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									VOLUME 8, NUMBER 3                                                                                                                                                 SPRING 2009

In This Issue:
                                                    Farewell, Old Friend
  Farewell, Old Friend ................ 1
  Editorial.................................... 2      The motor tanker Duff was retired from the Vane fleet in March 2009 after 38 years of active
  Human Resources Deck .......... 2                 service. Built in 1971 by Luther Blount at Blount Shipyard in Warren, Rhode Island, she was
  Marketing Matters ................... 3
                                                    the first motor tanker commissioned by Vane. Named for Company President C. Duff Hughes,
                                                    she took 11 months to construct. Her purchase price was, for that time period, a staggering
  Safety Bitts .............................. 4
                                                    $80,000. The transaction marked the first time in decades that Vane had approached a bank for
  Carry the Flag .......................... 5       a loan.
  In Memoriam............................ 6
                                                             On September 9, 1971
  An Economic Outlook.............. 6
                                                    Hughes, just 13 at the time, chris-
  Connections from                                  tened his namesake, and accompa-
  the IT Department.................... 7           nied by his father, Vane President
  A Weight Loss Success Story.. 8                   Charles F. Hughes, Jr., he shipped
  New Faces............................... 9        out as a galley boy on the Duff ’s
                                                    maiden voyage. He recalls that the
  A View from City Dock........... 10
                                                    trip was arduous, compounded by
  Notes from the Shipyard........ 11                a rough storm and heavy seas, but
  Pig Rescued from City Dock . 12                   the vessel and crew arrived safely in
  Report from Marine Safety .... 12                 Baltimore two and a half days later.
  Bells and Whistles ................. 13
                                                    The Foundation of a Fleet

                                                       The Duff settled in alongside         The motor tanker Duff pulls away from Fleet Headquarters in Fairfield for the last time.
                                                    the motor tanker Vane Bros. as the
                                                    second vessel in the Vane fleet. She went into contracted service for Exxon, Mobil, and Texaco,
                                                    delivering marine diesel to ships in the Inner Harbor and Chesapeake Bay. She also serviced
                                                    dredges, shipyards, floating dry-docks, and naval vessels. Senior Port Captain Russi Makujina
                                                    recalls, “The Duff was a workhorse in the Baltimore Harbor. Her versatile loading and pumping
                                                    arrangement made it capable of fueling and defueling a variety of vessels. She earned a reputa-
                                                    tion for reliable and on-time deliveries.”

                                                              In 1979, as Vane’s light oil fueling operations continued to expand, Company President
                                                    Charles F. Hughes, Jr. ordered construction of a third motor tanker, named the Anne, for Duff ’s
                                                    sister, Anne Hughes DeCamps. The late 1970s and early 1980s were busy times for Vane’s
                                                    harbor tankers. An Arab oil embargo caused port congestion as large colliers sat at anchorage
                                                    awaiting coal berths. Public works projects, especially the construction of the Fort McHenry
                                                    Tunnel and Hart-Miller Island, also increased business. Chief Operating Officer Thomas G.
                                                    Gaither, who joined Vane in 1983, worked aboard the Duff for two years. He says, “Back then

                                                                                                                                       (See FAREWELL, OLD FRIEND on Page 4)

                                                                                                                                                        the pipeline            1
               Thomas G. Gaither                                   those employees who have been with Vane for at least 10 years
               Chief Operating Officer                              will receive such a ring commemorating those years of loyalty
               The Vane Brothers Companies                         and service. As befitting a family organization where people
                                                                   come and stay, there are 126 recipients this year. Of these,
                                                                   116 people have been here for between 10 and 19 years, seven
Editorial                                                          folks have a total of between 20 and 30 years, while three
                                                                   have over 30 years.
The Year of the Ring
                                                                      Congratulations! It is a testament to the quality of our
   This year a new tradition will be inaugurated here at Vane.     people and our organization that a full 20% of our company
A very special ring will be awarded to those who have been         has been here for over 10 years. As we move forward, in 2010
members of the Vane family for over 10 years to honor their        we will add 23 new rings. In 2011, there will be another 19,
service and loyalty.                                               and in 2012 there will be an additional 14.
Why a Ring?                                                           For those of you who are just starting out in our company,
                                                                   this new tradition created at an organization already steeped
    Throughout history the presentation and wearing of a ring
                                                                   in history conveys a clear message. There is a reason why so
has been the traditional way of marking significant milestones
                                                                   many of our people have made Vane their professional home
in the course of people’s lives. There are many examples. The
                                                                   and family. As you build your careers here and add years
completion of an educational experience is often marked by
                                                                   toward your own ring you will be sharing a long-held belief in
the wearing of a school ring. The presentation of engagement
                                                                   service and commitment. These are qualities for which our
and wedding rings mark the vow of marriage and the estab-
                                                                   new service ring will soon become a lasting symbol.
lishment of the family. Not only have rings been used to mark
special occasions or achievements, they have also been used his-
torically to mark membership in associations, organizations,
and families as symbols of commitment and belonging. For
example, in many parts of Europe, a ring bearing a family crest
is often worn to identify one with their family of origin. In
terms of marking membership, there is a Mason’s ring, and as
for achievement, think of a Super Bowl ring.
                                                                                 Muriel M. Madden
   Company President C. Duff Hughes wants to honor the                           Human Resources Manager
loyalty of employees who have been with Vane Brothers for a                      The Vane Brothers Companies
significant portion of their working lives. Of the many ideas
that were put forward for such a service award, a ring quickly
became the leading contender, given its symbolic uses through-
out history. But what sort of ring? As you can imagine, there      From the Human Resources Deck
were as many ideas as there were people making suggestions.
                                                                   Wellness Programs Continue at Vane Brothers
Marking Membership in the Vane Family
    Then, as chance would have it, during Vane’s annual               Last year we enjoyed a huge turnout for our first annual
insurance meetings in London, Duff noticed several men             health and wellness fairs. This year we are hoping to build on
wearing rings bearing their family crest. Most of us are unfa-     that success by continuing our five-year plan to help employees
miliar with this traditional practice here in the United States,   become more aware of their personal wellbeing. The first three
where the custom of family crests has all but disappeared. Yet     years of the program are focused on becoming more in-tune
these rings were stately pieces that carried a message of mem-     with our bodies and learning how good personal choices can
bership and accomplishment. The concept was a perfect fit           positively impact our health. In the remaining two years, we
-- a ring bearing the Vane family crest should be our service      hope to place more quantifiable measurements around this
award. Such a ring would be something the recipient could          awareness campaign.
wear with pride, marking their membership in the Vane              Upcoming Health Fairs
family and a proud tradition spanning over 100 years of
service to the maritime industry.                                  Our 2009 events have been scheduled on:
    The research project that uncovered the Vane family crest,
together with the design process of the ring are stories unto        • May 20th and June 3rd at City Dock in Philadelphia
themselves, and the final result is indeed something we can           • May 28th in Baltimore
all be proud of. And, speaking of pride, during 2009 all             • June 10th in Norfolk

