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									Date:            02/01/2010

To:              AT&T Customer Service

From:            Teresa Roberts (Account 706-499-8560)

RE:              Phone Return

Following visit to AT & T Store, 325 Jesse Jewel Parkway, Gainesville, Ga. 30501 Sunday, 01/31/10, we
are returning phone (706-768-9868).

Recently, during phone call to AT & T Customer Service, we requested to add a line to current account
(706-499-8560). We were advised by AT & T Customer Service representative that this would be
possible by entering a 2 year agreement and a new phone would be provided (free of charge). We
requested to keep phone number the same (same as current GO Phone number). AT & T Customer
Service Representative advised that this would not be possible (by him) to keep current GO Phone
number on newly added line, however, instructed us to call AT& T Customer Service after activation of
new phone, to keep current GO Phone number.

We received new phone in the mail (706-768-9868) and visited AT & T Store, 325 Jesse Jewel Pkwy.,
Gainesville, Ga. for assistance to keep current GO Phone number. We were surprised to learn that we
really did not need a new phone number and 2 year agreement to add a new line to our account & keep
original GO Phone number. Really, this only complicated the process for something that initially should
have been simple. It appears that the AT & T Customer Service Representative (initially)benefited from
the sale (2 year agreement) for commission purposes.

Sunday, 01/31/10, AT & T Representative, Oralia Rios, at the AT & T Store in Gainesville, Ga. (325 Jesse
Jewel Pkwy) contacted AT & T Customer Service and spent over 1 hour on the phone to resolve this
issue, resulting in a 1 year contract (rather than 2 year contract) and we were able to keep current GO
Phone number as we initially requested. As a result of this visit, it was determined that we did not need
new phone (or 2 year agreement) and we would be returning this phone 706-768-9868 to AT & T.
Details from 01/31/10visit to Gainesville AT & T Store documented in account history (706-499-8560).

Any questions regarding this matter, please call 706-499-8560.

Teresa Roberts

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