       person will be. People who are           connective tissues. Connective         shoulders, and ankles, which al-
in a box, these people are called      extremely double jointed such as         tissues are proteins that sup-         lows me to hyperextend all of my
contortionists. According to wors-     the Contortionists have very deep        port skin, bones, blood vessels,       strokes,” says Phelps. “My stroke
leyschool.com, a famous Cirque         sockets, where someone who is            joints, and other organs and EDS       LV WKH EXWWHUÀ\ ZKLFK LV WKH PRVW
de Soleil contortionist, when chal-    YHU\ QRW ÀH[LEOH KDYH YHU\ VKDO-         affects all of those. Symptoms         complex for the shoulders.

 Burn, baby, burn!
Alex Psaros
                       Staff Writer
        The American Academy           ers tan in preparation for beach         use mainly UVA rays, and offer
of Pediatrics wants teenagers          season, or just for fun. Many of         more “controlled” UV exposure.
banned from tanning salons. And        these teens are unaware of just          However, we know now that UVA
they aren’t the only ones. Illinois    how risky indoor tanning really is.      is a carcinogen, and investiga-
and New York are among states                  The dangers of actual,           tions have revealed that tanning
considering bills banning anyone       outdoor tanning are well known.          salons frequently exceed “safe”
XQGHU  IURP LQGRRU WDQQLQJ          The sun’s UV rays damage epi-            UV limits. Most importantly, study
The World Health Organization,         dermal cells, triggering enzymes         after study has shown that indoor
the American Academy of Pediat-        that race to repair the damage.          tanning increases one’s risk of
rics, and the American Academy         However, these enzymes do not            contracting both melanoma and          A tanning regular at HHS.
                                                                                                                             Courtesy of Christie Suozzo
of Dermatology are also push-          always repair the DNA success-           non-melanoma skin cancers.
                                                                                                                       even contain sun screen!
ing for a ban. John Overstreet,        fully. This can lead to mutations               There is no such thing as
                                                                                                                              It remains to be seen
executive director of the Indoor       that increase one’s risk of skin         a harmless tan. However, a safe
                                                                                                                       whether or not tanning salons
Tanning Association, says he be-       cancer. Unprotected sun ex-              alternative exists in sunless tan-
                                                                                                                       will be forced to shut their doors
lieves the indoor tanning industry     posure can also have aesthetic           ners. Tanning lotions temporarily
                                                                                                                       to minors. But even if they remain
is under assault.                      repercussions: wrinkles, sag-            dye the top layer of skin. These
                                                                                                                       accessible, teens would be well
        7KH FRQWURYHUV\ KDV ÀDUHG      ging skin, and skin spots are all        tube-tans, which typically fade
                                                                                                                       advised to stay away. An indoor
due to the recent surge in popu-       associated with sun damage.              within a week, produce an effect
                                                                                                                       tan may look good now, but a
larity in indoor tanning among         Proponents of indoor tanning             that can be indistinguishable from
                                                                                                                       couple of weeks on the beach
teenage girls. For some, going         often advertise indoor tanning           an outdoor tan, and come in a
                                                                                                                       is not a worth a lifetime of con-
to a tanning salon is a big part       as safer than outdoor tanning on         variety of tones. Best of all, they
of their senior prom ritual. Oth-      the grounds that tanning booths          are completely UV free. Some

Husky Herald - Page 18
Foster homes for four-footed friends
Rachel Breslin
                   Features Editor

        Many people may not be          going to spend the rest                          experience. Also, they        when it is appropriate to put the
aware of the current situation          of its life in your house,                       will get the training they    animal down. When you foster
in which most animal shelters,          unless of course you choose to         need that is not available to them      the animal, chances are you will
not just the ones in Westchester        adopt him or her. When the ani-        in shelters. Old animals also ben-      never have to decide when the
&RXQW\ ¿QG WKHPVHOYHV 6KHO-           mal is fostered, the owners are        H¿W JUHDWO\ IURP WKH RSSRUWXQLW\        animal has to be put down. When
WHUV DUH RYHUÀRZLQJ ZLWK DQLPDOV        given the opportunity to help and      because, even though they may           a family says good-bye, they
because of people not being able        ¿QG WKH SHUIHFW KRPH E\ ¿QGLQJ         not be adopted from their foster        know they are sending the animal
to afford them. The chances of          D IDPLO\ WKDW ZLOO ¿W SHUIHFWO\ ZLWK   family, they will not have to spend     to a wonderful family where the
an animal getting out of a shelter      the animal’s personality.              WKHLU ¿QDO GD\V LQ D VKHOWHU WKH\      animal can live a happy life.
once they arrive are very slim.                 Foster care is very ben-       will spend it instead with actual,             There are many programs
The shelters therefore are forced       H¿FLDO WR WKH DQLPDO ,QVWHDG RI       loving people.                          in Westchester County that of-
to turn most animals away, or put       staying locked up in a crowded                Any type of household            fer fostering programs. If you
current residents down to make          shelter for who knows how long,        ZRXOG JUHDWO\ EHQH¿W IURP IRV-          are interested in participating,
room. Even once animals are in          the animal learns important social     tering an animal. Newly married         please contact them. Two are
the shelters, the facilities struggle   skills by constantly interacting       couples or families with young          listed below:
to make ends meet. While people         with humans and other animals          children would be able to learn
still can donate money or adopt         in a positive environment. Also,       what it is like to own a pet before     New Rochelle Humane Society,
these animals, both of which            the animals get all of the attention   they fully commit to one. How           (914-632-2925)
are greatly appreciated by the          they could possibly need, instead      about a family that just lost a         Yonkers Humane Society, Inc.
shelters, there is more that can        of being neglected in the shelter.     loved pet? To cope with the loss,       (914-377-6730)
be done. For instance, there is                 No matter how old the          they may want to foster a pet to
animal foster care.                     animals are, they will greatly         help ease the pain.                           These are not the only
        Foster care for an animal       appreciate the opportunity to                 One main similarity be-          shelters in Westchester County
is very similar to adopting. Just       stay with a family. Sadly, there       tween adoption and fostering is         that offer fostering programs.
like when you adopt, the animal         are some animals that go into          saying good-bye to the animal.          &DOO D ORFDO VKHOWHU WR ¿QG RXW LI
lives in your household and you         shelters as babies and never           No matter the situation, saying         they offer similar fostering op-
do have to pay for food and medi-       come out, which is why puppies         good-bye is hard, but when you          portunities. Even if they don’t,
cal needs. One main difference          are great for fostering because        own the pet, unless nature takes        they most likely can refer you to
is that this animal is probably not     WKH\ ZLOO JUHDWO\ EHQH¿W IURP WKH      its course, you will have to decide     another shelter that does.

MoCo grabs UPenn honors
(Continued from Front Page)
nent seat on the UN Security            in committee and freshman Ben    success. Asked to comment                     FRPPHQWHG ³7KLV ZDV RXU ¿UVW
Council. In the Green House, a          Adler won a gavel, making him    on their record-shattering take,              conference ever where we were
bill to legalize medicinal heroin       WKH ¿UVW IUHVKPDQ GHOHJDWH WR GR Vice President Zach Mandell                   considerably better than most of
was discussed. Closing ceremo-          so in the history of Harri-                                                    the other delegations. We won
nies began at noon in Irvine Hall.      son High Model Congress.                                                       so many awards that it became
Following closing remarks deliv-        In the Red House, Sam                                                          borderline obnoxious. The whole
ered by members of the Univer-          Colangelo, also a fresh-                                                       experience was absolutely in-
sity of Pennsylvania Model Con-         man, won an honorable                                                          credible, and I am extremely glad
gress came the presentation of          mention in his committee.                                                      that I had the opportunity to be a
awards. The Harrison delegation         In the Red Senate, junior                                                      part of it.”
waited with bated breath as the         Angela Troia and sopho-                                                                As the Harrison delegates
award winners were announced            more Hayley Kronthal both                                                      clambered onto the bus which
for each committee.                     won honorable mentions                                                         would return them to New York,
        In the Blue House, sopho-       in committee. Rounding                                                         clutching plastic bags heavy with
more Thomas Lovinger won a              out the accolades was Ra-                                                      snacks for the ride, the mood
best in committee gavel, sopho-         jan Mehra, who received                                                        couldn’t have been better. The
more Lauren Jacobowitz re-              an honorable mention                                                           Harrison High School Model
ceived an honorable mention,            in Special Programs for                                                        Congress’s 2010 to 2011 season
and junior Robby Tiburzi took out-      his work in the Executive                                                      may have come to an end, but if
standing delegate in full session.      Branch as well as in the                                                       their success at the University of
In the Blue Senate, junior Juuli        National Security Council.                                                     Pennsylvania is any indication,
Huutunen won a gavel, and junior               Given the number                                                        there will be much more to say
Jacob Tempkin earned an honor-          of delegations and level                                                       for the club in the years to come.
able mention in his committee           of competition at the con-
as well as in full session. In the      ference, the Harrison del-
Green House, junior Lexi Ruben-         egation was stunned and Freshman phenom Ben Adler brings home a gavel.
stein won an honorable mention          elated at their enormous               Courtesy of Ms. Makarczuk

                                                                                                                      Husky Herald - Page 19
 It’s All About the Grades
Izzy Sheck
                       News Editor
        School used to be about
learning. Now, the only thing that
seems to matter in high school
is grades. This is something that
                                        but when push comes to shove
                                        your work still needs a grade. It
                                        LV GLI¿FXOW IRU VWXGHQWV WR WU\ WKLQJV
                                        that might not work because no
                                                                                 If a student isn’t the best
                                                                                 athlete, but comes to class
                                                                                 prepared and participates
                                                                                 to the best of their ability,
a lot of people accept, but why         matter how many times teachers           he or she can receive the
grades are so important in a stu-       stress that students shouldn’t           same grade as the starting
dent’s life? The bottom line is that    worry about their grade, a student       quarterback.
grades are the most important           has to worry. The way things work                Art classes in particu-             Courtesy of Christie Suozzo
factor in the college application       currently creates an environment         lar should be assessed dif-           of grade grubbing that goes on
process. This is a fact of life which   where creativity and bravery are         ferently, because what constitues     in the school, as the level of
has some awful consequences.            VDFUL¿FHG DW WKH DOWDU RI WKH DOO        art is different for everyone. You    competiveness would neces-
Many students are reluctant to          mighty GPA. Students should be           could either love a piece of art      sarily decrease. The number of
explore their talents and try new       graded on the effort of their work       or hate it, depending on your         students suffering from anxiety
things out of fear that if they take    in elective classes, not the quality.    persoanl taste. It just doesn’t       over grades would also go down.
a chance on a class they are            This is especially true in art class-    make sense to grade some-                    School is the main source
unsure of their abilities in, their     es, where a student could try as a       one’s artwork the same way you        of stress for many students, and
grades will suffer.                     hard as possible and still not get       would a test or an essay. In all      the pressure only increases as
        In most high schools, so        a good grade simply because he           classes where it is impossible for    the college admissions process
called elective classes like art,       or she is not a gifted artist! On the    a teacher to be objective, a pass/    begins. In a perfect world, college
band, photography and workshop          other hand, a natural artist could       fail type system should be used.      admissons officers would see
give students an opportunity to         put a minimal amount of effort into      Unfortunately, this style of grad-    the amount of effort an applicant
try their hand at a new skill and       the class and still get a perfect        ing is rarely seen in high schools.   put into a class. But the fact of
stretch their boundaries. The           grade just because of their innate               There are some teach-         the matter is they don’t. Using a
problem with electives is that,         talent. For the student who is           ers in this school who get angry      more objective method to grade
just like academic classes, at the      naturally gifted, whether at art or      with students who “grade grub.”       students in elective classes would
end of each quarter you receive         writing or music, taking chances         This occurs most frequently with      give students more freedom to
a grade that goes on your report        is a whole lot easier than for the       students who are in advanced          explore as well as allow them to
card. Teachers in an elective           student who is struggling just to        placement classes, but can hap-       relax a little about their grades.
class will encourage you to take        complete the original task. The          pen in any class with students        The worst thing a school can do
chances and try things that might       same principle applies to gym            who are worried about their           is allow grades to get in the way
not be in your comfort zone, and        classes, but is handled a little bit     grades. Using a pass/fail system      of education.
they have the best intentions,          better, at least at Harrison High.       of grading would limit the amount

Charlie Sheen is trying to trademark 22 different catchphrases,
including “winning.” What would your trademarked catchphrase be?

