Inventory of Information Resources by HC120617003141


									           Inventory of Information Resources – Sunshine County Health Department

    Community Health Status Assessment                             Local Public Health System Assessment

Answers the questions: How healthy are our residents?          Answers the questions: What are the activities,
What does the health status of our community look like?        competencies, and capacities of our local public health
                                                               system? How are Essential Services being provided to
Resources currently available:                                 our community?

   County Health Profile Report,           National Public Health Performance Standards
   County Health Status Summary Report,                           Program, Local Public Health System Assessment                                          Results, 2005, accessible at
   County Chronic Disease Profile Report,                                                         g/CoreFunctionsMAPP/Assessment/

      Community Themes and Strengths                                    Forces of Change Assessment
Answers the questions: What is important to our                Answers the questions: What is occurring or might occur
community? How is quality of life perceived by our             that affects the health of our community and/or the local
community? What assets do we have that can be used to          public health system? What specific threats or
improve community health?                                      opportunities exist or might exist? What are the factors
                                                               that enhance or inhibit change in our community?
   CHD Snapshot Report, accessible at    Florida Health Policy Center’s newsletter, Florida
    aspx                                                           Health News, accessible at
   CHD Strategic Plan                                   
   County Healthy Living Survey, 2006

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