Common Mistakes to Avoid by jolinmilioncherie


									Common Mistakes to Avoid…

1. Is TaxSavers Wealth Maker Pro Software for Everyone?
            No, our software is not for everyone. Although the software can be altered to
           fit the individual needs of most people, please remember that it is not for

                *You must make more Money than you spend
2. What if you have NO DEBTS?
           TaxSavers Wealth Maker Pro Software is set up to cancel interest and accelerate
           the mortgage or targeted debt. If a client has no debts or rents,/the program will still work with
           expenses throughout the month. Remember you can use the Software as a:
                 Powerful Budgeting Tool
                 An Investment Tracker
                 Debt Roll Down feature allows you to target specific debts
                 What If Expense Analyzer
           Over 99% of your financial information will change in the next 10 years. The
           software will be able to use these changes and calculate accordingly.

3. How accurate are “Quick Calculators”?
           “Quick Calculators” are used as teasers to quickly capture someone’s interest in our
           program. A quick calculator is not as accurate when compared to a full analysis. Do
           not compare results of the software to the “Quick Calculators” found on websites of
           other companies.

4. Do all competitors software programs use the same
No. Different software programs have different calculating factors. Therefore, they
produce different results. Just because one result might be better than the other result does
not mean that it is working better than our software. Example: Some software
companies have features that includes up to a 3% increase in income each year.
A calculation ran with a 3% increase is definitely going to have better results than our
software because of the increase in discretionary income each year. We DO NOT use
assumed variables in our software.
Some competitors, for example, do not factor taxes or insurance into the equation at all. This
makes their calculations incorrect. In addition, our expertise in the area of taxation allows us to
show you the tax consequences of your financial decisions as well. When factoring in federal,
state, local, and city taxes, competitors results can be underestimated anywhere from 10-45% or
more. We’ll show you what others cannot because we have the expertise to do so…in business
since 1996…serving 1000’s of clients.

5. When does
interest accrue
on your line of
           ALWAYS. Interest is calculated on a daily basis (on whatever the principle balance
           is). The software automatically calculates the daily interest and then adds it into the
           plan once a month on the first of every month.

6. When you make a “Lump Sum” principal payment to your
mortgage, does it all get applied to the principal balance?

           YES & NO. Some banks will apply the payment straight to Principle. Some Banks
           will apply the payment to Interest first, then the remainder will go to Principle.
           Example: If Mike had a 5 year car loan for $10,000 and the interest rate was
                       10%. Mike would pay $2.74 per day in interest for the money
                       borrowed. If Mike made his scheduled payment on November 1 stth
                       and then made an additional lump sum principal payment on the 10 of that
                       month. The bank would first apply $27.40 (10 days x $2.74 per day) of his
                       payment to interest and then the bank would apply the rest of the payment
                       to the principal balance.

7. Does the software work with multiple mortgages?
Yes. To add another mortgage, simply add it as a new debt in the “Debts” section. Then
priority rank which mortgage (debt) you would like the software to focus on. The primary
mortgage is the focus of the software unless a debt is priority ranked higher than that mortgage.
If a debt has been ranked higher than the mortgage, the software will counsel you to pay
down any debts first and then it will help them take the necessary actions to pay off the primary
8. What if I get paid twice a month? Not every other week…
           Simply create 2 incomes. Example: Income #1 paid on
           the 5th MONTHLY
                      Income #2 paid on the 20th MONTHLY.
9. If I start the program in the middle of the
month, what do I put as the mortgage balance?
           Simply input the statement balance from the previous month. When you reconcile at
           the end of the month be sure to update the information as accurately as possible
           according to the Monthly statement.

10. Where do I input the taxes and
           When the software asks what the mortgage payment is, it is asking for the total
           payment including principal, interest, taxes, and insurance. Not just principal and
           interest. If you are inputting another property make sure you add the escrow payments
           in as an Expense, separating Principle and Interest from Taxes and Insurance.

12. Once my 7 day trial period has expired, can their login and
password be extended for another 7 days?
No. For security reasons, our system will not permit it.


Are the “Freedom From Debt” program and “TaxSavers Wealth Maker
Pro” different programs?

No they are not.

Freedom From Debt is the generic name chosen by the partners in our investment
group that built the software and designed it with us.
TaxSavers Wealth Maker Pro adds additional tax related benefits and expertise along
with the software…which only our firm can provide including proprietary
implementation methods and software support.
What is the Freedom From Debt program a.k.a
TaxSavers Wealth Maker Pro?

The program is a proprietary money management strategy and software
package that teaches smart and efficient money management. These are the
same strategies Fortune 500 companies use. The goal is the elimination of all
debts, especially mortgage debt, in 1/3 the time.