                                        “Check out our cheer-cabulary!”
“Hey girls!”                            - Sophomores Bre Sgro and                “All glory to the hypno-toad.”        “How do you sound?”
- Freshman Angelica Bogdany             Caroline Gaeta                           - Junior Matt Dire                    - Senior Chris Woodford

Husky Herald - Page 20
How Tweet It Is
Danny Glass
                      Staff Writer

       Twitter is the new thing,       sometimes insane comments. It          sage 140 characters
period.                                became a method for people to          or less, sent out to
       With a recent surge of          get rescued after earthquakes          one’s followers. A
users, it seems like everybody         and other disasters, as well as a      “re-tweet” is when
and their mother is using the          way to spread videos of protest        a person receives a
social networking site. For a bit      in Iran and Egypt. Most impor-         tweet and decides to
of historical perspective, Twitter     tantly Twitter became a method         send it out to all of
was started by Jack Dorsey as          to coerce a response from your         his or her followers. A
a way to get short thoughts out        favorite celebrity, to let them know   “top trending topic” is
to friends, families, and who-         how you feel about their actions.      a topic that multiple
ever. Mocked by some, Twitter                 Twitter has a certain lingo     people have put a
exploded in users as celebrities       and it is vital to know it to stay     hash-tag before. The
                                                                                                                            Courtesy of Christie Suozzo
started spreading their inane and      relevant. A “tweet” is a mes-          hash-tag symbol (#)                     Michael Ladore opened his ac-
                                                                              is a symbol when a person wants         count merely because “he wants
                                                                              to categorize his or her topic so it
               The Husky Herald                                               trends faster. For example, Char-
                                                                                                                      to connect to the world.” Never
                                                                                                                      KDV FRQIRUPLW\ EHHQ VR GH¿DQW
                                                                              lie Sheen might use the hash-tag
                    Staff 2010 - 2011                                         symbol to discuss tiger blood,
                                                                                                                              Twitter is by far the most
                                                                                                                      egotistical site in the world. It
                    Emma Adler - Editor-in-Chief                              ergo he tweets #tiger blood.            can be said that Twitter is liter-
                  Joni Cooper - Managing Editor                               There is additional lingo, but it is    ally designed for the spreading
                                                                              easily picked it up.                    of one’s own mundane thoughts
                     Ray Corona - Sports Editor
                                                                                      The real reason for all         in the setting of a public forum.
               Amy Carton, Izzy Sheck - News Editors                          of this Twitter talk is its sudden      How a person can be entertained
                      Angela Troia - Arts Editor                              growth at Harrison High School.         E\ LW EDIÀHV PDQ\ 7KLV UHSRUWHU
                  Rachel Breslin - Features Editor                            Everyone seems to be making             recently attempted to give Twit-
                     Cherry Aung - Music Editor                               an account. Yet the problems            ter a second chance, and found
                                                                              with Twitter are numerous. First,       it quite addicting. Such notables
                Christie Suozzo - Photography Editor
                                                                              it is an incredible distraction dur-    as Kanye West, James Franco,
                             Staff Writers -                                  ing school. Second, information         and even Matt Shaffer and Kevin
                                                                              over the site can spread like           9HQGROD ¿QG LW D ZD\ WR PDNH
  Albert Amarilla, Lindsey Barnett, Timmy Broderick, Tereze Camaj,            ZLOG¿UH +DUULVRQ KDV DOUHDG\ KDG
  Danielle Carpinello, Julia Coash, Alexa Coloccia, Kiersten Colotti,                                                 time killing a little more bearable.
  Danny Cuneo, Matt Cysner, Erica Dattero, Helina Dawit, Michelle             problems with negative informa-                 Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr,
  Deleo, Alexandra Del Tufo, Tyler DeRaffele, Jamie Derosa, Julia             tion being disseminated at an           Youtube, LinkedIn, and hundreds
  Druckman, Nick Esposito, Tom Falciglia, Taylor Friedwald, Ali               DODUPLQJ UDWH $QG ¿QDOO\ 7ZLWWHU
  Fuerst, Tamila Garayo, Johnny Gisondi, Danny Glass, Michael                                                         of others vie for our attention
  Goldman, Tyler Hart, Clarissa Karantzis, Matt Karpf, Hayley Kro-            SURPRWHV ¿JKWV DQG YLROHQFH LQ         every single day. These billion
  nthal, Brian Lauro, Trent Lefkowitz, Christina Loguidice, Joseph            the sense that, if a person feels       dollar companies represent the
  Maida, Amanda Mancini, Sam Mandell, Olivia Manley, Sarah                    threatened over the social media        future of world society, as we
  Mazza, Peri Mendelsohn, Eileen Molloy, Meghan Molloy, Nikki                 site, he or she may feel the need
  Muto, JT Nangle, Vinny Nicita, Jessica Olivier, Olivia Pagano, Ali                                                  break down emotions, thoughts,
  Paonetti, Melina Parrello, Noah Platte, Alexandra Psaros, Nick              WR VHWWOH WKH FRQÀLFW LQ UHDO OLIH     and feelings into analog signals
  Puliafico, Mandy Quigley, Katie Rian, Casey Rinker, Spencer                         ,Q RUGHU WR ¿JXUH RXW ZK\       and wall posts. The tweets we
  Rosenstein, Alexis Rubenstein, Hunter Sable, Alexandra Sanchez,             people were getting Twitter ac-
  Logan Schwartz, Izzy Sheck, Kristi Sheehy, Evan Specht, Jessica                                                     make represent us. As such, it
  Tannenbaum, Sarina Tassone, Robby Tiburzi, Shannon Toohey,                  counts, this reporter located           is vital that we continue use our
                 Sarah Vallarelli, Christine Vecchiola                        several students who had opened         requests, subscriptions, follows,
                    Gary Glauber - Faculty Adviser                            up an account in the last month.        and other methods of staying
                                                                              The main reason given as to why         caught up correctly in an intel-
                     Special Thanks to Mr. Petrillo                           they had joined the fray was con-       ligent manner.
                                                                              formity. Juniors
    Our mission is to be the voice of Harrison High School by                 Emily Chestler
    professionally representing and informing our school with an              and Jared Cum-
    accurate and entertaining newspaper.                                      mins had similar
                                                                              responses. The
                                                                              former wanted
    The Husky Herald is published by the journalism classes at
                                                                              to follow the hit
    Harrison High School. Editorial content of The Husky Herald
                                                                              show Glee, while
                                                                              the latter wanted
    of the Harrison High School faculty and administration. The               to follow BBC
    staff of The Husky Herald encourages students to get involved             News reporter
    and have their opinions heard. If you have any questions, com-            tweets. Ahmad
    ments, or would like to respond to an article, please write to            Ali opened up his
    us. Letters containing the writer’s name (and that are in good            account because
    taste) will be printed.                                                   he was bored.                                 Courtesy of Christie Suozzo

                                                                                                                     Husky Herald - Page 21
Gym Must Go
The Instigators
                      Staff Writers
                                                                                                                             Courtesy of Google Images.
        Physical Education, a           tion of the period. Gym is now a         class. There are several athletes
class students have participated
in since elementary school, is be-
coming the class no one wants to
                                        lot more fun, and students have
                                        more options for which sports or
                                        games they want to play each
                                                                                 who have sat out of their after-
                                                                                 school sports for weeks due to
                                                                                 an injury in gym. Coaches hate
attend. Physical education, more
commonly referred to as “gym
class”, used to appeal to students
                                        quarter. I am not suggesting that
                                        gym classes should consist of
                                        intensive, track-like activities, but
                                                                                 nothing more than athletes telling
                                                                                 them they are out for the season
                                                                                 because of a stupid injury from
because it temporarily took their       , GR WKLQN VWXGHQWV DUH MXVWL¿HG LQ      gym class. The coaches become
minds off stressful academ-             thinking it is a waste of time.          frustrated because they feel the            President Obama recent-
ics. However, students are now                  Children and teenagers           injury was avoidable.
                                                                                                                         ly announced his candidacy
complaining about going to gym          today feel much more pressure                    For athletes who feel that
class and feel it is more a waste       to reach and exceed academic             gym class is a waste of time, I         for the 2012 presidential
of time than anything else. This        expectations. For the highly-            suggest a solution. If the athlete      election. How would you
may seem surprising, since most         motivated student, every minute          is in season, they should be able       rate his performance in of-
students                                                                                            to request a free    ¿FH WKXV IDU"
would rath-                                                                                         period instead
er play out-                                                                                        of gym class in
side than                                                                                           order to finish      “I think given the economic
go to math                                                                                          some of their        mess he was left to clean
class. But                                                                                          homework. If
                                                                                                                         up, Obama has done the
as teenag-                                                                                          the athlete is not
ers begin                                                                                           in season, they      best he could with respect
to take on                                                                                          will have to par-    to the economy. He has
more diffi-                                                                                         ticipate in gym      also achieved significant
cult classes                                                                                        class whether        social reforms, such as the
and are hit      Students in gym await instructions.                Courtesy of Christie Suozzo they like it or          repeal of DADT. This gives
with heavi-                                                                                         not.
                                                                                                                         me hope for what he could
HU ZRUNORDGV WKH\ ¿QG D PLQ-        of the school day is packed                      Student athletes would
ute period of study hall more           ZLWK VWXG\LQJ DQG ¿QLVKLQJ WKHLU         appreciate the extra time that          accomplish with another
useful than gym. The question           homework - even lunch and free           WKH\ ZRXOG KDYH WR ¿QLVK VFKRRO         four years.”
is whether or not schools can           periods. Gym class just repre-           work, and would be able to focus              - Senior Rachel Kaplan
realistically get rid of physical       sents another 40 minutes when            on their athletics when the school
education.                              they could be working. These stu-        day is done. This solution would
        Getting rid of gym classes      dents feel they would be able to         also encourage students who             “I think four year terms make
would cause several problems.           get more studying or schoolwork          have not participated in school         LW GLI¿FXOW IRU SROLWLFLDQV WR
Currently, over 70 million Ameri-       done if they weren’t in gym class.       sports in the past to try them out.     PDNH DQ\ VLJQL¿FDQW SURJ-
cans are suffering from obesity.        Exercise isn’t on their minds be-        Many teenagers probably choose
2I WKHVH  PLOOLRQ WZHQW\ ¿YH         cause, in their eyes, exercise is        not to play an after-school sport
                                                                                                                         ress without being reelect-
percent are under nineteen. This        not what matters. Even if these          out of the fear that they will not      ed. So we really can’t judge
shows that a lot of work needs          students are dedicated athletes,         KDYH HQRXJK WLPH WR ¿QLVK WKHLU         Obama’s success, unless
to be done regarding health in          they are not worried about miss-         homework afterward. However,            we give him a chance to
American schools. There are             ing gym because to do so would           these teenagers would feel more         follow through over another
plenty of parents who stress good       not “hinder” their athletic ability.     inclined to join sports if they knew    four years.
eating habits and encourage                     The most popular argu-           that their gym class could be
their children to exercise daily.       ment for getting rid of gym class        changed into a free period.                    - Senior Eva Mangone
However, there are plenty who           is that many students already get                Although gym class seems
don’t. If parents aren’t doing their    their exercise from daily after-         like a good idea to help increase
jobs, who else will make sure           school sports. These students            students’ levels of physical            “Obama has helped to re-
their children are eating the right     have a valid point, since they are       health, allowing students to make       vitalize the economy, and
foods? For this reason, many            getting a good workout for at least      the choice for themselves is more       has ensured all Americans’
parents are in favor of physical        two hours anyway. Why needs a            effective. Staying in shape is very     access to affordable health
education since it is guaranteed        gym class? Students who engage           important to many students, and if      healthcare. He has done an
their children will get at least        in after-school sports don’t have        they feel that playing a sport after
some exercise each day.                 as much time to do homework.             VFKRRO ZRXOG EH PRUH EHQH¿FLDO
                                                                                                                         incredible job cleaning up
        But how much exercise           Gym class would be a perfect op-         and useful than having gym every        the Bush administration’s
are students really getting in          portunity for these athletes to get      other day, they should have the         mistakes. ”
gym class?                              more homework done while not             right to request a free period in          - Junior Richard Haddad
        Gym isn’t the way it used to    KDYLQJ WR MHRSDUGL]H WKHLU ¿WQHVV       its place.
be. Students aren’t running laps                It is also possible for ath-
and doing sprints for the dura-         letes to injure themselves in gym

Husky Herald - Page 22
Scheduling : A Time For Change
Izzy Sheck
                      News Editor