 2    the pipeline
   Attendees will have opportunities to get blood pressure                         Donald E. Glenn, Manager
readings, body mass indexes, glucose readings, massages, and                       Marketing Department
general information about health/wellness benefits. We will                         Vane Line Bunkering, Inc.
also have many giveaways and a free raffle at the end of each fair.
You Asked, We Listened
    Cholesterol readings are one of the services requested in last   Marketing Matters
year’s follow-up surveys. We will have this benefit available in
Philadelphia thanks to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital. Please keep        Vane and the Ports We Serve –
in mind, if you wish to have a cholesterol reading, you              Growing Together
should fast before having blood drawn for the best results.              In our three-part series on the ports we serve, we have
    Also, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has partnered        come home to Baltimore, the port of our origin. This is
with Fox Chase Cancer Center to offer free prostate exams,           where it all began more than 110 years ago when the original
including prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood level screen-         Vane Brothers opened the doors of their ship chandlery in the
ings.                                                                Fells Point section of the city in 1898. The Port of Baltimore
    Fox Chase Cancer Center has graciously agreed to host two        itself dates back to 1706 when the Maryland Colonial
quick 20-minute presentations outside of the scheduled events        General Assembly created it by decree at what is now Locust
-- one on June 17th focusing on prostate cancer and one on           Point. Originally created to serve the tobacco trade, the port
July 15th about skin cancer. Each discussion will include a          grew quickly during the 18th century as a granary for the
continental breakfast for participants. Please sign up for these     sugar producing colonies in the Caribbean. In fact, that tra-
sessions during the health fairs.                                    dition still continues today at the Domino sugar plant just
                                                                     across from Fells Point. After playing key roles during the
Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
                                                                     Revolution and the War of 1812, the port grew quickly as a
   Vane’s goal is to continue promoting healthy lifestyles.          hub for manufacturing and shipping.
Your suggestions and feedback are always appreciated. I look
forward to seeing everyone around here for a very long time --           When the Vane Brothers established their business ser-
so hop on the wellness bandwagon and join me at one of the           vicing the booming shipping trade, the timing could not
upcoming health fairs.                                               have been better. The chandlery grew quickly, necessitat-
                                                                     ing a move into larger quarters in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.
                                                                     The company also began to diversify with the acquisition of
                                                                     a shipyard in Federal Hill. During this period the Merchant
                                                                     Marine was still largely under sail, and Vane snapped up the
                                                                     opportunity to acquire their first commercial sailing schoon-
                                                                     er, expanding into the business that would define their future.
  HR names, numbers                                                  Soon Vane owned and operated a fleet of trading schooners
  and office hours                                                    that worked the Chesapeake Bay, coastal, and Caribbean
  You may reach the HR Department from 6:30 am
  until 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday                               Serving Baltimore for Another Century
  Questions:                                                            Meanwhile the Port of Baltimore continued to grow. This
  Muriel Madden, ext. 146, 6:30 am – 3:30 pm                         was primarily due to its advantageous geographical location
                                                                     that put it closer to the Midwest than any other U.S. port (the
  Records:                                                           port is within an overnight drive to one-third of the nation’s
  Meghan Jenkins, ext. 133, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm                        population). As Vane continued to diversify into marine
  Benefits:                                                           transportation, the company was well positioned to share in
  Judy Robbins, ext. 134, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm                          the port’s growth. The days of sail gave way to motorized
                                                                     vessels, and Vane capitalized on the transition by building
  Beth Gibbons, ext. 132, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
                                                                     tank vessels to deliver bunker fuels to shipping traffic. Vane’s
  Payroll:                                                           evolution into a major player in the business of the marine
  Rhonda Shaffer, ext. 136, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm                        transportation of petroleum products began. This side of the
                                                                     business soon dwarfed the chandlery operation, which even-
                                                                     tually was sold so that Vane could concentrate on what was
                                                                     rapidly becoming her core business.

                                                                                                   (See MARKETING MATTERS on Page 5)

                                                                                                               the pipeline     3
(FAREWELL, OLD FRIEND from Page 1)                                                                              Robert R. Roosevelt
                                                                                                                Health, Safety, and Environmental Manager
the whole company was the Anne and the Duff. Those boats                                                        The Vane Brothers Companies
ran all day, every day.” In later years the Duff came under the
command of George Schwallenburg, Henry Mitchum, and
Paul Thomas.
                                                                                           Safety Bitts
                                                                                           Vane Takes New EPA Regulation in Stride
                                                                                               As I mentioned in my last column, the Environmental
                                                                                           Protection Agency (EPA) has introduced a new program for the
                                                                                           monitoring and reporting of vessel discharges, entitled the Vessel
                                                                                           General Permit (VGP). When the requirements were handed
                                                                                           down in late 2008, Vane’s HSE Department immediately formu-
                                                                                           lated a game plan to meet the February 2009 regulation deadline.

                                                                                           Rising to the Challenge
                                                                                               The HSE team studied the new regulation, determined how
                                                                                           it influenced the Vane fleet, and wrote in-house guidelines to
With the crack of a bottle, thirteen-year-old C. Duff Hughes christens his namesake, the   ensure compliance. Crews of affected tugs and barges were
motor tanker Duff, on September 9, 1971.                                                   provided with manuals and hands-on training on how to bring
                                                                                           vessels into compliance.
Under OPA 90, Vessel Construction Begins
                                                                                               Although the ruling covers some 26 known discharges
   Under the mandate of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA                                 common to larger commercial vessels and is intended to reduce
90), the phasing-out of single skin tank vessels had been                                  incidental discharges, Vane’s focus was on the towing vessels
imposed by 2015. Thus, by 1995 the Duff was confined to                                     and tank barges in our fleet. Currently only those vessels that
servicing exclusively tugs and barges and Vane established its                             are less than 79 feet are exempt under a two-year moratorium,
vessel construction program under the leadership of C. Duff                                which is a very small percentage of our fleet.
Hughes, who by then had been named company president.
                                                                                           Receptive Crews Make Implementation Easy
   Today, Vane’s newbuild tank barges can carry 6,090,000                                     The vessel crews were receptive to taking on the chal-
gallons (140,000 barrels) of product, compared to the Duff ’s                              lenge of performing the required weekly inspections, looking
42,000 gallon (1,000 barrel) capacity. The importance,                                     for all sources of incidental discharges common to the towing
however, of the Duff to the company’s modern fleet cannot                                   industry, and working towards reducing them in an effort to
be overlooked. As Gaither points out, “ The Duff built                                     help support the EPA program. Our fleet employees can appre-
Vane Line Fuel, which built Vane Line Bunkering. Without                                   ciate the end result of keeping the waters in which they earn
the early boats, Vane as we know it today would not exist.”                                their living clean for themselves and future generations.
Captain Makujina echoes those same sentiments when he                                         Vane recently hosted the EPA along with their contractor,
says, “she was indeed the forerunner of Vane’s fleet and she                                ERG, to board some of the smaller tugs to perform sampling
will be sadly missed.”                                                                     and interview the crews in an effort to help the EPA determine
                                                                                           the best course of action with future regulations governing
Gone, But Not Forgotten                                                                    smaller commercial vessels.
   Duff Hughes recalls the day that the Duff pulled away                                      Thanks to the entire Vane tug and barge fleet for their partic-
from her berth at Fleet Headquarters in Baltimore. “It was a                               ipation and willingness to help get this new program in place.
very personal and sad day for me as she made her way down
river to the Key Bridge. When I worked aboard her, she
taught me a great deal about the maritime industry. I will
always be indebted to that little tanker.”

