LTCF RESOURCES final 2011 by zzm3du6g


                       “DISASTER PREPAREDNESS
                    FOR LONG-TERM CARE FACILITIES”
Note: The following are offered as suggestions only. The Mountain Area Health Education
Center, the Carolina Geriatric Education Center, and Public Health Regional Surveillance Team 6
neither endorse them nor guarantee their accuracy or completeness. These resources were
available as of January 2011.

       “Licensed Care Facility Disaster Plan Template.” North Carolina Department
       of Crime Control and Public Safety, Emergency Management Division. Template
       released December 2010. This definitive, complete, user-friendly electronic plan-
       maker includes every important piece of a LTCF disaster plan. Highly
       recommended--it is the standard for North Carolina.

       Available for download at:,000010,000024

       “All-Hazards Planning and Resource Manual.” North Carolina Health Care
   Facilities Association. Another example of a comprehensive disaster plan template
   for NC LTCFs.

       Available for members only at:

       “Preparedness Resources for Long-term, Acute, and Chronic-Care
       Facilities.” Centers for Disease Control and Preparedness. Includes pandemic
       influenza, plan development, checklists, statistics, and regulations.

       Available at:

       “Disaster Plans for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities.”
       Succinct list of issues to consider.

       Available at:

       “Emergency Planning for long Term Care/ Seniors Nursing Home
       Residential-Care-Facilities.” Canadian site with variety of planning resources.

       Available at:

“Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Nursing Homes, Assisted Living
Facilities, and Group Homes.” Montgomery County (MD) Advanced Practice

Available at:

“Emergency Planning Checklist: Recommended Tool for Persons in Long-
Term Care Facilities & Their Family Member, Friends, Personal Caregivers,
Guardians & Long-Term Care Ombudsmen.” US DHHS Centers for Medicare
& Medicaid Services.

Available at:

“Long-Term Care Facility Disaster Plan/ Preparation Checklist.” Concise
checklist from Florida to supplement disaster planning.

Available at: Disaster

“Emergency Preparedness for Nursing Homes.” Florida Health Care
Association. Comprehensive guide for LTCFs on planning, training, exercises,
Incident Command System, evacuation and other resources.

Available at:

“Fire and the Older Adult.” US Fire Administration/ National Fire Data Center.
(FA-300/ January 2006) Guide to fire and the elderly in a variety of settings.

Available at:

Kaiser-Permanente Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment Tool. In Excel
spreadsheet form.

Available at:

       “Stockpiling Solutions: North Carolina’s Ethical Guidelines for an
       Influenza Pandemic (April 2007).”

       Available for download at:

       General preparedness resources. Includes information on home and family
       plans and kits, workplace and employee preparedness, vulnerable populations,
       pandemic preparedness, and schools):

          o   American Red Cross
          o   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
          o   ReadyNC: In Spanish:
          o In Spanish:

          o and
              for business planning
          o   Pandemic preparedness, including long-term care-specific information:
          o   Los Angeles (CA) County Emergency Survival Program:
          o   Comprehensive list of disaster planning resources for individuals and
              families or loved ones:

Compiled 2011 by Martha Salyers, PHRST 6


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