        Teachers are always com-       PRVW FODVVHV DW OHDVW ¿YH PLQXWHV       of students cutting classes, but it      half the year. Once that portion of
plaining, claiming that they don’t     to get settled down when class          is much easier for a teacher to no-      the year is over, the class will also
have enough time with their            begins, because teenagers are           tice that a student is deliberately      be over. Students could have half
students. Although forty minutes       going to act like teenagers. You        cutting class if they were in the        of their classes completed after
every day might seem like a lot        cannot expect 16-year olds to           class a mere forty minutes before.       only one semester.
to the students, for the teach-        just sit down quietly in their seats             Having a class every other             The 4x4 scheduling sys-
ers, it seems like                                                                    day would also lessen the         tem has often times worked very
forty seconds. So                                                                     stress that students have         well in smaller schools, where
do teachers have                                                                      because of a large work-          classroom space is limited. Al-
a point? Should                                                                       load. Teachers of course          though Harrison is not considered
they have access                                                                      would still assign homework       to be a small school, we recently
to their students                                                                     to their students, but their      have been experiencing a larger
for a longer pe-                                                                      students would have an            student population- and unfortu-
riod of time?                                                                         entire day to complete it.        nately we are quickly becoming
These questions                                                                       Having a class every other        too big for our school. This new
suggest that, in                                                                      day would allow students          system would therefore be per-
order for teach-                                                                      the choice as to when they        fect for Harrison High School,
ers to get what                                                                       want to complete their work.      because it would require less
they want, the                                                                        If they are extremely busy        classroom space. When there
school day would                                                                      on the night when they are        are fewer classes requiring a
have to be ex-                                                                        meant to do their homework        longer period of time in each
tended. Realis-                                                                       for a certain class, they can     class, not as many classrooms
tically, a longer                                                                     always wait until the next        are needed. Teachers and stu-
school day is the                                                                     night (since they won’t have      dents can remain in the same
last thing that our                                                                   the pressure to hand in           classrooms, eliminating the need
school needs,                                         Courtesy of Christie Suozzo homework the very next day.           to switch classrooms after every
unless the fac-                                                                       For students who are taking       forty-minute period.
ulty, staff, and students want to      and wait for the teacher to start       all AP classes, the workload can                Using the 4x4 schedule
come into school at 6 a.m. for         talking. Students want to talk to       be overwhelming, yet with an             will help our school in many
class. Still, there are several        their friends, and get the newest       extra night to complete all their        ZD\V 1RW RQO\ ZLOO LW EHQH¿W RXU
options that our school has for        JRVVLS WKDW¶V EHHQ ÀRDWLQJ DURXQG       work, it is a
scheduling in a different way,         in the hallway. Here is where           lot easier to
especially a way where teachers        having a nine period schedule           handle. For
will be able to teach their students   also hurts us.                          students
for a longer period of time.                   When students leave one         who feel that
        One of the ways that we        classroom, the assumption is that       they must
can solve this problem is by           they are going to walk to their         get their
changing the entire schedule of        next class and start the whole          homework
our school, so that instead of         cycle over again. However, only         completed
having nine, forty-minute periods      a small percentage of students          the day
every day, there would be four,        actually do this. Many students         they receive
eighty-minute periods. Since           end up in the cafeteria getting a       it, life only
the periods would be longer,           mid-day snack, running around           gets easier
students would only attend that        trying to find their friends, or        as they can
class every other day instead of       straight up cutting their next          relax each
daily. This way, students would        class. Having students in the hall-     night know-
be able to stay in their classes for   ways at nine times during the day       ing that they
a longer, more continuous time         is just a recipe for disaster, even     only have
period every other day. Students       if it doesn’t seem like it.             homework
would be able to absorb more                   If students were to stay in     for       two
information at one time without        their classrooms for eighty min-        classes to
any distractions.                      utes at a time, there is less of an     complete.                                      Courtesy of Christie Suozzo
        We all know the feeling of     opportunity for them to wander                   The other option that our       students, but it will also help our
being “saved by the bell,” and         off into the hallway. Although          school has for scheduling is very        school to better utilize the space
although it is a feeling of relief     students would still be allowed         similar to the four class period         we have. Harrison needs a
for the students, for teachers         to take a short break from class,       system, but with one small twist.        change, and a different schedule
there is nothing more frustrating      it would be the equivalent of           Instead of taking a class for eighty     could be the change that makes
WKDQ ¿QDOO\ JHWWLQJ WR WKH SRLQW RI    having a student in a science           minutes every other day for the          our school a better place for
the lesson and being cut off right     EORFN SHULRG OHDYLQJ DIWHU WKH ¿UVW     entire year, another option that is      teachers as well as for students.
when the class starts to learn         period, and cutting the second          available is taking two classes for
something important. It takes          period. There still is a possibility    eighty minutes every day for only

                                                                                                                      Husky Herald - Page 23
The SAT questions reality                                                                                               SAT
Rachel Breslin
                       Staff Writer                                                                                     hits
        ³'R ZH EHQH¿W IURP IRUPV       people are upset with this essay       relatively easy to write, because
                                                                                                                    Some SAT essay prompts
of entertainment that show so-         is because it is not a scholarly       sadly, reality television shows
                                                                                                                    from years past:
called ‘reality,’ or are such shows    topic. These people feel that          can be considered current events
harmful?”                              the essay needs to be a ‘smart         DQG WKXV ¿W ZHOO DV D VXEMHFW
                                       topic’ so that ‘smart’ people taking   appropriate for an SAT essay).        Prompt:
        This was one of the essay                                                                                   “A little inaccuracy saves a
                                       the exam will get a good score,        Reality television shows have
questions from the March 12            since they are the ones that truly     become so popular that they           world of explanation.”
SAT test. It caused much contro-       belong in college, as opposed          GH¿QH RXU JHQHUDWLRQ (YHQ LI         C.E.Ayers
versy because                                                                     one doesn’t watch them, one       Assignment:
some students                                                                     hears about what happens          Is it always essential to tell the
and adminis-                                                                      on those shows from friends       truth, or are there circum-
trators felt this                                                                 and opinions about them are       stances in which it is better to
question goes                                                                     easily formed. The events
                                                                                                                    lie? Plan your response, and
                                                                                  and people featured on such
‘against’ what                                                                                                      then write an essay...
                                                                                  shows are there to get you
students are                                                                      talking and thinking. This
taught in their                                                                   is how they get such strong       Prompt:
SAT prepara-                                                                      ratings.                          If we are afraid to reveal our
tion courses,                                                                             In this modern age,       lack of knowledge we will not
which is to                                                                       students need to know more        be able to learn. In order to
always try to                                                                     than what is in their books to    make progress we must admit
relate the es-                                                                    get into a good college. They     where we are now. Such an
                                                                                  need to be able to talk and       admission of ignorance is not
say question
                                                                                  form an opinion about the         easy. As Thoreau says, “How
to something                                        Courtesy of Christie Suozzo
                                                                                  world around them, which          can we remember our igno-
learned in                             to the people who waste their          is why students without televi-       rance which our growth re
school or a school-related outside     time watching reality television.      sions or who do not watch reality
                                                                                                                    quires, when we are using our
experience. By basing the ques-        This is a fallacy; just because        television shows were not really
                                                                                                                    knowledge all the time?”
tion on reality television and thus    someone does not spend all of          at such a disadvantage with this
                                       his or her time studying, does not     particular essay question. So         Assignment:
making it impossible to relate it to
                                                                                                                    Does the present system of edu-
anything associated with school,                                                                                    cation encourage us to
people felt this provided an easy                                                                                   admitour lack of knowledge, or
answer for those who waste time                                                                                     is there too much pressure to
watching such shows instead of                                                                                      demonstrate the acquisition
say, studying do better on an SAT                                                                                   of knowledge? Plan your
essay question.                                                                                                     response, and then write an
        This reporter disagrees                                                                                     essay...
that there is any real controversy
here. The main point of the SAT                                                                                     Prompt:
essay is not to see how well one                                                                                    “That which we obtain too
can relate a topic to something                                                                                     easily, we esteem too lightly. It
school-related, the main point                                                                                      is dearness only which gives
is to see how well one can state                                                                                    everything its value.”
his or her opinion and support it                                                                                   Thomas Paine
with facts (much like the opinion                                                                                   Assignment:
                                                                                Courtesy of Christie Suozzo
pieces in this very newspaper).                                                                                     Do we value only what we
In this way, colleges can get an       preclude them from deserving to        long as one pays attention to         struggle for? Plan your
                                       go to college. Sometimes people        the outside world, one will hear      response, and then write an
idea as to how a student might
                                       need a break from studying, and        about these shows and should be       essay to explain your views
do when writing papers in college      watching a favorite TV show,           able to form reasonable opinions      on this issue. Be sure to sup-
classes. These SAT prep classes        even a favorite mindless reality       about them. If one wants to be        SRUW \RXU SRVLWLRQ ZLWK VSHFL¿F
tell students to use school-related    show, might be the perfect way         successful in life, one should take
                                                                                                                    points and examples. (You
material as evidence in the essay      to unwind.                             one’s head out of books once in
                                                                                                                    may use personal examples or
only because students will know                This reporter is not a fan     a while and start listening to the
                                       of reality television, per se. What    surrounding world. How helpful
                                                                                                                    examples from your reading,
how to apply such information to                                                                                    observations, or, knowledge of
many topics, having gone over          I disagree with is the idea that       can people be to society when
                                       students who do not watch these        they leave school if all they can     subjects such as hitory,
such things in-depth in school                                                                                      literature, science.)
                                       shows are at a disadvantage.           do is recite facts like a walking
classes.                               Even without watching any reality      encyclopedia, instead of being
        Another reason that many       television shows, this article was     able to contribute ideas?

Husky Herald - Page 24

Emma Adler
 Millie reviewed, thoroughly

        The title of Thoroughly
                                     and putting in an appearance
                                     at a hopping, high society bash
                                                                            the role of Millie’s every-man
                                                                            admirer Jimmy Smith, senior
                                                                                                                         The merits of the play
                                                                                                                 are not limited to its cast. Thor-
FRQFHLYHG &ODG LQ D ÀRRU OHQJWK     redolent of those described in         Alejandro Azuaje exudes suave-       oughly Modern Millie is a visually
dress, unfashionably long hair       The Great Gatsby.                      ness. Junior Marwan Bishtawi is      stunning production, featuring
tied back in a bow, the girl we            At the forefront of all of       perfectly puffed up and oblivious    glitzy Jazz Age costumes and
meet as the curtain rises does       this mayhem is, of course, Millie      as Trevor Grayden. Senior Alex-      an equally vibrant set. Particu-
not look like anybody’s idea of      herself, played with enthusiasm        andria Brown epitomizes Jazz         larly eye-catching are the brightly
modern. But by the end                                                                                                    FRORUHG ÀDSSHU GUHVVHV
of the exuberant opening                                                                                                  worn by Millie and her
number, our heroine has                                                                                                   cohorts, and the intricate,
swapped her drab duds                                                                                                     feathered headpieces
for a bright yellow sheath,                                                                                               donned by Muzzy Van
her lengthy locks for a                                                                                                   Hossmere.
bob, and her ragged suit-                                                                                                         Following the per-
case for a purse which is                                                                                                 formance attended by
promptly stolen. The year                                                                                                 this reporter, the lobby
is 1922 and from here on                                                                                                  where the cast members
in, Millie is determined to                                                                                               were greeted by family
inhabit its cutting edge.                                                                                                 and friends rang out with
The hilarity and heart-                                                                                                   praise. Asked her opinion
break which ensue as a                                                                                                    of the play, one audience
result are exploited to bril-                                                                                             member shared “It was
liant effect in the Footlight                                                                                             fantastic! I’ve seen all
Players’ production of the                                                                                                of the musicals that the
classic musical, which                                                                                                    Footlight Players’ have
played in the HPAC from                                                                                                   done over the past four
March 10 to March 14.                                                                                                     years, and I think this one
        There are two                                                                                                     was the best. I loved the
competing narratives in                                                                                                   music, and some of the
“Thoroughly Modern Mil-                                                                                                   students who participated
OLH´ 7KH ¿UVW FKURQLFOHV                                                         Courtesy of Gary Morgen Photography this year are exception-
Millie Dilmount’s quest to                                                                                                ally talented.”
¿QG PDULWDO DQG ¿QDQFLDO EOLVV     and empathy by junior Cayla            Age glamour as retired prima-                The cast of Thoroughly
with her boss Trevor Grayden.        Pettinato, who taps into the co-       donna Muzzy Van Hossmere.            Modern Millie seems to have
The second involves a white          medic side of the character as         Freshman Halle Mastroberardino       enjoyed performing in the musical
slavery ring bent on carting off     occasion dictates, but never           is engaging and devious as slave     as much as the audience enjoyed
Millie’s newfound best friend,       loses sight of the vulnerability and   ring leader Mrs. Meers. Senior       watching it. Junior Madison Pol-
Miss Dorothy, to Hong Kong.          ÀLQW\ GHWHUPLQDWLRQ DW WKH KHDUW       Adriana DiFazio serves as resi-      lack (also known as Dorothy
The plots operate in their own       of Millie. Madison Pollack, also a     dent scene stealer in the role of    Brown) commented, “The pro-
orbits for much of the play, but     junior, is spot on as Miss Dorothy     longsuffering secretary Miss         cess was unbelievable, and it was
come to a head toward the con-       Brown, adopting a resonant tone        Flannery. The leads are comple-      DPD]LQJ WR ZDWFK WKH FDVW ÀHVK
clusion of the second act. In the    of voice suggesting perpetual          mented by a large ensemble           out what began as a skeleton of
interim the characters indulge in    bewilderment perfectly suited to       whose members’ enthusiasm            a show, and turn it into something
the legendary hedonism of the        Miss Dorothy’s airy innocence          lends an indefatigable vitality to   really incredible.”
1920s, frequenting a speakeasy       and upper crust incredulity. In        the entire production.