Together Again

   The Duff has been sold to Maine Coastal Petroleum of
Tenants Harbor, Maine. In 2004 Maine Coastal purchased
Vane’s motor tanker Anne. The company has offered to allow
both tankers to retain their original names. It seems a most                               Scientists from the EPA test discharge samples taken aboard the Alexander Duff. Vane
appropriate end to the Duff ’s tenure at Vane as she joins her                             is voluntarily participating in a new government program aimed at reducing discharges
                                                                                           in smaller commercial vessels.
“sister” boat in plying New England’s waters.

  4      the pipeline
                   Edward A. Adams Jr. & Earl W. Smith,                New Vessel Outfitting Update
                   Marine Buyers
                                                                      Vessels to be outfitted in 2009 are the Anacostia, Severn,
                   Vane Line Bunkering, Inc.
                                                                   Elk River, and Hull 94, along with 2 new 50,000 bbl barges,
                                                                   DS-504 and DS-506.

Carry the Flag
New Philadelphia Warehouse Personnel                               (MARKETING MATTERS from Page 3)
   Please join us in welcoming aboard new members of                  From her historical base in Baltimore, Vane began to
the Purchasing Department in Philadelphia. George                  expand into the larger neighboring ports of Norfolk and
P. Dougherty and Kevin Colbridge have been named                   Philadelphia. As those operations expanded, however, the
Warehouse/Inventory Coordinators. Congratulations to               Port of Baltimore remained an important hub in Vane’s
Oscar Stevenson III, promoted to Warehouse/Inventory               marine related business. Our guess is that the port will
Manager. With this new team in place, many improvements            remain significant. She is one of only two East Coast ports
have been made to City Dock’s warehouse to make it a fully         where the main shipping channel reaches a depth of 50 feet.
functioning space that we can be proud of.                         Five public and twelve private terminals handle the port’s
                                                                   traffic, and there is significant traffic to handle as the port
Spring Paint Season                                                serves over 50 ocean carriers making nearly 1,800 annual
   Paint season is here! Captains, before submitting your paint    visits. This is the traffic that supports Vane’s ship bunker-
request, inventory the paint stored on your vessel. Identify and   ing, lube oil delivery, and marine safety businesses. In addi-
plan to use it before ordering any additional supplies. Please     tion, Vane’s larger barges serve as the key transportation links
note that we are using International Paint and submitting          for the port’s busy petroleum terminals and electric genera-
orders based on each vessel’s request. All paint ordered needs     tion facilities.
to be used. No paint can be returned. Remember these words:
“Waste Not-Want Not.” Order only the supplies you are                 For the past 110 years Vane has called Baltimore her
going to use this season.                                          “home port,” and you can rest assured that we will be operat-
                                                                   ing here in support of the Port of Baltimore for the next 100
Supply Requests                                                    years and beyond.
   Supply Requests should be submitted once a month via
VLB Orders. If you are experiencing problems in submit-               Vane AT/B Lighters
ting your request, please contact VLB Support at Ext. 119
for help. You may submit your request via e-mail sent to
                                                                      Greek Tanker
“Supply Requests.” All in Purchasing will receive your email.             The Authentic, an impressive 140,000 deadweight ton
Remember: The better information you supply us, the sooner            (DWT) tanker, was recently anchored at Marcus Hook
you will receive your supplies. As always, please include the         in the Delaware River. Sailing under the Greek flag, the
name of the person placing the order and vessel.                      tanker traveled from West Africa and needed lighter-
                                                                      ing in order to safely navigate to nearby Sunoco refiner-
Publications                                                          ies. Vane’s AT/B, the tug Brandywine and barge DS-141,
   In December, new logbooks were sent to our Port Captains           answered the call and lightered 132,000 barrels of crude
and issued to all vessels for the coming year. In addition, all       oil that were transported to Sunoco’s facilities.
tugs were sent the new 2009 Tides & Currents Tables. Vane’s
tugs are on Standing Order Service (SOS) for all required
charts and pubs. The Light Lists and Coast Pilots will be sent
as soon as they are published and available for distribution.
Please let us know of any corrections to be made.
     Current Editions                 New Edition ETA
Coast Pilot 1 38th ed. 2008       2009 ed. ETA April 2009
                                       (any day now)
Coast Pilot 2 38th ed. 2009        2010 ed. ETA Oct. 2009
Coast Pilot 3 42nd ed. 2009     2010 ed. ETA Jan./Feb. 2010
                                                                     Vane’s AT/B, the tug Brandywine and barge DS-141, is seen here lightering the
Coast Pilot 4 30th ed. 2008    2009 ed. ETA Sept./Oct. 2009          Greek tanker, Authentic.

                                                                                                                          the pipeline               5
                                                            An Economic Outlook
                 In Memoriam                                By Lawrence W. Signorelli, Chief Financial Officer,
                                                            The Vane Brothers Companies
   It is with sadness that we report the death of Charles
Harold Meredith, father of Sassafras Captain Charles            Times are tough! Yes, as a finance and accounting profession-
                                                            al, I have been accused of overstating the obvious. But, I would
A. Meredith, on January 18, 2009.
                                                            like to take this time to provide a quick update on how we are
  Our most sincere condolences go to Wicomico               dealing with the current economic crisis and to offer you, our
Deckhand Ronald K. Collier. His mother, Patricia H.         employees, some possible assistance with your personal finances.
Mottley, passed away on January 22, 2009.                      The energy industry, and specifically the petroleum sub-
   We have learned that Compliance Manager Timothy          industry, has experienced year-long plus declines. The record
J. Sell lost his mother, Rosemary Theresa Sell, on          high energy prices during the first half of last year was the
March 2, 2009. We send condolences to the Sell family.      primary driver in the decline during that period. The economy
                                                            was the primary driver during the second half of the year with
   We regret to report the death of City Dock Welder/       resulting demand destruction substantially outweighing the
Fabricator Daniel E. Jones on March 5, 2009. Daniel         benefit of the rapid and substantial price declines.
had worked in Vane’s Maintenance shops since March             In summary, U.S. Crude Oil Inputs into Refineries declined
12, 2002. We send our deepest condolences to the            by 4.0% during 2008 and by an accelerating 6.5% during
Jones family during this difficult time. He will be sadly    the September 2008 through January 2009 period. The U.S.
missed by his many friends at Vane.                         Crude Oil and Petroleum Products – Product Supplied declined
                                                            by 5.5% during 2008 and by an accelerating 7.3% during the
  We offer our deepest sympathies to Endeavor
                                                            September 2008 through January 2009 period.
Deckhand Steven M. Meck, who lost his grandmother,
Theresa Staley, on March 10, 2009.                             Finally, the significant decrease in imports and exports result-
                                                            ing from the continuing recession has directly translated into a
  Please join us in extending heartfelt condolences to      decrease in our spot bunkering business, the very business for
Wicomico Captain Gary Creighton, whose brother,             which Vane Line Bunkering is named.
Ralph E. Creighton, passed away on March 20, 2009.
                                                            Where Vane Stands
  On March 24, 2009, DS-306 Tankerman Bryan V.
Darling lost his mother, Susan B. Erickson. We extend           Yes, we are seeing a contraction in our business. But to date,
our sympathies to the family.                               it is not the twenty, thirty, and even fifty percent contractions
                                                            that we are all reading or hearing about from the various media
   It is with profound sadness that we pass along word of   outlets. That acknowledged, we are keeping a very close eye
the sudden death of United States Marine Corps Lance        on our near- and mid-term prospects. As Duff Hughes told
Corporal Andrew J. Quasnitschka on April 1, 2009            us in his annual letter to employees in December, we reviewed
in Texas. Andrew was the nephew of AB Deckhand              our outlook for 2009 even more thoroughly than we normally
Brian E. Grinnell, and had served in Iraq as a machine      do. And we have taken certain steps to help ensure that we can
gunner. Our thoughts are with the Quasnitschka family.      weather a further deterioration in our business if the recession
                                                            is even deeper than, or lasts longer than, is currently expected.
  Our sympathies go to the family of G&E No. 4 Mate         Those steps include:
Trainee Jeffrey A. Nickerson. His father, Robert J.
                                                               Suspension of discretionary travel, training, dues,
Nickerson, passed away on April 6, 2009.                       subscriptions, and other expenses
  We are sad to pass along word of the death of Sylvia         Rationalization of marketing initiatives
Carey on April 16, 2009. She was the mother of
Roanoke Captain Kenneth J. Carey and grandmother of            Stricter credit monitoring and more timely collection efforts
Roanoke OS Deckhand Brandon S. Ziara.                          Focus on preventative maintenance
  Our heartfelt condolences go to DS-55 Captain                Acceleration of the new purchasing system
Hubert D. Ambrose Jr. and Wicomico Licensed
Engineer Jesse T. Ambrose, who lost their uncle,
Marvin Hunter, on April 20, 2009.

