Booking Script for calling Booth Leads by P1OBWG


									Booking Script for calling Booth Leads

May I speak with____________________________ Hi ______________ I’m
_______________________ With Mary Kay you had registered for one of our prize
drawings during the __________________________, and you are one of our 2nd place
prize winners.

If you have a minute I would love to tell you about the package you’ve won.

O.K. Great

In your package you will receive

A free Microderbrasion treatment (In a Dermatologist Office this treatment is valued at
$100 per treatment) you will receive a Free 1 time home version.

2nd You have won a Mary Kay Gift Certificate

3rd You will also receive a Professional Glamour Makeover/ We will enter your
information into our Data Base which has been designed by Professional Makeup Artist
and it will give us all the Colors that you should be wearing according to your colors and
face shape. I’ll teach you how to apply these colors using different techniques

4th You will also get to try our latest Skincare and Supplements that are made for your
skin type.

 Doesn’t this all sound great? This appointment will take about 45min to 1 Hour. I will
come to you and after the appointment you will be able to spend your Gift Cert. on
whatever you desire. If you decide to share your appointment with ___________Friend
or (Friends) ( If you have a friend who needs a little pampering she is welcome to come
and I will let her have all the same pampering except the Gift Certificate) I can double
the Gift Certificate for you.

I have week nights and weekends available which day is good for you?

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