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									                              Munson Township
                     Non-Residential Zoning Subcommittee
                                          February 12, 2003
Ted Berr called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. Dieter Sems, Suzanne Storey, Bob Marn, John Eklund,
Howard and Erna Leagan-Mabel, Jeff Fanger, Scott Solar, Todd Petersen and Secretary Paula
Friebertshauser were present. Ed Hren was absent.

Todd Petersen moved and Bob Marn seconded to approve the minutes of January 8, 2003. Motion

Mr. Berr explained that now that the initial groundwork has been laid, they wanted to touch base with
the individual groups to see if there are any concerns, and to share anything that has developed from

Mr. Fanger commented that he had put in a request to the Township Association for samples of other
medical use in nearby communities. The medical group is just trying to get a handle. Mr. Solar
explained that they are trying to distinguish the difference between assisted living and medical use. He
spoke to the fire department and was told that Heather Hill has 300 calls per month, and those at the
Liberty are considered residents. University Hospital puts a high demand on the fire department. Mr.
Berr asked if they found anything to define medical use and where assisted living would fall into that.
Mr. Solar said that at the Liberty during the day a nurse gives drugs but at night they are on their own.
Mr. Fanger commented that Munson is heavy with nonprofit organizations. Ms. Leagan-Mabel
mentioned that in regard to taxes, the medical building across from the hospital does not pay taxes, they
rent it out. She wondered why somebody isn’t paying taxes. Mr. Fanger explained that we can’t charge
income tax because we are a township. Mr. Berr posed the question of what buffers could be used to
maintain or curb medical expansion. Mr. Petersen asked why not put the uses in that people need that go
to the hospital or school. The group needs to think what they would like to see in the medical district as
it relates to the tax base.

Mr. Fanger commented that regarding the institutional district there is always going to be nonprofit
organizations, they start to branch out. He expressed concern with the purchase of The Greenery that
was a tax producing property and now its not. He felt we need to try to encourage development around
the Y because it will bring people in. Mrs. Storey added that we need to protect residential property
owners against this cost building.

Mr. Berr mentioned that the Zoning Commission is currently looking into the institutional district. He
felt the future development of Heather Hill is a fine line with conservation development.

Mr. Eklund gave an overview of what the commercial group is looking at. The first thing considered is
what is permitted right now and what changes are needed now. They looked at other townships, the
county and Munson’s resolution, but so far they are not inclined to make any recommendations at this
point. None of them have experienced themselves or heard from residents of any changes they would
like to see. They are looking at geographic boundaries of the commercial district and what interest it
serves, what interest does it impede and what changes should be made. It is under utilized at this point
which leads the group to conclude there must not be much demand. The idea of expanding boundaries is
probably unnecessary and inappropriate at this point. They do recognize that from Alpine Valley east to
44 there are ample pieces of property that if you were to expand there could be a corridor along 322.
Munson Township Non-Residential
Zoning Subcommittee
Meeting Minutes – February 12, 2003
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Mr. Eklund explained that they are anticipating the next step to be folding in the more forward thinking
of the land use plan and draft land use plan and what it will be in the next 20 years. The group is asking
where the township is going and to what extent is what we have now going to be ok in the future; do you
project, or do you zone now for what is anticipated in 2020 or do you wait until 2020 and see what
people want at that time.

Mr. Petersen commented that in the current zoning in regard to commercial there is a list of permitted
uses, he suggested that whatever is not listed is subject to conditional use. Mr. Eklund commented that
there needs to be standards in considering conditional use. The concern is that any vagueness built into
commercial use will invite who knows what.

Mr. Berr explained that a sensible approach is needed to see what exists and utilize whatever tools might
be available to dissuade certain uses, and at the same time expand those areas that naturally lend
themselves to a tax base.

The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, March 12th at 7:00 p.m.

Mr. Berr adjourned the meeting at 8 p.m.

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      Ed Hren, Chairman                                        Paula Friebertshauser, Secretary

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