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                              RULES AND POLICIES

In accordance with Article V Section 2 of the By-laws, the AHHA Board has adopted the
following rules and policies:

07-01 Late Fee on Outstanding Dues

The Board shall impose a late fee on the outstanding dues. A late fee of $125.00 shall be
added to the outstanding debt owed to Abiqua Heights Homeowners Association on a
quarterly basis (April 1, July 1, October 1, and January 1) or until delinquent debt is paid
in full.

07-02 ARC and Homeowners Financial Obligations to AHHA

Approval of any construction and landscaping plans will not be approved until the
AHHA Board Treasurer has notified the ARC that the lot in question is free of any
financial obligations and/or debt to the Abiqua Heights Homeowners Association. The
Treasurer is responsible for providing to ARC a monthly list (by the 27th day of the
month) of parties not current in their financial responsibilities to the AHHA.

07-03 Motorized Vehicles

No motorized vehicle (trucks, pickups), bicycle, or ATV, etc. shall be allowed on the
Commons, pathways or bridge unless it is necessary for maintenance or upkeep of the
Commons or trees in the commons. Note: this rule does not include devices required by
the disabled under the ADDA Act.

Exception: In the event that a homeowner on the Commons needs a motorized vehicle to
access the Commons in order to access his/her property for maintenance work that cannot
be accessed by other means, the Board (not just a Board member) may temporarily
exempt that homeowner from this rule by Board action. In case of an emergency, Board
members may be polled; and any such action must be announced at the next scheduled
meeting and reflected in the minutes. If the exception is granted the homeowner must
sign and date acknowledging his responsibility to correct any damage, at his expense, to
the Commons in a timely manner. Failure to comply by the date could result in a fine
from the Board. Note: the Board may grant extensions to the date due to unforeseen

08-02 Commons Etiquette – regarding the use of the Commons
The Commons Etiquette regulates and governs the use of the Commons Property and
Facilities, and the personal conduct of the members and their guests thereon. The list of
Etiquette rules were developed to, “To promote a safe and enjoyable experience for all,
respect for the natural environment, equipment, and the rights and property of others.”

08-03 Hearings for Conflict Resolution

The AHHA By Laws requires the Board to give notice and an opportunity for a
resident/lot owner to be heard before levying reasonable fines for violations of the By
Laws, or CC&Rs of the Association; also a resident/lot owner may request a hearing
regarding a concern not directly related to a conflict involving CC&Rs or By Laws.

08-04 Penalties for Violations of the AHHA By Laws and CC&Rs

This rule sets forth financial penalties for the violation of the AHHA By Laws and
CC&Rs. The Board has an obligation to enforce the By Laws and CC&Rs . The
enforcement of the covenants is intended to preserve the value and livability of the
Abiqua Heights community and to promote the health, safety and welfare of the

08-05 Commercial Business versus Home Occupation

At the present time our CC&Rs do not allow a commercial business to be conducted out
of our homes here in Abiqua Heights. When the CC&Rs were written the concept of a
home occupation probably did not exist. The Silverton Municipal Code does make a
distinction between commercial business and home occupation. The Board felt that with
some modification the home occupation concept would fit at AHHA without annoying
neighbors or create a nuisance within Abiqua Heights. We have prepared this resolution
to avoid any future confusion as to what is acceptable. Activities outside these guide
lines would not be acceptable and possibly considered commercial business.

08-06 Legal Setback Lines

The City of Silverton has notified residents they plan to change the legal setbacks for
Silverton, which would be less than what the association wishes to maintain. This
resolution is necessary in order to maintain our present setback lines.

                      Steps for Development of Board Policy

It is the intent of the Board to provide homeowners the opportunity to provide
input before any policy is adopted.

Step 1. Board decides that a policy is needed. Board members or Homeowners
draft policy as a committee.

Step 2. Draft of policy is shared at open Board meeting. Recommendations from
Board and Homeowners present will be expected. Based on the suggestions, the
committee redrafts the policy, if needed. (first month of Board public discussion)

Step 3. Redraft is submitted to Board for review. If the Board approves the policy
as a draft it is submitted to Homeowners for input via Arrow, e-mail, or separate
mailing. Written comments are encouraged, as well as verbal, with deadline
established. All written comments must be signed by Homeowner. If the Board
does not approve the draft it is referred back to the committee for a rewrite (2nd
month of Board public meeting)

Step 4. Committee recommends those comments that should be included in draft
and redrafts policy and submits to Board for adoption. Note: the number of drafts
of a policy are unlimited; until the majority of the Board is prepared for a vote.
Board votes on policy without additional recommendations. If policy is approved
it is publicized to members, inserted in Policy Handbook and becomes effective on
date adopted or on date designated by Board. (3rd month of Board public meeting)


In accordance with Article VI, Section 3., a., of the CC&Rs, the AHHA Board has
adopted the following Policies:

07-01 Special Use Permit for the Commons

Association members must submit a Special Use Permit for the Commons when the
following conditions exist: activities where a number of the participants are non AHHA
homeowners, special setup is required, there is a need to reserve a portion of the
commons or the length of time for the activity. Examples of such activities might be
weddings, reunions, anniversaries, parties that include a large number other than normal
guests, friends, or family. If in doubt contact a Board member. Special Use of the
Commons permit is available from a Board member. Special Use Permit to be approved
and signed by at least two (2) Directors.

08-01 Planting of Trees in the Commons

This policy establishes guidelines for tree planting in the commons and around the pond.
It also provides guideline for receiving donated trees and the appropriate process for

To view a compete copy of the association Rules and Policies go to our association web
site www.abiquaheights.com.


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