                                                                                                                Husky Herald - Page 25
Backstage with Idol Starr
Amy Carton
                      News Editor

        In spite of some decline in    never old enough. I had planned        think the judges only get to see         so much. You end up waiting the
average viewership from previ-         to audition when I was 16, but         about 100 people in each city.           entire day and watching people
ous years, American Idol remains       when they lowered the age limit        Before you get there though,             come out crying, either with tears
the number one-rated show on           this year I knew I had to go for it.   you have to make it past singing         of joy or with tears of sadness.
television (according to Zap2it, a                                            for idol crew and producers and          Then there are those people
trusted media source). As Ameri-       HH: Was there anything that            executive producers                      who, in your mind, are absolutely
can Idol prepared for its tenth        inspired you or encouraged you                                                  going to make it and then don’t.
season, contestants and fans           WR EHJLQ VLQJLQJ LQ WKH ¿UVW SODFH"    HH: Can you describe the audi-           It really messes with your head.
braced themselves for several          IS: I was really into dance before     tion process? How long did you           You begin to think, ‘Am I really
changes that would be made by          I started singing, and at 7 years      have to wait?                            supposed to be here’? But all
producers.                             old I joined a musical theater         IS: The process was long and             of those feelings were gone by
        Making their debut on the      troupe. We traveled all around         rigorous with a lot of waiting and a     the time I heard the panel chant
judging panel, Aerosmith’s lead        the D.C. area and to NY to             lot of singing. The process starts       together “You’re going to Holly-
singer Steven Tyler and pop            perform and we actually went to        in a huge stadium where you              wood!” Getting that golden ticket
sensation Jennifer Lo-                                                                                                            ZDV WKH ¿UVW WLPH LQ P\
pez joined Idol veteran                                                                                                           life that I realized that
Randy Jackson as the                                                                                                              music was truly what I
season 10 judges. The                                                                                                             wanted to do with my
show also eliminated its                                                                                                          life. I always knew I
top 24, replacing it with a                                                                                                       loved singing, but it
top 13. In doing so, fewer                                                                                                        wasn’t until those three
live performances were                                                                                                            yesses’ that I felt con-
needed, allowing for the                                                                                                          ¿GHQW LQ P\ YRLFH ,W
introduction of “Vegas                                                                                                            ZDV UHDO FRQ¿UPDWLRQ
Week.” Occurring after the                                                                                                        not from my mom or a
three rounds of Hollywood                                                                                                         friend, but from the ex-
Week, Vegas week further                                                                                                          perts, Randy Jackson,
distinguishes the unique,                                                                                                         Jennifer Lopez, and
versatile performers from                                                                                                         the Steven Tyler, that
the more timid, monoto-                                                                                                           I was and capable of
nous artists.                                                                                                                     pursuing music. That
        Another change                                                                                                            golden ticket changed
that was made to the show                                                                                                         the way I think about
was its age limit. While                                                                                                          myself with respect to
in the past the show had                                                                                                          my music.
only allowed auditions for
individuals older than 16                                                                                                        HH: You auditioned
years old, the age limit                                                                                                         over the summer and
was lowered to 15 this                                                                                                           couldn’t tell anyone un-
year, exposing the nation                                                                                                        til the auditions aired in
to the fresh, young tal-                                                                                                         January. How did you
ent of American teenag-                                                                              Courtesy of Ilanna Starr    keep such an exciting
ers. One 15-year-old who                                                                                                         moment a secret?
made it through to Hollywood           Disney World a couple of times         have to wait for hours in line with     IS: Keeping the secret was prob-
after her audition in Austin, Texas,   too. My dad had recorded most          thousands of people. I auditioned       DEO\ WKH PRVW GLI¿FXOW SDUW RI WKLV
was Ilanna Starr. Although cut         of our performances and when           in Austin, Texas and I think there      entire experience. At times it
DIWHU WKH ¿UVW URXQG LQ +ROO\ZRRG     I watched them back, I realized        ZHUH DERXW  SHRSOH WKHUH ,W        was really tough, especially the
Ilanna’s Idol experience was one       that dancing really wasn’t what I      was amazing to see all these per-       day I sang for the judges. All I
she will never forget, and it taught   was meant to do. The third year        sonalities in line and it was pretty    wanted to do was tell my friends
her an awful lot about herself and     we went to Disney, I had a small       easy to differentiate between the       that I had made it to Hollywood
her voice. The Husky Herald was        solo singing “Castle on a Cloud”       people who truly wanted to com-         after being in the presence of
able to contact Ilanna and inter-      from Les Miserables. Watching          pete and those who just wanted          Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.
view her about her Idol journey.       that moment on my dad’s video          their 15 seconds of fame.               I ended up keeping the secret for
                                       camera was when I realized that                                                almost six months. I could really
                                       I really needed to sing.               HH: How did you feel having the         only talk about it with my family,
Husky Herald: When did you                                                    golden ticket handed to you?            and I had to lie quite often about
decide to audition?                    HH: Does everyone who audi-            IS: I honestly didn’t know what to      where I was going and why I
Ilanna Starr: I had watched the        tions get to sing in front of the      think. I was truly in shock. I just     was traveling so much. I ended
show for its ninth run and I always    judges?                                remember trying to keep my cool         up weaving a pretty nice web of
knew in the back of my mind that       IS: Actually, not everyone gets to     in front of these accomplished,         lies, but my friends really didn’t
I wanted to audition, but I was        sing for the judges. In the end, I     amazing judges whom I look up to        suspect anything until about an

Husky Herald - Page 26
                                                                                              ing and getting          Idol H[SHULHQFH KDV FRQ¿UPHG
                                                                                              cut before me            my love of music and has made
                                                                                              really messed            me realize that singing is my true
                                                                                              with my head.            passion and what I want to do
                                                                                              Before I sang,           with the rest of my life.
                                                                                              I had this feel-
                                                                                              ing in the pit of        HH: What do you think of the
                                                                                              my stomach that          changes that the show has made
                                                                                              was telling me           this year (new judges, stage, age
                                                                                              that it wasn’t my        limit, vegas week…)
                                                                                              time yet, that I         IS: I really love the changes.
                                                                                              didn’t need it           After nine seasons of the same,
                                                                                              quite as much            it was time for changes to be
                                                                                              as other people          made. The stage, the age limit
                                                                                              did. I would have        and Vegas week are all fantastic
                                                                                              loved to see             changes, but I absolutely love the
                                                                                              myself go far-           new judges! Their dynamic and
                                                                                              ther, but I think        chemistry is wonderful and they
                                                                                              in the back of           truly care about each contestant.
                                                                   Courtesy of Ilanna Starr   my mind, I knew          To me, it’s become a much more
hour before the Austin episode…I        additional pressure was created                       that this year it        intriguing show to watch, as
just couldn’t hold it in any longer.    by the older contestants. I think    wasn’t meant to be.                       you’re really seeing the develop-
                                        the additional pressure was actu-                                              ment of new artists.
HH: Since Hollywood week was            ally created by kids my age be-      HH: How do you view your expe-
pre-recorded, you also had to           cause Idol was only going to pick    rience now that your season 10            HH: How did you manage your
keep from people that you had           a few really talented kids under     journey has ended?                        school work while you were in
been cut. What was that like?           WKH DJH RI  WR EH RQ WKH VKRZ     IS: I’m lucky to have had this            Hollywood?
IS: After the episode aired, a lot                                           experience at such a young age.           IS: The stress and excitement
of people approached me ask-            HH: What memorable events            Not only will I be able to try out        of being in Hollywood was really
ing questions and unfortunately,        and moments occur behind the         again in the years to come, but           overwhelming and didn’t leave
because the Hollywood week              scenes?                              over the past months I’ve learned         much time for doing work. I decid-
episodes hadn’t aired, I wasn’t         IS: During Hollywood Week we         a lot about music and myself. My          ed to be home schooled this year
able to tell them much. What’s          were waiting to be                                                                so I could fully prepare myself
UHDOO\ GLI¿FXOW DERXW WKH ZKROH         called into the the-                                                              for Hollywood. We planned the
situation is that, I was cut even       ater and a whole                                                                  semester so that my winter
before the people saw me on             bunch of people                                                                   break would be during Hol-
TV, and then I had to continue to       gathered around                                                                   lywood week. I still did a little
pretend that I was still in the run-    a piano and start-                                                                bit of work on the plane, but it
ning, until the Hollywood rounds        ed singing Ordi-                                                                  was a real relief to not have to
aired, and only then could I break      nary People by                                                                    worry about schoolwork.
the news that I was cut. As an          John Legend. I
ex-contestant, it almost felt like I    had never heard                                                                  HH: How did your friends and
was cut twice- it’s certainly not the   so many power-                                                                   family react when they saw you
most exciting part about being on       ful voices in such                                                               on the Austin Episode?
American Idol.                          beautiful harmo-                                                                 IS: It was so overwhelming, but
                                        ny. It was such a                                                                at the same time so exciting!
HH: Being that you were one of          special moment.                                                                  People who I hadn’t talked to
the youngest contestants, did                                                                                            in years were contacting me
you feel any additional pressure        HH: During which                                                                 and congratulating me. Within
or intimidation from the older          round of Holly-                                                                  two hours of the show’s airing,
contestants?                            wood did you get                                                                 I had at least 200 posts on my
IS: $W ¿UVW , GH¿QLWHO\ GRXEWHG         out? How did you                                                                 wall on Facebook. My mom
myself. I didn’t have as much           feel afterward?                                                                  and dad also received tons of
experience as the older contes-         IS: I was unfor-                                                                 emails from their friends. My
tants, but I had to remind myself       tunately cut in                                                                  brothers even said that people
that I’d made it this far because       WKH ¿UVW URXQG RI                                                                they hadn’t seen in ages were
the judges and producers saw            Hollywood week.                                                                  contacting them, it was just
something in me. I was there for        It was really dis-                                                               mind blowing…so crazy!
a reason. There was always a            heartening. I
level of intimidation. After all, I     had worked re-
was surrounded by some of the           ally hard to get to
most talented contestants Idol          where I was in the
had ever seen. With that came a         competition and
lot of pressure to kill it every time   watching all of the                                 Courtesy of Ilanna Starr
I performed, but I don’t think any      contestants sing-

                                                                                                                  Husky Herald - Page 27
From mixtapes to mash-ups
JT Nangle
                        Staff Writer

