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									         What Is the Difference Between a Profile
         Page & an Organization Page on
         By Lara Webster, eHow Contributor | updated September 03, 2011

                                                                               Facebook friends see your personal
         profile content by default.

         Facebook is available to both individuals and organizations, although the two entities are
         likely to use the site quite differently. Any individual is allowed to open a personal profile
         and communicate with his friends for fun. If you want to use the site to promote a
         business, club or nonprofit organization, a page is more appropriate. However, you must
         have a personal Facebook profile to create an organization page.
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    1. Privacy
    o      If you are the owner of a personal profile on Facebook, each piece of content that you post
           may be made completely public or restricted from certain users. Many users opt to hide all
           content from nonfriends, so that only people they personally know have access to
     information on the profile. If you have a page for an organization, anything posted to the
     page becomes public content. The only way to restrict the visibility of a page is to place it
     in unpublished status, so that only administrators see the content.

o    The purpose of a profile on Facebook is to connect with your friends and contacts. For the
     most part, a personal profile is used for leisure and staying in the loop of your loved ones'
     lives. A Facebook page, on the other hand, serves to get the word out about a particular
     product, business or celebrity personality. Pages are meant to promote something, rather
     than communicate just for the sake of it.
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o    Relationships on a personal profile are mutual -- when you request someone as a friend
     and she approves the request, you appear on each other's friend list. A page does not
     collect friends, but rather people who "like" the page. When someone likes a Facebook
     page, it appears on the "Info" tab of her profile and she can post to the page's wall. The
     page administrator, however, cannot see her profile unless her privacy is set to "Public."

o    Owners of a personal profile have several communication options available to them;
     profile pages use wall posts, chat and private messaging. If someone has a page for an
     organization, the wall feature on the page functions much the same as a personal profile.
     The updates of a page also appear in the news feed of people who "like" it, just like the
     updates of a friend. Pages cannot, however, communicate via chat or send messages.
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        How to Make a Fan Page on Facebook
        By Laila Alvarez, eHow Contributor

        Facebook is a social networking website that allows you to connect with old friends, make
        new friends and share your photos and updates. However, Facebook is also a place for
        businesses to do the same. Whether you manage a big business or are your own brand, a
        page on Facebook will help you reach out to fans and customers. With just a few clicks,
        your page can interact with fans and friends.
                                               Things You'll Need

       Internet access

o       1
        Go to Facebook's website at www.facebook.com. Log into Facebook with your username and
        password or create a new account by following the instructions on the website.

o       2
        Enter "Facebook" into the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Click on
        "Pages" on the left menu and then click on the first selection that pops up.
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o       3
        Scroll down the page until you see "Create a page for my business" on the left-hand menu of
        the page. It should be the last thing on the left-hand side. Click on that link.

o       4
        Select a category for your page using the drop-down menus provided. Check similar
        products or people to see what category they chose if you are unsure of what to select.
o   5
    Check the "Do not make page publicly visible at this time" box if you want to edit your page
    before anyone can see it. You'll be able to publish it later.

o   6
    Click "Create a page" to get started. Add photos to your page using the "Photos" tab and
    change your status to get started.

o   7
    Click "Edit page" in the left-hand column under the profile picture to see a list of all editable
    aspects of your page. Scroll to the bottom to the "Applications" section to add different
    applications that may help your page become more interesting.

o   8
    Click on the "Publish this page" box at the top of the page once you are ready for others to
    view the page. You can add applications and edit your page after it is published.
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