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									Your Organisation’s Header (Optional)                                                                              Abstract No.

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Introduction                                                                      Text Size 44
This template has been sized so it can be viewed on
the electronic terminals at Ozwater ’12:
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• Orientation - Portrait
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• Width – 39.38 cm                                                                      Text Size 28
• Height – 70 cm                                                                         Text Size 24
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        Please do not resize this template.                                                Text Size 18
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                                                                                                                Captions should be
                                                                                                                italic. Left aligned if
                                                                                                                it refers to a figure
                                                                                                                on its left. Caption
                                                                                                                starts right at the top
                                                                                                                edge of the picture
Aim                                                                                                             (graph or photo).

How to use this poster template:
Highlight this text and replace it by typing in your
own text, or copy and paste your text from a MS
Word document or a PowerPoint slide presentation.
                                                                      Captions should be
Use a font that is easy to read such as Arial or                      italic. Right aligned
Helvetica.                                                                   if it refers to a
                                                                         figure on its right.
Keep body text left-aligned. Full justified text may be               Caption starts right
difficult to read..                                                     at the top edge of
                                                                        the picture (graph
The colour of the text and titles can be changed                                    or photo).
to the colour of your choice.

Text boxes can be resized, moved, added or
deleted to accommodate your content.
A guide to font sizes is shown opposite.
                                                                  Importing / inserting files:

Method                                                            Images such as photographs, graphs, diagrams,
                                                                  logos, etc., can be added to the poster. The best
Tips for making a successful poster:                              type of image files to insert are JPEG or TIFF.
•  Organise the poster units in a logical flow from
   top to bottom or left to right.                                JPEG is the preferred format. Be aware of the
•  Use headings and colour.                                       image size you are importing. The average colour
•  Make liberal use of large photos, figures, tables,             photo (13 x 18cm at 180dpi) would be about 3Mb.
   diagrams, maps etc.
•  The discussion (if necessary) and conclusions
   should be stated on large type. Many viewers                    Conclusion
   read this first and hence it should be easy to
   understand.                                                     The Ozwater ’12 Electronic Poster system includes
•  Results should be presented as graphs or tables.                support for video, audio and animations.
   They should be self-explanatory and therefore
   please provide a clear legend including symbols.
   You may also want to provide an interpretation of
   the results below each
•  Simplify everything, avoid data overkill.
                                                                   Insert text.

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