It is a complete package and we will personally teach you HOW it works and WHY it

TaxSavers WealthMaker Pro acts as a road map that guides you towards
eliminating ALL mortgage debt and using that equity to build a real estate

Is this a Bi-weekly mortgage plan? NO. This is not a bad way to pay your
mortgage, and it does work, but there are issues. TaxSavers Wealth Maker Pro
offers many more options and works MORE THAN twice as fast.With a bi-weekly,
instead of making one mortgage payment ONCE per month, ½the payment is made
every two weeks. The strategy is that over a 12 month period an additional
payment, the 13th, is paid which generally reduces a 30 year loan by 6-7 years.

The downside is, many lenders won't accept a partial payment and some companies
will hold those funds until the balance is received without applying it.

This destroys the advantage.

Mortgage lenders that have your current loan may offer this program for a $300700
fee however if your loan gets sold by the lender which is completely out of your
control you have wasted your money…and have to pay it again with the new lender.

TaxSavers Wealth Maker Pro generally eliminates most mortgages in 7-9
years and all other debts shortly thereafter.

Do I have to make additional payments each month?

No and Yes. With TaxSavers Wealth Maker Pro, ALL income is driven towards your
mortgage so that all money is applied towards the principal as quickly as
All expenses are paid from the line of credit as LATE as possible…(paying them on
time of course) This allows your money to work for more effectively and reduces daily
interest expenses.

Does the program work with an existing "Interest Only" or "Option ARM"


Does a third party control my money?

NEVER. YOU have total control of all your money. The secure web based program is
not connected to your accounts in any way. No software downloads are required and
the program can be acceessed on any computer with a high speed Internet

Since I deposit all my income into my mortgage, how do I pay my bills?

Your line of credit (or interest bearing account) will essentially replace your primary
checking account. You will keep a minimal amount of money in your personal account
and use your line of credit (or interest bearing account) for most of your bills.

What if Interest rates on my line of credit are going up and is higher than my
first loan, does TaxSavers Wealth Maker Pro still work?

YES. Your HELOC interest rate can be up to 2.5 times HIGHER than the rate of
your first loan and the program still works to your advantage.

Does TaxSavers Wealth Maker Pro work if I have little or no equity?

YES, but it takes a little longer to “get moving” depending upon positive cash flow.
A low rate interest credit card can also be used as a line of credit as well.

I have a second mortgage already… That’s OK. Our program now works with
savings or other investment accounts

Depending upon the size, what type it is, and your positive cash flow, it may be
advisable to wrap them together in a new loan. We have exclusive lenders that
know and understand our program. We’ll help. Just ask.
NOTE: The interest rates on your loans is NOT as critical as you would think, and
even if the new loan is HIGHER than the loan being paid off, with the program it
usually STILL makes sense.
If I have a pre-payment penalty is that a problem?

Generally not. Most pre-pay penalties allow you to pay 20% of additional principal
each year. If your cash flow is that great that you could EXCEED that, you either
dial it down to stay within that 20% limit or just pay the penalty on the EXCESS
over that amount.

Even with the penalty it's still better financially to just pay down the mortgage as
quick as possible. Prepayment penalties are extremely rare in Kansas.

Does the Freedom From Debt program work if I’m self employed?

YES, sometimes even better, since your income may come in more frequently,
and even if you have months WITHOUT positive cash flow, that’s OK. Look at
your ANNUAL Income over a 12 month period. As long as you MAKE more than
you SPEND, the program will still work.

Does this work if I have bad credit?

YES, but it depends on the types of loans you have right now and if those credit issues
could limit getting a line of credit or a low interest rate credit card if you do not have

Does the program work if I’m living “paycheck to paycheck”?

In theory yes, but the program is NOT a cure all for those with a negative or
marginal positive cash flow.

The program is fueled by excess income. As long as you make more than
you spend, applied mathematics will work to your advantage.

You mentioned using a credit card. Is this critical? NO. The credit card is an
advanced technique that allows you to use your money to maximum efficiency. The
program works with and without a credit card.

How do I know that TaxSavers Wealth Maker Pro will work for me?

If you have POSITIVE CASH FLOW, it's a mathematical certainty that the
technology will work. It takes no time to learn the basics, but there
are nuances that become more clear as you understand it better.
You say that I'll pay off my house in 7-9 years, but I don't think I'll be
here more than 5 years. Is it still worthwhile?

Yes! Imagine that your loan balance was reduced by 50% in 5 years!
You will have MUCH more equity than if you did things as "usual".

That's why "hybrid loans", like 5 year ARMS, work so well. If you knew in 5 years
your balance was reduced by half, would you care if that rate then became
adjustable? (The answer is NO since your new PAYMENT would be based on the
lower principal balance.)

Does the program work with more than one property?

Absolutely! Each property is targeted one at a time and we have clients with lots
of properties. After each successive mortgage is paid off, you move on to the

It's usually advisable to tackle RENTAL property first, eliminate the debt service, and
maximize the cash flow. This is exponential and actually PICKS UP SPEED as you pay
off successive rental properties.

Does the program work in any state?