        Music is one of the most         their income. For most, the ma-        Typically, art-
popular aspects of American              jor revenue stream now comes           ists will feature
culture, and access to music for         mostly from live performances          themselves
high school students is a given.         and merchandise, which makes           over other
Almost everyone at Harrison              them much more dependent on            artists’ beats,
High School owns an iPod, some           concert promoters like Live Na-        and will often-
containing over 20,000 songs.            tion. Tours have become increas-       times employ
Over the past decade, music has          ingly more important for artists       a sample of
become more popular due to the           accustomed to formerly earning         other popular
internet and the ability of artists      obscene amounts of money. An           music. On one
and producers to distribute new          increase in the number of con-         of his most re- A dying commodity?           Courtesy of Christie Suozzo
tracks to a wider audience than          certs is a delight to fans now able    cent tapes, No
ever before. This has led to a           to see their favorite artists live.    Ceilings, Lil Wayne created            designed for the same purpose.
sharp decline in the sale of CDs                 “Once 50 Cent reinvented       songs over the Black Eyed Peas’                The internet’s influence
and the closing of thousands of          the mixtape game and literally         “I Gotta Feeling,” and Jay-Z’s         on the music industry has also
retail record stores. Websites           made the hip-hop or ‘urban’ in-        “Death of Autotune.”                   inspired an entirely new genre
have sprung up discovering new           dustry ever dependent on ‘free-                There are many websites        called “mash-ups.” A “mash-up”
artists, and release hundreds of         music,’ the music culture was          that distribute free songs and         is when an artist splices together
free songs almost daily.                 never the same,” according to          mixtapes. They target primarily        two or more songs, typically over
        At the start of the decade,      Jeremy Yudkin of GoodMusicAll-         college students who control the       a techno or dance beat. Wildly
companies took an aggressive             Day.com (GMAD).                        trends in music amongst young          popular mash-up DJs like Super
VWDQFH DJDLQVW ¿OH VKDULQJ ZHE-                  In the beginnings of hip-      people. Goodmusicallday.com            Mash Bros., White Panda, and 5
sites like LimeWire and Napster,         hop music, songs only existed          (GMAD) is a website started by         & A Dime, have become some of
which have long since been               in the live form. They would then      a few high school students, who        the most desirable concert tickets
shut down. There are of course,          be distributed via tapes of parties    now are attending various col-         in the world.
other media for downloading free         and shows. Mixtapes first ap-          leges and universities through-                “I’m not sure if Super Mash
music. These sites allow users           peared in the mid-1970s in New         out the nation. JT Newton,             has ever come to the U.S., but
to download a specific song,             York City, featuring artists such as   the website’s contributor and          if they did I would spend any
rather than buy                          Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaata.         co-founder along and Tim Web-          amount of money to see their
the entire album.                                                               ber, the website’s founder and         show,” said junior Jacob Temkin,
According to the                                                                CEO (who currently attends The         who raves about the group.
International                                                                   University of Notre Dame) started              TheHoodInternet.com is
Federation of the                                                               GMAD as a means of showing             a website entirely dedicated
Phonographic                                                                    friends what they were listening       to creating and releasing free
Industry, music                                                                 to. They explained to the Husky        “mash-ups”. They also release
revenues in the                                                                 Herald that GMAD quickly gained        free mash-up mixtapes that are
U.S. dropped                                                                    a small following from people who      free to download.
from a high of                                                                  knew Tim directly and through                  Many times artists will re-
$14.6 billion in                                                                word-of-mouth. The website is          lease a new song, and it will be
1999 to $10.4 bil-                                                              designed to post new tracks that       featured on several different web-
OLRQ LQ  The                                                               are available as free, legal down-     sites. This provides students a
New York Times                                                                  loads. They frequently sponsor         wide array of options from which
reports that the                                 Courtesy of Christie Suozzo    an artist when they release a new      to receive new music.
downward trend                                                                  mixtape. They post the mixtape                 As technology continues
is expected to continue for the          As more tapes became available,        on their website and it soon be-       to progress, the music industry
foreseeable future, and some             they began to be collected and         comes more popular. In a world         should follow suit. Pioneer DJs
research suggests that by 2013,          traded by fans ,Q WKH PLGV      where colleges monitor most, if        like Tiesto, Deadmau5 and Rusko
the music industry will gross only       DJs such as Brucie B. began            not all, downloads made by stu-        KDYH LQÀXHQFHG SRSXODU PXVLF
$9.0 billion dollars. But in spite       recording their live music and         dents on their network, GMAD is        to become more electro/tech-
of declining revenues, artists           selling their own mixtapes. In the     truly a vice for students looking to   no based. These changes are
are more popular than ever due           present day, artists use mixtapes      satisfy their musical cravings. Not    evident in Britney Spears’ new
to wide exposure on Facebook             to release free music to the public    only does GMAD release music,          song, “Hold it Against Me,” which
and Twitter.                             and generate excitement around         but they hold concerts featuring       features a heavily Dup-Step
        “Lady GaGa is the most           their work or upcoming album.          their sponsored artists and other      LQÀXHQFHG KRRN ,W¶V REYLRXVO\
followed person on Twitter and           Oftentimes artists will release        popular artists and DJs.               an industry in transition. These
the most liked person on Face-           many more mixtapes than true                   Tim Webber, JT Newton,         new trends dictate that artists will
book,” noted junior Lindsey Bar-         studio albums.                         and the rest of the GMAD crew          be forced to release more “free”
nett. “She is probably more                     For instance, popular hip-      have inspired other “college mu-       music and change their current
popular than Madonna.”                   hop artist Lil Wayne has put out       sic” sites such as FreshOnCam-         business plans to focus less on
        Still, these artists no longer   eight albums from 1999-2010,           pus.com and TheCollegeCartel.          record sales.
depend on CDs for the majority of        but almost eighty mixtapes.            com. These websites are

Husky Herald - Page 28
  Got Tunes? Total Fiasco
Cherry Aung                                                                     Meghan Molloy
                        Music Editor                                                                   Staff Writer

                                                                                        Who is Wasalu Muham-           Tube. Although all of his songs
                                                                                mad Jaco? Maybe you know               have great lyrics and good music,
                                                                                him better by his stage name,          these two songs stick with many
                                                                                Lupe Fiasco.                           because of their lyrics and catchy
                                                                                        If you don’t know him          tunes. For example, check these
                                                                                yet, get ready to, because this        lyrics from “Words I Never Said”:
                                                                                critically acclaimed rapper just       “I really think the war on terror is
                                                                                released his third album entitled      a bunch of bullsh*t/ just a poor
                                                                                Lasers, which was released             excuse for you to use up all your
                                                                                0DUFK   /XSH )LDVFR LV DQ       bullers / How much money does it
                                                                                American rapper, artist, and pro-      take to really make a full clip/ 9/11
             Courtesy of Mtv.com                      Courtesy of Mtv.com       ducer. He rose to fame in 2006         building 7 did they really it pull it
                                                                                following the success of his debut     /Uhh, and a bunch of cover ups.”
Britney Spears                            Yellowcard
                                                                                album, Food & Liquor and The           In the same song, Fiasco goes
Femme Fatale                              When You’re Through Think-
                                                                                Cool. This up-and-coming art-          on to say, “Gaza strip was get-
March 29, 2011                            ing, Say Yes
                                                                                LVW ZDV ERUQ )HEUXDU\           ting bombed, Obama didn’t say
                                          March 22, 2011
                                                                                and was raised                                           sh*t/That’s why I
       Oops she did it again!                                                   in Chicago. After                                        ain’t vote for him,
       I t ’s b e e n a g e s s i n c e           Yellowcard has reemerged
                                                                                being inspired                                           next either/I’m a
Britney Spears first became a             on the scene (following a self-im-
                                                                                by rappers and                                           part of the prob-
household name, and now, one              SRVHG KLDWXV EHJLQQLQJ LQ 
                                                                                hip-hop stars like                                       lem, my problem
decade and eight albums later,            with their seventh studio album,
                                                                                Ice Cube, Fiasco                                         is I’m peaceful
she proves she is as relevant             When You’re Through Thinking,
                                                                                decided to be his                                        / And I believe
as ever with her latest release,          Say Yes. This newest release
                                                                                own person and                                           in the people.”
Femme Fatale.                             proves that a comeback is right
                                                                                started to write                                         These lyrics tell
       This new album has sound           around a corner for the band, and
                                                                                lyrics. Pretty                                           who Lupe Fiasco
very different than that featured         that despite their recent absence
                                                                                soon, he was                                             is, his beliefs and
on all of her prior CDs. Following        from the charts, they are just as
                                                                                signed to Atlan-                                         values. It also
a recent trend of popular music,          good as ever.
                                                                                tic Records, and              Courtesy of Bing Music shows what he
Femme Fatale updates pop for                      This romantic yet fast
                                                                                shortly after that                                       thinks about re-
WKH WZHQW\ ¿UVW FHQWXU\ IXVLQJ           paced album has been lauded by
                                                                                started producing songs. After         cent events occurring throughout
the genre with electronic dance           critics and fans alike. A reviewer
                                                                                WKH VXFFHVV RI KLV ¿UVW DOEXP         the world.
music, techno and even dubstep.           for Metacritic noted “The record
                                                                                he started writing more songs                  What makes Fiasco’s third
       The album has some phe-            bleeds with the best that Yel-
                                                                                and the rest is history. For the       album different from the rest
nomenal, heart pounding and               lowcard have done thus far, yet
                                                                                first time, fans finally catch a       is how he performs duets with
catchy beats that will have you           in a fresh context, bursting with
                                                                                prolonged glimpse of the person        critically acclaimed stars. These
bopping along and itching to              newfound energy…”
                                                                                behind the Fiasco through his          duets help make his songs even
dance. But while the songs are                    A favorite on this album
                                                                                lyrics and messages he conveys         better, such as Skylar Gray who
bubbly, sassy and infectious, it          is “For you and your denial,”
                                                                                in his songs.                          is featured along with P. Diddy in
GRHV EULQJ WR OLJKW D PDMRU ÀDZ           which opens with a violin riff that
                                                                                        The reason why people          the hit single, “Coming Home.”
of modern music: the Rebecca              meshes well with a powerful
                                                                                love Lupe Fiasco’s songs is            Trey Songz also contributes on
Black-booster known as auto               drum and guitar. The track has
                                                                                because they can relate to his         a few number one hits.
tune.                                     all the goodness of a classic
                                                                                lyrics and the messages they                   Many here at the high
       It seems that nowadays             pop punk song. Other standouts
                                                                                contain on levels beyond what          school enjoy Fiasco’s musical
every new chart topper is perfect-        include “Hang you up,” “Life of
                                                                                goes on with other songs. For          stylings.
ed using auto tune, and Spears            Leaving Home,” “The Sound of
                                                                                instance, Fiasco’s lyrics jab at               “His music is upbeat and
doesn’t seem eager to break the           You and Me” and “Hide.”
                                                                                recent political corruption and the    fun to listen to,” says freshman
mold. Let’s face it – Britney is cer-             The lead singer Ryan Key
                                                                                current situation in Iraq. That’s      Tyler DeRaffele. “My favorite
tainly not the best singer, nor the       has a great voice, and his lyrics
                                                                                the reason why people enjoy his        song of his is ‘Daydreaming.’”
best dancer, but what she lacks in        are easy to relate to, keeping
                                                                                lyrics, because he takes chances               Fellow freshman Jessica
talent she makes up for with the          with the band’s penchant for
                                                                                and puts his career at risk by ap-     Olivier agrees.
famous charisma and glamour               memorable songs that you can
                                                                                proaching touchy subjects in his               “His lyrics are so meaning-
that have made her the princess           sing along to.
                                                                                songs that others won’t. It gives      ful, unlike rappers these days,”
of pop. Auto-tune notwithstand-                   The quality of some bands’
                                                                                him an edge that sets him apart        she said. “I like how his songs
ing, Femme Fatale is fun and              music decays with time, but Yel-
                                                                                from other singers and rappers,        have meaning and each one has
HQWHUWDLQLQJ DQG GH¿QLWHO\ ZRUWK         lowcard seems to be getting bet-
                                                                                which is a good thing.                 a different message.”
a listen.                                 ter and better. Check this album
                                                                                        The two favorite songs of              Check out Lupe Fiasco’s
                                          out because Yellowcard is back!       most fans seem to be “The Show         songs on his official YouTube
                                                                                Goes On” and “Words I Never            page: www.youtube.com/user/
                                                                                Said,” because each video has          LupeFiasco.
                                                                                over eight million views on You-

