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Jonathan Ellenburg


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									Date:   04/06/10

To:     Whom it may concern

From: Sgt. Dan Roberts, RYDC

RE:     Joanathan Ellenburg – Student RYDC

The purpose of this memo is to document the following actions & positive behaviors I have observed
while supervising RYDC Student, Jonathan Ellenburg.

For several months, under my supervision, Jonathan has consistently demonstrated positive behaviors
reaching several goals that he has set forth to achieve while residing at the RYDC. He has reached gold
card status, and has been willing to help with dorm activities as well as good behavior in school &
performance. Jonathan has indicated an interest in the military and has stated he would like to be
considered a candidate for the youth challenge program. I also agree that he would be a good
candidate for the youth challenge program. It is my opinion that students who consistently
demonstrate positive behaviors while residing at RYDC and show an interest in rehabilitation, should be
recognized and provided opportunities as available.

Sgt. Dan Roberts, RYDC

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