YES. Texas is the only state that has restrictions on second mortgages and lines of
credit, so there needs to be some modifications done. We will show you how that is

You can use an Interest Bearing account or other investment account in the place of
an Equity Line.

What about mortgage companies that offer first mortgages that
seem to do the some thing that this program does…like CMG.
How are they different?

Both those companies offer new LOANS, first mortgages with many of the
characteristics of a line of credit. They allow direct deposits INTO the loan and
check writing capabilities OUT of the loan.

Our program works great with these types of loans if you already have one!

I'm in Nevada and I was approached by a company named Tardus.
Why is the Freedom From Debt program better?
Because the Freedom From Debt program teaches the same methods for a MUCH
lower price. Tardus costs nearly 8 times what the Freedom From Debt does.
Can you "hold my hand" when I can't figure it out?

Of course, but it's not as hard to implement as you may think. Usually after 30-60
days most of our clients have very few questions.

We also have extensive personal assistance and a secure private web based
conference room available for our program users.

Why haven’t I heard of this before?

The methodology actually came from overseas, and has been adapted over the years
to the very un-consumer friendly mortgage industry in the United States. Mortgage
Acceleration loans are actually very common in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain,
and other countries, so the GOAL of accelerating your mortgage and debts is not new.

This concept was said to be originated by billionaire Richard Branson…

“ Introduced by Richard Branson's The Virgin Group and purchased outright in 2001
by Royal Bank of Scotland, the account acts to combine a customer's balances -
including mortgage, income, savings, loan and credit card - to simplify the
customer's financial management.”

The program has brought together the best of these techniques and we teach you
to “ think like a bank” and not the way it’s “always been done”.
These are not new ideas, just different, unconventional ways of looking at your

A friend referred me to United 1st Financial. They set this up as a kind of
MLM (multi level marketing) Plan. How do you differ?

We are NOT MLM. MLM unfortunately perpetutates an environment where the cost
of a product or service is more expensive than it needs to be so the profits can filter
down to everyone in the network.

It can also create an environment where someone not educated in finance,
mortgages, and taxes may not know how to maximize the proper use of the program
and is simply trying to sell you so that they can recover the cost of their program
themselves. It is unwise to trust your financial well being to someone just trying to
sell you something to make a buck without the proper financial expertise and
Next, the United 1st program sells for more than triple what TaxSavers Wealth
Maker Pro does. Also, we offer many other benefits that they don't…including tax
preparation, mortgage expertise, and much, much, more.
Our software also has many features that theirs does not. Simply put, we
offer WAY more for less than one third the price.

It sounds too good to be true, so it must be a scam, right?

Look at it this way : if I told you that if you paid on your 30-year mortgage for 22
years and you STILL owed ½ of what you borrowed, would you believe it?
You should, because it’s true. With a 30-year loan it’s not until year 22 that the
principal is reduced by half and MOST principal is paid in the last 7 years. This
iswhat we’ve been taught as “normal”, but it’s not very smart nor financially sound.

The program effectively takes that 30-year amortization chart and flips it around,
making your money work for you, so you pay off most of your principal in the FIRST
7 years(or less), NOT THE LAST. Does it sound too good to be true? It probably
does,but the techniques used are 100% legal, ethical, practical, and mathematically
But more importantly, they are EFFECTIVE and Guaranteed In Writing. The program
is based on applied mathematics and is designed to make your money work for YOU
in a whole new way!
I am often asked the Pros and Cons of using a Line of Credit vs using an interest bearing
savings account with TaxSavers Wealth Maker Pro.

Here are the major differences to consider:

                              Advantages of a Line of Credit

   1. Interest Cancellation. 2. Allows your plan to
   be more aggressive 3. Creates a safety net. 4.
   Can be tax deductible in many instances

                              Disadvantages of a Line of Credit

   1. Can be hard to get in some areas of the country with falling home values. 2. Watch for
   associated bank fees (Annual fees) 3. Adjustible interest rate based on prime rate plus a
   margin 4. Some accounts can have transactional fees. 5. Sometimes do not allow direct
   deposits…not a real problem because money can
   still be transferred into the account via manual deposit even if direct deposit not
               Advantages of using an Interest Bearing Savings account

   1. Everyone has access to one regardless of credit scores.

   2. Easy to set up…in person or online.

   3. Easy to understand.

   4. Earns interest vs. paying interest.

                 Disadvantages of using an Interest Bearing Savings account
1. Savings earned are taxable not tax deductible
2. May have minimum balance requirements.
3. Does not create a cushion of excess available money like a line of credit.
4. Plan cannot be as aggressive with no interest cancellation occuring.
5. It is your own money

So, how much can you save using our program? Most clients save $100,000 OR MORE!
In real money. Complete your free analysis with us and we'll tell you!
No Smoke and Mirrors.
No Magic Fix.
Just Real Math and REAL software that REALLY works!
Think of it as a kind of financial GPS that if you follow it, will not allow you to lose your way.

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