Stellar Data Recovery All set to make an impact at Photokina

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					Stellar Data Recovery - All set to make an impact at Photokina2010
Stellar Data Recovery , India, 20/09/2010 : Photokina 2010 is going to start in less than 24 hours now.
Stellar Data Recovery is all set to display its various Photo recovery and other data recovery utilities in
their localized as well as international versions. The company aims to fulfill the demand of data recovery
products and services to European market by offering unique solutions to various data loss situations.
Stellar and OEMs partnership will result in many unique offers that will add value to the imaging and
storage devices. Resellers and other partners will also be benefited by localized services of the company.

The Technology behind Stellar Data Recovery Services
Usually three techniques are employed to recover lost data from any storage device; Logical
Recovery, Invasive Recovery and Non Invasive recovery. Our data recovery engineers have a
proven track record in all three technologies.

        Logical Recovery- Data recovery software is used when data loss is caused due to logical
        failure of the storage media. File system corruption, hard drive inaccessibility,
        formatting, Operating system malfunctions, Virus contamination and accidental deletion
        of data are the major causes of logical failure of devices.

        Non Invasive Recovery – This technique is used when data is lost due to electronic
        equipment failure and firmware corruption. Special firmware tools are used by Stellar
        Data Recovery experts to correct the corruptions and recover hard drive. Repairing or
        replacing of the damaged electronic component fixes PCB related problems

        Invasive Recovery – This technology is used in case of damaged hard drives. The
        damage hard drive is opened in sterile environment of Class 100 clean rooms and
        necessary parts are transplanted using exact matching donor drive from our spare
        inventory. The recovered data is saved on another storage device. Data loss due to
        mechanical failure and hardware issues demand for invasive recovery.

OEM and Reseller Partnership Program
Our Class 100 clean room facilities in US, Europe and Asia offer customized solutions for
recovering your lost data by using any of the three technologies mentioned above. By
partnering with us, resellers can provide the same service to their customers at a discounted
price. This will reduce the turnaround time and enhance the customer satisfaction to a great
extent. Read more about our Reseller Program
OEMs can offer our world class Data recovery products which include many Do-it-Yourself
Photo recovery utilities with their equipments. Photo recovery software with the equipment
will provide the customer with a solution to face any Photo loss situation in future. .

For more information visit us at Photokina 2010

Contact information

Name: Ashita Yadav
Head – International Business

Stellar Data Recovery

Hall No. 4.1, C010a, Photokina 2010, Cologne, Germany