6   the pipeline
Banking Relationships                                                Your Best Defense
    Our growth and successes have been financed by a team                Just about all hard drives will eventually fail. It's just a
of ten national and international banks. We truly treat these        matter of when and how bad. Your best defense against this is
banks as partners. We have and will continue to meet regu-           routine data backups. Here are three backup strategies you can
larly with our bank partners, reviewing our history, sharing         start using today.
our outlook, including the challenges and opportunities, and
                                                                     1.   If your storage needs aren’t big, burning your important
working to meet those challenges and capture the opportuni-
                                                                          data to DVD recordable disks is a cheap and easy solution.
ties. Our associations with these partners have been win–win
                                                                          Just burn your important data (music, pictures, etc.) every
                                                                          month, then label the disk and store it in a safe place.
   And we would like to share the relationships with our
                                                                     2. Eventually your storage needs may outgrow the available
employees. We have arranged for several of our valued bank
                                                                        space on one recordable DVD. When this occurs you will
partners with a presence in our employees’ geographical foot-
                                                                        have to use multiple disks, and backups can become cum-
print to provide special offerings including:
                                                                        bersome. An external USB hard drive might be an easier
   • checking and savings accounts                                      option for you. External USB hard drives have become a
   • CDs and IRAs                                                       very cost-effective backup solution. Simply attach the hard
   • mortgages and home equity loans                                    drive to your computer’s USB port, and copy your impor-
   • credit cards and other banking products                            tant files over to the drive. Many manufacturers even
                                                                        include software that can backup your data with just a
   We will be mailing to your homes in the very near future             simple button click. When you’re not using the drive you
more information including brochures from the participat-               can disconnect it and store it in a secured location.
ing banks detailing their offers. These brochures will contain
special contacts and/or group IDs in order for you to access the     3. If you don’t want the worry, and don’t mind recurring
offerings. This is a voluntary benefit for you. If you are happy         costs, an online backup solution might be for you. There
with your current banking relationships you absolutely should           are a number of services that can use your high-speed
continue those relationships. If you are using one of the partic-       Internet connection to transparently backup your data to
ipating banks, perhaps this can help you get a better deal.             their secured site. Using the supplied software you can
                                                                        schedule backups, retrieve lost files, etc. Two popular ser-
   We are not endorsing any one bank over any other bank.               vices are SOS Online and Carbonite Backup. You can
They are all valued partners of The Vane Brothers Companies.            also search Google for “online backup solutions” to obtain
And as always, please feel free to contact me with any ques-            more information.
tions, comments, issues, and/or other ideas. One employee
contacted us about possibly expanding our 401(k) offerings to        No matter what solution you pick, it’s better than doing
include funds in the Crude Oil and Precious Metals Sectors.          nothing. Just don’t forget to perform your backups at regular
We will be discussing this when we meet with Fidelity later this     intervals!

               Brian M. Bernacki
               Director of Information Technology
               The Vane Brothers Companies

                                                                           Calendar Contest Reminder
                                                                              Attention photographers! The deadline for
Connections from                                                           entries in the annual Photo Calendar Contest is
the IT Department                                                          July 31, 2009. We have already received many
                                                                           awe-inspiring images for the 2010 calendar, but we
Security in a Digital Age - Part 3                                         need more. Keep your cameras out and focused.
    This article is the last installment in a multi-part series on         You never know when an interesting shot may
                                                                           present itself. Send your horizontal, high-resolu-
secure computing. My previous columns focused on protec-
                                                                           tion images to Katie Duncan, The Vane Brothers
tion from the “evil” hacker, but what about normal hardware
                                                                           Company, 2100 Frankfurst Ave., Baltimore, MD
failures? Think of all the digital media you store -- music, pic-
                                                                           21226 or kduncan@vanebrothers.com.
tures, and other important files. Do you have a backup strat-
egy for your home computer? If you're like most people, you
probably do not.

