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Damage that often occurs on the computerA.
1.the first because the virus infestation. This is the most damage ana get from place ana customer
service. dikomputer different viruses that infect humans with the virus if dimanusia difference is caused by
bacteria / germs that can cause illness in humans. sedangankan dikomputer caused by a program /
software that are damaging or disrupting and is not destructive.
2. Because the system error due to no data is erased so that the system error occurs
3. Damage to the RAM is an existing component that dicomputer what if there is damage it will cause the
computer could not walk or live computer can not boot and tit2 read over and over again.
4. caused damage to the mainboad karema this is a very important component because it is the core of
the computer itself if it is damaged then just wrote a new computer that we bought.
5. damage to the hard disk is a data storage media is very important jg.
6. damage to the power supply is dikomputer components that serve as sources of media power
7. damage to the sound of this is important because the stinger component for sound media that we
desperately need in the computer if this does not work then we can not listen to music / media
communications to make phone calls or the other.
8. damage to the VGA is a very important component when the component is faulty then the computer
can not walk / live.
9. damage to the monitor.
10. damage to the LAN media cart is a function for media network that serves to connect the one with the
other computers or between computer networks.
11. CD Rom is an existing component that serves to mememutar dikomputer CD / DVD.
12. Damage to the Bios. This is the software available in each computer / mainboad which serves for
setting the hardware.
13. Damage to the Processor is a very important component is the brain of the computer itself.
14. This registry is damage to the software that is on a windows system.
15. damage due to fire or short-circuit can be caused by excessive electrical voltage, it hit the water, hit
by lightning, or incorrect dikomputer put up existing components.
16. disebebkan jd computer can slow due to excess load on the computer because of too much software
is installed, data, and also because they hard drives, RAM etc..
17. damage to either cable or data cable kebel if damage to the power characteristics of data that is not
detected kebel existing hardware in both computer hard drive, CD ROM / DVD, USB, Fan. If the computer
power cable characteristics can not live at all. both to monitor / cpunya.
18. Damage due to Cmos / or batrai on the computer.
19. kerususakan on an existing computer cooling dimainboadnya when these components are damaged
usually the computer will be slow if it is taken a few minutes and then the computer will instantly heng or
sudden death due to excessive heat on the computer.
20. Connecticut can not damage the internet can be caused by the kebel network when using a network
cable for connection. jg can be caused by windowsnya be caused by viruses.
21. Blank monitor display no picture on the monitor that can be caused by the monitor, RAM, hard disk,
processor, cables.
22. Blur screen / blue screen that can be caused by windownnya, or Ram.
23. And many more that have not been able to mention, but this is often damage to the computer.

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