                                                                                                                      Husky Herald - Page 29
 Nickelodeon to revisit the ‘90s
Nikki Muto
                      Staff Writer
       Remember when you were         sode. Amanda Bynes starred                 at the bailiff to bring in the danc-    in mind. Kel was the less than
younger and your favorite show        in all of them, along with Drake           ing lobsters. ‘Moody’s Point’ was       intelligent, orange soda-loving
was “The Amanda Show” or “Cla-        Bell and Josh Peck most of the             a fake soap opera that starred          best friend who went along with
rissa Explains It All”? Remember      time. Some of the best bits were           Moody (Amanda) and her friends          whatever Kenan wanted. Kenan
how you felt when they pulled it      ‘The Girls Room,’ ‘Judge Trudy,’           dealing with tons of ‘drama.’ For       always had a plan that got them
off the air? Well, you don’t have     ‘Moody’s Point,’ ‘Blockblister,’ ‘To-      example, Moody’s father lost his        both in trouble. The show ran
to miss these amazing shows any       tally Kyle,’ ‘Hillbilly Moment,’ and       toe, her mom was somewhere in           from 1997-2000, ending with a
longer because Nickelodeon is         many others. ‘The Girls Room’              the sky, her friend was part ape,       made for TV movie called “Two
doing us all a favor and playing      was a sketch about four girls              and the guy she liked always            Heads Are Better Than None.”
them again! Starting in the fall,     who met in the bathroom to give            responded to questions by ask-                  With shows like these, it’s
Nick At Nite will                                           people swirlies.     ing the opposite. ‘Totally Kyle’        a surprise Nickelodeon didn’t
have a four-hour                                            There was the        was a bit that starred only Drake       bring them back earlier. They will
block called “The                                           popular girl –       Bell playing Kyle. Kyle was a less      GH¿QLWHO\ EULQJ XS UDWLQJV 3HRSOH
‘90s Are All That”                                          Ta m m y, t h e      than smart kid who explained            are already excited to see the
and your favorite                                           threatening girl     pointless stories, adding totally       shows they grew up with back
shows will be back.                                         – Sheila, the        to every sentence. All the bits on      on television. Disney Channel
Shows like “Kenan                                           stupid girl who      “The Amanda Show” were funny            is also working on bringing back
and Kel,”“Rugrats,”                                         constantly re-       and enjoyable. Viewers can’t wait       an old show – possibly. It’s been
“All That,” “Adven-                                         minded viewers       to see their favorite episodes air      reported that a “Lizzie McGuire:
tures of Pete &                                             of her love for      again.                                  The College Years” is being
Pete” and many                                              eggs – Debbie,              “All That” was a sketch          worked on, but reports have not
more. In case you            Courtesy of Connected In and the egotis-            show just like “The Amanda              FRQ¿UPHG RU GHQLHG WKLV UXPRU
don’t remember                                              tical girl – Am-     Show” that helped build up “Ke-         Keep an eye out for promotional
these fantastic shows, here’s a       ber. ‘Judge Trudy’ was a spoof             nan & Kel.” Kenan Thompson and          ads that will come out as these
brief refresher.                      of the popular court TV show               Kel Mitchell starred on both “All       shows begin to be broadcast
       “The Amanda Show” was          ‘Judge Judy.’ In this sketch,              That” and “Kenan & Kel” – a show        again. You wouldn’t want to miss
like an SNL for younger kids.         Amanda played the judge who                dedicated to the both of them.          this great chance to re-live some
There were multiple sketches          didn’t listen to the defendants,           Kenan played the scheming best          fun from the past.
and a funny opening each epi-         dismissing their cases and yelling         friend who always had an idea

Human race in Jeopardy?
Danny Glass
                      Staff Writer

       Ever since I was a mere          internet.                                                       and Rutter       ing as soon as possible.
lad, I watched Jeopardy. The            Watson                                                          knew the                 Either way, Watson is off
show intrigued me because it            receives                                                        majority of      to bigger and better places. Ac-
pitted people against each other        an elec-                                                        the answers.     cording to IBM commercials, he
in a clever fashion. In Jeopardy,       tronic                                                                 This is   is the future doctor, engineer, and
contestants are given the answer        message                                                         not the first    problem solver. His analytical
DQG WKHQ WKH\ QHHG WR ¿JXUH RXW         with the                                                        time humans      structure will allow him to diag-
the question and buzz in quickly.       Jeopardy                               Courtesy of ABC TV have been              nose problems in a rapid and
My dad, my mom, and my sister           question and then formulates an          defeated by computers. Gary             HI¿FLHQW ZD\ 7KLV ZDV WKH WUXH
would watch almost every night          answer. It then uses analytical          Kasparov was defeated at chess          purpose of Watson all along, to
from seven to seven thirty, on          software to decode the weird-            by the IBM machine Deep Blue.           systematically eliminate delay in
ABC. In my mind, it is the greatest     ness of Jeopardy and measures            But similar to the Watson experi-       FHUWDLQ ¿HOGV
quiz show ever.                         out three answers. Then it uses          ment, Kasparov called foul-play.                Watson can be beaten,
       Ken Jennings and Brad            statistics to rank these three           He believed the machine had             though. Rush Holt, a congress-
Rutter are arguably the two great-      answers.                                 FKHDWHG ,W LV GH¿QLWHO\ SRVVLEOH       man from New Jersey, was
est competitors on Jeopardy ever.              Furthermore, Watson actu-         for there to have been foul play        able to hold his own against the
Ken won over seventy matches in         ally physically buzzes the same          in both cases.                          computer. But it appears one
a row, while Brad is the all time       type of button as Jennings and                    Of course, others are of       needs to have been a professor
money winner. In terms of trivia,       Rutter. But after watching the           another mind about Watson’s             of plasma physics and a master
these men are gods.                     episodes that aired featuring the        impressive performance.                 of trivia to achieve this victory.
       Recently, IBM (a technol-        supercomputer, my entire family                   “I think Watson is fair, and   Other competitors in the past
ogy company) decided to create          came to a singular conclusion.           besides, it’s for a good charitable     beat Watson in its alpha and beta
a machine that would challenge          Watson has an unfair advantage.          cause”, remarks junior Ryan Mol-        stages. But to those who live in
the likes of Jennings and Rutter.       It is able to buzz in faster than        loy. “It’s a science experiment.”       fear of some future computer
To clarify, this machine does not       Jennings and Rutter. The ques-                    Others simply do not watch     domination scenario: we built
have a lot of stored information,       tions were not impossible; in fact,      Watson, or watch Jeopardy at all.       Watson, we can surely destroy it.
nor does it have access to the          it appeared that both Jennings           I suggested that they start watch-

Husky Herald - Page 30
  90 - Second
                                                                                                 “90 Second Interviews” is a new
                                                                                          feature where we sit down with a teacher
                                                                                          and see how many random questions
                                                                                          they can answer in just ninety seconds.
                                                                                          This issue, we caught up with AP Phys-

  Interviews                                                                              ics whiz Mr. McRae and HHS’s resident
                                                                                          polyglot, Ms. Battipaglia.

                     McRae                                                       Battipaglia
Favorite color?                                                       Favorite color?
Red.                                                                  Blue. Sky blue!
Favorite movie?                                                       Favorite movie?
“Lawrence of Arabia.”                                                 “Cinema Paradiso: Uncut.”
Favorite TV show?                                                     Favorite TV show?
“In Treatment.”                                                       Shows on RAI International.
First car?                                                            First car?
A Nissan Pulsar.                                                      A Toyota.
Do you have any siblings?                                             Do you have any siblings?
One younger brother named Hamish.                                     One sister.
Hometown?                                                             Hometown?
Ottawa, Canada.                                                       6DOHUQR ,WDO\ QHDU WKH $PDO¿ &RDVW
Weird habit?                                                          Weird habit?
Chewing my tongue.                                                    If it is mine, why would I think it is wierd?
Hidden talent?                                                        Hidden talent?
I am a fairly good carpenter.                                         If it’s hidden, how do I know? I haven’t discovered them yet.
Favorite cartoon character?                                           Favorite cartoon character?
Marvin the Martian.                                                   Topo Gigio. He is the Italian version of Mickey Mouse.
Favorite vacation spot?                                               Favorite vacation spot?
New York City.                                                        There are so many, but one special place is my home in Italy.
Celebrity crush?                                                      Celebrity crush?
Hellen Mirren.                                                        Massimo Ranieri, when I was younger.
Favorite song?                                                        Favorite song?
“American Tune” by Simon and Garfunkel.                               Arias from Nabucco.
Favorite book?                                                        Favorite book?
Middlemarch.                                                          La Certosa di Parma (The Charterhouse of Parma) by Stendhal.
Favorite country?                                                     Favorite country?
1HZ <RUN &LW\ , WKLQN LW TXDOL¿HV DV LWV RZQ FRXQWU\                Italy and America! Then, Tunisia and Turkey.
Favorite candy?                                                       Favorite candy?
Dark chocolate coffee crisps, which you can only get in Canada!       Does Nutella count as a candy?
Guilty pleasure?                                                      Guilty pleasure?
“Glee!”                                                               Going to Europe on the weekend.
Favorite musical?                                                     Favorite musical?
That’s easy. “Sunday in the Park With George.”                        ³*UHDVH ´ LW ZDV WKH ¿UVW $PHULFDQ PXVLFDO , VDZ WKDW , XQGHUVWRRG
Fun fact?                                                             completely.
The universe is expanding a lot more quickly than we thought. Some-   Fun fact?
thing seems to be pulling on it from the outside.                     I like to travel, especially to third world countries.

                                                                                                      Husky Herald - Page 31
JT Nangle Goes Into The Record Books
                      Staff Writer
       'HVSLWH ¿QLVKLQJ  RQ       great.”                                       “It was great breaking
the year, the Harrison Huskies’              The team wound up as          the record for the relay team,
swim team sent seven swim-           thirteenth best relay team in         but it’s another thing to break
mers to the Section 1 Swimming       States, even without a senior on      a record by yourself,” he noted.
Championship. One of them            the current team.                     “I’m happy to see that my hard
was junior JT Nangle, who along              But JT has been even          work paid off.”
with fellow junior Matt Carducci,    more involved in his swimming                 While JT’s achieve -
sophomore Bryan Pon and fresh-       career outside of school. Along       ments have impressed his
man Reo Mukadi ,set the school       with Bryan, Reo, and Matt, JT         teammates and Coach Dear-        JT in action. Courtesy of JT Nangle
record for the 200 Medley Relay,     swims competitively on the Em-        sytne, they are not the only       though it seems tough, JT enjoys
ZKLFK DOVR TXDOL¿HG IRU WKH 1<       pire swim team. With all of them      ones. Coaches from Lehigh and      the challenge.
State Championship. Luckily          being together, it’s given JT a       Boston College have had their              “It can be hard sometimes
for Coach Dearstyne, he’ll have      chance to adapt to fellow mem-        eyes on JT, since he professes     to juggle school and athletics,” JT
the same group for next year,        bers of his relay team.               an interest in pursuing swimming   said. “But I’ve been successful
most notably JT Nangle, who                  “This experience has re-      into his college years.            and feel like the challenge makes
has achieved more than he even       ally helped us bond,” he said. “It            Perhaps what really        me a more mature person.”
imagined he might at the start       has not only made all of us better,   makes JT stand out from others                  JT also competes on
of this junior year. JT also was     but it also has made me a much        is his accomplishments outside     the school’s Mock Trial team,
awarded All-Section honors.          better swimmer.”                      of the pool. Despite the many      where he assumes the role of
       “We were really excited               Along with his achieve-       rigorous hours spent training      a lawyer, along with competing
and felt we were ready to take       ments on the relay team, JT has       and competing in the water, JT     as part of the school’s Model
on states,” related Nangle, talk-    mastered his backstroke, having       has been able to maintain a high   Congress roster. As JT makes
ing about the relay team prior       ¿QLVK VHYHQWHHQWK LQ 6WDWHV IRU       grade point average, even with     the transition into his senior year,
to attending States. “I myself       this event and setting a school       his taking numerous Advanced       all are eager to see him continue
ZDV FRQ¿GHQW LQ WKDW , ZRXOG GR      record and a personal record.         Placement level courses. Al-       his winning ways in the pool.