                                                                                                               the pipeline       7
Edward A. Adams Jr. –                                                      At the gym Ed began using the treadmill, elliptical, and sta-
                                                                       tionary bike, eventually adding circuit weight training and cal-
A Weight Loss Success Story                                            isthenics to his workout schedule. In February 2009 Ed hit the
   Vane employees are doing double takes when they see Marine          monumental 100-pound weight loss mark.
Buyer Edward A. Adams Jr. Ed, who weighed almost 400                       He normally exercises five to seven days a week and recently
pounds in December 2007, has lost an astonishing 113 pounds.           started working out in the early morning to allow more time
He has only 30 pounds left to lose to reach his goal weight of         with his daughter. His daily routine consists of walking on the
240 pounds with a 38” waist. He anticipates reaching this mile-        treadmill for 30 minutes, crunches to work his abdominals, and
stone by September 2009.                                               completing two miles on the elliptical or stationary bike. He
                                                                       lifts weights every other day. Ed charts his progress on detailed
The Turning Point
                                                                       daily and monthly Excel spreadsheets where he tracks his glucose
    Ed says he began to gain weight in March 1996 when he              levels, medication intake, completed exercises, and total weight
stopped smoking. He put on over 150 pounds in about 18                 loss. He also maintains a blog so others can learn from his story.
months and was subsequently put on five different medications
for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, sleep   Eating for Life
apnea, and type 2 diabetes.                                                Ed has completely transformed his diet. He eats six small
    The turning point came for Ed in late 2007 when he visited         meals a day instead of three large ones. The book that has
a website that calculates a person’s “real age” given their current    helped make this transition easier is Eating for Life by Bill
health conditions. The site set his “real age” at 56. Ed was only      Phillips. His brother-in-law’s niece, Gina Bish, introduced him
41 at the time. That, coupled with the loss of several close           to the diet that has increased his protein intake and helped him
friends, relatives, and coworkers, gave Ed the jolt he needed to       cut out white flour products in favor of stone-ground, whole-
start taking better care of his health.                                wheat substitutes. Each of Ed’s meals consists of a carbohydrate
    His thoughts also turned to his 13-year-old daughter,              and a protein. The carbohydrate is the size of a fist, while the
Samantha. “I wanted to be around to see her graduate from high         protein is no more than what fits in the palm of a hand.
school and college and eventually settle down and start a family           Learning how to make smart food choices when eating out
of her own. I didn’t want to miss getting to be ‘pop pop’ to my        has been tough. Ed has had to learn to ask questions about the
grandchildren. I realized if I continued down the same path, I         food on menus. He now orders items grilled or baked, never
would be the next one to leave this earth,” he says.                   fried. He shares that a good rule to help control portion size at a
    Ed considered having weight loss surgery and consulted a           restaurant is to immediately ask for a to-go box when your entrée
physician. After examining the after-surgery diet that advised         arrives and put half of your meal in the container.
patients to take smaller bites and to chew their food properly, Ed
                                                                       A Supportive Network
decided to apply the same principles to his own eating habits.
He told his doctor that he wanted to give himself three more              The weight loss journey has not been easy for Ed. He admits
months to see if he could lose weight naturally.                       that making the commitment to work out is hard. He credits

A Complete Lifestyle Change
   By making small diet changes Ed lost 16 pounds in those
first three months, and he has not looked back. By March 2008,
Ed started exercising by walking one mile around the local high
school track. He admits that this was incredibly difficult at first.
“Some days I would have to walk one lap and take a break before
continuing, but I stuck with it,” he shares.
   By April he was walking almost two miles and had lost 26
pounds. In June he added bicycle riding to his regimen and his
total weight loss was 38 pounds. When he went back to the
doctor in July, Ed says she could not have been happier for him
and urged him to see if he could start walking four miles.
   Ed met and surpassed his doctor’s challenge. August 2008
was his biggest weight loss month. He lost 20 pounds by
walking 60 miles and biking 79 miles. In October, when the
weather started getting cold, Ed made the decision to join a local
gym. A team mother from his daughter’s soccer team, Sharon
                                                                       Ed weighed nearly 400 pounds when this   Today Ed has lost an impressive 113
Rowe, introduced him to a fitness center where he met people            photo was taken in December 2007.        pounds and is well on his way to meeting
who were supportive and encouraging of his weight loss journey.                                                 his goal weight of 240 pounds.

                                                                                                 (See A WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS STORY on Page 10)

  8    the pipeline
Lenora C. Dukehart, Purchasing Coordinator II   Michael D. Barnette, Driver/Warehouse Coordinator      Elizabeth L. Black, Purchasing Coordinator

New Faces, New Talent for Vane
LENORA C. DUKEHART                                                             have planned a cruise to Bermuda in August. Lee definite-
Purchasing Coordinator II                                                      ly likes to travel in style, and she is hard to miss in the Vane
                                                                               parking lot in her “torch red” Corvette. She says, “It is my
   Lenora C. Dukehart’s appointment to Purchasing
                                                                               one extravagance. I’ve wanted the car since my 20s, but it
Coordinator II is a case of the right job coming along at the
                                                                               took me until my 50s to be able to afford one.”
right time. Lenora, or Lee, as she is better known, retired
in January 2007 after working almost 20 years at Baltimore
Therapeutic Equipment (BTE). She says she was taking plea-
                                                                               MICHAEL D. BARNETTE
sure in retired life until July 2008 when she became “bored”
                                                                               Driver/Warehouse Coordinator
and started working part-time for the Lansdowne Public
Library in Baltimore County.                                                       Michael D. Barnette was relaxing in retired life when his
                                                                               past supervisor at Baltimore Therapeutics Equipment (BTE),
   It was then that her former boss at BTE, Gary G. Zakens,
                                                                               Gary G. Zakens, called him out of the blue. Gary asked Mike
approached her with an offer to work at Vane Brothers. Gary,
                                                                               if he would be interested in coming to work for Vane Brothers
recently named Purchasing Manager, was looking to expand
                                                                               now that Gary himself is the newly appointed Purchasing
his team and thought Lee would make the perfect fit. Gary’s
                                                                               Manager at Fleet Headquarters in Baltimore. Bringing more
hunch has proven correct, as Lee has made herself an inte-
                                                                               than 30 years in warehouse work to his new post, Mike says
gral part of the Purchasing Team. She shares, “I really like
                                                                               he was thrilled at the prospect of delivering supplies aboard
my job, and all the people in the department have been won-
derful as I’ve learned the various marine products.” She jokes
that she enjoys the position so much that she might, “stay                        As for the people he works with on a daily basis, Mike
here until I’m 80.”                                                            says, “They are just super people. I feel fortunate because I
                                                                               get to do a job I love, and I get to laugh a lot along the way.”
   As she remembers from her short stint in retirement, Lee
                                                                               An avid fisherman, Mike frequently cruises some of the
hates having too much downtime, so her role as Purchasing
                                                                               same waters as the tugs in Baltimore. Prior to his employ-
Coordinator II is perfect. Some days she is hit with numer-
                                                                               ment, Mike was out on a friend’s boat and photographed one
ous requests at once, but she says it is exciting and interesting
                                                                               of Vane’s tugs simply because it caught his eye. He never
to sort things out and work through any issues. She is happy
                                                                               dreamed he would end up working for the company.
to find that she is building a rapport with several of Vane’s
mariners who call the department.                                                 That image of a Vane tug is part of a much larger col-
                                                                               lection. Since 1997 Mike has been an amateur photogra-
   Born in Pennsylvania, Lee considers herself a Marylander
                                                                               pher. He favors capturing landscapes, but has also dabbled
at heart because she has lived here since 1973. The rest of her
                                                                               in wedding photography. Prior to 1997 a large part of Mike’s
family, including her parents and three siblings, still live in
                                                                               free time was spent as a live sound technician for a country
Pennsylvania and Lee visits them at least once a month. Since
                                                                               band. Originally hailing from West Virginia, Mike moved to
Lee’s husband, David, passed away in 2006, she has stayed
                                                                               Maryland in the 1970s. His mother and brother still live in
busy by gardening, reading, and enjoying classic movies. She
                                                                               his home state and he plans to retire there permanently one
also loves to travel. She and several members of her family
                                                                               day. Mike’s best four-legged friend, a Sheltie named Britney,
                                                                                                    (See NEW FACES, NEW TALENT FOR VANE on Page 10)

