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									Dr. Jenny Sechler, Consults On Weight Issues Using Functional Medicine

Hampton, IL, 16-JUN-2012 - Dr. Jenny Sechler provides the comprehensive
information, advice and support that is needed by individuals who want to
overcome weight issues. The doctor addresses weight issues using
functional medicine and offers patients alternatives for achieving their
goals through a holistic program. Health programs are designed to fit the
needs of the individual based on the results of lab tests can normally be
done in the the convenience of your home.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Sechler stated, "Many people become
frustrated when they are trying to achieve a weight loss goal and are not
successful. In many cases, the reason for this problem is that the diet
or program has not been designed to meet the unique needs of the
individual. This is one of the reasons that I feel it is very important
to address health issues holistically and start with a clear
understanding of a persons current health status."

The doctor works with patients over the phone so there is no need to take
time from a busy schedule to get information, advice, and updates on test
results. After reviewing a patients personal and family health history
and reviewing the results of tests, the doctor creates a personal health
program that may include lifestyle modifications, nutritional
supplements, stress management, and the diet that will most effectively
meet your needs.

With the healthy diet plan an individual experiences an increased sense
of energy without the ups and downs that often result from improper
foods. Patients also enjoy improved sleep and issues such as diabetes and
stress are also reduced. Food cravings decrease as the body detoxifies
and patients find that they have greater mood stability and clarity.

To get more information about the services offered by Dr. Jenny Sechler,
and how functional medicine can be applied for improving overall health
and wellness visit http://www.DrSechler.com today. Individuals and
members of the press wishing to get more details about this press release
will find contact information below.

Dr. Jenny Sechler

510 State Ave., Ste #3

Hampton, IL 61256

Telephone: 309.721.5694

Fax: 309.721.5694

Website: http://www.DrSechler.com

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