Promising Varsity Tennis Squad Hits The Courts
Logan Schwartz
                     Staff Writer
       The Harrison Varsity Ten-     Chen manages to hold his own          son to earn himself a spot on the     pairing has its own unique style
nis Team, though somewhat            in such matches. His grit and will    team as a singles player.             of play and chemistry, which
young, comes into the season         to win sets the tone for the rest            Kosta had some help ob-        makes communication vital to
with high expectations. Led by       of the team. The 2011 season          WDLQLQJ WKH WKLUG DQG ¿QDO VLQJOHV    the success of the pairing.
Coach Sam Fishman, and Cap-          is Chen’s fourth season on the        spot, as an injury prevented Cap-            Exhibition players include
tains Brandon Ellis and Bennett      varsity tennis team as a singles      tain Brandon Ellis from retaining     Matthew Weinreb, Adam Ko-
Wissak, the team features only       player.                               his third singles title. Ellis, who   hutnicki, Danny Johanson, and
one senior. In addition, it is in           This is not to say that        will have limited use of his left     Angelo Nardulli, who are still
perhaps the toughest division in     second singles player junior          wrist for much of the season,         important to the team as they
Westchester, which means fac-        Andrew Smithline’s job is any         deferred his spot to Kosta, and is    factor in to help boost the team’s
ing annual powerhouses such          easier. While he must play the        LQVWHDG SOD\LQJ ¿UVW GRXEOHV ZLWK     overall morale. This young team
as Byram Hills, Blind Brook,         opponents’ second best player,        Co-Captain Bennett Wissak.            has high hopes, and now it is up
Horace Greeley and Fox Lane          many of those are still often                Although being a doubles       to the team to execute well on
High Schools.                        ranked high in the state. This is     player may not sound as impres-       the court.
       Perhaps the toughest task     Andy’s third year on the varsity      sive as being a singles player,              “We’re a very young team,
in the season ahead belongs to       squad, and second season as           doubles is just as important to       trying to build talent for future
¿UVW VLQJOHV SOD\HU MXQLRU 0LFKDHO   a singles player. The third and       the match as singles is. Other        years,” said Brandon Ellis. “We
Chen who, match after match,         ¿QDO VLQJOHV SOD\HU LV VWLOO RQO\ D   double pairings include Charlie       are trying to improve every day,
must play the opposing team’s        sophomore: Kosta Teverovsky.          Hayden and Grant Wissak, Dan-         HYHQ WKRXJK ,¶P YHU\ FRQ¿GHQW
best player. Often, this means       Kosta played doubles last year,       iel Morgen and Lucas Pettinato,       we can go far in the Section
challenges against some of the       but has worked on and improved        DQG ¿QDOO\ 6DQDDP 3DWHO DQG          tournament this year.”
best players in the state; yet       his game enough in the offsea-        Logan Schwartz. Each doubles

Husky Herald - Page 32
Twin Wins Start Husky Baseball Season
Ray Corona
                    Sports Editor

        After an impressive sea-     lation of over 200 hits. This year,    arella have recorded an RBI and                Against Keio, the Huskies
VRQ ODVW \HDU ¿QLVKLQJ  DQG      the Huskies must overcome the          a stolen base. Senior Brendan          would be in a different situation.
making a deep run into the play-     loss of Mike DeLacy who hit .431       O’Shea too has contributed to          Unlike their high scoring open-
offs, the boys of the 2010-2011      for the season, and Goh Ogura          this 2-0 start with a game winning     ing day game, this one turned
Varsity Baseball Team have high      who was in the top three for the       RBI-single against Pleasantville.      out to be a pitching duel. In this
expectations.                                                                                                                one Max Bruckner took
        “When you lose a power                                                                                               the mound against the
hitter like DeLacy and an ace                                                                                                Unicorns and had to
in Eklund, it hurts,” says senior                                                                                            be lights out in order
shortstop Michael Jacobson,                                                                                                  to lead the Huskies to
“But we really have developed                                                                                                victory.
and grown. I know that these new                                                                                                    In the top of
players can make an impact.”                                                                                                 the fifth, senior Nick
            With the new squad                                                                                               Lovinger would drive
consisting of three sophomores,                                                                                              in Peter Viscogliosi to
seven juniors and seven seniors,                                                                                             give the Huskies a 1-0
it will be a test for the Huskies                                                                                            lead. From there the
WR VHH KRZ WKH FKHPLVWU\ ÀRZV                                                                                               Huskies never looked
But many believe that despite the                                                                                            back. Bruckner would
wide range of age, the Huskies                                                                                               go on to pitch a com-
FDQ XVH WKDW DV D EHQH¿W GRZQ                                                                                                plete game shutout,
the stretch.                                                                                                                 picking up six strikeouts
        Senior pitchers include                                                                                              along the way.
Mike Jacobson, along with Brian                                                                                                     As the Huskies
Lobel, who has become a key                                                                                                  get ready to face the
contributor late in games. Also in                                                                                           Sacred Heart Irish on
the mix is the elite Max Bruckner,   This year’s talented Varsity Baseball team.               Courtesy of Peter Viscolosi April 13, it will be impor-
who pitched a complete game                                                                                                  tant that they continue
shutout against Keio on April 4,     Huskies in doubles. But as those               “I love the intensity that     with their hot start.
and southpaw Michael Forgione.       players leave, new arrive such as       this team plays with,” said Nick              Alex Beckett who was part
%ULDQ /REHO IHHOV FRQ¿GHQW ZLWK      sophomore Austin Pollack, who           Lovinger, himself a part of this      of last year’s Huskies roster, sees
this new and improved rotation.      went 2 for 5 against Pleasantville      strong lineup. “We don’t take         a positive change this year.
        “It’s great to know that     $SULO  DQG RXW¿HOGHU 1LFKRODV         any game for granted, whether                 ³(YHU\RQH LV MXVW VR FRQ¿-
these guys have your back when       Pipitone.                               the team is undefeated or hasn’t      dent right now, which is making
                                                                             won a game; we play at a very,        us play better,” Alex noticed.
                                                                             very high level.”                     “When we started 6-7 last year,
                                                                                    The Huskies have started       it was a challenge for us to re-
                                                                             the season with two victories,        bound. Now with a head start,
                                                                             winning their season opener for       there’s no catching up.”
                                                                             WKH ¿UVW WLPH VLQFH WKH                   T h e H u s k i e s h ave
                                                                             season. Against Pleasantville,        much to looking forward to this
                                                                             ZKR ¿QLVKHG  WKH SUHYLRXV         year. The team will play in Disney
                                                                             year, the Huskies struggled           against Byram Hills, Rye, and
                                                                             early on, as the Panthers started     John Jay during the break week
                                                                             the game off with a 5-0 lead.         of April 17-19. Other notable
                                                                             After cutting the Pleasantville       upcoming games include their
                                                                             lead to four after scoring in the     season finale against Rye at
                                                                             third inning, the Huskies found       Silver Lake Park.
                                                                             themselves in a hole as they
                                                                             went deeper in the game. In the
                                                                             ERWWRP RI WKH ¿IWK WKH +XVNLHV
                                                                             erupted to score 3, cutting the
Bruckner delivers the heat.             Courtesy of Max Bruckner
                                                                             Panther lead within one. But
you’re struggling,” he said. “I              Along with these rising         the Panthers responded with two
know that we have the experi-        prospects are the stars of the          runs in the sixth and seventh,
HQFH DQG FRQ¿GHQFH WR EH HI-         lineup. Already, catcher Alex           and the Huskies trailed by three.
¿FLHQW ,I ZH FDQ DOO FRQWULEXWH    Beckett has made an impact af-          As the bases were loaded with
ZH ZLOO GH¿QLWHO\ EH VXFFHVVIXO´    ter his bases clearing double with      two outs and two strikes, Alex
       But what brought success      two outs and two strikes to tie         Beckett was able to deliver with
to the Huskies last year was hit-    that game against Pleasantville.        a bases clearing double. The ,Q¿HOGHUV PHHW -DFREVRQ RQ WKH PRXQG
                                                                                                                        Courtesy of Michael Jacobson
ting. The team was able to have      Similar to Beckett, many of the         Huskies ultimately would prevail
an average of .306, a .427 slug-     seniors have started off hot. Both      with a game-winning single by
ging percentage and an accumu-       Michael Jacobson and Mike Chi-          Brendan O’Shea in the eleventh.

                                                                                                                 Husky Herald - Page 33
Laxmen Looking for A Championship
Danny Cuneo
                      Staff Writer
       It ’s a new year, w hic h      to provide an additional spark to an    offense and defense should al-
means a new season for the            offense that should be formidable       low the Huskies to right the ship
Harrison Lacrosse program. De-        this upcoming season.                   until these two key contributors
VSLWH WKH +XVNLHV¶  ¿QLVK ODVW           On the defensive side, the       can return from injury.
\HDU RSWLPLVP ¿OOV WKH DLU DV WKH    Huskies are loaded with talent.                The best quality about
Huskies look to claim a winning       Seniors Duke Alvora, Mike Callari,      this Husky team is that it re-
record, and hopefully a Sectional     -DPHV 7LUHOOD DQG 1LFN 3XOLD¿DFR       sponds well to adversity, es-
championship.                         lead a stout defense, which, if not     pecially with its deep class
       Last year was one of both      for Alvora’s severe knee injury         of seniors. The Huskies, with
great highs and lows. Early in the    last season, would surely have          that senior leadership from the
season, the Huskies gained some       improved in most defensive stats.       likes of Alex Acompara, James
ground overall and went on a three    Sophomores Robert Waldman               Tirella, Spencer Klein, as well
                                                                                                                     6DP *LRVHI¿ IDFLQJ RII
game winning streak, starting the     and Robert Mackenzie also bring         as other experienced players,             snapshot is a force to be reckoned
season at an impressive 3-1. The      some young varsity experience           will aid the Huskies’ season-long         with, and will add even more of-
Huskies’ winning ways soon                                                                journey. These seniors        IHQVLYH ¿UHSRZHU WR WKH +XVNLHV¶
IDGHG WKRXJK DV WKH\ ¿QLVKHG                                                            have fought the varsity       deep offense. Kevin Imperia adds
the season on a six game los-                                                             battles before, and their     D SK\VLFDOLW\ WR WKH PLG¿HOG OLQHV
LQJ VWUHDN ¿QLVKLQJ VL[ JDPHV                                                            insight and experience        that is unmatched. Imperia also
under .500 and 3-5 overall in                                                             will be crucial to the de-    shows great scoring ability that
the league.                                                                               velopment of younger          complements his quickness when
       Yet the Huskies are look-                                                          stars on the team.            breaking away from defenders.
ing to avenge the turmoil of                                                                     The new feeling        This should suit him well on the
seasons past and they begin                                                               around this year’s effort     varsity level.
this new campaign with high ex-                                                           is not only attributed                So far this season, the Hus-
pectations. Veteran head coach                                                            to the change in the          kies have started off 1-2 with their
Bruce Kinisky has brought Har-                                                            calendar, but the addi-       only win against Stepinac, 6-4.
rison lacrosse to its current state                                                       tion of incoming talent.      Impressive performances were
of success and popularity. He’s                                                           The newcomers to this         seen from freshman Jake Marino
a coach who combines disci-                                                               varsity team have the         VFRULQJ  JRDOV DQG 6DP *LRVHI¿
pline and a commitment to the                                                             skills to provide the         winning 9 of his 14 face-offs. After
sport that he instills in his play-                                                       Huskies with quality          their 1-0 start, the Huskies have
ers to get his team to perform at                                                         minutes this season.          dropped 2 straight against Byram
an optimal level. The Huskies 7KH /D[PHQ WDNH WKH ¿HOG                                   Juniors Jacob Temkin,         Hills and Fox Lane. Although the
are helmed by senior leading                     All photos courtesy of Tony Conigliaro Jared Cummins, and              1-2 start, many of the Huskies are
goal scorer Alex Acompora, who        into the lineup, along with fresh-      Luke Wolf are all highly capable          still optimistic about the future.
had 35 goals in 2010, and senior      man Mike Amicucci. Goalie Tony          members of the team who per-                       “Our team this year has a
Brandon Bonistall, who led the        Conigliaro, a three year starter,       formed well in their roles on             lot of potential,” said junior Brian
WHDP ZLWK  DVVLVWV DQG DOVR         will be steadily entrenched in the      defense at the JV level. Temkin in        Lauro. “We have a very good se-
added 32 goals. Both Acompara         Huskies’ net this season, and will      particular stands out, considering        nior lineup and two new coaches
and Bonistall have unprecedented      be accompanied by competing             his size and prominent physical           that should help us do very well.”
quickness and high powered shots      junior Zack Davidoff. Both of these     play at the JV level. Look for that               Matt Karpf agreed.
that are bound to lead the Huskies’   young men are talented defense-         to continue on varsity. Long-stick                “I think we have a chance to
scoring efforts again this upcom-     men who should be able to replace       middie Eric Fuerst is also a great        go pretty far,” he noted. “Coach
ing season. They lead by example,     WKH GHSDUWLQJ VHQLRUV WKDW ÀRRG WKH     addition, as he adds phenomenal           K has turned around the whole
as they both are prominent leaders    Huskies defensive lines of 2011.        versatility to the middie lines as        program and we look like a really
who perform well.                             No season comes without         a quick defender patrolling the           solid team, so we just need to put
       The Huskies are bringing       adversity, and the Huskies already      PLGGOH RI WKH ¿HOG                       the pieces together and execute.”
back a very capable offense, along    are facing a heavy injury front.               When Brian Lauro returns                   The players’ optimism will
with returning goal scorers Jake      Senior Duke Alvora and Junior           from injury he also will be a phe-        be a key in their success this year,
Marino, Rob Mulderrig, and Sam        Brian Lauro both will be out for        nomenal player, with his quickness        particularly in handling whatever
*LRVHI¿ DOO RI ZKRP KDG WHQ RU       multiple weeks to deal with respec-     and size. Three additional guys           adversity arises throughout the
more goals last year. They return     tive injuries. Charlie Shugrue, the     who really excelled on the JV level       season. It’s a necessary attitude
                                                       ver y talented of-     were goalie Zack Davidoff, attack-        that elevates a team to the top of
                                                       fensive threat who     man Dean Brancucci, and middie            its section. A good turnout from
                                                       played for Harrison    Kevin Imperia. Davidoff, who was          fans would also boost the team’s
                                                       EULHÀ\ EHIRUH EHLQJ    a veritable brick wall in goal his        spirits.
                                                       struck with a shoul-   past two years as a JV goalie, will               The Huskies should be bet-
                                                       der injury, is now     compete for the starting spot in          ter than ever this year, and with a
                                                       at Salisbury, which    goal with senior Tony Conigliaro,         fresh group of underclassmen
                                                       is a blow to the       who has been ensconced in goal
                                                                                                                        joining a talented and experi-
                                                       Harrison offense.      since his freshman year. Dean
                                                                                                                        enced senior class contingent,
                                                       Although this pres-    Brancucci is an attackman people
                                                                                                                        they should surprise a number of
                                                       ents a challenge       should know about; he destroyed
                                                                                                                        Section 1 competitors with their
                                                       to the Huskies, the    JV competition last year as the
                                                       incredible depth the   leading goal scorer on a success-         performance this season.
1LFN 3XOLD¿FR DQG -DPHV 7LUHOOD RQ WKH DWWDFN         team has on both       ful JV team. Dean’s left-handed