                                                                                                                                   the pipeline     9
A WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS STORY from Page 8)                                          NEW FACES, NEW TALENT FOR VANE from Page 9)

his workout partner, Jim Sweeney, with helping him stick to a                     is probably looking forward to that day. Mike says, “When
routine. “Having a friend to work out with makes the decision                     I’m home, she’s attached to my hip. If I get up to leave the
whether or not to get out of bed to get to the gym that much                      room, she comes right along with me.” Mike loves Shelties
easier. Each partner pushes and supports the other on tough                       and has owned several over the years.
days,” he says.
                                                                                  ELIZABETH L. BLACK
   Ed says he has received support from many people in his life.                  Purchasing Coordinator
His mother, Ellen Adams, his sister, Leah Adams, his brother-
in-law, Jerry Bunty, and his friend, Angelina Sacratini, have all                    Elizabeth L. Black graduated in May 2008 from St. Mary’s
helped keep him on the path to better health and well-being.                      College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and
   Vane’s Purchasing Department has also encouraged Ed, and                       a minor in Art Studio. An unusual combination, but Liz’s
some are helping themselves along the way. They see Ed as an                      study of economics has dovetailed nicely with her new role as
impressive model and have started on their own weight loss plan.                  Purchasing Coordinator for Vane Brothers. On a daily basis
                                                                                  she processes and organizes all incoming packing slips. She
Positive Outcomes                                                                 works closely with the Accounting Department to ensure
   Ed can hardly believe it when he sees how much weight he                       that the company does not overpay or underpay for the vast
has lost. He has had to buy a complete new wardrobe. His pants                    number of its needed supplies.
size has dropped from a 48 to a 40, and his shirt size has gone                      Immediately following graduation Liz made the deci-
from a 5x to a 2x. The old belt Ed used to wear is so big he says                 sion to move to Baltimore, even without any firm job pros-
he can, “practically hula hoop with it.”                                          pects. Luckily, she signed up with Jones Networking staffing
   The kind words he receives from others are also a huge inspir-                 firm and found a temporary position with Vane Brothers that
ation, although he confesses that he has to practice receiving                    eventually led to a permanent post. Liz says, “I was extremely
praise. “I went for so long without getting compliments that I                    happy when I was officially given the news that I could work
almost forgot what they were and how they felt,” he shares. His                   at Vane full-time.”
energy level has improved dramatically, along with his overall
health. His diabetes is under control, and he underwent surgery                       She was bolstered in her choice to relocate because her best
to correct his sleep apnea. He still takes medication for his high                friend of twelve years lives in the area, and that gave Liz an
cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure, but the dosages                   automatic roommate. The two, along with Liz’s boyfriend,
have been lowered so much that he hopes to be taken off the pre-                  Dusty, have settled into a home in the northern Baltimore
scriptions at his next checkup.                                                   neighborhood of Hampden. Living in the city where every-
                                                                                  thing is close by is a welcome change from college life. She
   Ed says that it is the simple things that have made this
                                                                                  says, “St. Mary’s is in a rural setting and I grew up in sub-
journey so fulfilling. “When I used to go out to eat I would be
                                                                                  urban Montgomery County. Now living in the city has
embarrassed because I couldn’t fit into many booths. I also had
                                                                                  given me experience in all three areas.” The trio also has
to worry about the size and strength of the chairs I would sit in.
                                                                                  a dog, Nala, and a cat, Bomba. Nala was recently named
Now I can go out without having to worry.” One of Ed’s favorite
                                                                                  “best kisser” by the neighborhood pet store. On the week-
pastimes is attending Baltimore Ravens football games. He is
                                                                                  ends one can probably find Liz on the road visiting friends in
now able to climb the stadium steps to the upper deck without
                                                                                  Pennsylvania and southern Maryland.
taking a break.
   As for his original goal of
wanting to be around to see
his daughter grow, Ed says, “ I                                                   A View from City Dock
know I’m going to be around
for a long time because I made                                                    By Rick J. Iuliucci III, General Manager, Port of Philadelphia
the decision to get healthy.”
He wants to tell other people                                                     New Documentation Requirements for Mariners
who are struggling with                                                              By now, most of us have become all too familiar with
their weight to realize how                                                       what TWIC stands for. For those who have not had the plea-
much they have to offer their                                                     sure of applying for and acquiring a Transportation Workers
children and family. The                                                          Identification Card, I can tell you that the towing industry has
Pipeline would like to thank                                                      once again changed, and the behavior of any mariner on a U.S.
Ed for being so open and           Ed credits his daughter, Samantha, as
                                                                                  flagged vessel has had to adapt accordingly. Effective April 15,
                                              driving forces on
willing to share his weight loss one of theThe two enjoy bikehis weight loss
                                   journey.                     riding as a fun   2009, any person employed aboard a U.S. vessel needs to have a
journey.                           way to spend time together and exercise.       valid TWIC, Merchant Mariners Document (MMD), and, if
                                                                                  applicable, a United States Coast Guard (USCG) issued license.

 10     the pipeline
Without the TWIC card, the credentials issued by the USCG              the information located at the National Maritime Centers
are now invalid.                                                       website – http://www.uscg.mil/nmc/announcements.asp

Merchant Mariners Credential
    April 15 also brings along another change in documenta-
tion. As of this date, the USCG will now issue the Merchant
Mariners Credential (MMC) to all new mariners. Existing
mariners will obtain the new credential when their current             Notes from the Shipyard
document/ license expires. Since this document will influence
                                                                           Vane’s New Tug Construction Program continues to keep
anyone who maintains an MMD or a USCG license, it would
                                                                       Port Captain James A. Demske on the go between shipyards. The
be worth taking a look at exactly what this document is, what
                                                                       Patuxent, one of the last three tugs under contract with Thoma-
it is meant to replace, and what purpose it will serve in the
                                                                       Sea Boat Builders in Louisiana, was delivered on February 26,
                                                                       2009. According to Demske, “This vessel is equipped with
    The MMC is meant to replace four existing documents that           the most advanced electronics package on any tugboat in the
mariners across the U.S. currently have to carry with them.            country. It is superior to anything on the market today.” As to
It is envisioned that in the future, mariners will only need to        the other two tugs in the unprecedented 15-tug contract, the
carry the MMC and the TWIC. The MMC will have the look                 Anacostia was scheduled for service in April 2009, and the Severn
and feel of a U.S. passport, however it is not meant to replace        is on track for a summer delivery.
a passport. On the inside of the document, much of the tra-
ditional artwork found on licenses and MMDs will still be
present. The document will have a personal data page similar
to a passport and the information will be readable on scanning
machines that are used to read passport data. The MMC will
be invalid if not signed by the mariner. The document will also
have pages for international and domestic credentials.
    The endorsement data will be printed in terms of capacities
and limitations, much like the current Standards of Training,
Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Certificate. In the
future, when applying for a raise in grade, the USCG will
produce a label to be added to the MMC booklet. The label
will be mailed with instructions on placement. Once the label
is adhered to the booklet, it cannot be removed without dam-
aging the document.

