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Dr. Maher Obeid, DC, provides Burlington spinal decompression education that helps members of the community achieve greater mobility and enjoy a more active life without fear of back and neck pain. The doctor works closely with individuals and businesses in the community to teach participants the steps they can take to become more active participants in their health and wellness.

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									Burlington, Ontario Chiropractic Doctor, Dr. Maher Obeid, Educates Locals
About Spinal Decompression

Burlington, ON, 16-JUN-2012 - Dr. Maher Obeid, DC, provides the education
about Burlington spinal decompression that helps members of the community
recognize symptoms and avoid injury more easily. The doctor works with
individuals and groups to address issues that can result from spinal
decompression, steps to alleviate the possibility of suffering from this
type of injury or damage and ways to improve the body's ability to heal
and regenerate more effectively.

When interviewed recently Dr. Obeid stated, "I feel very strongly that
educating people about how they can effectively avoid spinal injuries or
damage will help them to enjoy a more active life. Prior to providing a
workshop or presentation I meet with the coordinator to learn about the
concerns and issues that the group want to get more information about and
create programs that are designed to provide the answers that will help
them to become more active participants in their wellness program. When
people are given the tools and resources they need to maintain a
healthier lifestyle and recognize symptoms before severe damage occurs,
they are able to remain active and function without pain more easily."

Healing Path Chiropractic & Wellness Centre is the only office in Ontario
that offers spinal decompression therapy and is a safe and natural method
of addressing pain caused by bulging or herniated discs, degenerative
discs disease, and other issues. The system targets damaged areas of the
spine and relieves pressure, eases pain and speeds the body's ability to
heal. The doctor includes other natural therapies such as massage and
hot/cold therapy to stimulate circulation and healing in tissues and
muscles surrounding the damaged areas.

When an individual visits the doctor a complete examination is performed
that includes x-rays to identify the areas of the spine that are damaged
or injured. The doctor will also discuss the past medical history of the
individual and any injuries that have occurred that may be contributing
to the pain. Lifestyle, normal activities, diet and exercise are also
discussed and testing to determine function and mobility are performed.

To get more details about the methods and techniques used by Dr. Maher
Obeid and get learn more about the Burlington spinal decompression
therapy that he uses visit http://www.TheHealingPath.ca today.
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