Husky Herald - Page 34
Zaid Speaks
(Continued from Back Page)
The harder you work during a work-    how I felt. You have to go where
                                                                               Who’s Your Caddy?
                                                                             Alexa Coloccia
                                                                                                     Staff Writer
                                                                                     Although most of the
out, the better your times will be.   you are going to be comfortable.       attention for golf has been on the
                                                                             boys’ side, fans of Harrison golf
HH: Has anyone inspired you           HH: In Binghamton, what are            should shift gears to the new and
to keep up with the sport?            you planning to major in?              improved girls’ golf team. With Mike
ZAD: My friends have definite-        ZAD: I’m not sure yet,                 Callaro, a worker and player at
ly inspired me. Watching pro-         maybe      engineering.                Westchester Hills, leading the way
                                                                             for these girls, the team hopes that
                                                                                                                        Lily Aslanian perfects her swing.
                                                                             its drastic improvements can result                   Courtesy of Lily Aslanian
                                                                             in immediate success. The girls           VRSKRPRUH 2OLYLD 0DQOH\ UHÀHFWLQJ
                                                                             are also lucky to have a proven           on the practice schedule. “We are
                                                                             leader in senior Lily Aslanian,           very successful at multitasking at
                                                                             who was the sole member of the            all aspects of golf and because
                                                                             girls’ squad last year. Although          of that, we’ve really developed.”
                                                                             it will take some time, the team                  The increase in play
                                                                             hopes that they can work hard             for these girls has truly been
                                                                             this year in order to prepare and         a benefit. Many made the
                                                                             pave the way for future success.          transition from relaxed golfers
                                                                                     “It’s important that all the      to serious competitors. Taylor
                                                                             girls get a feel for golf,” says          Gillespie has seen an increase
                                                                             Aslanian. “Depending on the               in her quality of play this season.
                                                                             group though, we could have some                  “I’ve really elevated my
                                                                             success later into the season.”           game from the countless hours
                                                                                     Ever since tryouts, the girls’    of practice,” Taylor said. “I just
=DLG VSULQWV WR WKH ¿QLVK                   Courtesy of Coach Zanot         squad has been working hard.              can’t wait to play other schools so
                                                                             The team of 13 has practiced              that I can get the full experience
fessional athletes and seeing
the times they have has defi-         HH: What are you look-                 three days per week, working              of competitive golf.”
nitely kept my motivation up.         ing forward to most next year,         on all the major aspects of golf                  The biggest thing to watch
                                      both in school and track?              such as driving and putting. The          for this year’s girls’ golf team is the
HH: What events do                    ZAD: Well, I hope that I can get       team is very fortunate to be able         progression. Many of these girls
you typically run in?                 better at both! I really hope that     to practice around some of the            have potential, but now it is just a
ZAD: I usually run the                I can make the Track and Field         best golf courses in Westchester.         matter of seeing if they can use it.
100-meter dash, the 200-me-           Youth Olympics team in 2012 for                  “I love how every day                   C o a c h        C a l l a r o
ter dash, the 300-meter dash,         Iraq. For those of you that do not     we work on a new thing,” said             has been impressed.
and the 400-meter dash.               know, I am originally from Iraq.                                                         “It’s always tough to have
                                                                                                                       some of these girls just start
HH: What made you                     HH: Where do you see
                                                                                                                       competitive play when they’ve
choose Binghamton?                    yourself in five years?
                                                                                                                       played for fun their whole lives,”
ZAD: Binghamton is just one of        ZAD: I wish I knew, but my dream
                                                                                                                       he said. “I see a positive attitude
those places where, as soon as you    is to be a professional athlete. I
step onto the campus, you know        don’t know if that dream is even                                                 in the girls and know that they
that you belong there, and that is    possible, but I really hope it is.                                               all are capable of success. They
                                                                             The Girls’ Golf Team
                                                                                      Courtesy of Lily Aslanian        have the skills; it’s up to them now.

Golfers Driving For Success
Matt Cysner
                       Staff Writer

        The Harrison High School      the team’s top two players. Both       should be a very exciting season.”        but the rest of the spots are up for
Boys Golf Team is not a team          think that the team will do better             The season has gotten             grabs. The spots are dependent
that is always on people’s minds.     this year than last. Last year         off to a rough start thus far. As         on how well each person plays in
However, it is improving each year    the team did well; however, they       of this writing, the team has lost        the match before and in practices.
and this year looks promising. The    did not win the league. They           LWV ¿UVW WZR PDWFKHV DJDLQVW 5\H                 “Golf is exciting because
team is made up of 13 boys, 11 of     beat Rye twice during the sea-         Country Day and John Jay. Still,          we get to compete against some
which are in the high school (two     son, one time by a single stroke.      the team remains optimistic, ex-          of the best golfers in the area,”
are middle schoolers). The boys              This year the team expects      pecting to improve as the season          says Junior JT Nangle, “plus we
on the team are Michael DiTursi,      to outperform last year’s team.        continues. The team has prac-             play on a lot of different courses.”
Nate Berman, Matt Shaffer, Kevin      Although the team lost quite a         ticed at Westchester Country                     The golf team has a lot of
Dario, Anthony Brown, Jeff Ebert,     few seniors to graduation, the         Club and the Westchester Golf             prospects and with that kind of up-
Brett Saviano, Greg VanTongeren,      current lineup remains strong.         Range in Elmsford, but now the            side, a promising season is ahead.
Kyle Martino, Andrew Clokey,                 “A goal of the team is to win   team has matches to be played.
JT Nangle, Jake Trotta and Phil       the league, and also to beat Rye               The top three spots on the
Milana. The captains, Michael         the both times that we play them,”     team are secured by Mike DiTursi,
DiTursi and Nate Berman, are          said Captain Michael DiTursi. “It      Nate Berman, and Matt Shaffer,

                                                                                                                      Husky Herald - Page 35
The Rundown On Spring Track
Ray Corona
                      Sports Editor

       In what may be the most      boys’ squad should be more than      the 100-meter dash and the          in the long jump, where his
underrated spring sport, the        ready for the new season.            400-meter hurdles. As for the       talents were quickly recognized
spring track squad has                                                                                             by his coaches and peers.
plenty of potential to make                                                                                        Underclassmen such as
a run for States. The                                                                                              sophomore Ryo Inkio have
bounteous talent from this                                                                                         been impressive also in the
group, on both the boys                                                                                            400-meter race.
and girl squads, makes it                                                                                                  “We really know
quite a memorable group                                                                                            that we’re capable of great
for Coaches Mr. and Mrs.                                                                                           things,” says Ryo Inkyo,
Zanot, Coach Simon, and                                                                                            H[XGLQJ FRQ¿GHQFH ³7KHUH
Coach Pellet. This group                                                                                           really is no excuse for us to
makes it mark on events                                                                                            fail this year.”
such as the triple long jump,                                                                                              On the girls’ side,
the 100-meter dash, and                                                                                            several have made
the 400-meter hurdles. But                                                                                         their mark on what is a
what most people should                                                                                            talented squad. Junior
look out for is the boys’ 4x1                                                                                      Nina Sarmiento has taken
relay team, featuring the                                                                                          charge, leading with her
elite group of seniors Zaid                                                                                        strong performances in the
Al-Doori, Rob Merritt, Joe                                                                                         400-meter hurdles, one of
Papa with Gary Castelli and                                                                                        the toughest events. Similar
junior Jacob Seidman.                                                                                              to the boys, the girls have
       Even with all this                                                                                          depth. Sophomores Hannah
talent, this team will still Nina Sarmiento takes the relay from Hannah Hochman         Courtesy of Coach Zanot Hochman, Erika Gunderson
need to work hard in order                                                                                         and Ashley DelliPaoli have
to get back to their winning ways.         “It’s tough to come           team’s star Zaid Al Doori, he has   done their jobs competing in the
       “It’s just great that we’ve  so close,” says junior Jacob         competed in many of these same      100- and 200-meter races, along
bonded so well throughout our       Seidman, “All we can do now is       events, but specializes in the      with the 400-meter event.
years together,” says Joe Papa.     pick ourselves up and keep on        400-meter, the race for which he            “We are just so motivated
“I really can’t complain and no     running.”                            went to States.                     with a great coach and great
matter, win or lose, I’m going to          But the boys can have                What truly makes this        teammates,” says Hannah,
remember these guys.”               high hopes to not only make it to    boys’ squad impressive is the       adapting well to her second year
       On the boys’ side, the       States, but to win it all. There’s   talent beyond these four. Ben       on spring track. “Although we are
track squad has been depending      a new setup this spring: now the     Konigsberg was part of the 4x1      working hard to win, we are also
on its seniors to lead the way,     top two teams qualify for States,    relay team in the winter, but       having fun.”
while also getting lucky with new   whereas former it was just the top   now focuses on the 100- and                 It will be exciting to see
stars. During the winter season,    4x1 relay competition. Besides       200-meter dashes. Seniors           how the season turns out for
the boys’ 4x2 relay team came       competing in this event, the         Steve Ricciardi and Gary Castelli   this talented group. Although it
within one meet of heading to       various relay team members also      have made their mark in other       seems like many of these stars
States, losing to Mount Vernon      compete in other events. Both        categories. Steve has been          are destined ultimately for States,
by a mere .05 seconds. Now,         Papa and Seidman compete in          impressive in his competition for   the hard work must still continue
with an energized group that’s      the 100- and 200-meter dashes,       VKRWSXW ZKLOH ¿UVW \HDU PHPEHU    in order to make the hype into
loaded with extra motivation, the   while Rob Merritt competes in        Gary Castelli has been superb       reality.

     An Interview With Zaid Al-Doori
Meghan Molloy
                        Staff Writer
            The chances of a high      one of those selected. In the fall,   just looking for the best athlete; they   reason I got accepted into college.
school athlete getting a chance to     Zaid will be attending SUNY Bing-     are looking for someone that will
play at the varsity level in college   hamton on a track scholarship. The    best represent their school at com-       HH:        For        how           long
are very slim and those chances get    Husky Herald recently caught up       petitions, which is why not every         have you done track?
even slimmer when you talk about       with Zaid to get his feelings about   great athlete can get a scholarship.      ZAD , ¿UVW VWDUWHG WUDFN DQG ¿HOG
getting a scholarship. Track and       Track and Field, the future, and                                                when I was a sophomore, but ever
Field is one of the hardest areas in   what it takes to get a scholarship.   HH: What do you like about running?       since I was a child I was very active.
which to be awarded a scholarship      Husky Herald: Why is it               ZAD: 7KH ¿UVW WKLQJ WKDW , VD\ LV         Soccer was one of my favorite sports
from the NCAA because there is         so hard for men to get schol-         that it is very tiring, but in the end,   and I still play from time to time.
so much competition, especially        arships for Track and Field?          it is all worth it because it gives me      HH: Where do you find the
amongst boys. Only a handful of        Zaid Al-Doori: Well it’s very com-    the motivation to be better and to        strength to keep running
scholarships are handed out per        petitive and there are many track     achieve my goals of running faster        when the workouts are hard?
year, yet this year, Harrison High     athletes that need the money to go    times. It just feels good when I am       ZAD: I get the motivation from know-
School senior Zaid Al-Doori was        to college. Also, colleges are not    running. Also, running is the main        ing that in the future, it will all pay off.
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