Added Benefits                                                          Here sits the pristine Elk River on the ways at Chesapeake Shipbuilding as she awaits word to
                                                                       launch her to service in the Vane fleet. The Elk River was officially launched on the morning
   Though this is again a dramatic change in mariner creden-           of March 13, 2009.
tialing, there are potential benefits that we may come to enjoy.
The stated desire of the USCG is to reduce the burden on mar-             Tugs from Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Salisbury, Maryland,
iners by limiting the number of times they need to appear in           continue to progress as scheduled. On March 12th, Demske
person to provide fingerprints and proof of identity. Also, as I        inspected the engine room on the Elk River, and she was
pointed out, mariners will need to carry only two documents            launched early the next morning. Demske calls it “another
when going to sea, rather than three or four. Because mari-            perfect text book launching by Chesapeake Shipbuilding.” At
ners will already have a TWIC card, they will no longer have to        this writing, the Elk River is berthed at the pier, and the shipyard
appear in person at a Regional Exam Center to provide identi-          personnel are busy getting her ready for outfitting. The keel for
fication documents and fingerprints. They will be able to apply          the fourth tug at Chesapeake has been laid, and bulkheads are
by mail after filling out an application form.                          being erected and installed.
   The Coast Guard also states that many mariners will see a
reduction in user fees when applying for an MMC. For those
mariners who have multiple credentials with varying expiration
dates, the consolidation into a single credential will eliminate the
repetition of multiple issuance fees in the long term. Mariners
will have the ability to make a payment online or through the
mail. For further information on the new MMC, please review

                                                                                                                                    the pipeline              11
Pig Rescued from City Dock                                                                            Frank A. Hornig IV
                                                                                                      Marketing Manager
   This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed                                         Vane Brothers Marine Safety & Services, Inc.
home. This little piggy had roast beef. This little piggy had
none. And this little piggy went “wee wee wee” all the way . . . to
City Dock? Yes, this headline is not a joke. City Dock’s year-
long visitor of the porcine variety was recently rescued, thanks                         Report from Marine Safety
to the help of several Vane employees.                                                   USMSA Proposes Leisure Liferaft
                                                                                         Stickering Program
                                                                                             Numerous discussions have taken place over the past
                                                                                         few years among United States Marine Safety Association
                                                                                         (USMSA) board members, members, and others in the associ-
                                                                                         ation regarding the establishment of a stickering program for
                                                                                         leisure liferafts. This is similar to a plan currently mandated by
                                                                                         the United States Coast Guard (USCG) for approved liferafts.

                                                                                         Promote Safe Boating Practices
                                                                                           There are several reasons why this requirement would
                                                                                         benefit leisure, non-commercial customers.
                                                                                         • Customers would have a clear view of the next servicing
                                                                                           date, eliminating guesswork.

“Runway” the pig looks more like a runaway as he scampers off near the Vane sign at
                                                                                         • The USMSA name and logo on the “official” standardized
City Dock. Captain Russi Mate Erik F. Hansen was able to capture this shot just before     sticker would provide customers the additional assurance of
Runway disappeared into the brush.                                                         quality service and hopefully promote a keener awareness for
   The pig, so named “Runway” because of City Dock’s close                                 timely servicing.
proximity to the Philadelphia Airport, had made himself quite                            • The sticker would provide information about the liferaft
at home, even going so far as to comingle with local stray cats.                           manufacturer and last servicing station. Manufacturers
The people who fed the cats saw the pig on a regular basis                                 would gain some control over raft servicing and could
and knew that he needed a home. However, all previous calls                                encourage customers to use only their approved service
to animal control went unanswered until Health, Safety &                                   stations.
Environmental Compliance Administrator Lorena C. Johnston
got involved. She persisted until John Micklewright of the                               • Clear and uniform indication of service due dates would
Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals                              promote more regular servicing and would also market the
(PSPCA) sent a two-man crew to pick up Runway.                                             manufacturers’ name and contact information. For the
                                                                                           service stations, a link between the manufacturer, service
   Runway, of course, had other plans when the PSPCA showed
                                                                                           station, and USMSA would be created. This would ensure
up. It took six men, including Marine Safety Operations
Manager Michael J. Ahern, DS-57 Captain Andrew J. Esham,                                   the highest quality factory authorized service.
and Schuylkill Mate Lawrence G. Strohm III to capture the                                   A minor benefit to the USMSA would be a small revenue
150-pound porker. It is likely that Johnston’s phone call saved                          stream, but more important is the promotion and creation
Runway’s life. A later veterinary exam showed that existing in                           of a major inroad into the leisure boating industry. As a
the wild had not been easy. He had severe shoulder damage,                               USMSA board member, I know Vane Brothers Marine Safety
possibly caused by being hit by a car. As to how Runway ended                            and Services supports this initiative. Beyond the opportuni-
up at City Dock, rescuers believe that he was once someone’s pet                         ty to service more liferafts, we hope to see more of the leisure
and may have been released when he grew too big to handle.                               boating sector familiarize themselves with their safety equip-
    The PSPCA took Runway to a shelter, and shortly thereafter,                          ment and encourage safe boating practices.
he was transferred to the Last Chance Ranch in Quakertown,
Pennsylvania. Here workers are trying to make him more
approachable by bribing him with dog biscuits. He does not
                                                                                          Did You Know ?
get too many treats, however, because Runway packed on quite                                 Did you know that Frankfurst Avenue, home to Fleet
a few pounds during his time as a stray. He has been put on a                             Headquarters, is named after Frank A. Furst? Thanks to
strict pig diet to get his weight into a healthy range. In a happy                        a recent archival submission by Property Manager Francis
ending for Vane’s little piggy, the Last Chance Ranch has found                           J. Nossell Jr., we know that Furst was an 18th century
Runway a permanent home.                                                                  Baltimorean who served as the head of a dredging company.

 12     the pipeline
Bells and Whistles                                               on August 8, 2008 before 90 guests at the Norfolk Botanical
                                                                 Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia. Capt. Russi Engineer Shaun M.
    Well done! Bells and Whistles would like to acknowledge      Gray served as best man, and Barge Captain David Gaither
several of Vane’s devoted employees marking special anniversa-   was a groomsman. The happy couple honeymooned in
ries this spring. Celebrating ten years are: Edward A. Adams     Montego Bay, Jamaica. Each has two children from previous
Jr., Gary M. Bilbrough, Mark E. Bishop, Captain Robert           relationships, and the newlyweds are looking forward to life
A. Buchanan, Jeffrey B. Davis, Shaun M. Gray, and Barge          with their brood in Chesapeake, Virginia.
Captain Bryan L. Newton. Marking five years are: Julian
W. Bradshaw, Captain Vincent K. Bradshaw, Barge Captain
Fred M. Cox II, Steven T. Cutler, Craig L. Darby, Charlie
N. Popperwill, David L. Shaffer, and Bryan R. Williams.
   Employees who have recently completed one year of
service include: Roland B. Bradshaw, Captain Charles C.
Creekmore, Daniel J. Forrest, Elizabeth M. Gibbons,
Ronald W. Gomez, Lawrence E. Gray, James R. Harnish,
James D. Hiles Jr., Graeme B. Kelley, Roy H. Laird III,
Thomas J. Leeper, Timothy W. Lyman, Gerald G. Mason,
Wendy R. McIntosh, Justin G. Schub, Timothy J. Sell,
Lamar D. Smith, Martin L. Stillufsen, Theodore White,
and Captain Hank L. Wooten.

