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									                  Minutes of Abbey Road Ward Panel Meeting
                             22/01/2008                       _____


Sgt Blake – Abbey Road SNT
Mia Choate – PCSO Abbey Road SNT
Robert Rigby – Chairman SNP, Abbey Road Ward
Lori Cardenoso – Member of the Alma Square Garden Committee
Barmak Fathi – Local Businessman/Resident
James Abbott – Westminster North Conservatives
Joanne Cash – Prospective Westminster North Candidate - Conservative
Andrew Frank – Local Resident
Janet Williams – Local Resident
Gill Murdoch – Thurso Dundee Housing Cooperative Ltd
Leon Simpson – Local Business - Estate Agency
Prof Eccles – Local Resident
Alberto Lidji – Local Resident


Daisy Miller
Lori Lerner
Shirley Brihi
Lindsey Hall
Guy Protheroe
Stephanie Warshaw
Ron Edmonds
Liam Ennis

                             Previous topics of

                             Motor Vehicle Crime
                             Robbery
                             Burglary
                             ASB/Youth Disorder
                             Fear of crime

Motor Vehicle Crime:

With 68 offences reported since the last meeting, motor vehicle crime is still
predominant across the ward. There was a large peak during October. At the end of
October two people were arrested and motor vehicle crime has returned to a normal

Motor Vehicle Crime breakdown –

Theft From – 53
Theft of Vehicle – 7 of which 3 people have been arrested.
Criminal damage - 9

Carlton Hill is currently a hot spot for motor vehicle crime. This is believed to be due
to it being a through way from Maida Vale. The majority of the ward motor vehicle
crimes happen over night.

The PCSO’s have continued to leaflet drop areas with Motor Vehicle crime prevention
advice, concentrating on areas that have suffered a crime.

To tackle the rise in Motor Vehicle Crime in Carlton Hill, Sgt BLAKE proposed to ensure
his team leaflet drop every house on Carlton Hill, offering crime prevention advice and
giving STOP – No valuables left in this vehicle signs to all vehicle owners. The team
will also aim to hold street briefings along the entire length of Carlton Hill.

The other area affected by Motor Vehicle Crime is The Marlowes, which has had 6
offences in 3 months. To tackle this Sgt Blake proposes his team to concentrate more
patrols on this area and he will be making contact with the Marlowes Neighbourhood
Watch co-ordinator.

The team are still continuing with Motor Vehicle Crime follow ups to gain as much
information as possible after crimes have occurred.

Robbery – Street Crime:

Street crime is no longer a ward priority. Since October there has been only 8

Street Crime breakdown:

Robbery from a person – 4 Most happen midweek between 16:00 and 18:00
Snatches – 3 Most of which have happened around midnight

Street crimes have followed no pattern and happen at various locations. This is a very
low crime on the ward.

From November 2006 and November 2007 street crime is down 53%. This is largely
due to the decrease of schoolboy robberies since the introduction of school PC Jay

From the graph it was easy to see burglary was down in November, December and
January compared to 2006/07. Since October there has been just 11 offences. The
team feels that as the team has doubled in size since this time last year, this has led to
increased visible patrols, which has acted as a deterrent to criminals.

Burglary Breakdown:

Residential Burglary – 8 Offences
Non-Residential Burglary – 3 Offences

Recently their has been one residential burglary in the Marlowes and one Non-
Residential at QK school from this the school PC Jay UZUN successfully identified one
suspect from CCTV and this had led to 6 people being arrested.

Overall Abbey Road SNT has been hugely successful in reducing robbery figures. With
less then one crime being reported each week.

ASB and youth Disorder:

Sgt Blake had a brief report of ASB across all the Westminster Wards and the Abbey
Road Ward was at the very bottom of the list. This is excellent news.

The council hotline has received 55 calls – however the majority of these were
regarding street clearing. There have been a total of 40 incidents in the past 6
months. Of which a range of crimes are involved including fights, domestic violence

The gangs discussed in the last meeting including, ASA, W9 and YGM are no longer
causing a problem across the ward.

The Westminster Community Intelligence Line – ‘The 3000 number’ was discussed.
This is to be looked into and promoted more. The number is 020 7641 3000

Fear of Crime:

The notice board proposed for CIRCUS Road, is still going ahead however we have no
exact date at the moment.

PCSOS are still continuing with their street briefings however these are to be focusing
on Motor Vehicle Crime hot spots in the coming 3 months.

The issues with Paparazzi causing problems on Clifton Hill are no longer apparent as
the celebrity has now moved into a house off our Ward.

Robbery is no longer a Ward priority as discussed at the last meeting.
Any other business:

Street Drinking and Begging has been identified as a new Ward Priority.
Sgt Blake is working with Tom Spencer on an idea for signage/literature for all the
shops with alcohol licences across the ward explaining the NO Alcohol Zone across
Westminster. The team will continue to de-can people as necessary.

Gill Murdoch has re quested more patrols through the Townshend Est in the Evening.

Barmak Fathi has requested more patrols across Abbey Road in the late evenings
and weekends.

The new Abbey Road Police Officer – Dave Price is now active on the team.

Gill Murdoch, Robert Rigby, Sgt Blake and Joanne Cash proposed a possible
door-to-door event on the Townsend Est.

It seemed a general view that more evening and weekend patrols are wanted. Sgt
Blake will look into this.

The Borough re structuring was briefly discussed but felt the in-depth discussion will
be left for the Sector meeting on February 5th 2008

Robert Rigby would like to thank everybody who attended and remind them the next
meeting is at 18:30 on the 23rd April.

He would also like to remind people there is a St Johns Wood Sector meeting – which
is open to all at 18:00 on 5th February at Lords Cricket Ground.

                                     THE TEAM

         NAME                            RANK                      SHOULDER #
Malcolm BLAKE                 Police Sergeant                  PS 1050 CW
Matt TINKLER                  Police Constable                 PC 1573 CW
Dave PRICE                    Police Constable                 PC 1328 CW
Dawn JAYER                    Police Community   Support       PCSO 7736 CW
Kim FINNANE                   Police Community   Support       PCSO 7266 CW
Mahbub IQBAL                  Police Community   Support       PCSO 7305 CW
Kelly SAMWELL                 Police Community   Support       PCSO 7510 CW
Mia CHOATE                    Police Community   Support       PCSO 7313 CW
Adam SLOANE                   Police Community   Support       PCSO 7702 CW
                                Contact numbers

By phoning this               When is this number
number, whom do I             operational?                           Number
Abbey ward Safer              Number is operational 24/7      0208 7212462
neighbourhoods team           however; calls will only be
mobile in which an Officer    answered when the Abbey
from the ward will answer.    team are working.
                              Alternatively, messages can
                              be left on this number for an
                              Officer to deal with when
                              he/she returns back for a
                              tour of duty.
St Johns Wood Police          Monday to Friday between        0207 3219748
station                       the hours of 09:00 and 17:00
Paddington Green Police       24 hours a day                  0207 3219582
Marylebone Police station     24 hours a day                  0207 4861212

            Remember in the case of an emergency ALWAYS dial 999        ______________

    Next meeting will be held on 23rd APRIL at ST Johns Wood Police Station at 18:30

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