Larry Dragon, a Colorado resident since 1981, has mediated thousands by HC120616184448


									Larry Dragon, a Colorado resident since 1981, has mediated thousands
of conflicts since 1987, from interpersonal conflicts to large organizational

In 1993, he was appointed by the Colorado Judicial Department's Office of
Dispute Resolution (ODR) as the first contract mediator for the Ninth
Judicial District, and still serves as mediator and coordinator for this district's
mediation program. He is a also a contract mediator for the US Postal
Service's REDRESS program, which requires the use of transformative
mediation skills.

Larry earned his Masters degree in Human Communication from                   the
University of Northern Colorado, where he has also taught Mediation           and
Conflict Management. He has conducted numerous workshops                      and
trainings, effectively facilitated small and large group meetings,            and
provided consultation services throughout Colorado and the US.

Larry's commitment to and participation in continuing professional education
and the improvement of the mediation profession, illustrate his dedication to
quality professional services. Customized trainings and organizational
interventions are available.

Larry is an "Advanced Practitioner" member of ACR and a "Professional
Mediator" member of CCMO.

Serving the areas of Glenwood to Aspen, Vail to Parachute, Rifle to Meeker,
Larry is the most experiences provider of mediation services in western

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