   Bells and Whistles welcomes a talented group of new
employees. They are: Mate Anthony B. August; Mate
Evaluations Charles W. Abell, Robert Hartzel, Michael
Hazard, Mark A. Suggs, Birk I. Thomas; Chief Engineer               DS-33 Captain Robert E. Crockett Jr. and his wife,
Samuel M. Crosby; AB Tankermen Derek W. Robinson,                Lindsay, are elated to announce the adoption of their grand-
Norman L. Smith; Tankermen Evaluations Paul C.                   son, Job Daniel Crockett. Job is six years old and arrived
Adams, Steven R. Grove, Stephen C. Kidd, Andres Tafur,           in the United States on August 1, 2008. His parents, Kara
Rudy A. Thomas; Tankermen Trainees Paul F. Beglane,              and Jordan Crockett, first met their son on a mission trip in
Gregorio Rios; AB Deckhands Russell A. Ewing, Noah               2006 when he was living at the Ministry of Mercy Orphanage
G. Flaherty, Richard M. Gaskill, James D. Hanna, Caleb           in Otutulu Village, Nigeria. Congratulations to the entire
W. Knapp, Vincent J. Lusardi, Timothy W. Thornton;               Crockett family!
OS Deckhands Shawn E. Boone, Aaron S. Braswell,
Robert E. Green, Michael P. Hale; Deckhand Trainees
August W. Aydt III, Austin L. Bickford, Franklin H.
Kennedy, Charles J. Parker, John W. Shkor, Leslie L.                 Bells and Whistles
Turner III; Fleet Coordinators Theresa Giove, Matthew            is happy to report the
W. Riley; Maintenance Mechanic Patrick E. Dwyer;                 birth of Aiden Brent
Mechanic Helper William F. Thompson Jr.; Purchasing              Bradshaw on January
Coordinator Elizabeth L. Black; Raft Technician/Driver           21, 2009. Aiden is
                                    Brian M. Keeter; Vessel      the son of G&E No. 4
                                    Supervisor Robert            OS Deckhand Brent
                                    Forrester; Warehouse/        R. Bradshaw and his
                                    Inventory Coordinators       girlfriend, Michelle
                                    Kevin Colbridge and          Whealton. He arrived
                                    George P. Dougherty.         weighing 7 lbs., 1 oz.,
                                                                 and measuring 20" long.

                                        Bells and Whistles
                                     sends best wishes to          It is double the fun for Director of Information Technology
                                     Barge Captain Willie        Brian M. Bernacki. He and his wife, Karen, welcomed
                                     L. Burnham and his          twins, Elisabeth Hartley Bernacki and Joshua Thomas
                                     lovely bride, Tracey L.     Bernacki on February 7, 2009. Elisabeth weighed 5 lbs., 6 oz.,
                                     Starkey. The two wed        and Joshua weighed 5 lbs., 15 oz. Both were 17" long. The

                                                                                                          the pipeline     13
                          Bernackis have two                                                 Happy Spring!
                          other sons. Drew is                                             Bells and Whistles
                          six and Alex is three.                                          thanks Chesapeake AB
                          With four children                                              Deckhand Harley D.
                          under the age of six, it                                        Parks Jr. and his wife,
                          is safe to say that the                                         Ethel, for sharing pic-
                          Bernacki household                                              tures of their darling
                          will be very busy for                                           granddaughters dressed
                          many years to come.                                             in festive frocks.
                                                                                          Brianna Parks is five
                                                                                          years old and Chyanne
                                                                                          Morales is one.
                                                                                          Brianna is the daugh-
                                                                                          ter of Brandy Trala
   A first for Bells                                                                       and James Parks, and
and Whistles. Two                                                                         Chyanne is the daugh-
sets of twins in                                                                          ter of Brandy Trala and
one issue! Jillian                                                                        José Morales. All live
Sophie Larmore                                                                            in Exmore, Virginia.
and Colton Elmer
Larmore arrived on
February 24, 2009.
They are the first
grandchildren for
Vane Brothers Mate
                                                         Hats off to Jacob
Trainee Gordon L.
                                                     Smith, son of Marine
                                                     Buyer Earl W. Smith.
                                                     Jacob’s hockey team,
                            Ford and his wife,
                                                     the Baltimore Saints,
                            Vicky. Gordon
                                                     was featured on Fox
                            reports that his
                                                     45 News on April 1st.
                            daughter, Emily
                                                     He is goalie for the
                            Larmore, and
                                                     team that offers a rec-
                            son-in-law, Chris
                                                     reational and therapeu-
                            Larmore, are doing
                                                     tic program for chil-
                            well. The twins’
                                                     dren and adults with
                            proud uncle, Russel
                                                     traumatic brain inju-
                            O. Ford, is an AB
                                                     ries or developmen-
                            Deckhand on the
                                                     tal disabilities. The
                            Vane Brothers.
                                                     Pipeline last caught
                                                     up with Jacob and his
                                                     family in spring 2003
                                                     when he was attend-
                                                     ing a pre-kindergarten
                                                     class. We are happy to
                                                     share what an athletic young man Jacob has become.
to Wye River Captain
William M. Meekins
II. He and his wife,
Heather, welcomed
a daughter, Isabella,
on February 28, 2009.                                   The Maryland Port Administration (MPA) held its 10th
She weighed 9 lbs., 10                               annual Women in Maritime History Event on March 13,
oz. All the best to the                              2009 at the Sparrows Point Country Club. The MPA uses the
Meekins family.                                      occasion to recognize women in the traditionally male-domi-

 14   the pipeline
nated maritime industry who have made extraordinary contri-
butions to their fields. A handful of Vane employees were in       Bells and Whistles is proud to share the impressive accom-
attendance to hear MPA Manager of Safety, Environment &        plishments of DS-58 Barge Captain Richard A. Butrim Sr.’s
Risk Management Barbara McMahon accept her Woman of            three children. Paul Butrim is a Baltimore City Firefighter,
the Year Award.                                                and Richard Butrim Jr. is a Navy Seaman Apprentice. The
                                                               youngest, Cory Butrim, has been accepted into Harford
                                                               Technical High School and will begin his freshman year in fall
                                                               2009. Keep up the good work gentlemen!
                                       Vane flags travel all
                                    over the world. Captain
                                    Russi Mate Erik F.
                                    Hansen took one with
                                    him on a January 2009
                                    trip to Europe and Asia.
                                    Pictured are Buddhist         On April
                                                               17, 2009, Vane
                                                               newly elected
monks at the temple                                            Congressman
complex, Angkor Wat, in                                        Frank M.
Cambodia, and Erik in                                          Kratovil Jr. and
the back of a “tuk-tuk”                                        key members of
in Luang Prabang, Laos.                                        the Maryland
                                                               port community.
                                                               The visit includ-
                                                               ed a tour of Fleet
                                                               Headquarters in Fairfield and a tug ride of the Inner Harbor.

    On January 29, 2009                                                       The Pipeline is published quarterly by:
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of the Maryland State                                                                  Fax: (410) 631-7781
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the importance of the Port                                                      email: ehughes@vanebrothers.com
of Baltimore to the state’s                                                 Production and Design: PCA of Timonium
economy. Vane Property                                                        Deadline for next issue: July 13, 2009
Manager Francis J. Nossell
Jr. smiles with Rukert
Terminals’ Andrew Nixon.

                                                                                                           the pipeline   15
Presorted Sta dard
   US Postage
   imo i m, MD
  Permit No.

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