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Packed Lunch Leaflet Noah s Ark Summer Term 2010 by zzm3du6g


									 Spending the day learning and playing               What do I put in then?
    requires the right sort of fuel              •
                                                                                               Fruit and Vegetables
Your child will have been very active all
                                                                                            Small children love small items that
morning at nursery school and therefore it is
                                                                                           they can eat as finger food – fruit and
essential at lunch time they receive the right
                                                                                             vegetables are fantastic for these.
nutrients to refuel.
                                                                                          •Sliced apples, oranges, pears
Good nutrients can lead to better
                                                                                          • Easy to peel mandarins
concentration, improved school learning as
                                                                                          • Grapes, strawberries, kiwifruit
well as healthy growth and development.                   Make Sandwiches attractive.
                                                                                          • Nectarines, peaches, apricots
                                                            Cut into small shapes .
  Lunchboxes can be a tricky area. But it’s                                               • Fruit salad or canned fruit (in juice)
 important to load up your child’s lunchbox      Suggested Fillings:                      • Vegetable or fruit kebabs
    with tasty food that is both healthy         o Lettuce, ham & cheese                  • Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, peas in the
               and appealing.                                                              pod, cucumber slices
                                                 o Tomato & cottage cheese
                                                                                          • Vegetables sticks and dip
                                                 o Marmite, lettuce & cheese

                                                 o Chicken, celery & mayonnaise
       What should be in a Lunch
                    Box?                         o Mashed egg & salad                   Top Tips:

     Starchy Food – wholegrain roll,             o Tuna
                                                                                          Really think how much you put in.
     tortilla wrap, pitta, pasta or rice         Alternatives:                              Children love finger size bites – in
                                                  Crackers,                                exciting tubs to open.
     A portion of lean meat or fish.                                                      Vary the contents daily– the same
                                                  Scones, fruit bread
                                                                                            food everyday is dull.
     Plenty of fruit and vegetables.              Leftover rice or pasta dishes          Remember to include a drink also a
     A portion of whole fat milk or               Couscous or pasta salad                  spoon for yogurts.
     dairy food – cheese, yogurt.                                                         Bake biscuits and cakes – they will
                                                  Rice wafers
                                                                                            be great fun and much healthier
     A Drink – fruit juice, milk, yogurt         We operate a nut free policy
                                                                                            than readymade alternatives.
     drink or water.
                                                                                                 Packed Lunches
 Milk and Dairy Foods                          What Lunch Box shall I
                                                                                                  at Noah’s Ark
      Chunks of cheese

      Rice pudding or custard              At Noah’s Ark we ask that an ice pack is put

      Fromage Frais                               in all the children’s lunchboxes

      Yogurt                               Please ensure:

      Milk or Flavoured Milk Drinks              Your lunch box is compact.
                                                  Named
                                                  Drink containers are well sealed.

                                            We would recommend that your lunch is
                                            separated into sections – savoury in a tub in
 Is there anything I should avoid           order the children know what to eat first
     putting in a packed lunch?             and then yogurts’ and fruit separate.
Children at nursery school are still very
                                                     Useful websites and books:               Nursery School and Daycare
young and they need a highly nutritious
diet. Foods that are highly processed and                     Staying for lunch at nursery is an
contain large amounts of additives, salt
and sugar should be avoided.                                    exciting time as the children learn
Crisps, sweets and chocolate bars are not                                                         to eat independently.
(we reserve the right to send these home)   The lunch box book – Penny Stanway & Sara       This leaflet aims to give you more
Did you know:- eating 1 pkt of crisps                           Lewis                         information on what to pack in
every day for a year is equal to drinking
                                               The Healthy Lunchbox – Fiona Beckett           order that your child enjoys a
almost 5 litres of oil/saturated fat (BBC
TV report 2006)                                                                                healthy and nutritious meal.

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